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Could connected TVs offer another way for advertisers?

smart tvFor most of us, TV remains the focal point of our living rooms, however, a report by eMarketer predicts that in 2014, UK consumers will spend more time viewing digital media than watching broadcast TV. It is this shift towards online video streaming and on-demand TV – as well as an increase in multi-screen viewing – that is making it difficult for advertisers to reach their target audience through traditional linear TV alone.

This is the reason why advertisers have started looking towards connected TV (CTV), which can be used alongside mobile, tablet, and desktop, as a channel for digital video. CTVs are televisions that connect to the internet, allowing online video streaming, as well as web browsing and other online activities. As the benefits of multi-screen video advertising are being realised, CTV is expected to prove just as important as other screens for advertisers when vying for the consumer’s attention. Read More »

PMP: a members-only club that every publisher should explore

Fruit market by Wendell/FlickrThe term Private Marketplace (PMP) is creating a significant buzz amongst publishers and marketers, particularly in relation to video advertising. A PMP is an invitation-only marketplace that enables premium publishers to make their inventory available to a select pool of buyers, allowing publishers to protect their brand and control advertising yield in a real-time environment.

So what are the key benefits of a PMP to premium publishers?

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Keeping both eyes on mobile video advertising

Location-based mobile ads: how do you get it right?As befits the CEO of any start-up, especially one operating in a competitive sector such as mobile advertising, I keep one eye on the current state of affairs and another looking ahead. Right now, through this chameleon-like panoramic vision, what I can see through both eyes is a rapidly growing interest in, and investment in, mobile video advertising.

First, the current situation. We have a heady mix of analysts who show that dollars are moving towards video, and if analysis isn’t strong enough for you, mergers and acquisitions proving this, as deals close globally.

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Infographic: The rise of the feed

With mobile traffic growing seven times quicker than desktop growth, up to 30.2 million uniques in 2014 (according to Ofcom), the role of the *feed* has become core to people’s everyday content consumption.

Sharethrough has put together an infographic to give context to the *rise of the feed*, digging into the history of the feed from Digg’s front page format in 2004, through Twitter and Facebook’s focus on the feed from 2006 onwards, punctuated throughout by the adoption of the smartphone.

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Viral chart: World Cup highs and lows, a hedgehog’s birthday and undressing with strangers

Beer tankardBrand chart

Despite fine efforts from viral big-hitters Adidas and Old Spice to capitalise on the World Cup final, this week’s branded chart is topped by a 10 second clip created by German radio station Bayern 3.

Released within minutes of the tournament’s finale, the image of a mighty German stein smashing a Brazilian cocktail has clearly resonated with fans and the video has just topped 15 million views. It’s great to see a simple but perfectly timed idea beating bigger budgets to the top spot, and hopefully it’ll be the last time we hear those samba jingles. Until 2016 at least…
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Viral chart: Proud whoppers, celebrity impressions and Greenpeace takes on Lego

santaIn this weeks chart, we see a host of awesome branded videos that successfully evoke all sorts of emotions out of us without having to even mention a football. The World Cup: sorry, what’s that?

Whether it is paying homage to soldiers fighting in Iraq or a stand against the damaging effects of a fuel company, this week has brought a high standard that has played on our heartstrings.
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The dawn of the age of interaction

Planet of the apesChannel 4 viewers who sat down to watch the network premiere of The Hunger Games recently were rewarded with exclusive footage from the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie. The three-minute trailer took over the whole of the first ad break before viewers were asked to take to Twitter to vote on what they’d like to see next…

The next instalment of this successful movie franchise sees the apes start taking over the world and the choice between #Humanstory or #Apestory on Twitter also saw the Apes win the votes to secure a further minute-long exclusive clip of Caesar and his companions.

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Viral chart: HelloFlo’s embarrassing mums plus an owl whisperer – really

Brand chartBrand Chart

So in a break from football based campaigns this week’s top trending video has been First Moon Party by HelloFlo, who you may remember from last year’s viral hit The Camp Gyno where one girl becomes the group counsellor after being the first to get her “red badge of honour”.

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Cannes film lions: why the winners won

Cannes filmEvery jury panel at Cannes is said to be a completely different experience. It all depends on the mix of judges and, most of all, the organisation and communication skills of the jury president.

I’m happy to say that on the film jury – made up of 21 creative directors from different countries around the globe, and headed up by a fantastic jury president (Amir Kassei, CCO of DDB Worldwide) – the culture was one of total openness and respect. It was also great fun.

This meant the discussions could be very robust whilst giving everyone the space to properly interrogate the work – and each other’s opinion – to be able to arrive at a consensus.

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Hoverboarding, human vs shark, and calls for dads

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 15.59.37

Thankfully, the huge influx of footie ads has relaxed a touch now that the World Cup has actually kicked off.

Last weeks brand chart was stuffed to the brim with footie stars and balls flying everywhere, but this week we’ve got a bit of a break with Father’s Day related campaigns and water sports that are of a sci-fi standard.

Sure, Samsung has dragged out their next enthralling instalment of aliens Vs Galaxy 11 and Pepsi Max have brought out an Unbelievable football match with teams of free runners and an inflatable pitch, but it feels good to see a chart that isn’t completely dominated with all things foot and ball.

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