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Facebook outlines plan to simplify ad formats

Facebook social storiesFacebook is to slash the number of different ad formats from 27 to fewer than half that, in response to feedback from advertisers.

It hopes that the changes, which are being rolled in starting in this month and throughout the summer and autumn, will make it easier for advertisers to test which creative works best, and to optimise campaigns across desktop and mobile.

Facebook has said that it aims to make it possible for marketers of all sizes to tell Facebook what their business goals are, and to respond with the right combination of products to help them achieve it.  Read More »

Facebook set to attract almost 30% of all mobile display ads this year

Facebook set to attract almost 30% of all mobile display ads this yearOn the day that Facebook is expected to announce the Facebook phone, it is being predicted that almost 30% of all mobile display ads will go to the social network this year.

Facebook, which is the number-two mobile ad destination in the US, accounted for 9.5% of mobile ad revenues in 2012 and is expected to take 13.2% this year, according to eMarketer. Read More »

Mobile now represents 20.3% of overall Facebook adspend

The Apple iPhone 5: iOS represent 97% of spend on ads targeted through tablets, Mobile ads, including smartphones and tablet computers, now represent over 20% of Facebook adspend – despite being priced higher than desktop ads.  When comparing ads placed on Apple iOS devices against those running Google Android, iOS represent 97% of spend on ads targeted through tablets, but Android accounts for 71% of ads delivered through smartphones.

This is more welcome news for Facebook and its well publicised problems of selling mobile advertising early that Mark Zuckerberg went some way to dispel in October when he said: “I want to dispel this myth that Facebook can’t make money on mobile. The most important thing to understand here is that we’re just getting started with our mobile product development and monetisation”.

The latest data comes from a study of two million Facebook ad clicks and conversions by global advertisers who use the Kenshoo Social marketing platform.

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Facebook can still win the mobile ad war

Don’t let Facebook’s share price problems fool you: the social media giant is still well-positioned to profit from the next wave of ‘context-aware’ hyper-local mobile advertising

Given that Facebook has lost almost half its value since its floatation in May, it was no surprise to hear the company’s 28 year old founder Mark Zuckerberg expressed his “disappointment”.

A range of industry analysts have been quick to offer their explanation as to what’s gone wrong. Some have suggested that the stock was over-priced to begin with, while others noted that some of the recent losses were the result of Facebook’s earliest investors being allowed to sell more of their shares. Read More »

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook: “we are a mobile company”

Mark Zuckerberg: "we are a mobile company"Mark Zuckerberg made his first public appearance since Facebook’s IPO in May and he said that mobile was fundamental to Facebook’s future and that it would make more there than it would on the desktop.

Facebook had come in for criticism in recent months for not explaining fully how it planned to monetise mobile, which is seen as crucial for its long term future.

Speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt, where he spoke with founder turned venture capitalist Michael Arrington, Zuckerberg admitted there had been mistakes: “There is no doubt we had a bunch of missteps on this. But we’ve transitioned now and we are a mobile company.”  Read More »

Facebook to launch its own App Store and charge for downloads

The Facebook App StoreFacebook is finally launching an App Store of its own. The store is currently in beta testing, but the idea is for something similar to the Apple or Google app stores. It will provide a place to promote and discover new social apps and is due to go live in the coming weeks.

Significantly as well as helping us all find new Facebook apps it will also allow developers to charge users for downloading apps for the first time. Read More »

Zuckerberg sets Facebook IPO for May 18 as it trumpets mobile growth

Mark Zuckerberg to go on the road for Facebook IPO, slated for May 18It is being reported that Facebook will begin its investor roadshow for its initial public on Monday, which means that its shares should begin trading on May 18.

The roadshow will see founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg closely involved, according to sources quoted by Reuters. To date he has been mostly in the background as the IPO has progressed and did not attend an analysts’ meeting in March. Read More »