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Viral chart: Proud whoppers, celebrity impressions and Greenpeace takes on Lego

santaIn this weeks chart, we see a host of awesome branded videos that successfully evoke all sorts of emotions out of us without having to even mention a football. The World Cup: sorry, what’s that?

Whether it is paying homage to soldiers fighting in Iraq or a stand against the damaging effects of a fuel company, this week has brought a high standard that has played on our heartstrings.
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Five ways to improve your Facebook reach organically

Facebookbuilding640To the average Facebook user it may come as a surprise that content shared from brands you’ve liked does not automatically make it to the newsfeed. To the seasoned social professional, it’s all too apparent and something of a sore point.

Around Q2 of last year, Facebook began making changes to its algorithm, cranking this up a notch as we entered 2014. These changes meant the reach of an average organic post was as low as 2% for large companies, down from a reported 16% two years previously.
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Ramadan challenges brands to market sensitively

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 15.34.37Ramadan comes but once a year but unlike Christmas it lasts for an entire month and has a profound effect on the ways that brands market themselves in Muslim countries, especially in Asia. Just like Christmas for the West, Ramadan in the Muslim world is when brands spend the most mount of marketing dollars too.

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When businesses social media campaigns go wrong

When you own a huge company or global organisation, it’s expected that you might know a thing or two about social media and how to further your company’s overall brand awareness online. Many companies execute this well and know exactly how to further promote their products and services but there’s always one, well a good few, that manage to get it wrong and turn their social media campaigns literally upside down!

The main advantage of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is that they give businesses a platform to reach out to a wider audience, thus promoting the brand and increasing its popularity. But the only pitfall is, if you make a mistake and tweet something incorrect, or share a Facebook link that could be deemed inappropriate, you’re mistake will be viewed and judged by the masses, jeopardising the reputable nature and professional image of your business.

As social media is developing so rapidly, it’s understandable that companies are struggling to control their media campaigns. But in some circumstances, it’s perhaps more beneficial for companies to only publish a manageable number of campaigns to avoid making noticeable mistakes that could damage the overall impression of the business.

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Did my blog change Burger King’s bomb creative?

You may have seen my blog on April 1st about Burger King’s new BOMB advert which was illustrated by a nuclear bomb explosion (see left).

Many people thought that it was an April Fool’s joke such was the bad taste and poor creative.

However it was not, it was a serious Burger King marketing campaign that as far as I am aware was used in various countries not just Singapore where I saw it. Read more on Did my blog change Burger King’s bomb creative?…

The story of the Burger King Twitter hack [infographic]

A nice infographic snap shot here from social media monitoring firm Synthesio of the social media story of the week. Burger King provided many laughs, as its Twitter account was temporarily rebranded to look like rival McDonald’s, and a few lessons about password security.

Synthesio identified a whopping 450,000 tweets linked to the hack, with the peak conversation taking place at 2pm with 160,000 tweets in one hour. Read more on The story of the Burger King Twitter hack [infographic]…

How you can make the most out of social media disasters

Jeep's Twitter page was hacked and taken over by Cadillac brandingWhen it comes to recent social media disasters, there are no shortage of examples.

Back in November, I did a fairly comprehensive run through of the social media fails in 2012, which included a prestigious roll call of brands such as Waitrose, McDonalds, Gap and Qantas – these household names, and many more, had all suffered from a social media fail.

So far in 2013, we’ve seen less ill advised campaigns, but more high profile disasters of a different kind. This week, the Burger King Twitter account was hacked by an unknown internet vigilante who posted a series of controversial (and clearly inaccurate) tweets, including one that stated the fast food giant had been bought by its main rival, McDonalds. The hackers, obviously pleased with the furore they had caused, then moved swiftly on to Jeep’s Twitter account, which last night was displaying a Cadillac logo. Read more on How you can make the most out of social media disasters…

Burger King gains 30,000 new Twitter followers as account returns after hacking incident

Burger King has returned to Twitter with almost 30,000 more followers after its account was hacked last night and rebranded as McDonald’s. The burger chain lost control of its account and began sending out a string of McDonald’s related tweets.

The @BurgerKing Twitter account had little more than 80,000 followers when it was hacked, however, in the wake of the account takeover this has leapt to 111,314 giving it a gain of 30,000 followers and a wave of free publicity. Read more on Burger King gains 30,000 new Twitter followers as account returns after hacking incident…

Does your brand need a mascot to be successful in social media?

Do you need a Flo? Progressive has had great success with its masco FloBrands are being increasingly successful in social media by using humorous mascots, according to the WSJ. We’ve seen plenty of evidence of that in the UK with Dulux recently reinstating its dog and how brands as diverse as Burger King’s “The King”, Compare the Market (Meerkat) and Go Compare with its opera-singing mascot, Gio Compario, have used them.

The report says that ad executives believe consumers on Facebook are more likely to bond with a character than the traditional company page on the social-media website pumping out company and product news. Read more on Does your brand need a mascot to be successful in social media?…

Google gets ready to launch Google+ for business as estimates say it has 44m users

After a few months of testing Google is getting ready to roll out business user accounts, which have to date only been available to a couple of test accounts, namely Ford and General Motors, as reports suggest it is nearing 50 million accounts.

Last week Google opened Google+ to everyone. Users had previously needed invites to join Google+, but in an effort to speed its growth Google threw open the doors to the beta testing of its social network. Read more on Google gets ready to launch Google+ for business as estimates say it has 44m users…