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Social media campaigns to watch: Burberry, Save the Children, Chanel and Twitter



In a new monthly roundup on The Wall blog, Sara McCorquodale, senior editor at trend forecasting and analysis service WGSN, takes a look at how Burberry, Save the Children, Chanel and Twitter have all executed social media-centric campaigns in the last month.

Burberry’s #LFW Snapchat reveal

How do you make your brand and spring/summer 2016 collection relevant to Generation Z? Post every look on Snapchat the day before your very expensive, star-studded London Fashion Week catwalk show. That’s what Burberry did – and it was a canny move. Not only did it set the brand apart as an innovator – unprohibited by traditional ideas of “saving” the big reveal of its line for tradition media – but it reached out to its next generation of customers on their social platform of choice. Also, it ensured buzz about the show 24 hours before the collection was catwalk-ed. Clever. Read more on Social media campaigns to watch: Burberry, Save the Children, Chanel and Twitter…

London dominates Social Media Week online conversation with key influencers

(Social Media Week London/Dan Taylor)

(Social Media Week London/Dan Taylor)

With over one million people connecting through social and mobile, Social Media Week has become more than just an event – it’s a movement where many of the people who attend are shaping the future of the industry. Whilst the event is hosted in different cities throughout the year, how does London fair in the online conversation around Social Media Week?

Webfluential recently analysed the results of the four host cities for September including London, Miami, São Paulo and Rotterdam. The results are in – London achieved top position and dominated the Social Media Week online conversation. #SMWLDN had more than double the amount of tweets than Miami (who achieved second position), three-and-a-half times more tweets than Rotterdam and over 12 times more than São Paulo. Read more on London dominates Social Media Week online conversation with key influencers…

The Daily Poke: Turning the tide on your hashtags


Following Twitter and Instagram posts around the topics that really matter, well sometimes it’s just too much information. But now there’s a new tool that lets you monitor activity, and at the same time presents it back to you in a neat, accessible form. Read more on The Daily Poke: Turning the tide on your hashtags…

Mobile-first is the talk of Dmexco as brands like Instagram drive conversation

WEB_Instagram_logoTaking place every September in Cologne, Germany, Dmexco is the international conference for the digital industry. In a global digital economy, this show has more relevance than ever before, with brands travelling across Europe, America and Asia for tips from leading marketers on how to build their brand.

With global brands and leading companies in the marketing technology industry presenting their latest digital solutions, visions and innovations, Dmexco creates masses of conversations about the future of digital marketing – both on the trade show floor and online.

Compared with previous years, mobile has significantly grown its presence at the show (and we’re not just talking about the massive attention-grabbing mobile phones sported on some stands). Conversations have evolved too; mobile is not just being discussed in silo as marketers explore how location data can be harness to engage consumers in context too. Read more on Mobile-first is the talk of Dmexco as brands like Instagram drive conversation…

It’s time to move from social media to social business

facebookIt’s hard to fathom that Facebook has only been available to the general public for less than ten years. As with many other recent advancements – take mobile or online shopping for example – it’s so prevalent that it’s hard to imagine a time before social media. And in its relatively short ascent, social media and its ever proliferating channel landscape have done a lot more than bring people closer to their friends, families and interests – it’s also fundamentally changed the ways in which people expect the brands they use to behave, respond, serve and “engage.”

With the billion-plus people on Facebook and all the other social channels then, it’s not a surprise that brands continue to try very hard to invite themselves to the party. What is surprising is how slow many brands have been to understand the real value of how social technologies and social behavior dynamics can apply to their businesses (hint: it has little to do with how many likes or follows you’ve amassed). Read more on It’s time to move from social media to social business…

#Musicbuzz: The evolving role of social in music


Social media has changed the music marketing landscape forever. While it’s easy to be impressed by the scale of an artist’s social media footprint, both marketeers and musicians need to continue to look behind the numbers to understand the value of social media and how it can be further enhanced.

With last week’s Social Media Week in London, and having just held MEC’s second Music Week looking at the changing role of social, data and brand partnerships, I took the opportunity to speak with three emerging bands – MALKA, The Daydream Club and The Microdance – to find out their perceptions of social media and the future role for brands. Read more on #Musicbuzz: The evolving role of social in music…

Apple event: Looking beyond the buzz



Apple’s social media policy is perhaps the most simple of all major businesses, in that it ignores it completely and by doing so generates a community and conversation large enough to make Kim Kardashian blush. Last night was no different.

From giant iPads to 4K selfies, Twitter once again exploded in a hysterical chatter that would undoubtedly sound like a wailing banshee should it have been audible. Read more on Apple event: Looking beyond the buzz…

Five things to know about social media in China



Benji Lamb, a British journalist who has been based in Shanghai for five years, gives The Wall a rundown of the social media landscape in China.

The Chinese social media landscape is arguably the most dynamic, unique and exciting one in the world. Social media in China has exploded particularly with the rise of Weibo (China’s answer to Twitter) and We Chat. The internet penetration rate in China is 47.5%, the highest in the world. There are now an astonishing 634 million internet users, over twice the population of the US. It is therefore no surprise that social media has become a key target for marketers and businesses across the globe.

Here are five things you need to know about social media in China. Read more on Five things to know about social media in China…

11 of the best football social media campaigns

FootballappPremier League football clubs have acquired more than 200 million Facebook likes and 30 million Twitter followers, and eight of last year’s top ten tweeted moments in the UK were football related. The sport’s position as the world leader in online conversation offers brands the ideal playing field to engage with fans to build customer relationships, generate exposure, loyalty and trust across multiple markets.

Here,  Matt House, founder and chief executive of sports marketing agency SportQuake, takes a look at some of the best football-led digital campaigns and content. Read more on 11 of the best football social media campaigns…

Three steps for engaging a niche audience online


(Mario Tama/Thinkstock)

Consumers are presented with an exorbitant amount of choices when it comes to product – the eco-friendly version, the organic version, the cost-effective version and the list goes on. To ensure products stand out, consumer goods companies should hone in on niche markets, an approach that focuses marketing efforts on a small, specific and well-defined segments of consumers.

Here are three crucial steps to engaging a niche audience:

Get to know them well

Early on, it’s important to research your consumers – what blogs do they read? Where do they shop? What are their favorite brands? Now that you’ve discovered which brands they follow, try to identify successful trends in the social media content they’re generating. Read more on Three steps for engaging a niche audience online…