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Virtual reality is not 3DTV

WEB_Oculus_Story_StudioVR is edging its way into the conversation here at Cannes, which is interesting as it is still really a technology without any content. This audience likes to see the big creative idea in action to really get it and so far no-one has made the killer piece of content that does more than demonstrate its potential.

But people have already seen enough for them to know this is not another fad like 3DTV. Read more on Virtual reality is not 3DTV…

Vlog: Sky News on social and the General Election

WEB_Sky_News_Ask_the_LeaderJust over one month after the General Election and the battle to dominate social media was not just one for the political party leaders. Brands like Sky News were keen to make their mark on online platforms to engage with voters, particularly of younger generations.

Richard Evans, head of social media at Sky News, spoke exclusively to The Wall vlog about the brand’s approach to social media in the lead up to the General Election, as well as the success of its #GeneralAffection video and Ask The Leaders event.
Read more on Vlog: Sky News on social and the General Election…

Gifographic: How Facebook native video is engaging brands

facebookThis week we have come across this animated GIF infographic from the team at One Productions, looking at how Facebook native video is engaging brands.

The gifographic (a term now added into our day-to-day vocabulary) highlights that native video is rising and predicted to reach 84% by 2018, with Facebook native videos accounting for three billion video views a day. Read more on Gifographic: How Facebook native video is engaging brands…

Virtual reality enters the mainstream

WEB_Oculus_RiftWith Oculus Rift finally unveiling its much anticipated consumer version of its virtual reality headset, expected to be available early 2016, the future of virtual reality is at the forefront of conversation once again.

The company’s partnership with Microsoft will bring virtual reality into the homes of passionate gamers and provide a gaming experience never seen before. However, the future of virtual reality is not confined to just gaming, the possibilities beyond this, for consumers and brands, are phenomenal.

The world changed for me when I tried an Oculus Rift headset; the technology is transformational. Virtual reality headsets take you right to the centre of the action, and you are there in everything but physical presence. And it is not just Oculus bringing the virtual reality experience to consumers. Read more on Virtual reality enters the mainstream…

The Daily Poke: The good, the bad and the pepperoni

The PepperoniLaurel and Hardy. Garth and Wayne. Thelma and Louise. Riggs and Murtaugh. Marley and Me. Hollywood’s seen some legendary double acts over the years (and some not so legendary ones), but a movie’s own perfect partner surely has to be a pizza. Read more on The Daily Poke: The good, the bad and the pepperoni…

Two Apple WWDC announcements worth noting

WEB_Apple_Think_Different_commons_wikimedia_orgWhile many are saying there are no great surprises from this week’s WWDC, there are two details about Apple’s plans that stand out for me and I believe marketers and developers alike should take note.

The first is the update to Apple Watch functionality. The uptake of the watch has been predicted to reach as many as 36 million in the first year.  And, with the latest announcements over functionality, it is possible that these initial predications will soon prove to be too low as Apple seeks to make the device a more independent, stand-alone piece of tech.  Read more on Two Apple WWDC announcements worth noting…

Vlog: Nestlé & Google on YouTube breaks campaign

download-20150512085826685Our latest instalment of The Wall vlog features Haseeb ur Rahman, business unit head for Kit Kat/Biscuits at Nestlé UK and Ireland, and Andrew Bent, creative lead in The Zoo, a creative team within Google focused on helping agencies and brands be more successful in the digital space.

The pair spoke about KitKat’s latest campaign with YouTube to mark the brand’s redesign and its 80th anniversary, as well as linking in with the video hosting platform’s ten years in business. Read more on Vlog: Nestlé & Google on YouTube breaks campaign…

YouTube’s best ads of the last ten years: The neuro-science verdict

WEB_VW_Darth_Vader_adEveryone loves a “greatest ever” list and YouTube’s top five ads of the last decade – as voted by users – is no exception. From Volvo Trucks’ “epic split”, Turkish Airlines “Kobe vs Messi” selfie shootout and Volkswagen’s Darth Vader toddler, to female empowerment messages from Always and Dove, the list is a brilliant testament to global ad creativity.

Creativity and effectiveness go hand-in-hand, or they should do, and while the first is relatively easy to identify, proving ad effectiveness is a lot more complicated. With marketers increasingly turning to neuro-science to reveal subconscious factors involved in ad effectiveness such as emotional response and memory encoding, what makes these ads work from the brain’s point of view? Here are five key insights. Read more on YouTube’s best ads of the last ten years: The neuro-science verdict…

Online video: It’s all coming together

WEB_Burberry_video_YahooIt’s prime time for online video advertising to come of age and this is, in no small part, thanks to the huge growth currently taking place in programmatic spend, which is expected to rise by 40% in the UK during 2015.

Around 20% of this goes on video, according to research by the Institute of Directors, while the latest figures from insights provider IHS and video analytics company Vidiro suggest advertising revenue from online video is set to grow globally by 70% over the next three years.

Brand advertisers embrace video advertising because it harnesses the power of sight, sound and motion to drive consumer emotion and shift brand perceptions. It is a highly effective brand building format, which can elegantly transition from TV to desktop to mobile, which ultimately is driving programmatic growth. Read more on Online video: It’s all coming together…

We don’t need another hero

WomanHomeWorkingSo you’re searching for something via Google and click on one of the results, or someone’s recommended a company to you and you key in the URL and press ‘Return’. The website opens before you to reveal a video automatically starting to play.

The music begins, usually the opening beats of some clichéd dance track, or the strains of a chill-out tune that wouldn’t be out of place in a lift – or if you’re really unlucky some cheesy little number with a high cringe factor – and suddenly the world thinks you have terrible music taste.

This is often accompanied by the visual assault of an over-the-top animation of a company logo, followed by an introduction to the business, using images and either overlaid text, a voiceover, a presenter or all three. Read more on We don’t need another hero…