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Having a bad day? Evian’s Amazing Baby is here to help

There’s a super-baby within us all, according to Evian, and the brand wants us to set them free. The brand is encouraging their Twitter fans to let go of their problems and let their inner babies out to play.

Evian is asking its Twitter followers to submit their dilemmas to the hashtag #AmazingBabyRescueMe, where the Amazing Baby character will endeavour to provide fun tweets, Vines, and illustrations to cheer up the troubled participants.

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Thou shall tweet: What the Pope can teach you about Twitter

Pope France, Catholic ChurchPope Francis, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, may not be the most obvious Twitter icon, but since his election in March 2013 he has surprised many by embracing social media as a valuable tool to communicate with his global congregation.

With more than 12 million followers, Pope Francis has been named the most influential world leader on Twitter, so we decided to delve deeper into what makes his tweets so popular and offer some pointers from the Pontiff. Read More »

What’s app-ening in emerging markets?

The Apple iPhone 5The app and device battlegrounds are rife with established players and newbies fighting it out to provide the emerging markets with new handsets, alternative app stores and fresh mobile content. New moves include Nokia’s alliance with Android with new releases including the Nokia X, Apple covertly re-releasing the iPhone 4 in India and Samsung set to launch the Galaxy S5 in the UAE.

However, none of the major mobile players have quite cracked the code to success in emerging markets. Competing factors include price point, brand popularity, localised content and viable payment options, but no one has yet found the winning combination. Read More »

Singaporean super-brand “Ah Boys to Men” shows how to market the army

m_ah-boys-to-menWhen the first Singaporean armed forces coming of age film “Ah Boys To Men” hit the cinemas and was instantly a monster success it genuinely resonated with Singaporeans. The film had such a fundamental effect that it really made a difference to the way Singaporeans felt about their armed forces in a very positive way. It also created a Singaporean super brand franchise.




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What’s in your cloud?

Clouds by leolintang“If I had 189 companies in my data centre and only knew whom 30 were, I would be fired. Why are my websites or mobile apps any different?”

That is a direct quote from a senior technology architect of one of the largest online retailers in the world. What is he talking about? He’s talking about a new business practice: Marketing Cloud Management.

Several years ago, companies ran their websites with a site analytics tool, a content management partner, and maybe a couple of ad technologies. Today, they are reliant on hundreds of technologies to power their online customer experience across many devices, geographies and platforms. In other words, you no longer have a website, you have a marketing cloud. Read More »

Don’t panic! Advertisers will be minimally affected by Google query encryption

Google has launched enhanced campaigns, what does it meanThis week Google announced another shift towards more secure searches. Starting immediately, Google will remove query data from the referrer on ad clicks originating from signed in users on Google.  As this data will no longer be passed outside of Adwords, marketers will soon see “Not Provided” on third-party Pay-Per-Click analytics reports, including Google analytics.

Consumer privacy has been particularly top-of-mind for Google executives recently and its these privacy concerns that drive this latest encryption trend  and we also expect other major search players, like Yahoo and Bing to likely follow suit in the near future. Read More »

Career of choice or chance? Take our personality quiz to find out

Handshake by Julia TaylorCareer paths are frequently erratic and fortuitous; often owing as much to luck as to judgement. If you ask a colleague, “How did you come to be doing the job you do now?”, it is likely that the account of career development provided will be rationalised, resulting in the perception of more planning and astute decision making than may really be warranted.

It may be true for a tiny minority that “I wanted to do this for as long as I can remember”, but many will have been constrained by the opportunities available at critical points in their education and training and the pure chance lottery of openings on offer when they first entered the job market. Read More »

Digital ad spend hits a record high, with 2014 set to rocket

MobileholdingphoneThe Digital Britain conference returned to Manchester last week, for the unveiling of the latest IAB/PwC 2013 digital ad spend report. A packed and lively event, demonstrating the growth and energy in the industry, and an energy that goes beyond London.

The methodology that drives the report is essentially revenue submissions from over 100 key players in the digital space, publishers, intermediaries and buyers. Critically, as some major players don’t submit (Facebook), and others don’t segment between their different business models, such as display vs search (Google), the model is then also checked against an advisory board, made up of the agency trading groups that influence the majority of advertiser dollars that flow through the industry.

In case you missed it, here are the key take-outs: Read More »

Infographic: Web design past to present

Web design infographicWeb design has come a long way from the very first website which was published by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991, who marked the beginning of the digital revolution. The fellows at digital agency Aptitude decided to take a stroll down memory lane, pointing out the defining moments in web design that have shaped modern-day sites. Read More »

A guide to Twitter sentiment analysis

TwitterLaptop1640Sentiment analysis tools mine text captured in reviews, blogging and micro-blogging streams to extract subjective information, which can then be used to manage service, increase sales or develop propositions.  Social media data is rich and interesting, full of fascinating observations that, if we can harness them, will deliver insights the like of which has never been seen before.  But as with any large sets of data or analysis, it’s easy to draw all kinds of incorrect conclusions; context and objectives are everything.

Warm and engaging communication isn’t about cold hard numbers, but using the numbers to make sure you’re investing precious resources in the right places, at the right time is all-important. And that requires analytical rigour. With that in mind, here are some top tips designed to help marketers understand how good sentiment analysis of social media data works, and how to make the most of the data that has genuine, actionable meaning for brands. Read More »