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Luxury fashion: how millennials are breaking shopping habits

instakors2It has been predicted that by 2026, the main consumers of luxury goods will be millennials – or Generation Y(outube).

While generation Y workers represent a modest 25% of the world’s population at the moment, they will be the main consumers of luxury brands in the near future, reaching senior and top positions in their professional lives. Time for traditional luxury brands to ask the question: how do we address this digital savvy generation?

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Miu Miu was so digitally close, yet so far…

Mui muiFashion brands are known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to promoting the next season’s must-haves, and the next big trend to hit the catwalk world is definitely turning heads.

In a bid to boost seasonal advertising campaigns, brands have turned to short films as a unique way to promote their brand. As a creative and artistic advertising tool that is gathering momentum amongst the fashion elite, will it successfully strike a chord with consumers?

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Every Lidl helps

LidlThe current outlook for supermarkets feels a bit bleak; price wars and a shift in consumer behaviour means people are no longer loyal and there is an all out battle for the consumer’s wallet.

However what the war has created is some refreshing advertising, as evident from TBWA’s recent grocery work on Lidl, alongside Aldi’s earlier this year.

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Fashion, social media and the key to brand engagement

burberry London Fashion Week catwalkWhile social media certainly has its place as part of an overall marketing strategy, fashion brands need to look beyond the medium’s ability to simply drive short-term sales. Social media has proved itself to be a very powerful tool in some circumstances, but when it comes to clearing clothes rails its effect on our immediate purchasing decisions may be less powerful than commonly assumed, while its real potential remains overlooked.

Of course, popular brands will continue to clock up followers and endorsements on social media – ASOS is particularly good at this – but many of these individuals will be looking for opinions, reviews or customer service, rather than opportunities to make purchases. As such, a social media strategy designed purely to drive sales is going to deliver relatively poor ROI. Assessing the commercial value of a ‘fan’ on social media has long vexed digital strategists. How can you measure the value of different types of consumers – is a dedicated follower of fashion worth more or less than a fan of a specific brand? Read More »

Wearable tech would benefit from an haute couture approach

Google glass fashionFigures from CCS Insight suggest that sales of smart wearable devices are going to rocket from 9.7m last year to 135m in 2018. This is predicted to include 68m smart watches and 50m smart bands. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the figures will prove accurate, though the claims don’t seem especially well-supported as there’s a lot that has to change between now and then if this massive boost in smart wearables is going to happen.

Primarily, the creators of smart wearable tech need to ensure they’re actively catering to a key market when it comes to setting trends, the fashion industry.

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Premium, brands and why Mark Twain was wrong

ChanelI’ve been thinking a lot about ‘premium’ recently. And Mark Twain – he of the “Clothes make the man” adage. Can a brand ‘put  on’ premium like a man puts on clothes and hey presto, it’s premium? Or is there something deeper going on?

At its most basic, premium is a price people are willing to pay for a product in excess of what they would consider paying for other similar products because of something extra that they want. Read More »

How Karl Lagerfeld is changing the role of technology in fashion

KarlLagerfeldKarl Lagerfeld has just opened a new flagship London store and the brand looks to crack the UK marketplace by placing digital at its core. It is laying down a new vision of social shopping by placing iPad minis on clothes rails and iPads in the changing rooms, enabling customers to send a photo of themselves through social networks to seek a second opinion.

At the heart of this is an attempt by the fashion brand to tap into typical shopping behaviour (getting a friend’s opinion) through digital means, a trend that is no doubt going to spread like wildfire. Read More »

Music and fashion, a relationship made to last

lana del ray H&MFashion and music have always walked hand in hand, with musicians often being the driving force behind the latest fashion trends. From something as simple as a band t-shirt to a more immersive association with punk or hip hop culture, fashion and music are inseparably intertwined as a means of self-expression for the sub-cultures of society.

Recent statistics from PRS revealed that the UK music industry attracted over £100 million in investments from big brands in 2013. Connecting with consumers using their love of music is a tactic loved by marketers and is used to create a deeper and memorable experience with a product or brand. Read More »

What brand managers should know about engaging with fashion bloggers

ClarksWe recently held an event for fashion brands and bloggers to discuss current trends in the industry, and how we as a network can better connect these two groups. From this event, it became clear that the way brands and bloggers are working together is changing fast. As such, we are launching a dedicated programme to explore and push the boundaries of these mutually beneficial connections, ensuring that our brands are continually innovating in this sector. This piece highlights some of the most important points that came out of our event.

Personal blogs are now big business. The idea of sharing your inner-most thoughts, style and photos online may once have been considered peculiar, but it’s now an integral part of the social web. In no area is this truer than fashion.

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Oscar de la Renta chooses Instagram over Anna

Oscar de la Renta instagram

This week, Oscar de la Renta turned to Instagram before he turned to Anna Wintour, as the brand launches its autumn winter collection on the photo and video sharing platform, months before it is shown in Vogue or Tatler. It is no secret that brick-and-mortar stores around the world are feeling the impact of savvy online retailers who offer greater value and superior customer experience. The luxury brand market (with Burberry arguably carrying the torch with its social media presence and holographic catwalks) are looking to digital platforms to reach new audiences and maximise brand capital.

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