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Rise of the global creative media agencies

IdeaThe idea that we are standing at the precipice of a new age in the communications industry, wherein the more ‘creative’ media agencies are separating from the ‘old-school buying’ media agencies and securing creative mandate from advertising agencies occurred to me in the most poignant way over a year ago.

Imagine, the first local-market meeting with a new client after a new global media contract has been secured. The pitch was led and won on the other side of the world and this local client had very little input into the pitch process. Now, the local client is following their directions to onboard us, the new local media partners. It has been rumored that our new local client was perfectly happy with her smaller-scale buying-centric media agency. Read More »

Every agency should strive to be ahead of the curve

multiple screens laptop mobile tabletIn response to Shaun Varga’s post published on The Wall on 8 May Mobile agencies soon to be surplus to requirements‘, Chris Minas, managing director of mobile agency Nimbletank, shares his contrasting views. Read More »

How digital natives are shaping the future of music content production

beyonceOnline video platforms are now the primary source for watching, listening, discovering and sharing music. With one billion unique monthly users, YouTube leads the way, eclipsing Spotify, iTunes, and now even TV and radio.

Today, if an artist or record label wants to promote a new single or album, YouTube is the first port of call. They do not necessarily wait for a slot on primetime TV or radio – an important behaviour change for the music industry where we are consuming media in much more visual ways.

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Upcoming: Women Shift Digital Conference (26th November)

chi onwurahIf you are a fan of Ada Lovelace Day then you may also want to know about the upcoming Women Shift Digital Conference. This new conference will be a powerful celebration and get together of about 200 women and men, acknowledging the roles of women in the digital and technology sectors.

The Women Shift Digital Conference will be held at Level 39 in Canary Warf on Tuesday, 26th November. This special gathering will feature inspiring keynote speakers and panellists, demonstrations and debates from leaders and movers in micro-enterprises to SMEs, institutions to companies. Read More »

Digital and tech salaries outperforming UK national average

Good news for those working in  the digital and technology sectors.

Recruitment firm Propel have found that over the last four years salaries in the sector have grown more than twice as fast as the UK national average. Read More »

A guide to the complex social media landscape of China [infograpahic]

China’s social media landscape is renowned for its complexity. As each social media platform looks to monetise faster and further than its competitors, brands are dealing with a constantly moving environment, and nailing a strategy across this can be extremely complicated.

Within this nebulous environment, brands have to learn to navigate and make use of the market size in the most efficient manner – setting quality over quantity. To help cut through the noise and complex social media structure in China, we have selected some key channels that are an essential starting place. Read More »

Broadcaster turns to crowdsourcing to find new progamme ideas

A TV company is turning to the crowd to find ideas that “appeal to the Y Chromosome”. The brief is live on creative crowdsourcing site Alternativegenius.com and shows the increasingly serious use of idea competitions in more sectors. (They don’t want to tell you who they are yet, but the £5000 prize shows they mean business).

Crowdsourcing has been around longer than most people realise – The Longitude Prize was a reward offered by the government via the 1714 Longitude Act for a simple and practical method for the precise determination of a ship’s longitude. Useful at the time when getting lost at sea was generally fatal. The French government also created Montyon prizes to reward poor Frenchmen for virtuous acts. Read More »

Trust, Tradition and Transactions: Digital Adventures in China

As Chinese New Year celebrations draw to a close, it is a great opportunity to reflect on what the Year of the Snake could mean for UK businesses looking to take advantage of the huge market potential in China.

Chinese wisdom states that the Snake brings good luck, and that the year ahead will be a period marked by ‘steady progress and attention to detail, where focus and discipline will be necessary for you to achieve what you set out to create’. Read More »

Adobe fight myths with metrics in Marketing Cloud

Man wired up to Adobe's 'BS' detector to separate myths from metrics

This post is provided by our partner Adobe

In their continuing fight to ride the wave of emerging technology and tame the data collected from social media, marketers have a new suite of tools to arm their brands with.

Focused on metrics, not myths, Adobe’s Marketing Cloud helps marketers turn their data into insight and actions quicker, providing a single service that pulls together data from social interactions and targeted advertising to help marketers get ahead. Read More »

10 blogging blunders to avoid

Blogging for businessLike it or not, blogging is now an essential part of doing business. Statistics show that companies whose websites include blogs get 55% more website visitors than their counterparts with static sites, and 57% of marketers have acquired customers from blogging (figures from Hubspot). Most of the UK’s biggest brands now have blogs, and SMEs are catching up.

However, it’s not just a case of rustling up an article and letting it sit in the Google archives. If you want to see results from your business blog, you need to construct, format and promote it correctly. Here is our take on the worst blogging errors – and how you can avoid them. Read More »