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Four title writing tips to captivate your reader

title writing

“Good writing will bring you to places you don’t even expect sometimes”

James Gandolfini

Let’s admit it, writing great content is easier said than done. It takes time, effort and an interesting mix of analytic skills and great instincts.

Where analytic skills help you predict which topics will be most attention-grabbing and great instincts guide your decision on how to tackle those good topics. Read more on Four title writing tips to captivate your reader…

Has Google killed guest blogging?

Photo by Kirsty AndrewsThe keener eyed of you might raise an eyebrow that a guest blogger is tackling this topic, but over the past week guest blogging has come once again under scrutiny.

The industry chatter about the risks of guest blogging has been getting louder for more than a year. The first the warning shot was fired by Google’s head of web spam Matt Cutts with his decay and fall of guest blogging post. Three months later and after a host of website penalties, it had become clear that guest posting was indeed a major risk if undertaken for the objective of SEO. Read more on Has Google killed guest blogging?…

What bloggers mean for publishing

fashion foie grasWe’ve reached a significant turning point in the industry, where media really is everywhere. The proliferation of screens, messages, technology and social networks means that we are royally bombarded with a variety of different media wherever we are and whenever we want (or don’t want). That’s a lot of clutter to try and get past and the only way to break through the noise is to have a strong point of view, a view that comes through great content.

The people who have traditionally been able to establish this best are the same people that do it today – great writers and editors; content creators expressing a strong point of view in a first person voice, connecting with their audience, community or readers. These are the people shaping the future of digital media. And the key to engaging those readers is through having this unique voice and a strong point of view, while creating an ongoing open dialogue with your audience, and communicating with them day in day out.

Read more on What bloggers mean for publishing…

As the New York Times cuts are newspaper blogs dead?

NewYorkTimesBuildingThe New York Times is cutting a number of its blogs and is reviewing the future of many more. The Green blog, Media Decoder and The Choice (about getting into and paying for university) have all been chopped.

The axing of the blogs at the New York Times has sparked a fresh round of debate about whether blogs and blogging is dead. It happened when Twitter arrived and is a question that seems to be asked every year.

The blogs axed at the NY Times are to be followed by a number more, according to Capital New York. It reports that next to go are all of the Times’ sports blogs. Read more on As the New York Times cuts are newspaper blogs dead?…

How to write the perfect social or digital media headline

A good reminder here on the importance of headline writing when it comes to digital and social media.

Despite many of us largely working exclusively online the art of the headline is still elusive for some while at the same time it has become ever more important.

What is very true is that works well in print does not work anywhere near as well online. With print the job is done, they have the newspaper or magazine in their hands, but online your headline has really got to stand out against the noise and that means it has to work hard to get the reader to click. Read more on How to write the perfect social or digital media headline…

Is Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr strategic, opportunistic or desperate?

There are three ways to look at Yahoo’s $1.1bn acquisition of photo-blogging service Tumblr.  You can view it as a considered strategic move to evolve Yahoo and give it a slice of social media.

That or it is an opportunitistic leap to rejuvenate Yahoo’s aging products and users.

Thirdly, it is possibly desperate. Mayer and Yahoo have just paid $1.1bn for a company with revenues last year of $13m.  Read more on Is Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr strategic, opportunistic or desperate?…

Yahoo confirms deal to buy Tumblr and promises not to “screw it up”

UPDATE: Yahoo has officially confirmed its acquisition of Tumblr. In a blog post, Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, reassured Tumblr users as she promised Yahoo would try “not to screw it up”.

She said that “Tumblr is incredibly special and has a great thing going” and that Yahoo would operate “Tumblr independently”. Read more on Yahoo confirms deal to buy Tumblr and promises not to “screw it up”…

Guest Blogging is not Content Marketing

Like many of the digital folk reading this, I read a lot of blogs, books and pretty much anything that piques my interest. Hell, I’ve even been known to drop into the occasional Google+ Hangout. Doing the rounds, there is a common theme on approaches to content marketing.

Though the wording changes from article to article they generally all follow the same rule: use Google and some advanced queries to pull up websites that return [“KEYWORD” “submit guest post”]  or [“KEYWORD” “Write for us”] or something else along those lines. Read more on Guest Blogging is not Content Marketing…

The Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers for 2013 [infographic]

Forbes recently released its Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers and now they have been brought together in this stat-tastic infographic.

Anyone else who you think should be on the list? They are most American, but a few from this side of theAtlantic.

Forbes used Peek Analytics, which gives people a pull score, as the tool to measure influence and evaluated bloggers and social media users who create their own content. That is quite an important distinction from the aggregators.  Read more on The Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers for 2013 [infographic]…

5 Summer UK Blogging Meetups to Travel with Purpose

Blogging is an activity fit for anyone, from professionals to those looking to put their thoughts into words or pictures and share them with the wider world, but we all need guidance if we want to get better at it. Thankfully, there are groups out there that specialize in just that, located all over the United Kingdom – you just need to know where to look for them.

If you plan to spend some time traveling around the region this vacation season, check out any or all of these five summer UK blogging meetups to travel with purpose: Read more on 5 Summer UK Blogging Meetups to Travel with Purpose…