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World leaders: 80% of the most powerful people use Twitter

Barack Obama does his AMA on RedditWorld leaders taking to Twitter has slowed down throughout 2013 reveals research by The Digital Policy Council (DPC). Although the heads of state flocking to the microblogging platform is decelerating, 80% of world leaders are now using Twitter.

The DPC has been ranking world leader Twitter usage since 2009. Its latest 2013 report reviews 133 heads of state out of 167 countries – personal or national office accounts. Many countries are represented by a national office Twitter account such as France’s @Elysee, Russia’s Kremlin @KremlinRussia (@KremlinRussia_E for the English language account), the United Kingdom’s @number10gov, The United States’ White House @whitehouse and so on.

The report highlights that for many countries, the national office Twitter account was the main or even sole Twitter voice for governments (out of the 133 heads of state tweeting, 37 were national offices). This includes the accounts in the top half the DPC table – offices such as Germany, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay. Read More »

Mandela’s death: Kanye, Obama, Styles and selfies

nelson mandelaWith the passing of one the last century’s most influential individual, we expected to see a phenomenal wave of respect and mourning online. As a 21st Century global behavioural trait, it has almost become custom for people to pay their respects publicly, with a tweet or Facebook status, and however strange it may have seemed as a concept 10 years ago (I’m struggling to find a parallel with pre-social online behaviour) it gives us an incredible insight into how conversation across the world sparks, evolves, finds influence, and eventually dies out. From a simple ‘RIP’ through to a crafted piece of prose, each and every message of respect is a statement.

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Spotify gets social with release of ‘follow’ button globally

Spotify : you can now follow One DirectionSpotify has rolled out the ‘follow’ button globally, which it first announced in December, further adding to its reputation as the Twitter for music.

The updated music app is now fantastically addictive, with users getting continuing suggestions and a feeds of songs and artists.

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How news of Margaret Thatcher’s death spread on social media [infographic]

As news of  Margaret Thatcher’s death broke yesterday lunchtime it was ITV that won the race on Twitter after the Press Association sent out its historic news flash while the BBC had the most read story.

That sparked the touch paper for more than one million mentions of the former Conservative Party leader, and three time British Prime Minister, on Twitter in the four hours after the announcement. Read More »

Republicans look to Buzzfeed for new site inspiration

Republicans try and emulate buzz feedStill smoldering after Mitt Romney’s defeat to Barack Obama, a defeat that was in no small part down to Obama’s superior digital campaigning strategy, the GOP are looking to ramp up their own digital presence.

They are taking inspiration though from an unlikely source in the emerging digital media giant Buzzfeed, which recently launched here in the UK.

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Blue State Digital hires Obama’s election winning digital team

Obama’s digital agency Blue State Digital has hired 16 digital strategists and technologists from the Obama 2012 election campaign team.

Most senior among the hires is Joe Rospars, chief digital strategist for Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns, who will take on the newly created role of chief executive for the WPP-owned digital agency Blue State Digital, which has played a central role in both Obama’s presidential victories. Read More »

Twitter at seven – Its biggest 140 character moments

With more than 400 million tweets sent each day and growing fast, its top 10 users, led by Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, have more than 275 million followers alone.

It has worked itself so seamlessly into our lives that now no major event seems to take place without there being some kind of Twitter element, from celebrity break-ups to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the budget.

With talk of an IPO in 2014 and a valuation in the $9-$11bn (£5-7bn) ballpark, it is starting to generate the revenues that at the start people never thought the microblogging service could make and is on course to generate more than $800m (£527m) in 2014. Read More »

By George the chancellor has arrived: here’s a few tips for political tweeters

George Osborne arrives on Twitter his first tweeted got quickly spoofed via @ElliottClarksonSo George Osborne (@george_osborne) has chosen budget day to reach for his virtual tin hat and join the legion of tweeting politicians. The twitterverse can be an unforgiving place for politicians. Ask Ed Balls who back in 2011 tweeted his own name (presumably while searching for tweets about himself). Although his Twitter skills have since improved that’s probably his most tweeted post with 6,000 tweets two years on. Read More »

Beppe Grillo and The 5 Star Movement: When social media triggers anarchy

Beppe Grillo held a rally in Turin during the electoral campaign, 2010.I watched in awe as Italian election results unfolded. Bersani won a majority in the Lower House, Berlusconi in the Senate. It’s a deadlock, a stalemate. It’s Italy, a country where the future looks like a Russian roulette.

Right and Left, Evil and Good. Apparently that’s the oldest flight of all. However, this time the tragedy is starring a third actor, or should I say a comedian. That was Beppe Grillo’s professionem.

Two years ago he decided to ‘swoop’ on the Italian political scene, launch an anarchic Movement (the 5 Star Movement), draw in droves of voters (stealing them from the two main parties) and dominate an ailing socioeconomic ecosystem. Read More »

Republicans turn to Silicon Valley to counter Obama digital supremacy

Governor Mitt Romney looking over his speech on his iPad at the #RNCThe Republican National Committee is scouring Silicon Valley in an attempt to find top talent to hire as its new Chief Technology Officer, in a clear attempt to challenge the digital supremacy of President Obama and the Democrat Party.

The GOP’s effort to use digital technology to propel Mitt Romney to the White House failed in 2012, with their voter data system ORCA crashing on polling day.

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