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Twitter unveils new search capabilities with major impact for breaking news

Big bird: Twitter improves search and improves breaking news resultsTwitter has announced changes to Twitter Search that could have a major impact on breaking news and how we find it. We all know that we go to Twitter when news breaks and either scan our timeline or do a quick search. A search can throw up a myriad of results not all of which will be relevant as it’s impossible for a computer to understand context. For instance how would it know that a search for “big bird” was referring to politics and not Sesame Street? Or that people searching for “horses and bayonets” are interested in the Presidential debates?

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The Twitter election is almost over as Americans go to the polls

As the US election race winds down through its final hours Twitter has launched its election Twitter #Election2012 event page, which will curate Tweets from the candidates, their campaign staff, political insiders, news commentators, and government officials as the day plays out.

The 2012 US election has been dubbed the Twitter election from the start with CEO Dick Costolo making the claim back in January.

In 2004 it was blogs, in 2008 it was Facebook and 2012 has been about Twitter.  There is little doubt about that. Other platforms have made their presence felt like Tumblr and Instagram, but Twitter has made the headlines. Read More »

PBS launches Big Bird Twitter campaign after Romney attack

PBS launches Big Bird Twitter campaign after Romney attackA savvy and speedy move here by US public service broadcaster PBS after it took advantage of Mitt Romney’s attack on the network during the first presidential debate earlier this week.

During the debate, which set a new record for the Tweeting of a political event, Romney said in reference to PBS that he was not prepared to “to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for”.

His remark sent #BigBird trending and saw a rash of parody Big Bird accounts launched, including @BlGBlRD. Now PBS itself has responded by buying the character’s name as keyword ad campaign on Twitter. Read More »

Presidential debate breaks record as most Tweeted about political event

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney clash in first Presidential #Debate in Denver, ColoradoTwitter launched Twitter.com/#debates as the first US Presidential debate kicked off last night and quickly became the most Tweeted political event on record as more than 10.3 million Tweets were sent in the 90 minutes.

The media declared Mitt Romney as the winner over President Obama in Denver although some had it down as Big Bird from Sesame Street.

The big yellow bird trended on Twitter as Romney said he would cut funding for US public service broadcaster PBS. Read More »