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11 of the best football social media campaigns

FootballappPremier League football clubs have acquired more than 200 million Facebook likes and 30 million Twitter followers, and eight of last year’s top ten tweeted moments in the UK were football related. The sport’s position as the world leader in online conversation offers brands the ideal playing field to engage with fans to build customer relationships, generate exposure, loyalty and trust across multiple markets.

Here,  Matt House, founder and chief executive of sports marketing agency SportQuake, takes a look at some of the best football-led digital campaigns and content.

Infographic: Ten things to boost your SEO in one hour

bigstockSeoWordCloudUp for a 60-minute challenge? This infographic created by the team at Passion Digital highlights ten tasks that could help to boost the SEO for your website, or even a client’s website – an increasingly important part of any digital marketer’s job.

The London digital marketing agency’s list includes information and tips on meta titles and descriptions, analytics, link-building strategies, setting up appropriate social media accounts and fixing broken links in order to boost site traffic.

The Daily Poke: Come clean

Come cleanFrom our homes to our own hygiene, ‘kills 99.9% of bacteria’ is a message we’re all pretty familiar with on cleaning products. And it’s a good thing right? Well not necessarily.

With GoPro, a media company takes shape

WEB_GoPro_cameraGoPro is much more than a consumer electronics manufacturer. They’re really in the business of content enablement. So claimed Zander Lurie, the company’s Senior Vice President of Media, speaking at NATIVE 2015, the premier native advertising conference presented by Sharethrough.

“We sell products — cameras, mounts, accessories, etc — but the ethos, and the culture of the company is built on content enablement,” Lurie said during a one-on-one conversation with Sharethrough president Patrick Keane.

Lurie’s statement will come as no surprise to those familiar with GoPro, a company whose rise from surfer’s pipedream to tech behemoth is as awe-inspiring as any of the feats captured by its signature cameras.

What influences the influencers?

ZoellaLast week the ASA dropped its guidelines for vloggers, making it clear that any content which has been paid for needs be clearly signposted from now on. The new rules have been a long time coming; the hope is that bloggers will now be able to re-establish and protect their credibility with audiences, and brands will have clear guidelines to follow when it comes to creating effective, authentic and impactful partnerships with vloggers.

But, the importance of transparency and honesty in influencer marketing aside, what if your partnership plays by all the rules laid down by the ASA, but it’s still boring the pants off the target audience?

The Daily Poke: The best medicine

The best medicineWith Paleo diets and the Slow Food movement all the rage – there seems to be a bit of a trend of forgoing modern methods, in favour of eating as our ancestors did.

Three steps for brands to become more useful

BigStockDigitalMediacloudThere’s no question that brands recognise the need to constantly evolve their offerings to meet the increasing sophistication of their customers. 383 and Forester conducted research, highlighting an awareness amongst marketers that brands need to remain useful to consumers in order to thrive.

Utility is also a well-understood factor in economics; it acts as a key factor across choice, price point and loyalty when it comes to a customer’s relationship with a brand. Some 90% of brands in our study acknowledge that it’s important to deliver useful digital experiences and almost two thirds understand it’s therefore very important to improve the digital customer experience on offer.

Infographic: UK m-commerce expected to rise 78% YOY



The growth of mobile shopping will be no surprise to anyone, as the rise of mobile usage continues to dominate the headlines. Delivery service 13ten has released the latest data on mobile commerce (m-commerce), revealing that the UK market is expected to grow from £8.41bn from 2014 to £14.95bn this year – an almost 78% year-on-year increase.

In this infographic, it highlights that m-commerce now accounts for 34% of sales globally, and alongside Asia, the UK market is leading the way. Looking at different sectors, fashion and luxury holds the biggest share of m-commerce transactions – approximately 30-35% – however, travel isn’t far behind (25-30%), as well as health and beauty (22-29%).

Three steps for engaging a niche audience online


(Mario Tama/Thinkstock)

Consumers are presented with an exorbitant amount of choices when it comes to product – the eco-friendly version, the organic version, the cost-effective version and the list goes on. To ensure products stand out, consumer goods companies should hone in on niche markets, an approach that focuses marketing efforts on a small, specific and well-defined segments of consumers.

Here are three crucial steps to engaging a niche audience:

Get to know them well

Early on, it’s important to research your consumers – what blogs do they read? Where do they shop? What are their favorite brands? Now that you’ve discovered which brands they follow, try to identify successful trends in the social media content they’re generating.

Are you paying attention at the back?

(Chung Sung-Jun/Thinkstock)

(Chung Sung-Jun/Thinkstock)

Albert Einstein’s driver used to sit at the back of the hall at each of his lectures. After several years, Einstein used to joke that the driver had heard the lecture so many times he could give it himself. So one day they swapped, with Einstein sitting at the back in the driver’s uniform. The driver gave a flawless lecture.

Then, at the end, someone asked a tricky question. In a moment of inspiration, the newbie lecturer replied: “Well, the answer to that question is so simple I bet that even my driver sitting up at the back could answer it…”