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Does digital advertising need to advertise itself?

Word cloud concept illustration of media advertising glowing light effectAd Week is an opportunity to revel in the impressive calibre of work that the ad industry produces. However, the production of first-class work can only be sustained if we continue to attract the best talent.

It would be foolhardy to take this for granted. Advertising isn’t the only sector seeking the brightest and best. It needs to compete with the high salaries of banking, the intellectual rigour of academia and the creative appeal of the arts. Read more on Does digital advertising need to advertise itself?…

The ugly truth of brand protection

WEB_Sex_dot_comFirstly, Taylor Swift is a brand which she has to take every step necessary to protect, but for every 40 people that search for ‘Taylor Swift’ on Google, one person will have searched for ‘Taylor Swift nude’, ‘Taylor Swift sextape’ or ‘Taylor swift topless’.

That’s a lot of searches happening each and every month. Read more on The ugly truth of brand protection…

Infographic: Native advertising – do we really know what it is?

Say Media - Native AdsIn the new age of content, jargon is plentiful. The advertising industry is rife with numerous intricacies and a befuddling number of buzzwords and acronyms that we are all trying to get our heads around. Do we really need another one?

Whether you like it or not, native advertising is the phrase on everyone’s lips in digital circles right now, but as an industry do we really understand it in all its forms? The simple answer: No. Read more on Infographic: Native advertising – do we really know what it is?…

Putting a human face on data

WEB_humans_dataMarketers have more power at their fingertips in the form of data and tools than ever before, but with this newly acquired power comes the responsibility of knowing how to use it.

Brands know that they can’t just outsource the responsibility for handling their customer data to any piece of technology, but with so many different specialised platforms, it can seem overwhelming to manage each of these correctly and effectively. Read more on Putting a human face on data…

Curiosity – the ultimate lifehack?

WEB_Flickr_mnwatts_curiositySXSW 2015 has been nothing short of inspirational. But what’s as fascinating as the actual innovations themselves are the ways of thinking, regardless of sector or speciality.

There’s much focus given in business today on how external factors influence innovation. But cultivating creativity is as much – or, I would argue, more – about creating an internal psychological environment of curiosity and openness. Read more on Curiosity – the ultimate lifehack?…

First tip-toe in a conversation that brands need to have

texting blackberry mobileUnless you’re in a cutlery factory, “10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife” may not be ironic, but what we experienced yesterday really, really was.

We were massively privileged to speak for the first time at SXSW 2015. After ceremonially bricking it (as you do), we had a great session and loved sharing our talk on the chewy topic of ‘Neuroplasticity and tech: why brands must change’.

Psychological studies have shown that a contrarian viewpoint is automatically viewed as more intelligent – as it challenges the status quo – but thankfully the SXSW audience seemed to be pretty chipper types, who just enjoyed what we knew about brains. Read more on First tip-toe in a conversation that brands need to have…

After 30 years of .com, what does the future hold for domain names?

WEB_Go_Daddy_dotcomLast Sunday, the .com domain celebrated its 30th birthday. What started on March 15 1985, when computer manufacturer Symbolics Inc registered as the first .com web domain, has now become ubiquitous.

In those 30 years, over 115 million .com domains have been registered and created, spurring the first and second generation of e-commerce, and ushering in the digital world we now live in. We wouldn’t know Google, Twitter or Facebook without it. Read more on After 30 years of .com, what does the future hold for domain names?…

Contour in context: the opportunity for fashion tech

WEB_SX_Style_SXSW_2015In an era of changing consumer demands, preferences and ways of thinking about fashion, why hasn’t our closet caught up with our lives?

This was the question posed by visionary fashion entrepreneur Jennifer Hyman of Rent the Runway at a panel on the future of retail, best articulating the key question on tech developers’ and fashionistas’ minds alike during SXStyle at South by Southwest. Read more on Contour in context: the opportunity for fashion tech…

Singapore Airlines’ content marketing fails to take off

Singapore Airlines have recently launched their much waited-for Premium Economy class with what must be the most boring video marketing campaign possible. Engaging content marketing this is not.

When I looked further into what other Singapore Airlines videos were like I have to conclude that they produce the most boring and unappealing content possible. The whole objective of content marketing is that it is supposed to be engaging and exciting. This is the opposite and does nothing for the brand.

Singapore Airlines are in the airline industry which is sexy and exciting. They sponsor F1 which is equally so. Therefore how is it possible for them to produce terrible and sleep-inducing content marketing videos?

Read more on Singapore Airlines’ content marketing fails to take off…

The success of Apple Watch is not the tech

WEB_Apple_Watch_greenWhile the industry whipped itself into a frenzy over the Apple Watch launch last week, and pored over its apps, tech specs and battery life, the real story for me got overlooked.

That is, that the initial success of Apple Watch won’t be because of its tech capabilities, but because of Apple’s significant track record in increasing uptake by customers in new technologies.

Up until now, smart watch sales have been slow to take-off. A survey by Gfk found that in 2014 they made up the smallest segment of the wearables space, comprising only 11% of the market. Read more on The success of Apple Watch is not the tech…