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The implications of American Express going 100% programmatic

Amex by Images Mony:FlickrRecent reports suggested American Express wanted all of their online display advertising in the future to be purchased through programmatic technologies. So what are the implications of this?

Firstly, it shows real time bidding technology is here to stay which is a tribute to the largely positive effect that programmatic media buying has had on the industry. Its mainstream adoption should be considered a victory, and brands like Amex aspiring to buy all display advertising programmatically should be admired for their desire to operate as efficiently and effectively as they can.

Unfortunately, for the rest of digital media currently bought through the traditional RFP model (60-80% depending which report you read), I think it’s fair to say we haven’t quite worked out what that’s going to look like in the long term or whether funnelling it through existing RTB channels would be beneficial.

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Five ways you can use social to sell

Social, by Jason A HowieEvery morning I walk past David Ogilvy’s “We Sell or Else” stencilled on the glass wall of our reception.

Yet in social, marketers aren’t even turning up to sell a lot of the time.

It’s not surprising if they aren’t trying to sell through social – since many brands have had failed attempts. Read More »

Basement Jaxx show to be live streamed into a tweet

basement jaxxMaybe it’s just my extreme laziness but I occasionally have moments on Twitter when someone posts a link to, for example, an Instagram image, and I just can’t be bothered to click on it because I know it will open in a new tab or screen.

So I wonder if American Express’s new idea of streaming an entire gig right into a tweet is the way of the future?

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Seven ways financial brands are using social media to communicate

Financial organisations have to operate under strict regulations, even on social media. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA ), which replaced the FSA on 1st April, has made it clear that financial organisations have to communicate in a way that is clear, fair and not misleading, irrespective of the channel used. (April also saw American regulator, the SEC, issue fresh guidance permitting companies to post earnings and investment updates on social media channels.)

As more people turn to social media to communicate with companies, financial organisations such as banks, insurers and investment firms are finding creative ways to attract fans and followers, and engage them enough to keep them coming back for more. Read More »

The top 25 most engaged brands on Twitter [infographic]

BBC News, Chelsea and Arsenal are three of the British brands among those that score the highest levels of engagement on Twitter, according to this infographic from Nestivity.

What’s interesting from the research here is that despite some brands such as @JetBlue, @AmericanExpress and @WholeFoods having more than one million followers each, they don’t generate a huge amount of engagement. Read More »

With American Express now you can pay with Twitter

American Express now you can pay with Twitter (Amex Building at 65 Broadway in New York)If you drew up a list of ways you thought you might be able to pay for products in the near future, paying with a Tweet might not have been there, but American Express and Twitter are making this happen.

Last year, Amex offered customers the chance to save cash by synching their American Express card with their Twitter account. Now they have extended that synch feature and introduced the first “pay-by-tweet” service. Cardholders can buy products by tweeting a purchase hashtag. Read More »

Social Media Currency — the new cash in your pocket

Topshop's recent  #TrickorTweet campaign for Hallowe’enBack in September, Kellogg’s launched the first ever tweet shop for a week to mark the launch of its new Special K cracker crisps. The unique store in Soho offered consumers the chance to try the crisps and then purchase the product, not with money but via a tweet with the hash tag #TweetShop.

The concept of using tweets for currency seems a little odd – the products are effectively being given away for free. However, this was using currency in a different way, by tapping into social currency and the word-of-mouth nature of social networks. Read More »

American Express and Foursquare launch check-in and save with Harvey Nichols

foursquare, American Express and Harvey Nichols get together in check in and save dealI’ve long been a fan of Foursquare. It is easily integrated into more mainstream social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and the location data that the app generates should make it an essential digital tool for marketers and campaigners.

American Express UK have recognised its power, and are running a new campaign in conjunction with the geo location company and Harvey Nichols. Card holders can sync their card with Foursquare , and if they check in at the department store they will receive £25 when they spend £25. Read More »

Twitter pushes the engagement message to tempt more advertisers #Twitter4brands

Twitter brought its   #Twitter4brands road show to London yesterday and used the event to highlight the success stories of a number of brands that have scored high levels of engagement on Twitter —  far exceeding traditional online advertising.

Adam Bain, president of global revenue at Twitter, pointed to brands such as Porsche, Starbucks and ASOS while Cadbury and Absolute were also highlighted at the packed event on London’s South Bank. Read More »

American Express customers save cash with every tweet

American Express are offering savings to their customers. This one though is not through coupons or points, but via social media.

To get savings from a host of US brands, such as McDonalds, Dell, and Whole Foods, all you have to do is sync your Twitter account with Amex, and tweet using the specified hashtag for that brand. The saving then goes directly onto the synced card. For instance, if you want to get savings at Whole Foods the hashtag is #AmexWholeFoods and the appropriate saving will automatically be applied on your next purchase. Read More »