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Vine’s private messaging – what does it mean for marketers and brands?

Vine messagingVine have announced that it will be competing with the likes of Snapchat and Instagram as it unveiled the platform’s new private messaging functionality, which allows users to send a looping six-second Vine to anyone in their address book – even if they aren’t on Vine.

The announcement was made on the Vine Blog, acknowledging the need for the platform to evolve. Read More »

Charisma aside, is social media a bit anti-social and anti-self?


A few years ago now, pre Snapchat and Instagram, but around the time Facebook started getting some seriously punchy valuations, I started talking about how digital brands might just be the most evolved version of the brand form. Why? My thinking was, and still is, that brands like Facebook and Twitter are so crazy-successful because they are examples of brands at their most charismatic. ‘Charismatic’ because their focus is on how they can make us feel good about ourselves.

“How can you have charisma? Be more concerned about making others feel good about themselves than about making them feel good about you.”

Dan Reiland, Author & Executive Pastor of 12Stone Church, Lawrenceville, Georgia Read More »

How vertical networks are changing social media

Ladder Juan JilbeWhile our personal lives and social existence seem irreversibly entwined to Facebook, users have largely resisted the temptation to share the details of their professional lives on the network. In some cases, we’ve put off “friending” colleagues or turn up the security settings before applying for a new job, lest an embarrassing photo presents itself to a recruiter or potential colleague.

LinkedIn capitalised on Facebook’s personal-life focus, providing a counterpoint for users’ professional personas. Here, the same user that has a thriving Facebook account has built a brand new, career-orientated profile for their work lives. Separation has been the name of the game. Now, a new breed of social network is emerging that’s prompting users to rethink the traditional online persona. Read More »

Most viral April Fools videos of 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 10.27.48April Fools is a great time for companies to get a bit playful with their advertising. It’s the one day of the year when brands are free to indulge in a spot of no-holds-barred creative marketing and it’s always fun reading about the various new mad-cap product lines that hit the market on April 1st.

As expected, Tuesday was no exception…
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Six tips for minimising the legal risks of social media

SMS at 20: Texting has become a way of life, particularly for children and teenagersAs we move into a world where branded social media channels are no longer seen as experimental marketing channels, but essential communications tools, it’s important for businesses to be mindful of the risks they face in this area.

While the reputational dangers of getting social media wrong have been well documented (almost every month we encounter a new high profile #socialmediafail) the legal and regulatory risks are less obvious. This is partly because the law is often slow to catch up with digital trends, and also because there have been few, if any, high profile test cases involving business use of social media. Read More »

Twitter at eight

BalloonsOn 21 March 2006, Jack Dorsey sent the first ever tweet. Fast-forward eight years, and Twitter is a fully-fledged cultural phenomenon, with 241 million active users.

At the Oscars, Ellen Degeneres’ celebrity selfie was retweeted 3.4 million times. With figures like this, it’s not surprising Twitter felt it was time to go public in November of last year. But with this will come increased scrutiny from shareholders and the market in general, leading to some of Twitter’s biggest obstacles yet. Read More »

Get a grip: corporate executives are scared of losing control

Social Media TomThe media is littered with cautionary tales about corporate executives taking to the social media stage and falling flat on their faces. Twitter #FAILs like British Gas’ price hike Q&A, and Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary causing mass offense, have struck fear into the hearts of many business leaders, who see social marketing as a risky strategy for building brand value. And who could blame them? Read More »

Facebook throws its email service in the junk

The Best Days to Post on Facebook, Based on IndustryEmail has always been Facebook’s Achilles Heel. In 2010 the ubiquitous social network tried to rectify this by launching its own email system, trying to attract its users to ditch their tried and tested providers.

However, it has not been plain sailing and the lack of consumer interest culminated last month with Facebook’s decision to close its email service accompanied by the concession from one spokesperson: “We’re making this change because most people haven’t been using their Facebook email address.” Read More »

Five things brands should be doing with Pinterest

PinterestTo coincide with its fourth birthday this month, Simon Robinson explains how brands can use Pinterest to improve their consumer engagements.

Pinterest, the tool for collecting and organising things you love, enables users to share and pin photos and short videos. As brides-to-be “pin” their favourite wedding dress designs and new homeowners follow DIY window treatment boards, the image-sharing social network is the ultimate wish list, radiating millions upon millions of consumers’ intent to purchase. Read More »

Jelly for brands: is now the right time to join?

jelly logo biz stoneWith all the initial buzz surrounding the launch of Jelly, it can be easy to forget that the questions app isn’t even two months old. Co-founded by Twitter’s Biz Stone, Jelly was launched back in early January to tremendous hype.

Brands have already begun to play around with the platform, keen, perhaps, to ride the wave of the next big thing in social media. But are these brands doing the right thing, or are they alienating the audience they want to attract? Read More »