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Three steps for brands to become more useful

BigStockDigitalMediacloudThere’s no question that brands recognise the need to constantly evolve their offerings to meet the increasing sophistication of their customers. 383 and Forester conducted research, highlighting an awareness amongst marketers that brands need to remain useful to consumers in order to thrive.

Utility is also a well-understood factor in economics; it acts as a key factor across choice, price point and loyalty when it comes to a customer’s relationship with a brand. Some 90% of brands in our study acknowledge that it’s important to deliver useful digital experiences and almost two thirds understand it’s therefore very important to improve the digital customer experience on offer. Read more on Three steps for brands to become more useful…

Infographic: UK m-commerce expected to rise 78% YOY



The growth of mobile shopping will be no surprise to anyone, as the rise of mobile usage continues to dominate the headlines. Delivery service 13ten has released the latest data on mobile commerce (m-commerce), revealing that the UK market is expected to grow from £8.41bn from 2014 to £14.95bn this year – an almost 78% year-on-year increase.

In this infographic, it highlights that m-commerce now accounts for 34% of sales globally, and alongside Asia, the UK market is leading the way. Looking at different sectors, fashion and luxury holds the biggest share of m-commerce transactions – approximately 30-35% – however, travel isn’t far behind (25-30%), as well as health and beauty (22-29%). Read more on Infographic: UK m-commerce expected to rise 78% YOY…

Are you paying attention at the back?

(Chung Sung-Jun/Thinkstock)

(Chung Sung-Jun/Thinkstock)

Albert Einstein’s driver used to sit at the back of the hall at each of his lectures. After several years, Einstein used to joke that the driver had heard the lecture so many times he could give it himself. So one day they swapped, with Einstein sitting at the back in the driver’s uniform. The driver gave a flawless lecture.

Then, at the end, someone asked a tricky question. In a moment of inspiration, the newbie lecturer replied: “Well, the answer to that question is so simple I bet that even my driver sitting up at the back could answer it…” Read more on Are you paying attention at the back?…

The Daily Poke: Every cloud

Every cloudWe Brits love a tipple. But why sip, when you can inhale?

From their emerald green boating lake on top of Selfridge’s to The Guinness Tasting Rooms in Dublin, Bompas & Parr have become well known for their curious culinary creativity. And for their latest tasty trick, they’ve concocted Alcoholic Architecture in Borough Market. Read more on The Daily Poke: Every cloud…

Our metrics are broken

Man watching video on tabletWhat does ‘view’ mean? Sounds like a simple question, but for a media buyer looking at the multiplicity of emerging online advertising formats, particularly within the video space, getting to the bottom of this presents a massive challenge.

The fact is, one media owner’s interpretation of ‘view’ can be completely different to another’s, highlighted by the emergence and growth of “completed views”. Read more on Our metrics are broken

Five reasons to applaud the IAB

iab believesA week when cheaters everywhere have been furiously deleting texts while soiling themselves at the prospect of being revealed in the Ashley Madison hack is a good time to think about online privacy – and dishonesty.

So it was either prescience or luck that encouraged the IAB to choose this week to issue statements about 5 issues that have been undermining trust in internet advertising (unless of course Guy Phillipson is behind the hack – a cunning way to create the right context). The statements have been about brand safety online, ad viewability, ad fraud, an ad funded internet and, of course, privacy. You can read their press release about it here. Read more on Five reasons to applaud the IAB…

Star Wars… or should it be Brand Wars?

WEB_Brand_WarsBrand Republic reported on back in May that demand for cinema is at an all time high. As a result, ad spend for the medium was said to be up 9.4% year on year. Great news!

Perhaps then we shouldn’t be surprised to have witnessed a multitude of brands in the past few weeks starting to announce and launch campaigns around the highly anticipated forthcoming Star Wars film, The Force Awakens – due out in December.

But how clever have the creatives got across the new digital world and are the ads any good?  What’s the tie-in to the long and established brand and how will the hardcore, long-standing, loyal fans (myself included) feel about them? Read more on Star Wars… or should it be Brand Wars?…

The Daily Poke: Billboard beds

Billboard bedsHomelessness is a huge problem in every major city of Pakistan. Of the estimated 500,000 sleeping rough at night, most then go on to work as labourers during the day – their poor sleep of course affecting the work they can do and the money they can earn. Read more on The Daily Poke: Billboard beds…

The globalisation of fraud filtering and verification

WEB_globe_earth_worldOnline ad fraud costs millions. Every year, advertising dollars are wasted and the urgency of ensuring content is seen by human eyes has been building to a crescendo. As if to reinforce this point, FIPP recently announced that internet advertising is expected to overtake TV by 2017 – a significant milestone for the industry.

With the news that Nielsen will take its digital advertising rating services to Asia and Latin America, the right steps are slowly being taken to establish guidelines. However, more needs to be done to elevate the discussion of verification and viewability standards that work holistically for every segment across the digital landscape. Read more on The globalisation of fraud filtering and verification…

Advertising and content: Owned and earned lines are blurring

oreo-20150819072143786The role of content in the digital marketer’s toolkit is an increasingly important one – the explosion of digital channels largely the primary driver behind this phenomenon. But with the lines between owned and earned, advertising and content increasingly blurring, brands need to tread carefully in order to avoid alienating their audience.

Spend on native and content advertising in the UK reached £216m in the first half of 2014, accounting for 21% of all display ad spend.

Oreo recently came under fire from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) following a campaign featuring two YouTube vloggers – Dan Howell and Phil Lester, whose vlogs on YouTube have been viewed more than 35 million times – because it wasn’t obvious during a video that it was part of a campaign commissioned by Mondelez. Read more on Advertising and content: Owned and earned lines are blurring…