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Diageo reminds us that a retail store is more than a purchase channel

diageo tastingIt isn’t news that the environments that we buy products in make a difference to how much we enjoy the experience and how much we’re willing to pay. You’d have to pay me to get me inside my local ASDA: being bombarded by hanging signs and blaring radio ads while jostling to get my basket down a narrow aisle makes me want to tear my hair out. I travel further and pay more to shop in Waitrose, where the natural colour palette, wide aisles and discrete vertical shelf signage give me space to browse in peace. They even give me a handy scanner, so I can pack my bags as I go and escape the pain of the check out.

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Twitter Vs Facebook – Experiential Marketing 2.0

coors light is one brand currently testing Twitter's new age-checking tool Even before Facebook rolled out ‘Like’ pages in April 2010 Mark Zuckerberg’s juggernaut dominated the brand marketing space across social media. Diageo is just one of many companies to have signed multi-million pound deals with the site in recent years, to bring unique brand experiences for its Smirnoff and Guinness products to Facebook’s young, media-savvy digital audience. Despite this, however, many have been slow to jump on the Twitter bandwagon – but that is starting to change.

Twitter’s new age-checking tool, currently being tested by several big brands including Coors Light, is just one example, which is spearheading the shift. With a single click confirming their age, Twitter users will soon be able to follow any alcohol brand they so choose. As a result more and more alcoholic brands such as Beam and Heineken are flocking to the site to create new marketing initiatives and experiences for their customers. Read More »

Booze brands are on their way to Twitter

While alcohol brands have been busy on Facebook, with Diageo among others last year striking a multi million dollar deal for its brands including Smirnoff and Guinness, they have been slower to get to grips to Twitter.

In part this has been down to how they tackle the age requirement that followers should be over 18 in the UK  or 21 in the US. But a new age checking tool is currently being tested in the US that could change all of that.

The Twitter age-checking tool is currently being tested by several big brands including  Coors Light. With a single click confirming their age Twitter users will be able to follow any alcohol brand they so choose. Read More »

Does your brand need a mascot to be successful in social media?

Do you need a Flo? Progressive has had great success with its masco FloBrands are being increasingly successful in social media by using humorous mascots, according to the WSJ. We’ve seen plenty of evidence of that in the UK with Dulux recently reinstating its dog and how brands as diverse as Burger King’s “The King”, Compare the Market (Meerkat) and Go Compare with its opera-singing mascot, Gio Compario, have used them.

The report says that ad executives believe consumers on Facebook are more likely to bond with a character than the traditional company page on the social-media website pumping out company and product news. Read More »

Brands should forget social media unless they can get a million fans.

Smirnoff: Diageo vodka brandUPDATED This is what Philip Gladman, Diageo’s Western Europe white spirits marketing director, said yesterday while speaking at ISBA annual conference. His argument was that, yes, “size matters” and that unless brands could attract one million plus followers they should abandon social networks.

It is when you read statements like that you really understand that there are people out there, many in senior positions, who really don’t get it. Read More »