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The future of advertising and agencies

This week, the IPA published a report snappily titled Social Media Futures – The future of advertising and agencies in a networked society. A 10-year perspective, the launch of which was covered both by the FT:

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We’re on a Digital Mission to SXSWi

We’re off to Texas! Along with 34 other innovative UK companies, We Are Social is really proud to be selected from over 100 entries as part of the Digital Mission to the SXSWi Conference in Austin, Texas.

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How to choose a social media agency

Philip Buxton, the former editor of Revolution, has written a great checklist for brands choosing a social media agency:

  1. A new approach – since everyone claims to ‘do’ social, look for those seeking to develop new models for approaching it, not those seeking to map on their existing models

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Reconsidering the Advertising Industry

What marketing leaders want from their agencies

Alain Thys and Stefan Kolle of Futurelab have published a thought provoking report on the advertising industry:

There is a growing disconnect between what advertising agencies offer, and what their clients are looking for

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W+K hires a search specialist

Though I recently wrote a post about digital creative agencies and search, Andrew Walmsley reiterated that search is advertising and Iain Tait wrote a piece on URLs being out and search being in in offline advertising, I wasn't expecting this – Wieden + Kennedy have hired a director of search:

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The Rise of The Ad Man 2.0

Iain Tait with a must read post, prompted by the must watch The Rise and Fall of the Ad Man, asking:

assuming that the time is right, what would you do to create a brand new agency, like they did in the 60s?

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An overview of the agency landscape in 2007

Campaign has a great overview of what 2007 looked like for above the line, media, digital and direct agencies. It is a must read…

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The end of the line

Michael Weston makes a valid point:

Let's not obsess about that line any more. Let's think instead about the line between acquisition and retention. I think this is a much more meaningful line, and the crossover point is the moment of 'conversion'

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Digital creative agencies and search shops

LBi's recent acquisition of Netrank, follows AKQA's acquisition of SearchRev, Syzygy's acquisition of Unique Digital and Engine's merger of Meme, Eyefall and DC Interact to create Altogether (and in a reverse of the trend, iCrossing acquiring Proxicom). Digital creative agencies seem to be merging with search shops left right and centre. What's going on?

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Online PR is more important that offline PR

A wake up-call for the complacent PR industry:

Pollsters surveyed 1,000 people – Among those aged 15 to 44, it found that 45 per cent read online news on a daily basis. Only 38 per cent of this age group read national newspapers every day. The figures are the starkest warning yet to the industry that it can no longer afford to rely on traditional forms of media relations.

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