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Can you shift from viewership to product trial using online videos?

SchikSchick, also known as Wilkinson Sword in the UK, wanted to engage young men online to remind them of the Titanium equity of its Schick Quattro razor and drive trials.

We knew that just aping existing commercials and focusing on product features might not create a strong emotional engagement that would prompt any action online.

We therefore dramatised the durability and strength of Titanium by asking our community of creators to show us an engaging, masculine, humorous or emotional moment when Titanium gives an unexpected edge by transforming an object in your life into a stronger and more durable Titanium version.

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Phones4u and the key role of partnerships

Phones4uIn the wake of the sad news about the unexpected downfall of Phones4u which broke this week, it’s worth examining why and how responsible businesses can allow a profitable retailer to fail.

Over 500 of the retailer’s stores simply didn’t open on Monday, putting nearly 6,000 jobs at risk, and creating yet more holes in the high street. The news follows the sudden decision of major mobile phone operators to withdraw their products from its stores next year.

It’s a sad state of affairs, and highly unexpected given that Phones4u is a profit making company. From a business perspective, it’s not how business should behave.

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Deadmau5′s clash with Ferrari on Twitter hands Nissan a PR opportunity

deadmau5There is some co-branding that is deliberate and welcome and some that is not. Big international brands appear less than keen on any association with Canadian music producer and performer, Deadmau5 (a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman), writes Lucy Harrold.

As well as his fight with Disney over his application for US trade marks for his Mickey Mouse-style costume, Deadmau5 has clashed with Ferrari over the customisation of his 458.

Earlier this year, he installed custom floor mats, a “Purrari” badge (the image of a prancing cat) on the rear bumper and covered the car in a wrap based on the 2011 YouTube hit Nyan Cat song.

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Pay plots a path to mass adoption for Apple Watch

Apple WatchWearable tech has been the “next big thing” for a little while now but has yet to really become a standard in consumer life outside the fitness market. In fact our Consumer Connections System data shows that adoption is only at 3% and heavily skewed to the London.

However, all that could be about to change now Apple has revealed the much anticipated iPhone 6 and the item that everyone had been waiting for – the Apple Watch, writes Enzo Annunziata, innovation director at  Vizeum.

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Ensuring an outdoor serving of meat and two veg

CityLiveThis post is provided by our partner MediaCo Outdoor.

The CityLive Challenge is now in full swing. Two multi-disciplinary teams are pushing the creative and tech boundaries of what’s possible with digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), utilising our Manchester city centre screen network.

And a number of powerful endorsements of this initiative from leading agency figures in recent weeks provide all of us with a timely reminder.

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Nine tips for managing social media at scale

social mediaManaging social media at scale can be a tricky balancing act. You need to have strong direction from the central team, yet give local teams enough leeway to be creative. You need to stick to budget, yet have enough resource to adequately staff the campaign, and have people on stand-by if they’re needed to deal with better-than-expected response.

How can brands ensure they will be able to manage a global social media campaign successfully? I’ve just co-authored a whitepaper on the issue, and here are my team’s top nine tips for getting it right.

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Forget Apple’s newer, bigger, thinner phones. Yesterday’s announcement was all about Apple Watch

Apple WatchOne may legitimately scoff at the entire category of wearable computing. One may decry the hype.

It doesn’t matter how well it sells — the Watch is still a fascinating piece of design, and it’s worth attempting to look past the Apple Reality Distortion Field to examine what it actually is, what it actually does, and why Samsung or Google just can’t do something that good — because they really can’t, not for their first iteration.

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Real-time bidding pros and cons for mobile

smartphoneProgrammatic is the hot topic in digital advertising at the moment and tipped to be the future of media buying and selling.

With smartphone and tablet usage continuing to soar, mobile platforms will increasingly become the focus of advertiser’s campaigns and, as a result, of the media buying behind them.

Real Time Bidding (RTB) – a type of programmatic trading, whereby ad inventory can be bought or sold, on a per impression basis, through real-time auctions – will also therefore play a significant role in this new ad landscape.

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Why brands should take a stand against last-click attribution

ClickThe digital marketing ecosystem is experiencing an attribution evolution. For too long, the industry has relied on the simple metrics of last-click attribution, regardless of the ability of this approach to measure the contributing factors leading to a sale or conversion.

A consumer’s path to purchase is typically formed from a number of touchpoints including display and search engine ads, online videos, and social media interactions.

Although each touchpoint has its own distinct role to play in the conversion path, last-click attribution only measures the final conversion, and the last-click approach typically allocates far less importance to prospecting type activity than to re-targeting.

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Do Manchester United have too many sponsors?

resize_then_crop_540_350Manchester United (MU) recently announced their 40th sponsor/commercial partner. Apart from the MU finance team should anyone else be happy about this? Does it work from a marketing perspective for any of the sponsors?

Why would a brand want to be one of 40 sponsors? The more brands who are associated with a football club the less likely they are to be seen or to have any cut through.

The Champions League actually cut the number of their sponsors, charged more but gave them more coverage and as a result audience recognition of who they were increased dramatically.

How can MU justify the monies charged with the decreased share of voice that they are then offering? They have sponsors for everything.

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