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Will Twitter take job recruitment in a new direction?

CVs may have to be condensed down to 140 characters, as Twitter has started to become a new place to announce and search for jobs.

This is not the first time we have written about the use of social media for CVs or social CVs. The number of employers using social networks for recruiting is growing, and LinkedIn has become something of an online CV site. However, with Twitter becoming increasingly important, the job-hunting process could take a new direction. Read More »

LinkedIn launches alumni feature Classmates and a headhunting service for job recruiters

LinkedIn is launching a new professional tool called Classmates, which is all about staying in touch with your fellow graduates and finding out more easily what your alumni are up to, where they work and where they live. Friends Reunited on a business network anyone?

LinkedIn has also announced the launch of a new service called Talent Pipeline that focuses on helping recruitment firms find and place those loooking for jobs.

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Start-up plans to turn LinkedIn CVs into infographics

Visualize.me: you as an infographic

If you’re looking for jobs in social media/new media/any visually-oriented type industries, you might be interested in a start up company that transforms CVs into infographics.

Currently in private beta mode, Visualize.Me links up with LinkedIn to turn the information that you’ve carefully provided into an infographic of your career history. Your previous jobs and education are turned into a timeline; your skills a represented in pie-charts or other formations; and if you’ve notched up any recommendations from other LinkedIn users, they’re represented in quote boxes.

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Yes your next CV should definitely be an infographic [infographic]

A little while ago I asked the question will your next CV be an infographic? A lot of you liked that post as it was widely shared. If you haven’t already heard by now the answer is a big fat yes courtesy of Chris Spurlock.

A couple of weeks after I asked that question Spurlock saw his  infographic  resume (below) go viral after appearing on the Huffington Post’s college site, HuffPost College.  The next step? Huffpo hired the journalism gradate to design infographics. Nice job. Read More »

Will your next CV be an infographic? [infographic]

We’re having a CV theme on The Wall today. If you haven’t already read James Poulter’s piece below do. I thought this was a nice idea too. It makes such a difference and takes an alternate approach to presenting your curriculum vitae or resume.

There are still words here, but it is much lighter on words than a text CV. Here the words are there to support the graphics. Does it work? Does it still convey all the information that a recruiter might want? Read More »

When the Curriculum Vitae just isn’t enough: rise of the social CV

He Want's A Job

The Curriculum Vitae, (yes the CV) and the resume, followed by a series of interviews, entrance exams and plenty of nervous sweating in boardrooms across Ad Land have for so many been the green shoots of careers that have since flourished into the PR and Marketing men and women of Soho and Madison Avenue.

However, that once heralded sheet of A4 is becoming less and less appealing to HR directors, whose inboxes are filled daily with the word document versions of young hopefuls, applying for graduate schemes and alike.

So many are now trying their hand at getting noticed by the powers that be, by using a different set of tools – those being digital, mobile and most importantly social (Will your next CV be an infographic? [infographic]). Read More »