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Infographic: digital ad crimes

Click-Fraud_infographicDigital advertising adoption rates continue to soar in the UK and is on pace to outstrip all other traditional formats combined. The total UK advertising market will hit £15.8bn in 2015, with just under £8bn of that going to digital ads.

However, the rapid growth of digital hasn’t come without obstacles for advertisers.

Although digital advertising makes it easier to target audiences, track campaigns and in many ways is more efficient than traditional advertising, it has its own host of challenges. At the forefront of the discussion are paid ad impressions that are not seen, ads appearing next to or within risqué content and clicks that are logged from non-human traffic. Read more on Infographic: digital ad crimes…


Apparently there’s some sort of election approaching. You’ve probably heard about it because you watched Buzzfeed’s Brew with David Cameron, a live-streamed interview with the PM hosted by the online news site.

leaders debate

What’s that? You didn’t watch the Brew? Well, don’t worry, you are not alone. Apparently only 12,000 people clicked in for the live interview. At least I assume they were people and not bots with a passion for politics, but you never know these days. It’s still available to watch on demand, if you can resist the other temptations on the relevant Buzzfeed webpage such as ‘Celebrities guess what Chris Pratt smells like’. Read more on Brew-ha-ha…

The future of native programmatic explained in five points



Two weeks ago, the Hospital Club was the venue for Sharethrough’s Programmatic Native Breakfast, with brands, agency trading desks, demand-side platforms (DSPs) and publishers all interested to learn about the future of programmatic native.

Here’s a quick overview of the top five discussion points: Read more on The future of native programmatic explained in five points…

Infographic: the science behind native advertising

WEB_Chris_Quigley_native_advertisingYou know all about banner blindness. But did you know the same concept exists when the banner is front and centre, smack in the middle of a content news feed?

Brand new research brings new light to the effects of mobile native ads Banner ads and banner ads on the human brain. Using neuroscience and eyetracking, native advertising company Sharethrough and Nielsen Neuro have discovered a number of different points. Read more on Infographic: the science behind native advertising…

That .sucks – hundreds of new domains could spell trouble for brands



The news released this month that questionable domain names will become publicly available from 1 June had thrown some of the world’s biggest brands, businesses and celebrities into a bit of a flurry.

.sucks, .porn, and .adult are just some of the top level domains (TLDs) that will become accessible to brands, businesses and trolls alike come June. And while on the surface it looks like a bit of a laugh, it could bring about a number of issues for brands and businesses – leaving them vulnerable to abuse from online trolls, solely out to hamper their reputations. Read more on That .sucks – hundreds of new domains could spell trouble for brands…

Does digital advertising need to advertise itself?

Word cloud concept illustration of media advertising glowing light effectAd Week is an opportunity to revel in the impressive calibre of work that the ad industry produces. However, the production of first-class work can only be sustained if we continue to attract the best talent.

It would be foolhardy to take this for granted. Advertising isn’t the only sector seeking the brightest and best. It needs to compete with the high salaries of banking, the intellectual rigour of academia and the creative appeal of the arts. Read more on Does digital advertising need to advertise itself?…

The ugly truth of brand protection

WEB_Sex_dot_comFirstly, Taylor Swift is a brand which she has to take every step necessary to protect, but for every 40 people that search for ‘Taylor Swift’ on Google, one person will have searched for ‘Taylor Swift nude’, ‘Taylor Swift sextape’ or ‘Taylor swift topless’.

That’s a lot of searches happening each and every month. Read more on The ugly truth of brand protection…

Infographic: Native advertising – do we really know what it is?

Say Media - Native AdsIn the new age of content, jargon is plentiful. The advertising industry is rife with numerous intricacies and a befuddling number of buzzwords and acronyms that we are all trying to get our heads around. Do we really need another one?

Whether you like it or not, native advertising is the phrase on everyone’s lips in digital circles right now, but as an industry do we really understand it in all its forms? The simple answer: No. Read more on Infographic: Native advertising – do we really know what it is?…

Putting a human face on data

WEB_humans_dataMarketers have more power at their fingertips in the form of data and tools than ever before, but with this newly acquired power comes the responsibility of knowing how to use it.

Brands know that they can’t just outsource the responsibility for handling their customer data to any piece of technology, but with so many different specialised platforms, it can seem overwhelming to manage each of these correctly and effectively. Read more on Putting a human face on data…

Curiosity – the ultimate lifehack?

WEB_Flickr_mnwatts_curiositySXSW 2015 has been nothing short of inspirational. But what’s as fascinating as the actual innovations themselves are the ways of thinking, regardless of sector or speciality.

There’s much focus given in business today on how external factors influence innovation. But cultivating creativity is as much – or, I would argue, more – about creating an internal psychological environment of curiosity and openness. Read more on Curiosity – the ultimate lifehack?…