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Selfie and Internet of Things see huge spike in design search trends

Shutterstock double exposureBreakout digital trends saw the biggest rise in image searches in 2014, that’s according to Shutterstock’s latest ‘Creative Trends’ report released this week.

The report reveals the key downloads and searches made by marketers, advertisers, designers, art directors, filmmakers, and bloggers from Shutterstock’s library of images, video clips, and music tracks. Read More »

2015 – a breakthrough year for video advertising

The Samsung Galaxy: Samsung Galaxy: smartphone brand doubles UK market shareA lot can happen in a year, especially in an industry as fast-paced as ad tech. For video advertising, in particular, 2014 was undeniably a watershed year.

Digital video took a giant leap into programmatic buying, experiencing huge gains in both viewership and ad spend.

With such an eventful year under our belts, I’m confident that this will be the year that online video advertising fully comes into its own. Read More »

Viewability, automation and changing expectations – a year in video

mobile video, by Simon Blackley/Flickr“Sometimes you gotta go back to actually move forward.” It’s a tad ironic that even as Matthew McConaughey broke the mold and defied the traditional stereotype of A-list celebrities performing in video advertisements, he perfectly captured what marketers need to do to ensure that 2015 is as memorable as last year.

With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the key developments from 2014 and what they mean for the advertising industry moving forward. Read More »

London City Airport sends Christmas cheer #AcrossTheMiles

elfElves have installed a video booth at London City Airport where passengers and crew can record a personal message for their loved ones overseas.

After recording their video in the log cabin, the travelers are given a special code to access and share their video online.

The campaign is being backed on social media with the hashtag #acrossthemiles.

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YouTube views still stand for something

youtubelogoAMV’s Craig Mawdsley recently spoke out about the meaningless metrics of YouTube, and whilst I’m sure there are many who will write off his argument as the words of an ad man trying to shift the focus away from digital, he makes a valid point.

We do need to break the habit of being fixed on watching the counter tick up. Views alone are not an effective measure of success and they never will be.

However, this doesn’t mean that views don’t have a role to play. Read More »

Miu Miu was so digitally close, yet so far…

Mui muiFashion brands are known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to promoting the next season’s must-haves, and the next big trend to hit the catwalk world is definitely turning heads.

In a bid to boost seasonal advertising campaigns, brands have turned to short films as a unique way to promote their brand. As a creative and artistic advertising tool that is gathering momentum amongst the fashion elite, will it successfully strike a chord with consumers?

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Infographic: Vine vs Vimeo

VineDid you know that five Vines are tweeted every second? Or Vimeo has 170 million monthly viewers? Or that Vine’s top user is Naish Greir from Greensboro, North Carolina with 9.8 million followers?

One Productions‘ infographic compares and contrasts the differences between Vine and Vimeo from launch stage to present day, including ownership, turnover and user demographics. Read More »

Could connected TVs offer another way for advertisers?

smart tvFor most of us, TV remains the focal point of our living rooms, however, a report by eMarketer predicts that in 2014, UK consumers will spend more time viewing digital media than watching broadcast TV. It is this shift towards online video streaming and on-demand TV – as well as an increase in multi-screen viewing – that is making it difficult for advertisers to reach their target audience through traditional linear TV alone.

This is the reason why advertisers have started looking towards connected TV (CTV), which can be used alongside mobile, tablet, and desktop, as a channel for digital video. CTVs are televisions that connect to the internet, allowing online video streaming, as well as web browsing and other online activities. As the benefits of multi-screen video advertising are being realised, CTV is expected to prove just as important as other screens for advertisers when vying for the consumer’s attention. Read More »

PMP: a members-only club that every publisher should explore

Fruit market by Wendell/FlickrThe term Private Marketplace (PMP) is creating a significant buzz amongst publishers and marketers, particularly in relation to video advertising. A PMP is an invitation-only marketplace that enables premium publishers to make their inventory available to a select pool of buyers, allowing publishers to protect their brand and control advertising yield in a real-time environment.

So what are the key benefits of a PMP to premium publishers?

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Keeping both eyes on mobile video advertising

Location-based mobile ads: how do you get it right?As befits the CEO of any start-up, especially one operating in a competitive sector such as mobile advertising, I keep one eye on the current state of affairs and another looking ahead. Right now, through this chameleon-like panoramic vision, what I can see through both eyes is a rapidly growing interest in, and investment in, mobile video advertising.

First, the current situation. We have a heady mix of analysts who show that dollars are moving towards video, and if analysis isn’t strong enough for you, mergers and acquisitions proving this, as deals close globally.

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