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The Daily Poke: App-in the market

Don’t you just hate it when you buy something online, to find out that you could have gotten a better deal nipping around the corner to your local shops?

poke_App-in the market

Well, in India, there’s an app for that.

Yellow Messenger lets users chat with local shop owners on their smart phones, and compare prices with major e-commerce sites. Read more on The Daily Poke: App-in the market…

How online retailers cash in on the bonus season

Gifting season may be a distant memory for the advertising industry, but for many of the UK’s workers, the end of March brings a much longed for present of its own – the bonus pay packet.

Ebay -- the changing face of the eBay logo

In fact, the bonus cycle is an annual peak in the nation’s shopping rhythm, as consumers prepare to use their March pay packet to splash out on an indulgent reward for themselves.

And high-end brands – particularly those in the automotive and luxury fashion sector – are perfectly placed to inspire would-be purchasers actively looking to spend big.

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Thinking of selling your product in China?

Many global brands would view China as a huge potential market, but sheer size doesn’t necessarily give you a clear shot at success.


As with most markets, you’ll need a localised strategy.

With a projected spend of £600 billion on eCommerce sites alone in 2016, it’s no surprise that everyone wants in on the action.

But China’s magnitude and diversity demands precision marketing, which caters to the vast regional variations in language, culture and consumer habits.

When it comes to the Chinese consumer, you need a bespoke approach to understand the consumption habits of your specific target market.

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5 things CMOs can learn from mobile-first app brands: Part 4

Part four in a week-long series about the impact of mobile-first app brands.


Let’s take a deeper look into how mobile-first app brands have impacted the nature of shopping.

Emerging commerce-related apps are empowering shoppers to research, bargain hunt and purchase outside and inside the store like never before – leading to the rise in mobile discounting, list making, price comparison, “showrooming”, and payments.

Outside of Google search, leading apps like Shopify, Redlaser, ShopSavvy, BuyVia, PurchX and Price Scanner are driving this behaviour both in-store and on the go.

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TV events, eBay and ‘couch commerce’

While digital advertising has transformed the way marketers relate to their audiences, these learnings and insights can be applied to both digital and non-digital environments.

Strictly Come Dancing

TV, for instance, has a huge influence on shopping trends and consumer inspiration.

Take Strictly Come Dancing for example, the first episode of last year’s series triggered a 34% increase in searches for “ballroom dress” on, and by the day of the final, searches for “ballroom shoes” had jumped a huge 163%.

Of course, brands can’t advertise directly on the BBC and prime time slots on other channels come with a hefty price tag.

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How to drive your brand’s online sales

As big brands lock horns to attract new customers with jaw-dropping prices in the sales, it’s easy for some to get left behind.


The good news is that people are spending. Independent retailers saw high street revenues increase by more than one-third on New Year’s Day, making it more important than ever for online brands to drive sales at this busy time.

From solving shopping abandonment and creating wide-reaching campaigns to mobile retargeting and message commerce, there are plenty of tools in the marketing armoury that can be leveraged not just for consumers, but across campaigns.

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How 5 retailers are encouraging mobile sales

Smartphone use is on the rise, but there still remains a gap when it comes to buyers committing to a purchase on their mobile devices.

mobile shopping

Most customers prefer to use them for product discovery and customer support  but as the next generation of consumer prefers texting and chat as methods of communication, it is critical that retailers make customer support and communication easier for these shoppers by going to where they are, be it on on social messaging apps or text.

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The Daily Poke: Matched to your mood

Poke_Matched to your moodHey. How are you feeling today? Are you feeling leathery, or watery? Are you industrial landscape, or rolling parkland? Classical statue, or modernist structure? Head over to Finery, the online womenswear label, and those are just a few of the options you’ll be presented with in order to work out your mood. From your responses, the site will come back with a recommendation from their autumn/winter collection. Read more on The Daily Poke: Matched to your mood…

The Daily Poke: More things begin with M

More things begin with MVoice assistants Siri and Cortana are already helping smartphone users with the big questions like, ‘Where did I leave my car keys?’, ‘Do you know the way to San Jose?’ and ‘Can you open the pod bay doors?’. But now there’s a new kid on the AI block. Read more on The Daily Poke: More things begin with M…

The Daily Poke: Chat in the checkout LINE

Chat in the checkout LINEEvery month, 181 million people chatter away on their much-loved LINE app. Only they’re not just babbling about how dehydrated there are, whether they need another cappuccino or have a craving for yakisoba, they are getting their groceries delivered at the same time. As long as it’s just bottled water, coffee and instant noodles they need, currently at least. (THX Tim.) Read more on The Daily Poke: Chat in the checkout LINE…