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Don’t touch my phone! (Why marketers need to be more sensitive)

You basic iphone nightmare - cracked iphone screenLast week, the unthinkable happened. My wife discovered the screen on her beloved and otherwise completely untarnished iPhone was cracked. The exact cause and reason behind this devastating event remains unclear, although the children and I have all have unshakeable alibis. This is just as well, as Mrs Shaikh was not impressed.  Read More »

‘The Next Big Thing’ vs. ‘The Laws of Physics’ – How Samsung won me over

The Samsung Galaxy: Samsung Galaxy: smartphone brand doubles UK market shareI had the luxury of a long break in December during which I went to a friend’s wedding in the Himalayan foothills.

When distracted by the stunning scenery, a light fingered passerby made away with my unattended purse. Luckily it had been emptied of passport and wallet the previous day, so the only real loss was my Smartphone. My pathway to friends, chronicler of past and diarist of the future, irreplaceable extension of my bionic existence – I was crushed. Well…briefly anyway. Read More »

Can Blackberry bounce back this week? Tell us if you’ll choose RIM again

BlackBerry 10: RIM released thousands of prototypes of its new deviceSome tech writers have been getting a little frothy about Research in Motion’s chances of pulling a huge save out of the bag this week as it rolls out its new BlackBerry 10 operating system and a couple of new phones. It is a precipice moment in RIM’s history. There is going to be a $3.7m (£2.3m) 30-second Super Bowl TV spot and masses of other marketing activity to build buzz. It needs it. Read More »

With Twitter snapping at its heels Facebook needs to start monetizing its mobile presence

With over 900 million users worldwide, and 543 million monthly active users on mobile, Facebook is a marketer’s dream come true. But with recent stories of falling share prices, the social network giant has been exploring new ways of growing its revenue through targeted advertising beyond its website and apps.  And it’s just in time.

Just recently, Facebook said that it was testing a “very small number” of ads on third-party apps and mobile websites on Apple’s iPhone and Google Android smartphones.

With users spending upwards of eight minutes each day on Facebook’s mobile site, it is an opportunity that needs to be harnessed.   Read More »

Fox News falls for fake iPhone 5 laser keyboard video

The new iPhone 5 certainly has some new features to tempt iPhone fans, but what it doesn’t have is a laser keyboard that beams out or holographic video features.

Fox station, Fox 5 New York, however, could not work out the real from the fake as it aired a report, featuring reporter Lidia Curanaj, declaring these new amazing features were waiting in-store for Apple fans. Read More »

The iPhone was 5 years old last week!

Transparent iPhoneMy daughter was only 2 when the iPhone arrived.

It’s something she has grown up with around her, and her first phone is bound to be a Smartphone. Predictive texting and keys with 3 letters are alien to her, yet a QWERTY touch-screen is just so intuitive. She asks to borrow my iPhone and all she asks nowadays is “Dad, what’s your iTunes password?” and “Dad, why can’t I watch this TV programme as we drive along?” She expects access everywhere and, with 4G coming, it shouldn’t be too long before she can.

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Happy 5th birthday iPhone – nearly half of us now own a smartphone

Apple iPhone - five today with 250 million soldIt’s the Apple iPhone’s 5th Birthday today. That’s five years and 250 million handsets sold and shows no sign of slowing up as new research shows it continues to dominate the smartphone market. Apple iPhones are owned by 19% of smartphone users compared with 15% owning an Android phone and 11% owning a Blackberry, which today announced a delay to its latest phone.

Overall, smartphone ownership has risen to a huge 45%, marking a truly significant shift in how we receive and transfer data. Equally impressive is the fact that ownership figures have nearly doubled in the last six months.

Demographic distribution of users is not that surprising – 32% of 15-34 year olds own an iPhone, with only one in four males in this age group owning an Android phone, and a slightly lower number of females owning a Blackberry.
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The top 15 most shared Apple videos of all time

In the run up to Apple’s 36th birthday, it was founded on April Fools’ Day in 1976, Unruly Media has put together a ranking of the most-shared Apple videos of all time.

We’ve pulled together the top 15 here with most created by TBWA\Media Arts Lab. There are  a lot of iPhone 4 ads, but there are also some classics here too including “1984″ and “Think different”. Read More »

Apple to release iPad Mini later this year? And Waterproof iPhone?

We’ve heard rumours in the past concerning the launch of a smaller iPad, and now an unnamed Samsung official has thrown more fuel on the fire. Asking not to be identified (fair enough in the circumstances), he or she told the Korea Times that Apple will launch a 7.85-inch iPad before 2012 is out. Read More »

Introducing Futulele, the Ukulele app for the iPad and the iPhone

I want to saw you couldn’t make it up, but that it is patently not true.  You can and you do it by plugging in your Apple iPad and iPhone and together and you get a Futulele. No serious, it is a a virtual Ukulele or a Virtulele.

Why you would do this I don’t know as you can buy a Ukulele for £20 and the Apple version is worth £600 (price of the two devices). Take a look. Read More »