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Having a bad day? Evian’s Amazing Baby is here to help

There’s a super-baby within us all, according to Evian, and the brand wants us to set them free. The brand is encouraging their Twitter fans to let go of their problems and let their inner babies out to play.

Evian is asking its Twitter followers to submit their dilemmas to the hashtag #AmazingBabyRescueMe, where the Amazing Baby character will endeavour to provide fun tweets, Vines, and illustrations to cheer up the troubled participants.

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Singaporean super-brand “Ah Boys to Men” shows how to market the army

m_ah-boys-to-menWhen the first Singaporean armed forces coming of age film “Ah Boys To Men” hit the cinemas and was instantly a monster success it genuinely resonated with Singaporeans. The film had such a fundamental effect that it really made a difference to the way Singaporeans felt about their armed forces in a very positive way. It also created a Singaporean super brand franchise.




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How marketing people inspire others – A Dozen Words of Wisdom

3d-bookA new book by Matt Parkes looks to shed some light on marketing wisdom. Matt asked thousands of people to give advice in a dozen words and from that came an inspirational book “A Dozen Words of Wisdom”. Here are some highlights.

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AIA’s unhealthy Vitality rewards program

aiaAIA have launched Vitality Rewards for every insured customer. Basically the concept is very positive. They want to reward you for being healthy. How this is being done is open to question though with some serious gaps in the program and some questionable creative.




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Are Chevrolet and StarHub in the same sponsorship fix?

Chevrolet Global Football Announcement EventSponsoring a football team is tricky business. Past success does not equal future success. Just ask Chevrolet how they currently feel about spending almost a billion Singapore dollars on sponsoring Manchester United from next year.

A billion dollars to be on the front of a shirt of a team that won’t even be in the Champions League next year let alone being champions of England’s Premier League. They may as well as sponsor Newcastle United.

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Guardian’s David Pemsel raises the most important point about newspaper paywalls

guardianWe’re lucky to live in such fascinating times. The way “digital” has thrown everything up in the air continues to amaze and inspire. But if the music business was the canary in the coal mine, the press industry was the next cart down the shaft. I was reminded of this today when yet another conference held yet another debate about the future of news; but this one particularly resonated. Read More »

Orient Express comes off the rails with rebrand

SNLV000ZWhen brands rebrand it’s normally to try and lose their history or change negative perception or reposition. Quite why the Orient Express have rebranded all their properties barring some of the more famous iconic train journeys to the terrible named Belmond is beyond me.

Orient Express conjures up wonders and mystical magical train journeys, Agatha Christie and luxury, properties that ooze quality and premium brand values. Orient Express says we’re a brand worth paying the extra money for to treat your loved one or just pamper yourself.









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SXSW: Why data is the next big currency

data word cloudBitcoin might have been the big launch at SXSW, but to my mind, data outstripped it as the newest and most powerful currency. It was arguably the biggest underlying topic at this year’s SXSW. (Not Big Data I hasten to add – thankfully, this crowd is not made up of consultants and/or marketers, so most people just call it data.) Even Chelsea Clinton talked about the relentless focus on data collection to measure the success of the Clinton Foundation.

The fact is that as the growth of the internet of things and wearable tech gathers pace, we will be collecting more data than ever about our products as well as our bodies. And the value of this data is something we’ve heard a lot about at SXSW. Read More »

Jelly for brands: is now the right time to join?

jelly logo biz stoneWith all the initial buzz surrounding the launch of Jelly, it can be easy to forget that the questions app isn’t even two months old. Co-founded by Twitter’s Biz Stone, Jelly was launched back in early January to tremendous hype.

Brands have already begun to play around with the platform, keen, perhaps, to ride the wave of the next big thing in social media. But are these brands doing the right thing, or are they alienating the audience they want to attract? Read More »

Facebook aged 10 – The smartphone crucial for future success

MediaCT_Like_us_the_wallFacebook is ten years old this week. Since its inception the site has been incredibly influential in altering the way that we communicate with each other. Recently however, the site has been compared by academics at Princeton University to a disease that people eventually build up immunity to. Its offer to purchase younger rival Snapchat was also rebuffed. So is Facebook in decline? Read More »