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Inside the walled gardens: How Time Inc. is distributing content on other people’s properties

(Facebook/Time Inc)

(Facebook/Time Inc)

If Time Inc. and the rest of publishing’s “Old Guard” are going to stay relevant to modern audiences, they need to branch out, even if that means distributing content outside of their own ecosystems.

Few people understand this better than Chris Hercik, vice-president of the Time Inc. Native Studio. In a recent onstage interview at NATIVE 2015, Hercik talked with Buzzfeed’s Alex Kantrowitz about the importance of embracing offsite distribution models, such as Facebook’s Instant Articles.

“With some of the new technology that’s coming [out], we have the ability to reach younger audiences, we have the ability to reach more mobile audiences,” Hercik said. “We realise that we have to start distributing outside our own ecosystem.” Read more on Inside the walled gardens: How Time Inc. is distributing content on other people’s properties…

The death of the challenger brand in the tablet market?

tabletIn 2010, Steve Jobs went on stage at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco to unveil what Apple hoped to be a revolutionary product that would disrupt the computing world. The shift was not as dramatic as planned.

Up until the iPad’s release the tablet market had consisted of niche products outside of the mass market. Needless to say, following the introduction of the iPad the competition in the tablet market increased further with manufacturers such as Samsung, Amazon, Google, Sony and Tesco creating their own devices.

To gain a better understanding of where the tablet market stands today, without the overpowering ‘noise’ that Apple creates, 51Degrees has pulled together data from more than three billion unique web sessions per month based on a variety of Android tablets, and their percentage of web traffic, on a global and individual country scale (Germany, UK, USA and India.) Read more on The death of the challenger brand in the tablet market?…

The golden Amazon effect

Amazon by Nic Cooper:FlickrAt the start of the year, Amazon Studios proved itself a major player in the television field when its original programme Transparent won the Golden Globe for best TV series, musical or comedy and star of the series, Jeffrey Tambor, won best actor.

Not only was it Amazon’s first-ever Golden Globe award, Transparent has also become the first online series to ever win a best series award, comedy or drama.

Amazon wasted little time capitalising on Transparent’s success. The weekend after the Golden Globes, the company aired the programme for free on its online Prime Instant Video service in order to promote a discounted rate for new subscribers. Read more on The golden Amazon effect…

4 make-or-break rules for personalisation

Tesco1Brands are working harder than ever to personalise their websites, apps and all other communications. And the leaders of the pack are sturdy consumer brands, such as Tesco and Pizza Hut.

Even the best, however, aren’t yet using their full potential. Here are their four essential tips for personalisation: Read more on 4 make-or-break rules for personalisation…

The right side of the creepy line

Spy photo by Kit:FlickrLate last year Buzzfeed published an article warning people that 5,000 tracking devices had been covertly installed across New York city and were being used to monitor citizens as they went about their daily lives.

Read more on The right side of the creepy line…

The content river (or why Amazon is called Amazon)

Amazon by Nic Taylor:FlickrAmazon has recently surprised, with the success of its TV show Transparent at the Golden Globes. And it has more plans to create a new TV series with Woody Allen.

The Woody Allen partnership received a bit of a kicking from some quarters, but I don’t agree with this view. Read more on The content river (or why Amazon is called Amazon)…

TripAdvisor has its eye on the personalisation game

Cannes beachBooked a holiday in the past week?

You’re not alone: last weekend was ‘Sunshine Saturday’. Apparently the busiest day of the year for UK holiday bookings as punters – including myself – attempt to break the internet by booking their holidays. Read more on TripAdvisor has its eye on the personalisation game…

Ebook landscape transformed as consumer behaviour evolves

kindle-fireThe ever-changing ebook landscape has evolved once again – tablets and kindles are history.

A recent survey commissioned by Publishing Technology reveals that mobile phone reading is now the dominating force in ebooks.

Almost half (43%) of the 3,000 respondents had read at least one book on a mobile phone in the last year. More significantly, two thirds admitted to reading more on their phones than they did a year ago.

Read more on Ebook landscape transformed as consumer behaviour evolves…

The problem with Amazon? It’s trying to be too cool

Amazon Fire PhoneAmazon’s losses were almost $400m down on last year. The retail giant’s third-quarter financial earnings report showed dramatically increased sales, but surprise losses of over $400m. It got me thinking. Why do people buy from Amazon today?

Two reasons spring to mind:

1. Convenience: customers know they will find everything they need, at such a good price that they don’t have to spend hours comparing.

2. Reliability: a fast delivery and easy returns process.

In short, Amazon is easy and you know you won’t be disappointed. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Differentiation is great, but it’s only necessary in a few relevant aspects.

Being the first to do “XYZ” may be cool, but online shopping has grown up and today people don’t buy from Amazon because it’s cool – but because it’s convenient and reliable.

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5 tips for a cross-device Christmas

ScreensThis year, technology and communications devices are undoubtedly due to top Christmas wish-lists in the developed world. With the September launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and October launch of new iPads, Apple is hoping that larger screens, faster internet connectivity and greater product variety will see the US company dominating the Christmas market.

Competition will come from Samsung’s Gear Fit and Google’s Chromecast, with Amazon Fire TV and the low-cost Tesco Hudl also making their way onto the list – while Xbox One and Playstation 4 fight it out to be this year’s must-have games console. Read more on 5 tips for a cross-device Christmas…