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With evolving native video formats changing what metrics should you pay attention to?

The digital advertising landscape is rapidly changing and to keep pace publishers are offering up new ad units and formats that allow advertisers to engage directly with their audiences.

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One of the most discussed of these new ad formats has been native video, which was recently defined by the IAB and is one of the many ways publishers are responding to growing advertiser demands.

New ad formats can be confusing, even if you’ve been in the industry for a long time.

One of the largest points of publisher confusion for native video has been around measurement.

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Native ads move further into the programmatic era

Sharethrough and The Trade Desk have announced a major new programmatic native advertising RTB integration.


Through this new programmatic native partnership, buyers will be able to purchase in-feed ads through The Trade Desk’s Omnichannel RTB platform, accessing massive audiences with in-feed ad placements across hundreds of premium sites and apps through the Sharethrough Exchange (STX).

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Study: the Millennial perspective on native ads

girlwithPhoneMuch has been said about the ever-buzzworthy “Millennial.” With their eyes and thumbs glued to their phones, Millennials practically live online, spending nearly 18 hours a day with different types of media, albeit some of it simultaneously. They’re a generation of early adopters, with just enough life experience to influence the direction of trends, while being young and open enough to the ever-changing landscape of technology to not be stuck in their ways — at least not yet.

TL;DR: What’s important to Millennials today will be embraced by everyone tomorrow.

For these reasons and more, brands and advertisers are hungry for Millennial data and eager to understand this elusive, yet essential segment. Read more on Study: the Millennial perspective on native ads…

The Publisher Opportunity with Native Video and Outstream Ad Products

Man watching video on tabletOver half of all online video views now take place on mobile devices. To capitalise on this, publishers need to implement video monetisation strategies that resonate with their audience or risk falling behind in one of digital advertising’s fastest growing markets.

In 2016, Facebook is expected to sell over £500 million worth of mobile video ads, 100% of which will come from “native video” ad products like in-feed video ads. For anyone who has been in digital advertising for a while, it is jaw-dropping that a sizable amount of that £500 million revenue figure will come from ‘autoplay’ video ads. Instagram, Twitter, and now Pinterest, are all following suit with their own in-feed autoplay video strategies.

Publishers, it’s time to get moving.

The newness of native video, combined with its explosive growth, has left the industry scrambling for some standards. To help bring more clarity and structure to the new video landscape, the IAB recently released a new glossary that defines what exactly native video is for the first time. Read more on The Publisher Opportunity with Native Video and Outstream Ad Products…

Awakening technology – why thinking digital first is the key to success

Mobility conceptTechnology is completely integrated with modern day life and brands need to take advantage. From Spotify, Netflix, Tidal (and many more) streaming services, to connected homes powered by thoughtful products like Nest, we don’t ‘go online’ anymore, we live there.

However with increased connectivity we’re getting increasingly impatient. We expect more interactive, immersive experiences that distil and simplify practical uses. Read more on Awakening technology – why thinking digital first is the key to success…

The Daily Poke: Art sale

Art SaleTarget. Isn’t that the store your mom used to drag you round at the weekend, searching for placemats or towels? Quite possibly. Although recently, the US household retailer has cast off its down-home image by taking over a gallery space in New York City’s artsy Chelsea Neighbourhood.

The self-styled ‘brand experiment’ Target Too takes familiar brands available from Target stores and places them in a high-tech, highly-designed environment. Greeted by a giant LEGO version of Target’s Bullseye bulldog, visitors can get selfies transformed into EOS lip balm dots, make a t-shirt with their own print on it, and design table settings inspired by the display on the wall. Tech savvy visitors can also download a mobile app that transforms murals, displays, sculptures and interactive stations into a total augmented reality experience. Read more on The Daily Poke: Art sale…

Rise of the global creative media agencies

IdeaThe idea that we are standing at the precipice of a new age in the communications industry, wherein the more ‘creative’ media agencies are separating from the ‘old-school buying’ media agencies and securing creative mandate from advertising agencies occurred to me in the most poignant way over a year ago.

Imagine, the first local-market meeting with a new client after a new global media contract has been secured. The pitch was led and won on the other side of the world and this local client had very little input into the pitch process. Now, the local client is following their directions to onboard us, the new local media partners. It has been rumored that our new local client was perfectly happy with her smaller-scale buying-centric media agency. Read more on Rise of the global creative media agencies…

Every agency should strive to be ahead of the curve

multiple screens laptop mobile tabletIn response to Shaun Varga’s post published on The Wall on 8 May Mobile agencies soon to be surplus to requirements‘, Chris Minas, managing director of mobile agency Nimbletank, shares his contrasting views. Read more on Every agency should strive to be ahead of the curve…

How digital natives are shaping the future of music content production

beyonceOnline video platforms are now the primary source for watching, listening, discovering and sharing music. With one billion unique monthly users, YouTube leads the way, eclipsing Spotify, iTunes, and now even TV and radio.

Today, if an artist or record label wants to promote a new single or album, YouTube is the first port of call. They do not necessarily wait for a slot on primetime TV or radio – an important behaviour change for the music industry where we are consuming media in much more visual ways.

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Upcoming: Women Shift Digital Conference (26th November)

chi onwurahIf you are a fan of Ada Lovelace Day then you may also want to know about the upcoming Women Shift Digital Conference. This new conference will be a powerful celebration and get together of about 200 women and men, acknowledging the roles of women in the digital and technology sectors.

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