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The end of Google Glass?

Google GlassThe end of Google Glass, in its current incarnation – yes. As a future viable, perhaps watered down, consumer based product – I doubt it.

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Why are brands like IBM so bad at B2B marketing?

MinionsI recently chaired a B2B Marketing conference in Kl and we had the marketing director of IBM do a very interesting presentation. Before he did this he asked everyone in the room whether they thought IBM was cool or not. Out of 100 people only one said yes.

Then he did a presentation where he explained all the different companies and brands that IBM were either responsible for or were a catalyst for or were the power behind.

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Can Crocs empire strike back with Star Wars partnership?

CrocsIn a cool, cool galaxy far, far away Star Wars became the greatest movie franchise ever made. Many years later the Empire has taken over the asylum and started doing corny brand partnerships with gimmicky shoes that even Jar Jar Binks would turn down.

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How the Christmas ads fared on social

sainsbury's christmas the wallFor this year’s Christmas ads we’ve had the lot. Almost every major retailer has now released their ads, laying out their stall for what they can offer consumers this Christmas.

These have been closely followed by an onslaught of social media reviews, some good, some not so good.

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6 Reasons why social selling is replacing cold calling

IMG_20141128_063959Social selling is in the process of replacing phone selling/cold calling and here’s why:

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Customer experience changes brand perception

bad-customer-service-poor-business-lose-money-singapore-service-academyAccording to a recent survey in Singapore, 60% of people who suffer from bad service never complain. That means that for every four people who complain, another six are just as angry but never tell you about it.

This is a staggering number and should be a big worry for everyone in the customer experience sectors in Singapore and those who market the applicable brands.

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What can Snapchat offer brands?

Snapchat by Maurizio PesceIt was reported by The Sunday Times earlier this week that Snapchat’s latest valuation has hit $12bn. This follows its highly anticipated first ad running across the messaging platform last month – a 20-second trailer for horror film Ouija, appeared in its users’ ‘recent updates’ section.

With a reported 100 million monthly users worldwide sending 700 million snaps a day, Snapchat has been one of the fastest growing social platforms of the past few years.

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Adidas and The All Blacks aim for Xmas market with innovative new kit launch

All Blacks shirtThe World Champion Rugby team the New Zealand All Blacks have transformed the thinking of the way that a new strip is launched to the public. Just as they lead the world in rugby so they are leading the world in marketing.

The All Blacks are unleashing three versions of the same strip all in one go. Adidas, the team’s kit supplier, have taken the hype and marketing of the new launch on 8 November to a whole different level. They clearly want to sell allot of shirts in next year’s World Cup and of course at Christmas.

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Johnny Cupcakes bakes a Linkin Park Halloween treat

slide-4This Halloween brand partnership made me smile. Two very cool brands coming together to create something unique, a great customer experience and a real word-of-mouth generating promotion.

Legendary rock bank Linkin Park have teamed up with innovative fashion brand Johnny Cupcakes to deliver a unique, limited edition Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt. Not only that but Linkin Park are giving away their fan club Linkin Park Underground membership with every t-shirt bought.

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Can Asian retailers satisfy customers

pix (1)A recent Asian survey on customer satisfaction reported a drop to only 69% satisfaction. That means nearly a third of retail customers are leaving shops unhappy.





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