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Viral chart: World Cup highs and lows, a hedgehog’s birthday and undressing with strangers

Beer tankardBrand chart

Despite fine efforts from viral big-hitters Adidas and Old Spice to capitalise on the World Cup final, this week’s branded chart is topped by a 10 second clip created by German radio station Bayern 3.

Released within minutes of the tournament’s finale, the image of a mighty German stein smashing a Brazilian cocktail has clearly resonated with fans and the video has just topped 15 million views. It’s great to see a simple but perfectly timed idea beating bigger budgets to the top spot, and hopefully it’ll be the last time we hear those samba jingles. Until 2016 at least…
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BBC reveals Wimbledon coverage will be truly multimedia

wimbledon outside courtsThe BBC is giving us more Wimbledon than even the biggest tennis fan could hope for by making up to 10 live streams available at anyone time, across computer, tablet, mobile and connected television.

Live coverage will appear on BBC One, BBC Two and their respective high-definition channels. There will also be extensive coverage on the BBC Sports website, including a column by last year’s runner up, Andy Murray, the BBC Sport mobile app, and of course radio coverage on BBC Radio 5 Live.

With all the additional streams, its presenters will be working hard, and the corporation has revealed former champions Martina Navratilova and Goran Ivanisevic will be commentating, Navratilova on television and Ivanisevic on radio

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The Apprentice dominates social TV as it takes 80% Tweets

The apprentice Alex Mills with his Dracula like looks The first episode of ‘The Apprentice’ saw 218,000 tweets on Tuesday, and had a massive 80.5% of the TV related tweets during its 9-10pm time slot, according to social TV firm SecondSync.

Within the first 15 minutes of ‘The Apprentice’ going on the air, 50,000 people had tweeted about the programme, which peaked at 6,311 tweets per minute during its first three minutes along. Read More »

Downing Street develops Twitter media strategy as it hands reporters exclusives

Seven months after joining Twitter David Cameron has almost 300,000 followers and his No 10 communications team is developing a Twitter media strategy.

Downing Street is handing Twitter exclusives news stories to favoured reporters before they are issued to the rest of the media.

It is also using Twitter as a key part of its media relations to extinguish negative stories before they catch fire and gain wider momentum in the news cycle. Read More »

Online Advertising: Questions of Time and Doctor Who

It’s difficult to talk about time without stumbling into cliched phrases, but it seems right to talk about the importance of time for two reasons. The importance of time-spent cropped up in a recent survey conducted by the IPA that ranked the best  in the industry. I should take this chance to congratulate the guys at InSkin, who pipped us to the post by a mere 0.7%. Such a close run race shows that clients really do have a choice of quality partners.

But given that the technologies we use is broadly similar – it’s the X factors that create the differentiation, and most of these X factors are determined by the relationship with the client: the quality of brief responses, the delivery of innovative content solutions,  proactive communication of opportunities, regular constructive contact with the sales team, and the all-important agency/media owner partnership. Read More »

Official BBC Weather and Arabia Twitter accounts are hacked by pro-Assad supporters

The BBC weather twitter account has been hacked by pro Assad supportersLooks like the official BBC Weather account on Twitter and @BBCArabicOnline have been hacked. It appears to be another attack by pro-Bashar al-Assad supporters who have hit another Western media Twitter account.

A message has been posted on both Twitter feeds claiming that the “Syrian Electronic Army Was Here via @Official_SEA #SEA #Syria“. Read More »

TOWIE is the most tweeted about programme on Twitter – 7 TV engagement patterns

Popey from Towie: Popey said she was "late" she didn't mean "late for an appointment at Belles & Beaus beauty and tanning salon," she meant she might be preggers...What do you think is the most tweeted about programme on British television right now? You might be surprised to learn that it is ITV’s reality soap ‘The Only Way is Essex’ or TOWIE as it is better known to its fans.

It is not only a little more popular than anything on television at the moment it is more popular by a long long way.  Some episodes have so many tweets sent about it that there are almost 7,000 a minute appearing. Read More »

Netflix’s House of Cards: Full house or trumped?

Netflix’s unique content play, “House of Cards”, starring Kevin Spacey, has satisfied its subscriber base in the US according to a small survey by Cowen. It has also made their subscribers more loyal.

However it failed to take off from a word of mouth perspective and the content was mediocre rather than exceptional. In light of this both move from Netflix what is the future of content v’s distribution channels in the digital age and who will gain the most from this change in dynamics?


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A Year on Twitter – A look back at the Tweets that made 2012

President Barack Obama celebrates as he Tweets "Four more years".For the first time Twitter has created a dedicated website looking back at some of the most talked about moments of the last year in the UK and around the world in a year that saw London host an Olympic Games that beat all expectations, and create some inspiring memories for all. It was also a year that saw a Tweet from Mars, Barack Obama win four more years and David Cameron, Nadine Dorries, Gary Lineker and Girls Aloud among many others finally join the 140 character conversation. Read More »

How a New York Times reporter got a social media minder

How The New York Times Jerusalem bureau, Jodi Rudoren, was given a social media minderThe Washington Post reports on the curious case of The New York Times reporter, Jodi Rudoren, who has been given her own social media minder who will be looking at every Tweet and Facebook status update that she writes to check and edit them before sending.

We all know that social media can be tricky and that its instantaneous nature can cause huge issues for us all, which is a problem considering how essential Twitter has become to most working journalists today. There have been cases of journalists Tweeting in haste and suffering Twitter storms at length. It has in the worst cases proved the undoing of some journalists. Read More »