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Words still matter

writing by Pedro Ribeiro SimeosIt all started with those innocent little smileys that we began adding to our first text messages to convey a feeling. Then came Facebook, and we changed lengthy blogs for shorter status updates – and before long, those updates turned into photos. Then came Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat and whatnot.

Today, a photo gets twice as many likes on Facebook as a written update. Tumblr’s most popular form of media, by 42%, is an image and Instagram was the fastest growing social platform last year. We are blessed with such a selection of emojis on our smartphones that one can easily communicate how-embarrassed-they-are-about-the-gift-cactus-they-received-from-their-grandma-as-a-birthday-present-but-that-they-still-love-her-very-much – without typing a single word. Grumpy Cat, which (who?) grew from a silly meme into an ultimate visual representation of modern human discontent, made it to the cover of New Yorker last year.

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Native ads take over San Francisco

There’s a lot of industry buzz around native advertising at the moment, which Sharethrough (the US-based native publisher platform) has taken to a new level by covering a whole city with native bill boards.

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Viral chart: World Cup highs and lows, a hedgehog’s birthday and undressing with strangers

Beer tankardBrand chart

Despite fine efforts from viral big-hitters Adidas and Old Spice to capitalise on the World Cup final, this week’s branded chart is topped by a 10 second clip created by German radio station Bayern 3.

Released within minutes of the tournament’s finale, the image of a mighty German stein smashing a Brazilian cocktail has clearly resonated with fans and the video has just topped 15 million views. It’s great to see a simple but perfectly timed idea beating bigger budgets to the top spot, and hopefully it’ll be the last time we hear those samba jingles. Until 2016 at least…
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The Beatles taking a trip in Vans

vans-620x349Vans have followed up their Metallica brand partnership with a timely one with iconic band The Beatles. Vans have launched a special Yellow Submarine branded themed range of trainers and shows with some very cool and colourful designs on.




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Viral chart: Proud whoppers, celebrity impressions and Greenpeace takes on Lego

santaIn this weeks chart, we see a host of awesome branded videos that successfully evoke all sorts of emotions out of us without having to even mention a football. The World Cup: sorry, what’s that?

Whether it is paying homage to soldiers fighting in Iraq or a stand against the damaging effects of a fuel company, this week has brought a high standard that has played on our heartstrings.
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Just who’s in charge here?

Facebookbuilding640The latest moral outrage to hit the internet centered on news this week that Facebook had been emotionally manipulating people via the news feed, denying them positive content to see if it made them sad, and vice versa. Angry tweets and blogs abounded, the digital equivalent of grabbing pitchforks and torches.

The crux of the argument was that the whole thing was a little bit creepy. You can serve ads targeted by behaviour, sure, but trying to make me happy or sad is apparently a step too far.

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Will thoughtful Singapore buy into new transport campaign?

ready 5Corny or admirable? You can either think that the new Singapore Land Transport Authority (SLTA) campaign is the corniest thing you have ever seen or admire their ambition in this cynical world to communicate thoughtfulness amongst commuters.




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Viral chart: HelloFlo’s embarrassing mums plus an owl whisperer – really

Brand chartBrand Chart

So in a break from football based campaigns this week’s top trending video has been First Moon Party by HelloFlo, who you may remember from last year’s viral hit The Camp Gyno where one girl becomes the group counsellor after being the first to get her “red badge of honour”.

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When will music brands like Linkin Park control both their content and their marketing?

lp_the_hunting_party_by_livingtheory-d7ews23With the launch of the new Linkin Park album “The Hunting Party” and after watching the amazing 30 Seconds to Mars documentary “Artefact” I am left wondering why do any music artists work with  record companies and why they don’t just market their own content in this digital world?




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Flying Dutchman inspires World Cup memes

dutchmanIt was a frightful World Cup night for Spain on Friday 13th as the Netherlands produced a stirring performance to record a 5-1 win. Robin van Persie scored two goals for the Dutch, with slo-mo television replays of his incredible diving header serving as dream footage for the internet’s content creators. “Persieing” became the latest viral craze to spread across social media.

Of the 1.7 million Van Persie mentions observed across social media this weekend, over 100k relate to his “flying” moment and include memes, Vines and Instagram uploads of creative examples playing on the image of the Dutchman’s superb headed goal.

ESPN’s effort at a meme amassed a huge 17k retweets to become the most retweeted tweet on the topic.

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