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Why an unfocused social-media strategy is a waste of money

Why an unfocused social-media strategy is a waste of moneyIf 2011 and 2012 were about first experimenting and then putting a social-media strategy into play, this year has to be about starting to think what is working and what is not. It is also about realising that you don’t have to try everything, and, more to the point, that you can’t do everything, as that brings with it another set of problems. Read More »

Foursquare launches specialist business app

Foursquare, the geo-location social network, has launched an app that will allow businesses to update customers about themselves directly from their phone. The company published a blog post yesterday, announcing the arrival of Foursquare for Business, which it says will help the million plus businesses on their network connect with customers quickly and easily, straight from their phone.

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2013 is the year of the Foursquare renaissance

2013 is Foursquare’s year. Yes you read that right, and yes I realise it’s not 2009.  The novelty of collecting virtual rewards was enough on those days to keep people checking in, but casual users quickly dropped off when they realised they’d never become “mayor”. But Foursquare wasn’t out for the count. It just needed to stay relevant, so unlike many of its peers *cough* MySpace *cough* they innovated. Read More »

Social Media Currency — the new cash in your pocket

Topshop's recent  #TrickorTweet campaign for Hallowe’enBack in September, Kellogg’s launched the first ever tweet shop for a week to mark the launch of its new Special K cracker crisps. The unique store in Soho offered consumers the chance to try the crisps and then purchase the product, not with money but via a tweet with the hash tag #TweetShop.

The concept of using tweets for currency seems a little odd – the products are effectively being given away for free. However, this was using currency in a different way, by tapping into social currency and the word-of-mouth nature of social networks. Read More »

Is Foursquare finally growing up? What 2013 holds for the geo-location service

I’ve been a keen Foursquare user pretty much since the start in 2009.  Like many, the idea of gaining badges and mayorships became very addictive but the novelty soon wore off and led to many people questioning the real benefits of the service.   There are only approximately 193,000 users in the U.K, significantly less, proportionately, than countries like the US which has over 10 million  users.  Having said all of that, Foursquare has had a busy 2012 and has shown some signs of ‘growing up’, not only as a service but as a company too. Read More »

Labour is failing on digital media when it could do so much better

Ed Miliband speaking at Labour's 2012 Manchester conferenceOne of the most interesting things about the US election campaign was the breadth of digital use and how the use of social media by the two parties evolved. Few stones were left unturned as the Obama and Romney campaigns progressed and even now that the election is over the Obama team continues to evolve its use of social and digital media with, for instance, its launch onto Pinterest earlier this week.

There is little the Obama team have not tried or experimented with from Tumblr, to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs and Foursquare.

Then take a look back at what is happening in the UK with Labour and it seems that social and digital media campaigning appears to be going backwards. I’ve noticed a few things recently that have left me scratching my head. I saw another one yesterday and have rounded up a few things in this post. Read More »

David Cameron checks-in to EU summit, but local politicians still nervous about social

David Cameron: set to join the world of TwitterPrime Minister David Cameron arrived in Brussels today to discuss the EU Budget with other senior political figures. It’s a difficult issue for the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party that he leads, so Cameron’s team will be keen to get his message out, especially as rumours are  now circulating that the summit has stopped without agreement. As is the way in modern politics, social media will be a key part of this.

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How to make ad revenue from the social web

Advertising Week and CNBC recently held an event with the titans of the social web. Called Masters of Monetization 2.0, the event brought together top revenue and ad execs from LinkdedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Buzzfeed and Tumblr, as well as some Madison Avenue mad men.

Together, they came up with some insights into how to bring in revenue from the social web, an issue which has long plagued even the hottest tech companies.

There was also a growing focus on mobile, with significant amounts of social network traffic coming via smartphones and tablets.
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Foursquare tests ads for first time…as advertisers report good results from Twitter’s targeted ads

Four Square launches Promoted Updates with retailers including Old Navy & GapFoursquare is trialing ads on its service for the first time as it joins Twitter and Facebook in an effort to monetize mobile social networking.

Foursquare might be a lot smaller than its rivals with 20 million users, but it is still faced with the same problem as everyone else as it tries to make mobile pay.

The new Foursquare ads are called Promoted Updates…clearly Foursquare didn’t think too long and hard when devising  a name for its new advertising programme.

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Retailers need to plug video gap – Social Brands 100

This post is provided by our partner Headstream, the social brand agency behind the Social Brands 100.

We’ve taken a detailed look at the Retail sector data from this year’s Social Brands 100 to analyse how Retail performed on individual platforms, against other sectors, and where the areas for improvement might be.

There was a strong representation from retail brands in the ranking, which included ASOS (#7), Schuh (#40), TOMS (#49), Sainsbury’s #50) B&Q (#53), HMV (#75), Very.co.uk (#78) and Frugi (#91). Overall, the Retail sector ranked seventh out of thirteen sectors, a mid-table performance. So how can it improve? Read More »