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The Daily Poke: Never alone with a drone

Alone with a droneEver get the feeling you’re being followed, and photographed? Don’t worry, it’s probably just your personal drone hovering overhead.

US manufacturers Lily have developed a device that you can literally toss into the air and leave it to follow your every move.

To stick close, the drone relies on a small GPS tracker that you carry in your pocket or on your wrist. And to make sure of the best angles, it employs vision technology to recognise its owner and frame them accurately in shot. Read more on The Daily Poke: Never alone with a drone…

Hooked on Apple

WEB_Apple_Pay_HSBC_MastercardI am one of those people whose whole world is based on Apple technology; Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, Apple TV. I buy music on iTunes and buy my wife and kids Apple technology. I develop (when I do fire up an IDE) with xcode. So I am locked into my own walled garden of hardware and software from Apple, a web of gadgetry and apps that I am wholly reliant on.

The announcements coming from the Apple WWDC event will only go further to lock me, and no doubt others into this ecosystem, and ultimately give Apple the finest granularity in understanding my life and anticipation of my needs.

For digital marketing it will result in probably some of the best definition of the micro-segments of humanity that make up the 800 million+ people with iTunes accounts, and the more than one billion who have Apple devices and apps. Read more on Hooked on Apple…

The Daily Poke: Finger clickin’ good

Finger clickin good 1It’s all very well licking your fingers while you’re enjoying your KFC. But that’s still not enough to prevent oily fingerprints all over your touchscreen.

Thankfully though, the Colonel has come up with a neat solution – the Tray Typer. It’s a tray that doubles as a wireless, rechargeable keyboard. Read more on The Daily Poke: Finger clickin’ good…

Technology: Creativity’s best friend

WEB_Rockabox_The_Wall_BlogUsing technology to drive results for brands is nothing new: for a while now advertisers have capitalised on smart algorithms to optimise campaigns towards a desired goal. Crucially however, the creative element of the equation has always been overlooked.

A common approach in the digital space has been to produce a limited set of creative assets such as a thirty second TV ad and a rich format to host it. The media schedule and targeting would be optimised to deliver the desired result, ranging from user engagement with the video to more action orientated goals. Read more on Technology: Creativity’s best friend…

The Daily Poke: Electric light orchestra

WEB_Sony_lightbulbBlinded by the Light, Shine a Light, White Light/White Heat. Oh yes, let the light-themed tunes rain down. That’s precisely what’ll happen when homeowners across Japan switch over to Sony’s new LED light bulbs.

Designed to screw straight into a regular light socket, the bulbs incorporate a 2W Bluetooth-enabled speaker. This allows users to play music by wirelessly connecting laptops, tablets or smartphones.

The bulbs also come with their own remote control to adjust the music volume and the light level. Read more on The Daily Poke: Electric light orchestra…

Finally creativity has caught up with technology

WEB_Clinic_Craft_Save_The_ChildrenYour creative output has been limited for a long time by your creative vision. A creative vision that does not understand what it can do with all this amazing technology we have.

Technology has been busy getting to the top table and crafting function and form without creativity and storytelling. Function gets technology to do the job we want it to do. Form makes it look good and fit in the right place at the right time. But the creative F word missing here is feeling, which adds emotion to the experience. How does it move? What does it sound like? How do you talk? Make it enjoyable.

This 3F formula can make creative technology ideas great. You can have your technology steaming ahead making apps, websites and loads of tools to help your customers, but if it doesn’t feel like your brand – if you don’t behave like you said you would – then you are failing your customer brand promise. Read more on Finally creativity has caught up with technology…

Your competition is not your competitors – it’s the future

HAMBURG, GERMANY - DECEMBER 28:  Participant hold their laptops in front of an illuminated wall at the annual Chaos Computer Club (CCC) computer hackers' congress, called 29C3, on December 28, 2012 in Hamburg, Germany. The 29th Chaos Communication Congress (29C3) attracts hundreds of participants worldwide annually to engage in workshops and lectures discussing the role of technology in society and its future. (Photo by Patrick Lux/Getty Images)

Of all the pearls of wisdom offered by this year’s Festival of Media Global in Rome, this has to be one of the best. We all know how technology has irrevocably changed the media landscape, but what many in the industry haven’t quite got to grips with yet is how it will not just impact, but shape, the future.

Agencies now need to operate at two speeds – on one level, to make constant, data-led micro-decisions on behalf of their clients, but then to raise their heads beyond this to roll out a broader comms strategy that is driven towards the future. The role of the media planner is not dead, but needs to step further into the marketer’s shoes to understand the consumer by being fully immersed in the power and potential of technology. Read more on Your competition is not your competitors – it’s the future…

#FROW2025 part three – fashion tech trends to watch

Smartwarch - Wearable Technology

In the final instalment of what the front rows of fashion shows will look like in 2025 in the wake of this year’s London Fashion Week, Paulo Bernini and Julian Douch, associate partners of global agency Open Reply, reveal what will be the future of digital luxury fashion and what they believe will be the top trends to watch.

From virtual trunk shows and geo-location to me-commerce and 3D collections, we hear what was on show at London Fashion Week and which of the latest digital tech and digital devices are set to send shockwaves across the fashion landscape. Read more on #FROW2025 part three – fashion tech trends to watch…

Wristbands on tour



It’s official, festival season is here and it’s time to start compiling your survival checklist, but will you need to take your wallet with you this year?

Over the last few years Barclay’s has been trialling its wearable payment wristband bPay with huge success – it made payments quicker and easier and erased the security issue of carrying cash and cards. Read more on Wristbands on tour…

Digital Shoreditch 2015: The future of things to come

(Digital Shoreditch)

(Digital Shoreditch)

Last week, some of the Fold7 team headed down to Digital Shoreditch for its ‘NEXT’ event, which explored new ideas and future technologies.

Here are four key takeouts, which got us thinking about what lies ahead. Read more on Digital Shoreditch 2015: The future of things to come…