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More social data won’t solve Twitter’s problem

twitterbirdsA brief look at Twitter’s record on the stock market over the past six months, up until yesterday’s Q2 results anyway, did not make for pleasant reading. It reminded me of the aftermath of a snap-hooked tee shot from a pro who has been hotly tipped, the ball careering ever further left in to the bushes beyond the rough. The decline had been caused by the reliance on two metrics with which the social network sells itself to investors and advertisers. First, monthly active users, a number that is climbing too slowly for the liking of many, and second, timeline views – again another slow grower.

The issue is that investors are worried these metrics are simply not strong enough for Twitter to be able to bring in sufficient advertising revenue; hence the new metrics that the online advertising world was waiting for with baited breath – breath that will have to be held for longer after Twitter delayed its release yesterday. But will they turn the ailing network (and it is still ailing – one good announcement doesn’t constituent a revival) around? My suspicion is no.

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Is Facebook’s ‘buy’ button the answer to marketers prayers?

facebook buy

Both Facebook and Twitter have recently announced separate e-commerce plays which will make it easier to shop online using their services. Facebook has declared they are testing a ‘buy’ button, while Twitter has acquired payment startup CardSpring.

It’s a step by both to help brands deliver a ‘last click’ which can only be a good thing as social media companies progress with their push towards improved monetisation. Nevertheless it’s come at a time when marketers are increasingly embracing social content on their digital properties and moving away from engaging with consumers inside a social network.

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Taking social seriously: the real World Cup winners

Germany World CupMost tweeted, most memed, most watched on two or even three screens, most ripped to YouTube, the list of mosts goes on and on for social sharing and interaction in the World Cup (can we say World Cup now it’s over without fear of litigation? Hope so).

In any game of football there are winners and losers and those that got a right beating (sorry David Luiz but I’m sure your salary at PSG will make up for the tears). So who won on social media channels this time around?

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#GER vs #ARG breaks new tweets per minute record

Germany world cupLast night’s World Cup final broke another Twitter record with a massive 618,725 tweets per minute (TPM) about the match at the final whistle, making the final the highest TPM peak Twitter has ever seen during an event.

This smashed the previous record from last week when Brazil’s 7-1 defeat to Germany in the semi-finals generated 580,166 TPM. Read More »

#BRA vs #GER most discussed sports game ever on Twitter

TwitterWith 35.6 million tweets, #BRA vs #GER has become the most discussed single sports game ever in Twitter history, beating Superbowl 48 with 24.9 million Tweets. Read More »

3 reasons social sales are about to take off

bigstockTeenagersPhonesSocial sales are about to take off.

How do I know this? Well, social has been a huge direct sales opportunity for some years now, but because most time in social is on mobile devices, it has been hard to make this happen.

Three things that will change this:


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The dawn of the age of interaction

Planet of the apesChannel 4 viewers who sat down to watch the network premiere of The Hunger Games recently were rewarded with exclusive footage from the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie. The three-minute trailer took over the whole of the first ad break before viewers were asked to take to Twitter to vote on what they’d like to see next…

The next instalment of this successful movie franchise sees the apes start taking over the world and the choice between #Humanstory or #Apestory on Twitter also saw the Apes win the votes to secure a further minute-long exclusive clip of Caesar and his companions.

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Authenticity in branding – just a fad or here to stay?

cokeWhen we say ‘authentic’ we tend to think of a brand’s provenance; it’s history and heritage. But these days authenticity is as much about realness, honesty and consistency as anything else.

It’s been around for forever, from Coca-Cola’s The Real Thing in the ’70s to the Hovis boy pushing his bicycle up that hill. However, since the fallout from MP and banking scandals, our trust in governments and institutions has been knocked and the desire for authenticity has become ever relevant – a hot topic in the chat room as well as the boardroom.

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Google strives for World Cup second screening success

World Cup Brazil by Diego Lourenco Gurgel/FlickrWas Wayne Rooney’s goal for England against Uruguay his first in a World Cup?

That was the question on a lot of people’s lips during the game according to Google: the search engine has revealed that searches for this fact increased tenfold during the game.

Whether you’re watching the World Cup in a club, pub or even your lounge, chances are that somebody in the room will have one eye on the screen and another on the smartphone in their hand. Read More »

World Cup: Messi vs Ronaldo on social

Messi Ronaldo by CalciostreamingThe star power of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is undeniable. They’re global brands and their personal duel has hit the headlines on a number of occasions. So, with each making a mark on the World Cup this weekend, how did they impact social media conversation? Read More »