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What Graph Search is and why it matters to you and Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook Graph Search launchIt’s been nearly three months since Facebook announced a new beta program on the platform called “Graph Search,” which CEO Mark Zuckerberg has elevated as a “pillar” alongside Timeline and News Feed.  Over the next few months, Graph Search will ramp up its rollout until eventually every user on Facebook will have access.

Here are some initial observations about this product, and what it may mean to the fortunes of the world’s largest social network, let alone and the marketers who plan to use it to enhance their brands.  Read More »

Facebook Graph Search and Traditional SEO: Better Together?

Recently, Facebook announced its new graph search tool, which allows users to search through interests, locations and recommendations of Friends and connections. While some may be heralding this as a threat to Google or a sign that Facebook will soon dominate in search, it is by no means the end-all and be-all. Marketers should think of graph search as a new tool to better reach their audience – one that needs to be employed with existing SEO practices rather than working in competition.

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Search gets social – what Facebook’s new venture means for marketers

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg at the launch of Facebook Graph SearchAlthough still in its early stages, Facebook’s Graph Search has caused something of a splash in the digital marketing space. As a high-profile move from the social media heavyweight, it signifies Facebook’s first real foray into the field of search, which is currently dominated by Google.

But Facebook’s search is fundamentally different to Google’s traditional web search. It relies on the company’s vast hoard of user data to deliver results showing how users connect to their friends, family and favourite brands. It’s search gone social. Read More »

What Facebook Graph search means for marketers

Mark Zuckerberg at the launch of Facebook Graph SearchFacebook’s Graph Search was announced about two weeks ago and so far reactions from the marketing community have been fairly mixed. The new and improved search tool, currently in open beta in the US, lets Facebook users conduct more detailed searches of their connections based on places, photos, likes, locations,  interests and updates.

With demographic and interest data from over one billion people, Facebook’s Graph Search should be a marketer’s dream. It has the potential to be a powerful tool for marketers to learn about their target audience and fans, and is great for finding new customers. There is, however, one major problem with Facebook’s Graph Search – “dirty data”.  Read More »

Facebook Graph Search: Prepare your Page

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook chief executive at the launch of Graph SearchFacebook’s search bar has been uncomfortably inadequate for a long time; it feels a bit like a book search on an early 2000s university library PC.  I always used to end up going back to the shelves armed with the alphabet. Read More »

Facebook launches Graph Search and injects search into social

Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook's "big" January 15 announcement

So Facebook’s big, and much speculated announcement, isn’t a search engine to rival Google as such, but it does involve search. It is social search and it does up the battle with Google as Facebook tries to bring the essence of search to social networking. What it doesn’t do is challenge Google’s control of the search engine market and the huge revenue stream that represents.

What Facebook announced, at its press conference at its Menlo Park headquarters, is something called Facebook Graph Search. It will allow users to search their network for photos, people, interests and places. Read More »