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Education is key for the connected home

connected home by Hans KylbergThe connected home, moving beyond the early adopter stage, is now trickling into the mainstream. Research we recently undertook highlighted that 17% of Brits would like and have no concerns about installing smart devices into their home. While on the other side of the pond a study by Accenture illustrates that 69% of consumers are planning to buy a connected home device in the next five years.

The entrance of the world’s biggest tech companies into the smart home market is likely to reassure consumers and accelerate adoption. Google’s £1.9 billion acquisition of Nest at the beginning of the year demonstrated its desire to be at the forefront of smart technology while Apple recently unveiled its HomeKit – a suite of tools for controlling home appliances.

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Amazon’s Fire phone and the future of brand relationships

Amazon Fire phoneThe reaction to Amazon’s recent phone announcement followed a pretty typical pattern: gee-whiz live-blogging in the morning and cynical analysis in the afternoon. But dissecting nifty hologram effects and price points is beside the point.

New product features have a retail half-life of 90 days and a media half-life of 90 minutes. In a few years these phones will come in the mail for free with an Amazon Prime membership.

The real lesson here is that Amazon has made a pragmatic decision to use the world’s most relevant consumer platform, the smartphone, to help cement one of the world’s most seamless brand relationships. Read More »

Brand gaffes: Three lessons for marketers from brands that went badly off-message

Hull City AFC logoI have come across a number of stories recently, about brands that have tried to ignore their customers or their brand values (or both) in the process of a repositioning.

The outcome is rarely a good one.

So, what does happen when senior management runs with a vision that doesn’t fit with what customers believe about the brand? And what can we learn from the people who didn’t do it right?

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What’s app-ening in emerging markets?

The Apple iPhone 5The app and device battlegrounds are rife with established players and newbies fighting it out to provide the emerging markets with new handsets, alternative app stores and fresh mobile content. New moves include Nokia’s alliance with Android with new releases including the Nokia X, Apple covertly re-releasing the iPhone 4 in India and Samsung set to launch the Galaxy S5 in the UAE.

However, none of the major mobile players have quite cracked the code to success in emerging markets. Competing factors include price point, brand popularity, localised content and viable payment options, but no one has yet found the winning combination. Read More »

Great brand blunders on social media

Great Brand BlundersDissing President Obama, making light of natural disasters, launching fluffy promotions amid bitter industrial strife, mocking followers and actively inviting sarcastic put-downs: these are all real gaffes made by brands on social media. Ever wondered how digital marketers can get themselves in such a mess?

My new book Great Brand Blunders (The worst marketing and social media meltdowns of all time…and how to avoid your own)  covers more than 175 marketing misadventures spanning Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia.  With a roll-call including Apple, BA, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Nestlé, Virgin, Ikea, Microsoft and many others on the global A List, it proves that even the mightiest brands can misjudge their marketing from time to time. Read More »

Will Ahrendt’s departure from Burberry signal a shift from theme to scheme?

burberry London Fashion Week catwalkWe’ve heard that Burberry chairman Sir John Peace did his very best to persuade Angela Ahrendts to continue as Chief Executive, knowing full well the likely adverse impact on the share price.  But the joint lures of Apple and homeland were too strong for him and her.  Christopher Bailey is to be promoted to the new role of Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer and the share price duly fell amidst City scepticism.

No doubt one of the first big challenges the new man in charge will face is the spectre raised by Ahrendts in one of her last public statements as Burberry CEO.  In it she expressed concerns to newspaper Les Echos that China’s slowdown could be more than just a passing phase for the luxury goods sector.  Given the importance to Burberry of its business in China this would undoubtedly put pressure on the short term balance sheet.

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What has any government ever done for us tekkies?

Apple think different(The Not So Secret E-commerce Entrepreneur continues…)

Answer: Well Government did help in giving us Apple and Google

Don’t believe me?

Then check out Marianna Mazzucato’s new book; “The Entrepreneurial State” – it’s certainly an eye-popper.

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What happens when brand fandoms go wrong?!

samsung galaxy 4 adThe power of social media and user-generated content can have a massive impact on brand perception, so it’s not surprising to see marketers increasingly trying to leverage the viral influence of their followers. But cultivating a fandom is a tricky thing. Consumers are a fickle bunch and finding the right mix of exclusivity and public appeal, (not to mention the coveted ‘cool’ status) is a delicate balancing act.

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Identifying the VFM signal from the noise

starter flagThe ‘Not so secret diary of an E-commerce Entrepreneur’ continues… At last – the Seedrs crowdfunding starter flag gets waved next week.

And with it the 90-day race to raise £100,000 of capital for my E-commerce business, the Amano Tongue Cleanser, will be on. I figure it will be like a Formula 1 race – but with more excitement. Lets hope I don’t crash…

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Social Brands 7: augmented experiences

Nike We RunWhen people buy brands, they’re usually paying for something more than a core product or service.

For example, they don’t really pay for the liquid inside a shampoo bottle; they pay for beautiful hair, and for the confidence which that brings.

Ultimately, people pay for benefits; products and services are simply a means to an end.

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