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How to tackle online ad fraud

Robot by littlelostrobot FlickrOnline advertising is a now a dynamic, $140 billion industry and there’s no sign that revenue growth will slow any time soon. However, one topic threatens to overshadow this growth, cast doubt on the viability of the ecosystem, and undermine confidence in investment – online ad fraud.

The industry struggles to keep ahead of the changing nature and sophistication of the issue. It is a valid concern, but the situation appears to be in part driven by the industry itself, which overly focuses attention on the topic and releases scaremongering statistics to support and highlight the issue. Read More »

Maintaining creativity whilst navigating a multitude of agencies

Hit brands“A brand is a living entity – and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures,” so said Michael Eisner, former chief executive of Disney.

But ask yourself, who is looking after your brand? How do you ensure that everything you do reflects what you want your brand to stand for? Read More »

Are marketers as tech-savvy as we think?

marketing technology word cloudAre marketers really driving digital development?

We’ve reached the point where it no longer seems helpful to debate whether digital is separate from marketing activity since digital is so prolific. Or that, seeking personalised customer engagement, the chief marketing officer will become the orchestrator of new technology-driven experiences and services. Analysts Gartner even predicted that the head of marketing would outspend the IT director by 2017.

The problem is, however, that the way marketing and digital activities are organised isn’t yet synonymous – and marketers may not actually be the ones driving, technology-based innovations in their organisation. Read More »

Can gamification transform marketing efforts?

game by Jamie McCaffrey:FlickrGamification. The saviour of the marketing industry or just another over-hyped fad? Gartner will tell you that by the end of the year 70% of Global 2000 brands will have introduced a gamified element to their marketing and customer service offerings.

That doesn’t sound much like a fad to me. But then what’s so wrong with traditional marketing? Read More »

As Lowe’s trials in-store robots, are brands ready for the new retail environment?

Loew's retail robotThe news last week that US supply hardware store Lowe’s is piloting robotic shopping assistants is yet another example of a retailer which is taking steps to align digital with the in-store shopping experience.

Retailers are working to maintain their share of the market by taking the ease and quality of information provided in an e-commerce setting, right back into the store. But, are brands ready for a new environment that merges the online and offline world? Read More »

What can Snapchat offer brands?

Snapchat by Maurizio PesceIt was reported by The Sunday Times earlier this week that Snapchat’s latest valuation has hit $12bn. This follows its highly anticipated first ad running across the messaging platform last month – a 20-second trailer for horror film Ouija, appeared in its users’ ‘recent updates’ section.

With a reported 100 million monthly users worldwide sending 700 million snaps a day, Snapchat has been one of the fastest growing social platforms of the past few years.

It now trails only Facebook and Instagram in smartphone penetration with the 18 to 34-year-old age group. But does this justify its recent valuation and make it an ideal platform for brands? Read More »

How to improve customer engagement through social

social mediaIs social just another way to broadcast at people?

Ask anyone who works in social and they’ll inevitably tell you that they want deeper, richer engagement with their customers. But look at the activities that companies undertake in social and it’s not at all clear that they are engaging in the right places. Read More »

Sponsored: Mobile, operational content and stories to make you cry

CMAThis article is brought to you by our partners the Content Marketing Association

Spoon’s marketing manager, Björn Owen Glad, and House of Fraser’s head of SEO, Jamie Peach, take a look at their favourite pieces of content marketing this year and the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in 2015 ahead of being two keynote speakers at The International Content Marketing Summit on November 26. Read More »

4 things David McCandless can teach us about planning (and data)

Knowldge is BeautifulOn Monday night I went to hear the journalist and designer David McCandless talk about his new book, Knowledge Is Beautiful, and his approach to data, information and knowledge.

It was clear during the Q&A session that there were some serious data geeks in the audience, but most people were from a long tail of seemingly unrelated industries, looking to learn skills that they could transfer to their own careers and interests.

Listening to him talk about specific projects and methods, it struck me that for all the articles, books and conference talks about the value of ‘big data’, he is one of the few people making it tangible and interesting.   

Read More »

Freelancers are the future of hyper-specialised teams

bigstock-Work-at-office-A-close-up-16970534The freelance economy now accounts for one in four professionals in the UK and Europe, according to research from the European Forum of Independent Professionals. More than $1bn was spent globally online in 2013 hiring and paying freelancers, says Staffing Industry Analysts, which is expected to grow to $5bn in the next three to five years.

I believe the biggest benefit to freelance working for brands is a dramatic increase in productivity, driven by two key factors: hyper-specialisation and accountability. Read More »