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Viral chart: World Cup highs and lows, a hedgehog’s birthday and undressing with strangers

Beer tankardBrand chart

Despite fine efforts from viral big-hitters Adidas and Old Spice to capitalise on the World Cup final, this week’s branded chart is topped by a 10 second clip created by German radio station Bayern 3.

Released within minutes of the tournament’s finale, the image of a mighty German stein smashing a Brazilian cocktail has clearly resonated with fans and the video has just topped 15 million views. It’s great to see a simple but perfectly timed idea beating bigger budgets to the top spot, and hopefully it’ll be the last time we hear those samba jingles. Until 2016 at least…
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Advertisers should see the value in cookieless technology

IpadgirlIt has been more than 18 months since Safari began blocking third party cookies and it is possible other browsers will follow suit, with continued threats from Mozilla. As the mobile channel and Safari emerge as drivers of conversions, now more than ever advertisers need to concentrate on cookieless technology.

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The Beatles taking a trip in Vans

vans-620x349Vans have followed up their Metallica brand partnership with a timely one with iconic band The Beatles. Vans have launched a special Yellow Submarine branded themed range of trainers and shows with some very cool and colourful designs on.




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A Lingua Franca for the digital age

face by Adrew Morrell PhotographyAccording to the bible story, The Tower of Babel, once upon a time we all spoke the same language.

Which was a huge advantage.

It allowed the peoples of the world to work together and build their famous tower – which would have reached right up to heaven if God hadn’t taken offense. To punish our insolence he scattered us to the corners of the earth and condemned us to speak multiple tongues, fated to misunderstand each other forever. Read More »

Sharing Mom’s last days on Facebook

holding handsOften I’d walk over to my childhood friend’s large sprawling house at the edge of an American cul-de-sac on Long Island, and knock on the big, old door, getting an answer from my childhood friend’s grandmother.

Kim Sheridan-Dugmore’s grandmother, Muriel “Mom” Patricia (Sanchez) Ziegler was the matriarch of the place, a home for several generations. It was a home of fun, creativity and laughter, all fuel for Kim’s grandmother, who I remember never, ever, lost her patience, shouted, or made her extended family and guests feel uncomfortable. When I first met Mom in the 1970s I remember her smile and her beautiful big blue eyes, so when those same sparkling eyes appeared at me again, at age 98, from Kim’s status updates on Facebook, I took notice immediately. Read More »

HyperCat: the Internet of Things can get even more connected

hypercatWe’re about to be inundated by Internet of Things (IoT) devices. But imagine how much more powerful these would be if they could talk to each other. Life would be even more convenient. So what’s stopping us?

The answer is bespoke APIs. Cue HyperCat: a new IoT specification that I believe will radically simplify inter-operability by providing a standardised format for device-to-device communication. Read More »

Brands are wasting money on 9-to-5 social engagement

KidssocialnetworkA shop owner wouldn’t shut his store when a customer is about to buy something. So why do thousands of businesses close down their social media activities right when consumers need them most?

Over the last few years, businesses large and small have flocked to engage with users through Twitter and Facebook. To win new customers and retain existing ones, many companies now employ dozens of social media handlers. Read More »

Rise of the global creative media agencies

IdeaThe idea that we are standing at the precipice of a new age in the communications industry, wherein the more ‘creative’ media agencies are separating from the ‘old-school buying’ media agencies and securing creative mandate from advertising agencies occurred to me in the most poignant way over a year ago.

Imagine, the first local-market meeting with a new client after a new global media contract has been secured. The pitch was led and won on the other side of the world and this local client had very little input into the pitch process. Now, the local client is following their directions to onboard us, the new local media partners. It has been rumored that our new local client was perfectly happy with her smaller-scale buying-centric media agency. Read More »

Amazon’s Fire phone and the future of brand relationships

Amazon Fire phoneThe reaction to Amazon’s recent phone announcement followed a pretty typical pattern: gee-whiz live-blogging in the morning and cynical analysis in the afternoon. But dissecting nifty hologram effects and price points is beside the point.

New product features have a retail half-life of 90 days and a media half-life of 90 minutes. In a few years these phones will come in the mail for free with an Amazon Prime membership.

The real lesson here is that Amazon has made a pragmatic decision to use the world’s most relevant consumer platform, the smartphone, to help cement one of the world’s most seamless brand relationships. Read More »

#GER vs #ARG breaks new tweets per minute record

Germany world cupLast night’s World Cup final broke another Twitter record with a massive 618,725 tweets per minute (TPM) about the match at the final whistle, making the final the highest TPM peak Twitter has ever seen during an event.

This smashed the previous record from last week when Brazil’s 7-1 defeat to Germany in the semi-finals generated 580,166 TPM. Read More »