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Facebook launches Graph Search and injects search into social

Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook's "big" January 15 announcement

So Facebook’s big, and much speculated announcement, isn’t a search engine to rival Google as such, but it does involve search. It is social search and it does up the battle with Google as Facebook tries to bring the essence of search to social networking. What it doesn’t do is challenge Google’s control of the search engine market and the huge revenue stream that represents.

What Facebook announced, at its press conference at its Menlo Park headquarters, is something called Facebook Graph Search. It will allow users to search their network for photos, people, interests and places. Read More »

Putting Google Instant to the test

With the arrival of Google Instant some pessimists have gone as far as predicting the death of SEO. The trouble is no one has put this to the test so we did.

We asked two of our clients – Photobox and Jobsite – if they’d act as guinea pigs in the quest to finally throw some measureables into the debate. The results make for an interesting read and suggest that, despite all the hype, Google Instant is not an instant game changer. Read More »

Twitter to make major announcement – is real-time search launch on the way?

Twitter is expected to make a major announcement today with speculation centring on a revamp to its second rate search capabilities. Twitter has invited journalists yesterday to an event at its HQ with things kicking off at 1545 PST in San Francisco. Read More »

Google Instant: key pointers for digital marketers

As an SEO copywriter at heart, I have long maintained an avid personal and professional interest in this crucial digital discipline.  Needless to say, the arrival of Google Instant – an engine that delivers results *as you type* – has caused something of a stir in digital circles.  Will this spell a complete re-write (literally) of large digital websites?  Or will well-optimised platforms be nicely positioned regardless of the change in search method? Read More »

How fast is Google Instant? As fast as Bob Dylan [Video]

How quick is Google Instant? According to Google its as fast as Bob Dylan singing ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ that most homaged of all Dylan’s his tracks.

Search before you type Google Instant could boost ad performance

Despite all the hype and Google’s changing logos this week the launch last night was not Google Me, but something called Google Instant: the ability to search and get results before you type. It is Google says “smarter and faster search that is interactive, predictive and powerful” and it will save you time and possibly boost ad performance. Read More »