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10 blogging blunders to avoid

Blogging for businessLike it or not, blogging is now an essential part of doing business. Statistics show that companies whose websites include blogs get 55% more website visitors than their counterparts with static sites, and 57% of marketers have acquired customers from blogging (figures from Hubspot). Most of the UK’s biggest brands now have blogs, and SMEs are catching up.

However, it’s not just a case of rustling up an article and letting it sit in the Google archives. If you want to see results from your business blog, you need to construct, format and promote it correctly. Here is our take on the worst blogging errors – and how you can avoid them. Read More »

Digital media have shaken up journalism – isn’t it time brands began to think the same way? [infographic]

News that Time Magazine recently held its first Google + Hangout is a reminder, if any were needed, that news-gathering and publishing now involves far more than text, images and broadcast footage.

The growing penetration of digital media into newsrooms and editors’ offices around the world is a trend we’ve been tracking since 2008 and last week we launched our fifth annual Oriella Digital Journalism Study. Read More »

5 types of content to increase traffic, engagement, and shares

Internet users are fed with content on every transaction. This content comes to us in many forms – it can be tangible or intangible, it can come from websites, blogs, social networks, vlogs, podcasts, and even mobile. Every single website you browse or picture you view on Flickr is a form of sharing and viewing content, making content the undisputable king of the online world.

If you’re a business, you must understand that your target audience may be using any of these content channels daily. The question is which ones to target to reach the maximum percentage of these people. For a small business, investing in every type of content platform doesn’t make business sense because there is a lot of other work to do.

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Top 5 most common blogger outreach mistakes and how to avoid them

Top 5 Most Common Blogger Outreach Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemYou might think blogger outreach is a piece of cake; surely anyone can manage simple blogger relations? Wrong. A lot of companies jump on the blogger engagement bandwagon without any prior research into this domain, leading to various issues.

Here at Best British Bloggers, we’re going to share with you just some of the common mistakes that so many brands fall victim to when undertaking a blogger outreach campaign. Many of these may seem very obvious, but it’s worth noting a few golden rules to stick to. Read More »

When and how to build a blog network

The power of bloggers is unquestioned in social communications despite recent alarmist articles stating blogging is dead. For brands, engaging with bloggers to listen to feedback on their products or services, review what they think of them online and even recommend them to their peers, is a holy grail of marketing.

But when is the right situation for a brand to build its own blogger network, how should they approach this and what are the risks or rewards. Read More »

The most influential digital and marketing blogs in the UK

We’ve made it. The Wall is featured on this infographic here from Eloqua that lists the most influential digital blogs in the UK.

It’s called “The Blog Tree: UK Edition” and the Wall is in the root system of the tree as accorrding to  Eloqua The Wall is “key in the tech/marketing/digital space”. Read More »

New blogs on the web [Infographic]

A nice infographic here from Eloqua and JESS3. They’ve collaborated and created an infographic called The Blog Tree: New Growth, which celebrates a very important group of bloggers. New ones.

It turns a hackneyed “top blogs list” into a rich, playful visual that not only lists new marketing blogs, but also shows the interrelationships between and among them. Read More »

Blogs help Los Angeles Times achieve record traffic levels

This won’t come as a surprise to some, but a good blogging community can dramatically help boost traffic as a piece on Nieman Journalism Lab about the Los Angeles Times website highlights.

In the last few months the latimes.com has seen record traffic numbers and it is putting that down to its growth in use of breaking news blogs. Read More »

Blogging: What works, what doesn’t and why

In the age of digital communication, blogging is one of the most useful and dynamic tools available to businesses. It can be used to generate interest in new products and services, to entice prospective customers to your website, and to create a dialogue between your brand and the people who you hope will advocate it. Read More »

My name is (fill in blank), and I’m a shoddy corporate blog

It’s a constant source of amazement to me, partly because it happens so often. A company that won’t buy a round of drinks without a PO number, would never take a call from a journalist without a full pre-briefing from its PR agency and requires an internal audit and report before changing its stationery supplier, suddenly decides it’s time for a corporate blog…..and unleashes the office idiot on the thing. Read More »