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4 content marketing challenges technology can solve

Is brand journalism the future of content marketing?There is no doubt that the content marketing revolution has taken agencies and brands by storm.

As the content industry matures into an estimated $4 billion industry this is cause for celebration: marketing has ideologically moved away from unhelpful, shouty, interruptive advertising to delivering utility through entertaining and informative content that meets consumers’ needs and lifestyle interests.

However, in all the excitement of ‘brands becoming publishers’ many of them are also dealing with publisher’s woes (as well as the benefits).

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Creative pairings: Bond and the case for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

JackbauerLike an Antony Gormley figure, there is something magnificent about the solitary human form; the James Dean loner; the Jack Bauer or Nicholas Brody lone agent. Stealthy types, moving in the shadows, on the outside – it reads cool off the page and walks cool across our screens. Fleming’s Bond, Ludlum’s Bourne: tough, icy, enigmatic, alone.

Yet most typically during the course of our everyday, few of us do work alone, independent and at a remove from others. In reality more the opposite is the case.

We get things done by joining forces and working together, which is why the pragmatic innovator in me would like to take this moment to praise the collaborative spirit, because Milton was on the nose. No man really is an island. It’s invariably partnerships and pairings that can make us more. By way of evidence, I’ll start with a maybe-not-so-lone 007 in the Caribbean.

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How to deliver successful campaigns via Facebook’s FBX ad exchange

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at f8Facebook recently announced it’s going down the permission marketing route with its soon to launch Ad Preferences tool  – another useful product for Facebook’s one billion plus user base.

Not only does it give them more control over what they receive from advertisers, by being able to update their interests, but also provides marketers with better targeting opportunities across its platform. It’s another tool to help Facebook monetise its huge database, attract advertisers and provide a better experience for its users.

It’s vital marketers embrace these products that deliver better targeting across Facebook. However, one tool we’ve noticed many marketers aren’t using to its full potential is Facebook’s real-time bidding ad exchange (FBX). Read More »

The dawn of the age of interaction

Planet of the apesChannel 4 viewers who sat down to watch the network premiere of The Hunger Games recently were rewarded with exclusive footage from the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie. The three-minute trailer took over the whole of the first ad break before viewers were asked to take to Twitter to vote on what they’d like to see next…

The next instalment of this successful movie franchise sees the apes start taking over the world and the choice between #Humanstory or #Apestory on Twitter also saw the Apes win the votes to secure a further minute-long exclusive clip of Caesar and his companions.

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Top trends from London Technology Week

internet-worldThis week marked the capital’s first ever London Technology Week (16 – 20 June) with over 200 events taking place across the city. Designed to showcase London and the UK’s position as the digital capital of Europe, the week has seen thousands of the industry’s leading technology professionals sharing their innovative ideas, developing businesses relationships and helped solidify the city’s role as a major global tech hub.


Internet World, by far the biggest event on the London Technology Week calendar, took place at Excel London and saw tech experts speaking about their experiences in every area from data and web development to IT infrastructure and digital marketing. Three key themes that stood out for me were: Read More »

A new Cannes-tech? Spotlight on the start-ups that can give brands a new edge

Cannes beachSarah Jessica Parker, Bono, Patrick Stewart, Ralph Fiennes and Gisele are just a few of the celebrity names that will be gracing the stages of Cannes next week. But alongside them, and the usual big brands and agencies, is a new breed of Cannes speaker that can do more than add a famous face to a campaign.

The new wave of tech start-ups being showcased in Cannes are creating new and unique ways for brands to reach out to consumers in a more effective way through creative platforms and more collaborative digital experiences. Below is who we at The Project Factory will keep an eye out for.
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Future stars: Seenit founder Emily Forbes on changing how we all create video

Emily Forbes SeenitEvery week, The Wall is profiling a different tech start-up as part of our Future Stars series. The companies are part of  the Collider programme – the organisation that puts tech start-ups in contact with big brands and investors to help them get business advice and funding for their new ventures.

Today we meet Emily Forbes, founder of video app Seenit. She impressed at Collider’s recent Demo Day – her pitch (and she was the only woman to front one) was voted the winner by an audience of potential investors, and partner agencies and brands.

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Back to black

Black cab Lars Plougmann:FlickrToday, London will apparently come to a stand still. Not because of the eager anticipation of the Fifa World Cup kicking off in Rio, but instead because one of our long-standing institutions is coming under threat.

Black Cabs of London will unite against the rise of Uber, the rise of change, competition and technology itself. Well not quite, but that is how one side of the argument will present and promote the event. What we will actually see is a brand that is under threat, reacting and making a stance. However underneath this lies a real opportunity and potential to gain greater revenue and presence in the consumer conscience.

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The rise of the marketing technologist

marketing technology word cloudInternet years are like dog years: time seems to move faster, change is more constant. We’ve all experienced that dizzy feeling when our understanding of online has to shift in a new direction.

When we established our technology agency Techdept, 10 years ago this week, the worlds of tech and creative marketing were poles apart. Like Mars and Venus. I was the creative marketing type, my business partner Rick was the techie.

Yet we’ve seen our worlds merge in that time, to the point where it’s difficult to say where marketing ends, and technology starts. To say you’re one or the other seems increasingly difficult.

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Cannes gets programmatic

CannesProgrammatic is the new buzz word of the advertising world. Even in the traditionally creative focused environment of Cannes Lions, programmatic is dominating the session agenda.

Everyone is talking about it from third party vendors to agencies, (Marco Bertozzi of VivaKi makes some interesting points in his recent article on Digiday), with each having their own opinion about how brands should utilise the discipline. Before the plethora of opinion that will erupt when Cannes kicks off; it’s important that brands truly understand what programmatic best practice is before they are clouded by the Cannes agency chorus.

At the moment, programmatic is a bit of a mystery and brands have a conundrum. Do they  rely on the agency that has been buying their space on traditional media outlets for years to keep their digital ad strategy on point, or do they venture into the unknown with a third party vendor?

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