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YouTube views still stand for something

youtubelogoAMV’s Craig Mawdsley recently spoke out about the meaningless metrics of YouTube, and whilst I’m sure there are many who will write off his argument as the words of an ad man trying to shift the focus away from digital, he makes a valid point.

We do need to break the habit of being fixed on watching the counter tick up. Views alone are not an effective measure of success and they never will be.

However, this doesn’t mean that views don’t have a role to play. Read More »

How brands can join the wearable revolution

Apple WatchAs we wait for the arrival of the hotly anticipated Apple Watch in the New Year, in the last month we also heard that Samsung and LG are in the process of adding new, potentially more fashionable, smartwatches to their ranges.

Like the smartphone and tablet revolutions before it, an explosion of hardware choices for smartwatches seems just around the corner.

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Digital – the poster boy of 2015

Digital screensDigital billboards have been in the news over the last few weeks. NYC’s Times Square has landed the world’s biggest – it stretches an entire block on Broadway.

Piccadilly Circus’ digital screens have also hit the headlines. TDK is not renewing its contract, teeing up a bidding process that will attract the planet’s biggest brands.

Both sites have been front men for digital out of home (DOOH) for years and their newsworthiness is indicative of DOOH’s establishment. Its power as a memorable and spectacular advertising tool, which engages audiences, is undisputed and has been for years.

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Marketing needs to reconnect with the digital opportunity

starsThe ‘D’ word. At its mention, do your eyes light up or do you recoil?

Certainly no one can argue with the potential value of digital. It has transformed businesses – companies that ‘go digital’ are two to four times more valuable to investors than those that don’t(1). It has transformed countries – in the past five years the internet has accounted for 21% of GDP growth in mature markets (2).

And of course it has transformed consumer behaviour – how we research, how we shop, how we engage. But let’s ask ourselves this. Have we seen it transform marketing in the same way? Have marketing folk truly realised the potential of digital? Read More »

The power of the messenger

Vinnie JonesThe recent merging of Reebok and Fight for Peace last week brought home how important it is that causes and brands alike choose the right messenger.

Doubtless the partnerships has benefits on both sides but it is the power of Rebook to elevate the Fight for Peace mission, and gain traction with the audience it seeks to support that is of most interest.

We all know intuitively about the power of the messenger – in life, don’t we all weigh the value of advice by how much we respect the advice giver? Read More »

Seasons tweetings – which supermarket’s Christmas campaign won with a 52% share of voice on Twitter?

WaitroseIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Adverts on every channel…. each one out-vying the next to be the most sparkly/heartwarming/schmaltz (take your pick) of all.

Every year the battle between supermarket and retail brands across the country to be the star at the top of the retail Christmas tree is fiercer than ever.

It’s big business too. In fact, last year Tesco was the biggest spending supermarket splurging an eye-watering £25m on their Christmas campaign, followed by Asda, Morrisons, Aldi and Sainsbury’s, according to unofficial figures from data research firm Nielsen. Read More »

Why are brands like IBM so bad at B2B marketing?

MinionsI recently chaired a B2B Marketing conference in Kl and we had the marketing director of IBM do a very interesting presentation. Before he did this he asked everyone in the room whether they thought IBM was cool or not. Out of 100 people only one said yes.

Then he did a presentation where he explained all the different companies and brands that IBM were either responsible for or were a catalyst for or were the power behind.

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Kim Kardashian posts Instagram’s most-liked image of 2014

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian’s wedding photo has been named Instagram’s most-liked snap of 2014.

The image of Kardashian and Kanye West kissing on their wedding day attracted 2.4 million likes, becoming not only Instagram’s picture of the year, but also its most-liked image ever.

The four-year-old photo sharing site attracts over 200 million people who share 65 million photos every day.

It is now acting on its popularity and flexing its marketing muscles,  introducing ads in the UK and rolling out tools that allow brands to monitor their performance on its ad network.

Take a look below to see what else has been grabbing users’ attention on the photo sharing site in the past 12 months.

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The new C-word in marketing

Convenience1For a short while in 2014, marketing had a new ‘C-word’ – Content. First used as a complement, and a new take on the tired old ‘Content is King’ riff, it soon became an insult.

Content marketing fast became associated with the dodgy art of native advertising, sponsored clutter and link-bait landfill. So it’s lucky then that we have a shiny new ‘C-word’ for 2015 – convenience. In 2015, the new black in marketing is not content clutter, but convenience – marketing that makes people’s lives easier by helping buy time and save effort.

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Sponsored: The Campaign CityLive Challenge: Key learnings from a year of change

Campaign Citylive challengeThis post is brought to you by our partners MediaCo Outdoor

It’s nearly Christmas, and as the dust settles on The Campaign CityLive Challenge – our partnership with Campaign magazine to champion innovative and creative thinking in Digital Out of Home (DOOH), which culminated in mid-November – the time feels right to take stock.

Launched in July, the concept behind the challenge was to showcase the interactive creative capabilities, real time results and adjustments our CityLive touchscreen network can provide to agencies, outdoor specialists and advertisers. Read More »