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Vine’s private messaging – what does it mean for marketers and brands?

Vine messagingVine have announced that it will be competing with the likes of Snapchat and Instagram as it unveiled the platform’s new private messaging functionality, which allows users to send a looping six-second Vine to anyone in their address book – even if they aren’t on Vine.

The announcement was made on the Vine Blog, acknowledging the need for the platform to evolve. Read More »

Facebook throws its email service in the junk

The Best Days to Post on Facebook, Based on IndustryEmail has always been Facebook’s Achilles Heel. In 2010 the ubiquitous social network tried to rectify this by launching its own email system, trying to attract its users to ditch their tried and tested providers.

However, it has not been plain sailing and the lack of consumer interest culminated last month with Facebook’s decision to close its email service accompanied by the concession from one spokesperson: “We’re making this change because most people haven’t been using their Facebook email address.” Read More »

Say what? Facebook buys instant messaging service WhatsApp for $16bn

WhatsApp logoFacebook caused a stir last night when it unexpectedly announced the acquisition of popular instant messaging app WhatsApp, for a staggering $16bn at least.

The announcement was made last night UK, and had most of our jaws on the ground, such was the size of the deal, which dwarfs Facebook’s previous acquisition of Instagram for $1bn. Read More »

Google SEO penalties & how to avoid them

google logo 2013

In the wake of three of the largest SEO penalties since people started to “Google” stuff (Rap Genius, Expedia and Irwin Mitchell) – here is the7stars’ guide to the SEO tactics that work and at the same time keep you safe from the dreaded Google penalty.

It’s more important now than ever, to understand the implications of SEO tactics. SEO is not a dark art built on smoke and mirrors, it should be understandable, transparent and accountable no matter how large your campaign is. Read More »

Facebook aged 10 – The smartphone crucial for future success

MediaCT_Like_us_the_wallFacebook is ten years old this week. Since its inception the site has been incredibly influential in altering the way that we communicate with each other. Recently however, the site has been compared by academics at Princeton University to a disease that people eventually build up immunity to. Its offer to purchase younger rival Snapchat was also rebuffed. So is Facebook in decline? Read More »

Infographic: Ten years of Facebook

MarkZuckerbergyFBlogoOver the last ten years, Facebook has come to dominate our online (and indeed offline,) lives. For many, Facebook is the internet.

Mark Zuckerburg and his social social network have survived legal wrangling,  privacy scares, and a somewhat rocky IPO to remain top of the pile. Many of us know part of the Facebook story, courtesy of endless Zuckerburg profiles and, of course, the film “The Social Network”. However, it’s easy to forget some of the site’s significant milestones that, in just a decade, turned Facebook into the force we know today.  Read More »

AC/DC and Beyonce make social media sing

acdcFinally the music industry has woken up to the power of social media. Beyonce’s surprise new album has blown away all itunes records with no traditional marketing and AC/DC will have their biggest hit in 40 glorious years, both thanks to the power of social media.





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Australia’s Gourmet Escape has great UK content but leaves social media thirsty

imageMargaret River in Western Australia is holding their annual Gourmet Escape event this weekend. They are using UK celebrity chef’s to engage the public but their social media strategy lacks any real impact or engaging content.






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Being banned in Singapore is better than sex for AshleyMadison.com

Picture-223It’s pretty easy to get massive viral PR in Singapore and increase customer engagement. Create a website that specialises in adultery. “Bring it” to Singapore. Let the politicians, facebook and public do the rest, then finally “ban it”. Bang you have the No.1 “dating” site in Singapore and over 100,000 new customers with zero spend. Genius.

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The six ‘hot seat’ factors of a #SocialMediaCrisis

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 11.03.54The first time your team experiences a social media crisis can be traumatic. Bombarded with complaints, campaigning and sarcasm from all corners of the social web, teams can find their nerves shredded – crisis preparation a distant memory.

Our brains are hardwired for survival. A perceived social threat – such as an attack by an angry mob on social media – causes stress hormones to go through the roof, and our bodies to go into fight or flight mode in the same way as if we face a physical threat.

Added to that, there are six ‘hot seat factors’ that come into play when a crisis hits, that determine how a team will handle the crisis and themselves:

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