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Why is digital transformation now business transformation?

The term “digital transformation” is now as synonymous with a brand’s customer engagement strategy as digital is to marketing.

Digital transformation

For something to truly earn the “transformation” label in today’s world though it needs to clearly drive real change to how a business either operates or communicates.

With everyone now interacting through a myriad of different devices and channels, brands are naturally looking for new ways to interact with their audiences and customers all the time, to ensure that they are not just adding value but improving the way they conduct themselves as a business.

It is not just brands that are jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon management consultancies and agencies are also looking at how they can use digital techniques in new and inventive ways.

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The Daily Poke: Connect with the bots

poke_Connect with the botsFeeling lonely? Well fear not. Facebook have added automated ‘bots’ to messenger, so you’ll always have someone to talk to – like Poncho.

Poncho is a cat from Brooklyn. He must be from British decent because he knows everything about the weather. A betaworks product, it’s hoped Poncho’s cracking personality will make him the world’s first ‘funny bot’. Poncho is pretty witty, but if you ask him anything too deep, he’ll respond like a cat. Read more on The Daily Poke: Connect with the bots…

The Daily Poke: The impossible project

poke_The impossible projectPhotographic material producers, The Impossible Project, famously met at a Polaroid Factory closing event, where made it their mission to save Polaroid’s type-600 film from extinction.

It would appear the pair have succeeded, and given the film a new lease of life by homing it in their new camera, the L-1. Read more on The Daily Poke: The impossible project…

The Daily Poke: Snack-er-size

poke_Snack-er-sizeWould you want to know how to work off your food, or stay blissfully ignorant? The Royal Society of Public Health has called for ‘activity equivalent’ labeling. (Very energetic James). Read more on The Daily Poke: Snack-er-size…

The Daily Poke: Bot butler

poke_Bot butlerTaco Bell have teamed up with workplace messaging company, Slack, to create an ordering service that uses artificial-intelligence. Read more on The Daily Poke: Bot butler…

The Daily Poke: Discovery spoon

poke_Discovery spoonMaille are cutting the mustard when it comes to in-store experience. The premium mustard brand is stirring up how you try their products, by using RFID-tagged spoons in their London flagship store. Read more on The Daily Poke: Discovery spoon…

The Daily Poke: Fit nesting dolls

poke_fit nesting dollsHands up if you made a New Year’s resolution to start going to the gym at least three times a week. And hands up, who’s stuck with it?

If you didn’t raise your hand the second time, surprise surprise, you’re not alone. The group class gym people, BRICK, realised that nearly 80% of those who joined the gym at the start of the year were quitting within five months. So they’ve worked out a way to remedy that and help members reach their fitness goals. Read more on The Daily Poke: Fit nesting dolls…

Eco-efficiency: buzzword or business model?

Greenwashing or green sheen – the act of labelling something as eco-friendly and/or sustainable to promote the perception that a product or organisation are environmentally friendly – is steadily rising, and with it, people’s ability to spot the fakes.


The internet gives people the power to expose errors, inaccuracies, and lies at the swipe of a smartphone, and spread their findings. With social media justice rising, corporate accountability is essential for consumers.

And while peeling back the corporate curtain may seem risky, research shows eco-efficient practices are no longer a buzzword but a priority.

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The Daily Poke: Rent off the rail

poke_Rent off the railThat black Karen Millen cocktail dress you’ve had your eye on? The one that’s just out of your price bracket? Well tonight it could be yours, darling. (But only for tonight). A recent survey has revealed that a growing number of cash-strapped consumers are willing to rent high fashion items instead of buying them outright. Read more on The Daily Poke: Rent off the rail…

The Daily Poke: Kitchens that think for you

Poke_Kitchens that think for youWhirlpool are creating a storm in the kitchen with their Interactive Kitchen of the Future, showcased at CES 2016.

The smart backsplash and countertop can adjust to everyday life situations, letting you instantly create shopping lists, reheat your coffee to your preferred temperature, measure the nutritional content for a packed lunch, and even work out the best way to care for your child if they come down with a cold. Read more on The Daily Poke: Kitchens that think for you…