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Social media: how to turn a negative review into positive feedback

social mediaConsumers made a record 66 million complaints about sub-standard goods and services last year. And with social media rapidly becoming an open forum between customers and businesses,more people than ever are turning to social media to vent their frustrations with companies and products that fail to meet expectations.

These complaints remain visible, online indefinitely and can have a disastrous effect on your business.

But you can turn the tables – just as the complaint is public so is the way you resolve issue – and achieving a resolution that exceeds expectations can be an excellent PR opportunity for your business. Read more on Social media: how to turn a negative review into positive feedback…

Infographic: Twitter Advertising’s 5th birthday

WEB_Twitter_advertising_infographicTwitter is now ubiquitous in the social networking world and many of us spend a good portion of our day on it. We even use it simultaneously while we watch TV.

Like most businesses, Twitter needed some element of revenue and so Twitter Ads were created back in April 2000. Initially they were rolled out to select partners but have now been made available to many territories worldwide. Read more on Infographic: Twitter Advertising’s 5th birthday…

The Grand National on social media: brands fail to make an impact

WEB_Grand_National_ShutterstockWith viewing figures peaking at 8.8m, The Grand National claimed a 60.3% share of last Saturday’s TV audience in the UK. As such, it was widely discussed on social media for a variety of reasons.

The Social Media Race

Before the race, ShutTheFrontDoor had been way out front in terms of social media mentions, grabbing the media and social media limelight as AP Mcoy’s 20th and final ride in the Crabbie’s Grand National.

But as the race approached, all attention turned to Many Clouds who lead the social media race from beginning to end in real-time.

Did social media know something the bookies didn’t? Read more on The Grand National on social media: brands fail to make an impact…

To pay or not to pay?

image1It’s the burning question for anyone who has ownership of social media channels.

The truth is, both organic and paid social activity have their benefits and both can be used alongside each other for maximum social impact.

The argument of whether Facebook is purposefully declining organic reach to encourage brands to use their ads platform is hotly contested. Read more on To pay or not to pay?…

Political parties sound like 50+ year old men

twitter social media conversationHere’s a headline that should come as no great surprise –the political parties all sound like 55-year-old men on their social media channels.

Maybe you’re thinking that the Green Party and Lib Dem’s style of language would resonate better with millennials and women? Nope. Maybe you’re thinking, surely there is some difference between Ukip and Labour? Wrong again. Read more on Political parties sound like 50+ year old men…

Things are looking up for Periscope

WEB_PeriscopeSXSW saw the launch of a new live video streaming app – Meerkat – which quickly became the talk of the media world. With 120,000 registered users within the first three weeks of existence and a growth rate of 30% per day, Meerkat looked as if it was going places, and still might be thanks to a recent $12m investment.

But Twitter pulled the rug from under Meerkat’s feet with the acquisition of Periscope – its own live video streaming app. Given how quickly consumers embraced Meerkat, Periscope is sure to be a massive success and could be an important weapon in the marketer’s arsenal.

But how can marketers and brands use Periscope? Read more on Things are looking up for Periscope…

Brands are bringing social in house

WEB_SuperDry_TVTired of paying spiralling fees for their own little patch of the social world, savvier companies are now toying with a DIY approach to social media, which means that they will not only own the media itself but also create the content.

Earlier this year Kevin Bobowski pointed out that it is crucial for brands to grasp the value of audience ownership. Names like Burberry, with 3.5m followers on Twitter, have already taken advantage of the disruptive power of broadcasting messages to their consumers mostly free of charge. Read more on Brands are bringing social in house…

Tapping the Twitter firehose will only increase pressure to prove returns from social

TwitterBirdsHQLast week I read that Twitter will be selling its firehose data to brands and retailers. This announcement not only shows the immense value inherent in social data but also underlines the fact that social is not free.

Not only is it not free today but brands looking to get ahead of their competition will be faced with increased pressure to spend more on social in the future Read more on Tapping the Twitter firehose will only increase pressure to prove returns from social…

Getting your Snickers in a twist over Clarkson



“You’re not yourself when you’re hungry” is written in neat handwriting on the outside of a package of Snickers and addressed to Jeremy Clarkson c/o Top Gear, meanwhile, the package is duly snapped and distributed via Twitter by the brand’s communications agency.

Okay, we can all see the temptation, it’s a good joke, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, it’s going to achieve reach and penetration greater than most campaigns that take weeks of planning and consume bank vaults of budget. But have Snickers done the right thing by posting a box of the nutty confectionery to suspended TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson? Read more on Getting your Snickers in a twist over Clarkson…

Brits are third-happiest nation on Twitter

HappyUs Brits are the third-happiest nation on social media – happier than our US and Canadian counterparts, while coming in just behind the Republic of Ireland and Australia.

That’s according to a new social media happiness report carried out by Brandwatch.

Read more on Brits are third-happiest nation on Twitter…