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The ethics of attention and the inevitable future of digital advertising

GoldfishWe are living in an attention economy, as attention has become one of our most valuable yet fragile resources.

In the last 15 years, the human attention span dropped a third to about 8 seconds (now a second shorter than a goldfish!). In a lot of ways, this is a response to the increase in stimuli we are bombarded by on a daily basis, from email and social media to smartphone notifications and of course: ads.

As marketers we are spending more and more on platforms that command consumers’ time (i.e. social and mobile), but if our industry is to sustain itself we have a responsibility to think of the ethics of how we generate attention for our brands. Read more on The ethics of attention and the inevitable future of digital advertising…

“For brands to advertise they have to stop advertising”

digital evolution“BRAND – a bundle of meanings, feelings and values, as seen and perceived in the eye and mind of the consumer.”

Brands communicate in hope that our view of them is consistent; that we may covet them and want to draw them close. Conversely, we all bring our own perceptions and prejudices, conscious and subconscious, to the table.

In consequence, advertising is quite the see-saw, where a brand becomes the sum total of what it says and does – and of how we, the audience, interprets and so feels about it.

From the first dawn of brands, to the ‘digital now’, this concept of what a brand is has not changed.

But what is changing, ever changing, is the construct of how brands are built and perceived. Meaning advertising, in nature and nomenclature, is changing irrevocably. Read more on “For brands to advertise they have to stop advertising”…

Where brands are going wrong on YouTube

YouTube now has a billion monthly viewersOut of the 5,000 most popular channels on YouTube just 74 are brands. It’s a mind-blowing statistic, given the video platform’s millions of daily users and the size of marketing budgets for international brands.

However, these 74 high fliers often enjoy one new view every two seconds, with their content liked and shared by legions of loyal fans. So, it begs the question – what are 4,926 brands doing wrong?

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Branded content is the Cara Delevingne of the marketing world

CaraWhen Simon Daglish, ITV’s group commercial director, said at Advertising Week Europe that “90% of content is crap”, I skipped a little celebratory dance. While it might seem harsh to tell brands that want to become programme makers that most consumers “don’t give a stuff” about them, the sentiment behind the statement is right. The essence of what you are trying to communicate will die a bloody death if it has even the faintest whiff of corporatese about it.

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Making content work for you

sainsburys christmas 2013 christmas in a dayThe recent content led campaigns for Guinness and Sainsbury’s (pictured) have illustrated that content marketing has finally arrived as a serious part of the marketing jigsaw. Perhaps most interestingly they have both, for very different reasons, served to highlight the questions that are being raised in marketing teams, such asHow do I guarantee the content works with my wider marketing strategy? How do I ensure my content is compelling enough? How do I choose the right platform? And of course which agency do I work with when my creative, PR and media agency are all claiming to be content experts? Read more on Making content work for you…

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Mysterious execution shuts down YouTube’s third biggest channel

FPS Russia is a huge YouTube channel. It has over 3.5 million subscribers and has generated more than 500,000,000 video views. Gawker says it is the site’s third most popular channel.

Sadly, 32-year old Keith Ratliff, a producer on the American show, was found dead at the start of the year. He had been killed by a single bullet to the back of the head. It looks like an execution. Police have ruled out a burglary gone wrong since nothing was taken from the scene.

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Why quality content marketing will be king in 2013

Why quality content marketing will be king in 2013The past 12 months has seen content marketing become a big hitter in the marketing discipline stakes and there are plenty of lessons marketers need to learn for the year ahead to make the most of the growing medium. 2012 has been a great year for content marketing, one that has seen it established as a key discipline as brands look to create a genuine rapport with their target audience. And there are big names leading the charge; the likes of Coca-Cola and Red Bull both embed content strategy as an integral part of their overall marketing strategy.

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Forget a social strategy – it’s what a brand has to say that really matters

Forget a social strategy - it's what a brand has to say that really mattersIf 2012 has been about shaping and developing a social-media strategy, then 2013 will be about throwing that out of the window and starting again. Why? Simple. The very term social media has become a stumbling block. It gets in the way of the real question of what it is that brands are trying to achieve. Partly this has happened because social media means different things to different people – and it means multiple things to brands.

Part of the problem is clearly illustrated by the split personality that social media can have as far as brands are concerned. Read more on Forget a social strategy – it’s what a brand has to say that really matters…

Bell Pottinger launches digital content agency with editorial focus

James Henderson, CEO of Bell Pottinger Private on launch of Bell Pottinger Wired.If you wanted more proof that the conversation in 2013 will be more about content and less about social then this it.  PR group Bell Pottinger Private, formerly part of Chime Communications, has launched a a specialist digital content agency called Bell Pottinger Wired.

Expect to see much more of this in the coming year as brands focus on developing their content strategies and agencies respond. Bell Pottinger Wired pulls together separate content and digital teams from within the group to focus on delivering digital content-led campaigns both for the group’s existing and new clients. Read more on Bell Pottinger launches digital content agency with editorial focus…

How branded content is evolving [infographic]

With branded content being a constant topic of conversation in 2012, certainly as far as the last six months were concerned, this is a timely infographic from the Content Marketing Association. It takes a look at how branded content has and is evolving.  In a year, it is estimated that a consumer has over 379,000 brand experiences; in fact on a typical journey to work the average person can expect to interact with 170 brands with all of them competing fiercely for one thing: consumer attention.

This, when taken in conjunction with media fragmentation, which is growing exponentially, means that consumer attention is an increasingly scarce resource. It means tradeoffs are made both at a conscious and subconscious level whether it is the decision to use Google or Bing, to fly BA or Virgin, or to read The Times or The Telegraph. Trade off decisions become a function of brand affiliation and the cycle turns full circle as brand affiliation is a function of the amount of engagement (attention) a brand can generate.

Because of that content is consequently becoming the conduit through which organisations can earn their customers’, whether B2C or B2B, attention. Content becomes the brands’ side of the value exchange – providing customers with interesting and relevant information in return for their time. Read more on How branded content is evolving [infographic]…