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With American Express now you can pay with Twitter

American Express now you can pay with Twitter (Amex Building at 65 Broadway in New York)If you drew up a list of ways you thought you might be able to pay for products in the near future, paying with a Tweet might not have been there, but American Express and Twitter are making this happen.

Last year, Amex offered customers the chance to save cash by synching their American Express card with their Twitter account. Now they have extended that synch feature and introduced the first “pay-by-tweet” service. Cardholders can buy products by tweeting a purchase hashtag. Read More »

American Express and Foursquare launch check-in and save with Harvey Nichols

foursquare, American Express and Harvey Nichols get together in check in and save dealI’ve long been a fan of Foursquare. It is easily integrated into more mainstream social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and the location data that the app generates should make it an essential digital tool for marketers and campaigners.

American Express UK have recognised its power, and are running a new campaign in conjunction with the geo location company and Harvey Nichols. Card holders can sync their card with Foursquare , and if they check in at the department store they will receive £25 when they spend £25. Read More »

Four tips for developing successful brand content

The publishing world is in a constant state of flux, with more publications moving online and developing apps and mobile formats. Interestingly, just as the traditional publishing world is changing, we’ve seen an enormous growth in brands emerging as a new type of publisher – Amex and Procter & Gamble are just two great examples.

Branded content is nothing new — since the 1950s we’ve had soap operas with big brand manufacturers like Colgate-Palmolive as sponsors, enabling them to tie in their products with storylines to get closer to their audience and evolve the brand experience.

Today digital and social media provide brands with new opportunities to become publishers. Many brands are capitalising on this, creating high-quality editorial content and using channels like Facebook, YouTube, branded websites, newsletters and magazines to engage their target audience. Read More »

Checking in gets interesting with Foursquare’s Amex deal

Foursquare: deal with Amex

In spite of predictions that Facebook Places would kill off Foursquare, the geo-location social network is still going strong, revealing this week that it has 10 million members and a new partnership with American Express.

The deal works in the United States and will see American Express users required to sync their cards with a Foursquare account in order to get discounts at retailers and restaurants.

Read More »