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The Daily Poke: Paying with style

Contactless payment, once an abstract, hard-to-imagine concept is now part of everyday life.


A recent partnership between Topshop and Barclaycard is turning it into a fashionable must-have (stylish spot, Gemma).

The bPay and Topshop collaboration brings you a range of accessories – from wristbands to smartphone cases – embedded with a small bPay contactless chip.

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The Daily Poke: JW Anderson fashion show and Grindr hook up

Forget front row seats at the catwalk.

Poke_Hooking up

Menswear and womenswear designer JW Anderson is giving exclusive access for his autumn/winter 2016 show to users of the social networking app for gay men Grindr.

The ‘London Collections: Men’ event will broadcast exclusively on the app. Users will get a secret code that gives them access the private stream.

Grindr boasts over two million users a day in over 192 countries, and is highly visual and sexual – a key aspect, according to the designer.

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The Daily Poke: Icons of pop culture

Because breaking the internet last year wasn’t enough for Kim Kardashian, she’s now released an emoji app entirely about – you guessed it – herself.


The Kimoji app comes with over 250 emojis, including a butt selfie, a sketch of her famous curves and some standout quotes. Plus a crying Kim face. Of course.

When the reality TV star shared a preview of the new app with her 55 million Instagram followers she captioned it “KIMOJI’S APP LAUNCHES TOMORROW!!!” And it’s already broken into the top 10 grossing apps in the UK and US.

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The Daily Poke: Pants in the pipeline

Poke_Pants in the pipelineUnderwear, propelled by compressed air. It does sound a little like a failed concept from ‘Back to the Future’. But customers at French lingerie store Undiz, have been pretty pumped up by the idea of having their purchases delivered via pneumatic tubes. Read more on The Daily Poke: Pants in the pipeline…

The Daily Poke: Matched to your mood

Poke_Matched to your moodHey. How are you feeling today? Are you feeling leathery, or watery? Are you industrial landscape, or rolling parkland? Classical statue, or modernist structure? Head over to Finery, the online womenswear label, and those are just a few of the options you’ll be presented with in order to work out your mood. From your responses, the site will come back with a recommendation from their autumn/winter collection. Read more on The Daily Poke: Matched to your mood…

The Daily Poke: Ready-to-wear bacteria

Poke_Ready-to-wear bacteriaBacteria? In clothing? Eeeuww! Under normal circumstances that would be a signal to grab the laundry gel and turn the washing machine up to a boil wash. But not at MIT. Researchers in the Tangible Media Group are actually introducing bacteria to help create electronics-free smart fabrics. Read more on The Daily Poke: Ready-to-wear bacteria…

The Daily Poke: Just the two of us

Poke_Just the two of usIf you’re sick of getting updates from Facebook ‘friends’ you haven’t actually seen since you sat your school exams back in 1995, it’s time to streamline your social networking. So take a look at the new app from fashion brand The Kooples: Blackout. It’s designed to connect you to only one other person: your partner. Read more on The Daily Poke: Just the two of us…

The Daily Poke: Data-safe denims

Data safe denimsOn a night out, you might worry about having your smartphone lifted from your back pocket. When in fact, what you should be worried about is having it stripped of data. Mobile devices are way easier to hack than regular computers and that makes them an easy target for digital pickpockets. Read more on The Daily Poke: Data-safe denims…

The Daily Poke: Good t-shirt day

Poke_Good t-shirt dayIf you’ve something on your mind, get it off your chest. Or on your chest. Head down to Uniqlo and their UMood system will help you find a T-shirt that precisely matches your present state of mind. Read more on The Daily Poke: Good t-shirt day…

The Daily Poke: Hey big spender

Hey big spender 1You know that bittersweet moment when it comes to parting with the cash for your brand new designer outfit? Well, Visa Europe and British designer, Henry Holland, are testing out some special jewellery that makes paying for stuff easier and more fun. Read more on The Daily Poke: Hey big spender…