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Twitter takes on Snapchat’s Live Stories

WEB_Twitter_AmplifyAs social platforms have evolved, a common theme has emerged: from text and links to images and photos and then video – the importance of social video is now paramount to all key players. With a mission to maximise their ad revenues, the vastly superior ad rates for video formats (especially those that are mobile) are irresistible.

This is why Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and other platforms have spent so much time and money building their own native digital propositions for their users. But while the focus has so far been on running paid campaigns for branded videos, we may soon see social media attention shift to a different format – live. Read more on Twitter takes on Snapchat’s Live Stories…

Why The Net Set will prove the longevity of mobile for fashion

WEB_The_Net_SetOn 13 May, for fashion lovers across the globe, something truly amazing happened. E-retail giant Net-a-Porter launched the first social shopping network, The Net Set.

Always ahead of the curve, Net-a-Porter was founded by Natalie Massenet during the digital boom of the early 2000s. While trying to source clothing online for fashion shoot, Massenet, developed the idea of a glossy magazine in website format where users could ‘click’ to buy the clothing they desired. Read more on Why The Net Set will prove the longevity of mobile for fashion…

The Daily Poke: Chhirpy Chhirpy Tweet Tweet

Chhirpy TweetWith the global explosion of selfies, snapchats and (a seemingly inexhaustible supply of) cat videos, cyberspace has always been an essentially visual place. Attempting to redress the sensorial balance is new, sonic-based app, Chhirp.

Translating Twitter’s 140-character count into the spoken word, the app lets you share 12-second sound-bites instead of the soooo last decade thumb-typed text. Listen out for Chhirps on Twitter, or on the app’s own newsfeed. Each audio clip plays on a loop, and a counter registers how many times it gets played. Or how many times a Chhirp is chheeped? Read more on The Daily Poke: Chhirpy Chhirpy Tweet Tweet…

The telephone concert

WhatsApp logoHere’s an idea: the world’s first ever live concert, broadcast solely over via telephone. Ring a number at a specified time to tune in, kick back, and let the tinny sounds wash over your right ear.

What do you think? Seems like the kind of “entrepreneurial creativity” (ahem) that someone like Will.I.Am would probably get a kick out of, and with its quirky repurposing of a media platform I imagine it would have great saliency. But those things don’t make a good idea. Read more on The telephone concert…

When celeb partnerships on social can win

social mediaMany celebrities sell products. This is not something we find surprising anymore.

But endorsement or partnership doesn’t work when it’s for the wrong reason: when there is such a tenuous link that it ends up being overly promotional (e.g. Scarlett Johansson for soda stream).

Read more on When celeb partnerships on social can win…

Brands should “enhance the conversation” to infiltrate mobile messaging apps

dubsmashMobile messaging apps have developed to become the ultimate private social network for users. No need to navigate through complex privacy settings on Facebook, or experiment with new private networks such as Ello.

We’ve seamlessly created the ultimate tailored feed,that far exceeds the algorithmic-led capabilities of any traditional social network.

Whatsapp’s 70% daily active users show that mobile messaging is where the eyeballs – or fingertips – are at. Read more on Brands should “enhance the conversation” to infiltrate mobile messaging apps…

What can Snapchat offer brands?

Snapchat by Maurizio PesceIt was reported by The Sunday Times earlier this week that Snapchat’s latest valuation has hit $12bn. This follows its highly anticipated first ad running across the messaging platform last month – a 20-second trailer for horror film Ouija, appeared in its users’ ‘recent updates’ section.

With a reported 100 million monthly users worldwide sending 700 million snaps a day, Snapchat has been one of the fastest growing social platforms of the past few years.

It now trails only Facebook and Instagram in smartphone penetration with the 18 to 34-year-old age group. But does this justify its recent valuation and make it an ideal platform for brands? Read more on What can Snapchat offer brands?…

Stop. Check. Post?

Why an unfocused social-media strategy is a waste of moneyWe are in an age of Too Much Information. The proliferation of social media, coupled with our desire to share every moment of our lives with friends and followers means we’re constantly exposed to (depending on how old you are) babies, weddings, foodporn, running routes, holiday photos and party pics.

Sharing is a huge part of being social, and keeping up to date with these events is why so many of us are addicted to checking social media, even if we don’t always want to admit it. However, we do have a breaking point. Everyone has ‘that’ friend on social – the one who takes sharing a step too far, spewing out updates on the most mundane aspects of their lives to clog up our news feeds. And it’s not just our friends who are guilty of this cardinal social media sin – brands are at it too.

Read more on Stop. Check. Post?…

What’s Ello all about and should we be worried about its anti-ad stance?

ElloEllo is the new ‘social network’ (no-one actually describes themselves as a social network) from independent developers, including Paul Budnitz, founder of the toy company Kidrobot. It publically declares that: “Your social network is owned by advertisers. Every post you share, every friend you make and every link you follow is tracked, recorded and converted into data.”

It therefore aims to be different, with a stance of no ads, and no data sold for targeting. Read more on What’s Ello all about and should we be worried about its anti-ad stance?…

What Lego can teach us about user generated content

Lego by Dan Goodwin_FlickrThe benefits for a brand to encourage inspirational and original user generated content can be huge.

Firstly, the volume: the nature of social can mean campaigns are viewed and shared with a higher volume of people than traditional media. Secondly, the immediacy: the instantaneous nature of social sharing means thought-provoking, entertaining or aspirational ideas get picked up and shared in a much shorter period of time. And thirdly, control: brands have now found a place in the market where they own the media space. With the wider use of online social channels user generated content can deliver more views, reach and engage with more people and raise brand awareness quickly, generating peer-to-peer brand advocacy that can be directly linked with uplifts in sales and revenue.

One company that does this well is Lego, through its ‘Lego Ideas’ initiative. Read more on What Lego can teach us about user generated content…