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Brands need to ditch the Emperor’s new clothes of social media

Apparently Gangnam Style has been seen by more people than there are on the planet, Twitter is more popular than TV and Generation Z learn to Snapchat before they can walk.

psy gangnam style youtube 2012

I may be a little fuzzy on the details, but that doesn’t matter because the broad conclusions are unmistakable.

Social media is where people are at, so your brand needs to be there – fishing where the fish are and all that.

Social media gives brands a new way to get closer to customers by engaging them in ‘social’ conversation.

It’s clearly a compelling story because billions have been spent to give brands an ongoing Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter presence.

It’s certainly worked out for Mark Zuckerberg, but what business impact has it had for the brands that pay for the platforms? Read more on Brands need to ditch the Emperor’s new clothes of social media…

#GroundhogDay on Twitter: Pizza Express and Netflix are among the first brands to celebrate

It’s Groundhog Day in the US. On the 2 February, throughout Pennsylvania (according to folklore) Groundhogs are able to forecast whether locals can look forward to an early spring or if they’ll have to knuckle down for another six weeks of winter.


The most famous town that celebrates the event is Punxsutawney. It hit the headlines after featuring in the 1993  film Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell, which imagined what would happen if you had to relive the same day, over and over again.

The event is catching on in the UK too. Brands including Pizza Express and Sky are celebrating the day on Twitter by sharing clips from the film and PR stunts that use the hashtag #GroundhogDay.

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Twitter unveils a new way for brands to bring stories to life

Twitter, in partnership with Tesco, Sky and Xbox, today launched Promoted Moments, a new way to tell rich and immersive stories on the social platform by allowing brands to bring together a range of content.


The 24-hour fixed placement sits alongside the biggest Moments of the day collected from Twitter’s team of curators and editorial partners.

Promoted Moments was originally tested in the US towards the end of 2015. Tesco is the first brand to try the service in the UK, using it for the #FeelGoodCookbook campaign created with @BBHLondon and @MediacomUK.

Read more on Twitter unveils a new way for brands to bring stories to life…

What does Twitter have planned for 2016?

It’s a New Year and a new start, not just for you and me but also for Twitter.


Not having turned a profit since 2006, will the following updates be the aggressive push Twitter needs to finally contend with competitor Facebook in the revenue game?

Character Limitation

All the way back in 2006 when Twitter was founded, text messages were limited to 160-characters. Twitter’s 140-character limitation was designed to fit these limits.

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Three social media lessons for brands after the Crocs/David Bowie backlash

David Bowie’s death was undoubtedly an event of great cultural importance, prompting a period of intense reflection among fans and music lovers.

Crocs' Twitter tribute to David Bowie

The response from at least one brand also showed that it’s very hard to deliver successful real-time communications, especially in response to such big, sensitive, cultural moments.

Crocs discovered this yesterday when it faced a backlash from some Twitter users after posting an image of one of its shoes alongside a “Bowie flash” and the words: “Your magic will be missed, but your inspiration lives on forever.” Read more on Three social media lessons for brands after the Crocs/David Bowie backlash…

How can beauty brands use social for customer targeting?

Star Wars makeup by CovergirlIn the first 14 days of December, there were over 119,000 posts uploaded on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube offering Christmas beauty tips or showcasing make-up selfies. Engagement levels peaked at over 18,000 posts per day, with conversation driven largely by beauty bloggers and vloggers as well as savvy brands.

Advertising on social media is giving brands access to a huge audience this Christmas and its visual nature is perfect for festive beauty products. We’ve analysed what is driving social media success for beauty retailers and have compiled three tips for marketers that want to emulate their social success. Read more on How can beauty brands use social for customer targeting?…

Social media predictions for 2016

Twitter MomentsThe pace of change is so rapid in social that trying to predict what will happen in 12 months’ time is harder than ever. With platforms waiting to unveil their latest additions, you can be sure that by the end of 2016 the social landscape will have a different look to it. With that said, it shouldn’t stop us having a go. Here are some of the emerging trends that we think will happen in 2016. Read more on Social media predictions for 2016…

Do users ‘like’ the new Twitter update? The results are in

Twitter heartsNumbers don’t lie – Twitter’s user growth has slowed quite steadily over the past four years. As such, the social network is seeking new ways to engage users, as other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat continue to grow at a fast pace. On 3 November, Twitter changed the way we interact with content, installing a like button with a heart icon that replaced the favourite star. At The Organic Agency, we strove to find out how this would impact user engagement on the social network.

We analysed the top ten brands, celebrities and media providers in the UK, according to follower numbers. In each case we looked at the last 20 tweets before and after the change, taking into account the effects of paid promotion and virality. In the end, we found there had been an overall average increase of 17.33% in the number of likes since the adoption of a like and heart button. Read more on Do users ‘like’ the new Twitter update? The results are in…

There is no social media

Social media signsSocial media as we refer to it, is like an affordable two-bedroom flat in central London, it doesn’t exist. We use the term as shorthand to cover Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr, Sina Weibo, Vine, Foursquare, Slideshare, Medium, Spotify, Periscope and hundreds, if not thousands, of others – from lagging veterans to hungry, innovative upstarts. What common characteristic could we possibly be referring to?

Facebook is as different from Twitter as radio is from television and Snapchat is as far removed from Instagram as a press ad is from a pre-roll. When we use the term social media to class these platforms as a group, we are only referencing the lowest common denominator that unites them; shares, likes, comments. We are missing something big. Read more on There is no social media…

The impact of Twitter’s changes

WEB_Twitter_logoTwitter is considering two fundamental changes to its service – removing the 140 character tweet limit and taking away publishers’ capability to show the number of Twitter shares for articles.

These structural changes to their product offerings have gone by almost unnoticed, pushed into the background behind all the noise about the founder’s return and question marks about the co’s long-term growth potential. However, the changes have potentially far reaching implications for the business and for marketers and publishers.

Removing the 140 character limit

Despite what you might think, removing the character limit on tweets is unlikely to have a profound impact. Facebook once had character limits and practically removed them by increasing the limit to 5,000 because they were deemed arbitrary. Read more on The impact of Twitter’s changes…