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I believe 3D printing is the future… of e-commerce

3Dprinter2Twenty years ago the first product (a Sting album don’t you know) was sold via a secure online transaction and voila, e-commerce was born.

During the past two decades, the concept of buying and selling online has evolved from a novelty to a necessity and e-commerce now represents 21% of retail sales in the UK.

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What do entrepreneurs have in common with the England football manager?

Roy HodgsonAnswer:     We have to put up with ‘D.O.G’ - Dysfunctional Opinion Giving

E-commerce Entrepreneurs are no different from all the others – we tend to be Jack and Jane’s of all trades.

That said we do recognize that sometimes we really do need to rely on expert advice to help ‘professionalize’ our thought processes and decision-making.

So for instance, when our Bank Manager or Accountant talks about cash flow or tax – we tend to switch onto receive-mode and give their words due respect, weight and attention.

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Three reasons why Facebook Payments Test is the smartest thing they’ve done all year

facebook paymentsFacebook has announced that they’re testing a new way to make purchasing easier online – and it’s smart.

In a nutshell, the new feature works like this: you visit an e-commerce app or click through to an e-commerce website from Facebook to buy something you will have the option to pull in your billing information from Facebook automatically with one button rather than filling it out yourself. Facebook then report back to advertisers with a report detailing whether clicks on the ad led to a sale.

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The story of how eBay was eaten by a crocodile in China

croc2Porter Erisman’s engaging and compelling documentary “Crocodile in the Yangtze” on the rise of Alibaba.com in China is a gripping tale of a true David and Goliath battle for supremacy in the world’s largest ecommerce market, China.

Porter is giving personal presentations of the film to selected parties on request. I was lucky enough to attend one of two he gave to the mig33 teams in Singapore and Jakarta, under the “mig33 inspire” banner. Anyone interested in the launch and development of a brand against a giant, better funded competitor, the Chinese market or just business in general would really benefit from seeing the film.




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Crowdfunding steps in – where our banks fear to tread

ideaThe ‘Not so secret life of an e-commerce entrepreneur’ continues…

What has the Statue of Liberty got in common with Kickstarter? Well in 1885 cash from more than 120,000 civic-minded Americans helped New York build the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty. That makes it the first record of ‘crowdfunding’ – comfortably beating Kickstarter by nearly 130 years.

Proving perhaps that not every good idea has been ‘discovered’ in the last 10 years. And to reinforce that point – I’m launching my e-commerce business, the Amano tongue cleanser – which is based on a 2,000-year-old Roman design for tongue cleaners. However, to pay for my slick digital and social media marketing campaign I first need to raise some finance. So I may need your help and advice (no please – put your wallets away for now)

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Convert customers by cutting cookies and tags

This morning was a fairly typical start for our busy family. While preparing to take my son to school, getting myself ready for work and quickly tidying the house, I was also trying to quickly purchase a costume online for an upcoming school festival. I found the perfect item to buy, but the widget I needed to click to add the item to my cart was slow to load. Frustrated I left the page and decided to search for the item somewhere else. I was going to miss my train, so I left the house and dashed into a costume store on the way to the office.

The impact of website latency on a business can be significant and there have been many articles lately on the increasing slowness of web pages, particularly popular ones, which became more sluggish from 2010 to 2012.

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The not so secret life of an e-commerce entrepreneur

Part 1: If at first you don’t succeed” - Let me introduce myself with a much over-used and abused term. I am an entrepreneur.

I have had my share of modest success and even failure – mostly within small and medium sized creative enterprises. And along the way I have been fortunate enough to pick up an array of enriching skills and experiences – plus a few scars.

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Asia takes centre stage for ecommerce

According to a recent global survey by eMarketer, 2012 saw B2C ecommerce sales in the Asia-Pacific region grow more than 33% to $332.46 billion.

The same report predicts that this year, the region will see another sharp hike with sales increasing by more than 30% to over $433 billion—accounting for over one-third of all global B2C ecommerce sales. This will put the Asia-Pacific in pole position in global B2C ecommerce sales, for the first time, surpassing even North America. Read More »

Forget the ‘Store of the Future’; brands need to think about the store of tomorrow

Forget the ‘Store of the Future’; brands need to think about the store of tomorrowTechnological innovations are everywhere, and while we may hear about a number of fascinating new developments, few will actually truly define the future of retail. Considering the changing landscape, technology is irrelevant if you don’t first understand both the behaviours and motivations of consumers in a hyper-connected, multi-channel world.

The rise of ecommerce has made shopper marketing an increasingly complex field, particularly when it comes to measurement and subsequently, selecting the right technology to legitimately improve a proposition in a cost-effective way. Any new implementation is only useful if it solves a need; whether that is improving efficiency, fostering loyalty or reducing barriers to purchase. Read More »

Why aren’t retailers maximising marketing on facebook?

Facebook clearly know that they are suffering in terms of driving people to purchase as a result of seeing a link/post on the site. They are looking at every angle which turns out to include using the button “want”.

“I want that” will replace “I like that”. Sounds like petulance will replace affection. Do we really want people to go around “wanting” rather than “liking” ? It’s a tactic employed by rival Pinterest and is a way to encourage shared “wanted” items to be bought for/by friends.



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