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CBS anchor says social media isn’t news, it’s gossip

Scott Pelley CBS news anchor says social media isn't news, it's gossipCBS Evening News anchor, Scott Pelley, has hit out at the media and its use of social media and said journalist are getting the big stories wrong over and over again.

Part of that problem, according to Pelley, lies at the door of social media, which he said wasn’t journalism but gossip. He said that in a world in which everyone is a publisher no one is an editor. Read More »

Oreo wins big on Super Bowl night with Twitter power-out ad

The biggest moment on Twitter during last night’s Super Bowl was not during play itself, but when the lights went out at the New Orleans Superdome for 35 minutes and cookie brand Oreo scored the biggest ad win of the night.

The power went early in the third quarter, with the Baltimore Ravens leading the San Francisco 49ers 28-6, and the response by advertisers was a true social media one with ads being produced in minutes. Read More »

Twitter takes over the screen in Current TV’s presidential election coverage

Current TV is planning to turn half its screen over to TwitterWe’ve read so much about how the US 2012 Presidential election is going to be the Twitter election, as both sides ramp up their  use of social media although still  fail to engage as I wrote recently, and it has been interesting to watch it emerge and work its way deeper into the heart of mainstream media.

We got a taste of the kind of thing we might see with Twitter’s recent Olypmics deal with NBC. That proved a real learning curve for Twitter, which got into a bit of a muddle when it blocked one journalist’s account before quickly restoring it again

Now we are seeing Al Gore’s Current TV turnover half of its screen to Twitter for the US elections in an effort to help it compete and differentiate itself from its much bigger and better funded rivals such as ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News and CNN et cetera. Read More »

The story behind how Charlie Sheen got one million Twitter followers in 24-hours

UPDATED 08:30, 3/3 Without too much difficulty Charlie Sheen has racked up more than 1.1 million followers in 24-hours, but while the actor might have been all over TV, the web and the tabloids he didn’t get to that 1.1 million follower count on his own. He had a little help from some well connected friends.c

Forbes has the story of how Sheen reached out for professional help to allow him to speak directly to the world and make a big splash on Twitter. The splash came via the way of Ad.ly the online advertising firm that specialises in working with celebrities in social media. Read More »

The rapid and deserved downfall of a journalist on Twitter

Left wing US journalist Nir Rosen yesterday found out just what Twitter was really about as he spewed out a series of deeply unpleasant tweets (“the most reviled Tweets on the planet”, as one put it) as he joked about the attack on CBS journalist Lara Logan in Cairo.

He proved, as he later admitted, that some, so much more than others, need to be careful when it comes to Twitter. While it might seem like a huge bar just about everything you say will be heard. Rosen though should have known better. Read More »

Tweeting the news – CBSNews.com chief Dan Farber on the future of news [Video]

Brian Solis talks with Dan Farber, the editor-in-Chief of CBSNews.com, in the latest in the (R)evolution video interview series on the trends, and ideas defining the future of business, marketing, and media. Read More »

Google TV – Prepare to be humbled

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the folks over at Google TV have started courting the Big 4 (ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS) in a bid to a make legitimate run at the potential gold rush that is TV over the web. This should be interesting. Normally, the very thought of Google going into a new area of business usually means money in the bank, but I’m a bit more sceptical of Google TV. Read More »

Fake BP Global PR Twitter account is outed; gets book deal

A design director in the Bay Area of San Francisco has been outed as the person behind the fake @BPGlobalPR Twitter account. Read More »

Can TV.com take on Hulu (or YouTube, or Joost, or Zattoo, or…)

The online TV wars in the US just got a little more interesting. Seemingly out of leftfield, CBS has announced a large content deal with MGM, PBS, Showtime, Sony and Endemol USA to broadcast popular television shows on its TV.com website.

The new service should at least take a bite out of emerging market force Hulu, the NBC/Fox joint venture that has proven to be exceptionally popular stateside since its launch last March.

CBS quietly acquired the jackpot-of-a-domain-name TV.com during its purchase of CNET last year and with it, looks to finally secure a firm foothold in its mission to become a go-to destination of third-party content.

It had previously dipped its toes in the world of online video through unsuccessful partnerships with AOL (duh) and Beebo.

The domain itself, TV.com has had a turbulent past and is practically ancient by internet standards. In the mid-90s it served as platform for CNET’s tech-related TV shows, later becoming an online TV guide, and most recently, an online video streaming site, with a bulk of its content actually coming from Hulu.

Although there are multitudes of online video websites, Hulu has steadily gained popularity through its social media features, which allows users to create video clips to use in other online communities.

Word is, CBS will try to ape Hulu’s success, and who knows, they could be on to something.

So far they have a decent range of classic American TV shows lined up such as ‘The Addams Family’ and ‘Charlie’s Angels’ to new programmes like ‘Dexter’ and ‘CSI’.

Will it work? Web-surfers will have the final say. As far as I know, CBS’ average demographic is much older than other US broadcasters and in today’s day and age, nostalgia is rather fleeting.

TV.com’s success will hinge on CBS’ ability to engage its viewers to participate in the online community aspect, which will be no easy task thanks to the sickeningly over-saturation of social networks parading around the internet.