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How to avoid the incremental trap

Steps by jara_mae FlickrImagine the scenario: It’s planning time and budgets are still really tough. Many consultancies and agencies will be talking to their clients about incremental growth, incremental volume, incremental profit, and incremental process improvements.

It’s such a lovely, feel-good adjective. It’s like the growth is there so long as you can find best practice, harness capability and galvanise action… yes, this is straight from the manual of consultants’ ‘bullshit bingo’.

The problem with incremental is that it says improvement, but with no real effort or worse, anything will do. While businesses are shuffling the deck chairs looking for internal best practice, the consumers and market are making their own best practice. And, at a pace that will outrun any ‘ways of working’ manual or online toolkit. Read More »

Amazon’s Fire phone and the future of brand relationships

Amazon Fire phoneThe reaction to Amazon’s recent phone announcement followed a pretty typical pattern: gee-whiz live-blogging in the morning and cynical analysis in the afternoon. But dissecting nifty hologram effects and price points is beside the point.

New product features have a retail half-life of 90 days and a media half-life of 90 minutes. In a few years these phones will come in the mail for free with an Amazon Prime membership.

The real lesson here is that Amazon has made a pragmatic decision to use the world’s most relevant consumer platform, the smartphone, to help cement one of the world’s most seamless brand relationships. Read More »

Coca-Cola uses bottle caps to make friends; Google tests drive its self-driving car

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 16.48.17This week’s brand chart features the first look at Google’s self-driving car project, which has reached the prototype stage and is ready for some very lucky (and brave?) volunteers to take a ride in a fully autonomous car.

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Gmail vs Pinterest? This time, it’s visual

gmail grid view‘One picture is worth a thousand words’, so the Chinese proverb goes. This mantra has been under the spotlight more than ever in recent times, with brands subject to an ever-growing intrigue as to how they can best capitalise on increased consumer usage of photo sharing platforms such as Pinterest.

The latest interesting development in this space is that Gmail is making its promotion tab look more like a Pinterest wall than an archetypal inbox.

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The billion dollar marketing lesson

Electricy by cultsoftheshadow FlickrOne billion dollars. That’s big bucks. It also happens to be the amount being spent on Google advertising by Priceline, the owner of popular travel sites booking.com and kayak.co.uk. All to ensure that you see – and use – its own sites first. And the strategy is working. One in every two bookings on travel sites across Europe is now made on a Priceline site, and in the US Priceline recently became the first stock ever to trade above $1000 on the S&P 500.
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Five ways you can use social to sell

Social, by Jason A HowieEvery morning I walk past David Ogilvy’s “We Sell or Else” stencilled on the glass wall of our reception.

Yet in social, marketers aren’t even turning up to sell a lot of the time.

It’s not surprising if they aren’t trying to sell through social – since many brands have had failed attempts. Read More »

London: The European ad tech capital

LondonEyeEdfEnergyAdvertising is big business. And as the gateway to Europe from the US, London has long been regarded as one the most important business hubs globally.

The signs are relentless. PWC predicts that the UK entertainment and media sector will be worth £63 billion by 2016. Crucially, PWC forecasts this will be driven by 12% year-on-year growth in internet advertising; cementing the UK’s position as the largest internet advertising market in EMEA.

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The new face of mobile ads

appleiPad2In the past six weeks, three of the most visible companies in the digital world have made similar announcements: Google, Twitter, and Yahoo have disclosed plans for dedicated advertising products for app marketers.

Why the sudden rush of activity? Simple: the incredible success of Facebook’s mobile app install ads can’t be ignored. App-specific advertising products are the future of mobile app advertising – here’s why. Read More »

Lessons on adapting to change in the age of disruption

Disruption by Tsahi Levent Levi Flickr“The future is here, it’s just unevenly distributed”

That quote is from an unlikely source, a science fiction writer named William Gibson, but I think it aptly captures where we find ourselves today.

The never ending, furious pace of change and disruption that digital and technology has brought about is testing every corner of the marketing fraternity. Media agencies like my own pride themselves on adapting to a changing landscape; over the last decade launching and evolving capabilities in PPC, SEO, programmatic, data analytics, mobile and social to mention but a few. Read More »

Using data to deliver advertising before a need emerges

Google Now: How the web is killing creativity, by suggesting it is easy...Julian Assange took a typically reserved stance on the subject of privacy recently. “The ability to surveil everyone on the planet is almost there,” he decreed at SXSWi from his Ecuadorian bunker in the heart of Knightsbridge.

To be honest, when it comes to filling the news pages, the integrity of personal data didn’t need the world’s most famous fugitive to raise its profile. In fact, if a recent conversation I had is anything to go by then it’s sure to remain a distinctive trend for a little while yet. Read More »