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Vlog: Connected devices with DigitasLBi

ConnectedShopping-20150423093222680Following DigitasLBi’s 2015 Connected Commerce report, we were intrigued to find out more about how connected devices will impact on digital marketing and brands in the future.

Michael Islip, UK chief executive at DigitasLBi, spoke to The Wall about the future of this as consumers are now using an average of five ‘connected’ devices in the purchase process, compared to 2.8 devices a year ago.

Islip said there is a massive opportunity for brands when it comes to connected devices, however, he explained that it wasn’t a case of the brands not driving this, but actually what the consumers want and expect. Therefore marketers must be aware of it and follow in customers’ foot steps.

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The Daily Poke: Time to take gifs seriously

Time to take gifs seriouslyChannel 4 have just launched 4NewsWall – a new news site offering users a ‘wall’ of gifs. Created for 16-34-year-olds, each gif can be clicked for further reading, with links to share everything on your social channel of choice.

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Is Google bringing intent to audience targeting?

WEB_Aray_Chen_GoogleEver wanted to reach a specific group of people, whose email addresses you have, without emailing them? Facebook’s Custom Audiences service, along with Twitter’s Tailored Audiences product, is the way to go. They allow you to target users by email address when they log into these social platforms.

But what about on search? Although nothing has been confirmed, Google is rumoured to be exploring a custom audience methodology for search. This would involve advertisers giving Google the customers’ email addresses, to which Google could then specifically target the ads.

As a marketer, this is very exciting. Going beyond what it possible with re-targeting today, Custom Audiences would go a step further in intention-based targeting. This would allow advertisers to bid for users who have shared their email address with the brand through purchases, email subscriptions, pre-orders, leads, sign ups, or any other way the advertiser collects contact details. Read more on Is Google bringing intent to audience targeting?…

Infographic: How social media influences customer behaviour

woman-confused-with-social-media copyIt’s no stranger to us that social media has become the number one channel for consumers to vent their frustrations, with the ability for social media users to contact companies direct via Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to vocalise their complaints.

The Institute of Customer Service has published a new report – Service Goes Social: how organisations can deliver customer service through social media – based on the views of 2,195 consumers and 12 in-depth interviews with senior customer service executives.

It found that one in four social media users in the UK have used platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ to make a complaint over the past three months. Read more on Infographic: How social media influences customer behaviour…

Infographic: What should the ultimate online ad look like?

TwitterlaptopCafe2Can online ad design choices impact conversion rates? A recent report from Rocket Fuel, A Guide to Creative Optimisation, suggests so, and by more than 600% in some verticals.

The study dissected the designs of 40,000 banner ads, from 1,076 different advertisers, which were served to 23.3 billion impressions over an eight-month period and compared elements ranging from background colour, promotions and offers, inclusions of products, humans, call to actions and whether an advert was animated or not. Read more on Infographic: What should the ultimate online ad look like?…

Are we ready for vertical videos?

Every week, we feature four articles about native advertising, one piece of brand content and an interesting industry stat. This week in native… the mobile native ad categories have been defined by the Mobile Marketing Association, Polyvore has new shopping ads and what the heck is vertical video syndrome? Plus: cat videos. Read more on Are we ready for vertical videos?…

Sir Martin teaches the FT about TV

Sir_Martin_Sorrell_DoubleIn the keynote interview at the FT Digital Media Conference last week (shelf wobblers and leaflets not allowed), the FT’s Global Media Editor, Matt Garrahan, asked Sir Martin Sorrell about whether TV viewing was declining. Sir Martin said no.

We gasped with joy. We rewound. Sir Martin said no again.

One more rewind and he was still saying no. I could have happily sat rewinding and watching Sir Martin say no all day but I had things to do.

Sir Martin explained how the issue with TV is that measurement has not caught up with changes in patterns of viewing. TV viewing is not declining. ‘Young people do watch TV,’ said Sir M, pointing out that they are embracing new ways to watch on other screens.

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Election tech – does it get our vote?

WEB_Google_who_can_I_vote_forAs we approach the final intense hours of campaigning for this year’s General Election it’s imperative that as voters we have all the knowledge and facts tucked neatly under our belts before heading to the polling station.

2015’s election welcomes a new wave of tech-savvy young voters, and companies have been busy creating a deluge of apps, websites and gadgets to help the nation come to an informed decision.

Whether you’ve been spending days/months drumming up on policies, or need to swot up in a matter of hours or minutes, here is The Wall’s rundown of election tech. Read more on Election tech – does it get our vote?…

Video: advertising emojis



Texting ideas to each other every day, something has to be missing. How do you respond to a really good idea, if not with a shining Golden Lion?

As the good Samaritans they are, they thought creatives all around the world probably have the same problem. That’s why they decided to develop an extended keyboard optimised for advertisers. Read more on Video: advertising emojis…

Visual search for marketers

WEB_mobile_phone_thumbs_upFor many of us living in the Western world, mobile devices have officially taken on the role of ‘life remote control’. Communication, validation, remuneration, clarification and all manner of other ‘ations’ are conducted through our mobile devices, tens to hundreds of times a day.

It’s no wonder then, that there’s an intensifying scramble for marketers to find the next innovative way to place their brands neatly within these daily mobile interactions and – the holy grail – make them a valued part of a consumer’s routine.

This isn’t easy. There’s a lot of noise around mobile. Read more on Visual search for marketers…