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Will Amazon/Facebook link up change the way we shop?

AmazonF-commerce was hailed as the future of online shopping, and there was a lot of anticipation that Facebook would turn into the destination to stop and shop. But the results were underwhelming, Facebook’s efforts to get ‘e-tailers’ to build shop-fronts on its pages fell flat. According to Brian Solis “F-commerce gets an “F” because brands used Facebook as yet another digital catalogue for selling products and not as a platform for activating new experiences based on the nature and the psychology of the relationships that define the network”.

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Brands taking tech into their own hands

tesco hudl tabletIt was only a few weeks ago that Tesco launched its Hudl tablet (pictured) and Argos has just launched MyTablet this week. It’s fair to say that everyone wants a piece of the tech pie. And the pie is not just for the tech giants. We are set to see more and more brands outside the tech sphere develop their own consumer electronics as an effective way to keep consumers close.

Amazon was one of the first brands to take tech into its own hands with the Kindle. Even Amazon has admitted that it makes little profit from the devices themselves but providing a medium to consumers that can help deliver Amazon’s online content – such as books and video – which have much higher profit margins, is clearly the strategy here. By offering consumers a device that costs as little as possible (which consumers will likely only buy once) to then purchase the company’s own online content over and over, Amazon is making a strategic move in both customer acquisition and retention.

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Identifying the VFM signal from the noise

starter flagThe ‘Not so secret diary of an E-commerce Entrepreneur’ continues… At last – the Seedrs crowdfunding starter flag gets waved next week.

And with it the 90-day race to raise £100,000 of capital for my E-commerce business, the Amano Tongue Cleanser, will be on. I figure it will be like a Formula 1 race – but with more excitement. Lets hope I don’t crash…

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The Amazon way: a blueprint for online retailing success

AmazonAmazon is the world’s leading online retailer grossing $61 billion in sales in 2012. Even more impressively, the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) passing through the Amazon shopping basket is estimated at c. $90-100 billion – including the Amazon marketplace where only commission is recorded as Amazon revenue.

Amazon has been a pioneer in many areas of eCommerce – from technology and operations to site experience and pricing.  But at the core of its success has been the reinvention of retail management.

Amazon has recognised that eCommerce management has more in common with manufacturing than traditional retail.  It has learnt more about management from Toyota than from Tesco.

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Google set to unveil subscription channels

The FT reports that Google could this week unveil “an à la carte subscription service” for some of its specialist YouTube channels as part of an effort to finance a broader range of content.

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Netflix’s House of Cards: Full house or trumped?

Netflix’s unique content play, “House of Cards”, starring Kevin Spacey, has satisfied its subscriber base in the US according to a small survey by Cowen. It has also made their subscribers more loyal.

However it failed to take off from a word of mouth perspective and the content was mediocre rather than exceptional. In light of this both move from Netflix what is the future of content v’s distribution channels in the digital age and who will gain the most from this change in dynamics?


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Amazon offers free digital copy with CD sales past and present

Amazon is launching a new service called ‘Auto-Rip’ which will give customers a free MP3 digital copy of CDs they have ever purchased, or will purchase in the future. Users will be informed that music they have bought in the past is already there, waiting for them in the cloud.

The service will sadly at present only apply in the US. It initially covers about 50,000 albums so far including new ones from Adele, and timeless classics like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

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Google boss responds to UK tax avoidance: “It’s called capitalism”, says Schmidt

eric schimdt: “It’s called capitalism”.While Starbucks wilts under the pressure of protest and public boycotts Google is  showing no such qualms as its chairman, Eric Schmidt, says that he is “very proud” of the company’s tax structure and that efforts to lower its payments to governments like Britain are just “capitalism”.

It is an interesting communications approach to take. Brazen almost. It gives the impression that Google does not care what anyone thinks of it. As the Telegraph reports Schmidt’s certainly comments risk inflaming the row over the amount of tax multinationals pay, after it emerged that Google funnelled $9.8bn (£6.07bn) of revenues from international subsidiaries into Bermuda last year in order to halve its tax bill. Read More »

High street retailers are failing the tablet shopping test [infographic]

With over half of all shoppers reported to be using smartphones as an aid to so-called Robo (Research offline, buy online) shopping, you would expect Britain’s major retail chains to be walking the walk when it comes to digital retail services. But how much of the alleged £222,222 of customer spending that takes place every minute during the UK’s Cyber Monday are the traditional retailers actually getting a share of?

There may be a spike in Christmas spending with department stores such as John Lewis, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer and Argos, but recent research into online spending, shows that 62% of UK consumers don’t rate the top high street brands when they’re shopping online.  Read More »

The future of loyalty is mobile

Twenty-three percent of the top 100 brands enable consumer outreach and engagement via mobile and social networks using phones, smartphones and tablets, according to a new report from Brand Keys.

Apple and Amazon dominate. You have to go to number 12 on the list before you are not dealing with a tech brand that has a natural fit into mobile.

The 16th annual loyalty leaders gives the loyalty rankings for the top 100 brands out of 598 brands assessed in 83 industry categories in the 2012 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index.




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