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The Daily Poke: Smartier healthier

Smartier healthierAs kids, we were naturally competitive. A typical contest would involve taking a full tube of Smarties and upending it into an open mouth without spilling, laughing or choking. Clearly, it was a less health-conscious time. Marking an end to such sport, Nestlé Canada is currently redesigning Smarties’ packaging to encourage consumers to dish out the sweets in smaller, and therefore healthier portions.

Is Apple about to be given a bloody nose by the real watchmakers?


At this year’s Baselworld watch fair in Switzerland, smartwatches were in abundance fusing the traditional with the modern. But are traditional luxury brands running scared of the impending Apple Watch, or just being coy and know that those of us that like our watches will never succumb to the mundane?

In a market where Swiss watches make up just under 3% of the market but over 50% of its value, the fight is on and something tells me it’s going to be good.

Does digital advertising need to advertise itself?

Word cloud concept illustration of media advertising glowing light effectAd Week is an opportunity to revel in the impressive calibre of work that the ad industry produces. However, the production of first-class work can only be sustained if we continue to attract the best talent.

It would be foolhardy to take this for granted. Advertising isn’t the only sector seeking the brightest and best. It needs to compete with the high salaries of banking, the intellectual rigour of academia and the creative appeal of the arts.

The ugly truth of brand protection

WEB_Sex_dot_comFirstly, Taylor Swift is a brand which she has to take every step necessary to protect, but for every 40 people that search for ‘Taylor Swift’ on Google, one person will have searched for ‘Taylor Swift nude’, ‘Taylor Swift sextape’ or ‘Taylor swift topless’.

That’s a lot of searches happening each and every month.

The Daily Poke: X marks the spot

X marks the spot 1How many chargers do you really need? If you’re anything like the inhabitants of Poke Towers, you’ve probably acquired a bit of a collection – for your old phone, your new phone, your tablet and your partner’s tablet. But now, there’s no need to get all tangled up. Thanks to Swedish flat-pack giant IKEA, you can simply leave your device lying around and it’ll stay topped-up.

Lamps, bedside tables and desks from IKEA’s latest collection now feature an integral charging pad. All you have to do is place your device on the circular pad marked with an ‘X’, and it’ll start charging wirelessly.

What does Tag Heuer’s foray into wearable tech mean?

WEB_TAG_HeuerLast week the luxury Swiss watchmaker, Tag Heuer, surprised the industry by announcing it is to partner with Google and Intel to launch a smartwatch in time for the Christmas rush, citing it as “a product that is both luxurious and seamlessly connected to its wearer’s daily life”. The watchmaker will be using Google’s Android operating system and is lining up to compete head-on with the Apple Watch.

Peter Miller, creative director at Tangent Snowball, believes this is something of an ill-considered move by Tag Heuer and already finds it hard to see that such a partnership will deliver a cohesive product.

Infographic: Native advertising – do we really know what it is?

Say Media - Native AdsIn the new age of content, jargon is plentiful. The advertising industry is rife with numerous intricacies and a befuddling number of buzzwords and acronyms that we are all trying to get our heads around. Do we really need another one?

Whether you like it or not, native advertising is the phrase on everyone’s lips in digital circles right now, but as an industry do we really understand it in all its forms? The simple answer: No.

Tapping the Twitter firehose will only increase pressure to prove returns from social

TwitterBirdsHQLast week I read that Twitter will be selling its firehose data to brands and retailers. This announcement not only shows the immense value inherent in social data but also underlines the fact that social is not free.

Not only is it not free today but brands looking to get ahead of their competition will be faced with increased pressure to spend more on social in the future

The Daily Poke: Decoding your personality

Decoding your personalityWhat you say, and how you say it, really does say everything about you, as every verbal branding expert knows. But now the craft of communication has taken a turn for the scientific, with the launch of IBM’s Watson Personality Insights service.

Its linguistic analytics decode your personality, needs and values from whatever you tweet, ping, blog and more. These insights can then be used by businesses to better understand and anticipate what you want, and what you don’t yet know you want.

Brand channel 3.0: how natural selection on YouTube is favouring a content marketing approach

WEB_YouTube_brand_channelFor most brands, life on YouTube began as a corporate-orientated information platform – an outlet to upload available assets usually created for some other purpose.

Then came the advertising-led matching luggage approach, mirroring or extending a brands’ ad campaign into their YouTube channel.