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5 things CMOs can learn from mobile-first app brands: Part 2

The second post in a week-long series. Today, how mobile-first app brands are changing the nature of communications, particularly mobile social networks. 


Emerging social media, messaging and dating apps are encouraging users to adopt new forms of communication and content, leading to a rise in chat acronyms, Emojis, stickers and icons, hashtags, vines, image posts and vertical video streams.

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#PancakeDay on Twitter: Xbox, Red Bull and McDonald’s join in

It’s Pancake Day, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday.

Pancake Day Three

#PancakeDay is trending on Twitter, boosted by brands celebrating and offering advice about how people can buy, cook and eat their eggs, milk and flour before Lent.

The Big Four supermarkets have all prepared for #PancakeDay with recipes and ideas that encourage a little overindulgence in the kitchen.

Other big names including Xbox, Red Bull and British Gas have jumped on board with some imaginative tweets.

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Brands need to ditch the Emperor’s new clothes of social media

Apparently Gangnam Style has been seen by more people than there are on the planet, Twitter is more popular than TV and Generation Z learn to Snapchat before they can walk.

psy gangnam style youtube 2012

I may be a little fuzzy on the details, but that doesn’t matter because the broad conclusions are unmistakable.

Social media is where people are at, so your brand needs to be there – fishing where the fish are and all that.

Social media gives brands a new way to get closer to customers by engaging them in ‘social’ conversation.

It’s clearly a compelling story because billions have been spent to give brands an ongoing Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter presence.

It’s certainly worked out for Mark Zuckerberg, but what business impact has it had for the brands that pay for the platforms? Read more on Brands need to ditch the Emperor’s new clothes of social media…

How brands use WhatsApp

Facebook’s WhatsApp has joined the one billion monthly active users club.


That’s almost one seventh of the world’s population now using the service every month, overtaking Facebook’s own Messenger app, which has reported 800 million monthly users.

WhatsApps’ founders have always pledged to avoid third-party ads but brands are finding other ways to reach users.

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If we did the social media for… Donald Trump

Obama has the right idea. His Twitter account is totally him, but then it’s not him.

Donald Trump

It’s Barack approved, but it’s run by a team of people who all know what they’re doing and what he should be thinking.

They give you glimpses, they flash a bit of ankle, they allow you to peer momentarily around the curtains, but for the most part their tweets and messages are reflections of political leanings.

They are not Obama’s innermost thoughts, he isn’t barking at his enemies or retweeting Gifs.

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Infographic: Search vs social advertising spend

Spend on social advertising jumped 50% year on year in the last quarter of 2015, stimulated by new Facebook ad types, changes in bidding strategies and the wider availability of Instagram ads.


The analysis suggests spend on search advertising grew by 8%, driven in part by growth in retailers’ use of seasonal product listing ads (PLAs), which made up 26% of all search impressions (up from 8% a year ago).

Mobile continues to be the biggest driver of overall growth in both channels, accounting for nearly all of the annual spending increase in paid search. Read more on Infographic: Search vs social advertising spend…

An analysis of UK moment marketing spend and strategies

The recent Warc and Deloitte 2016 Toolkit put moment marketing as the number one marketing trend in 2016.

Second screening

To shed some light on the industry’s hottest topic, TVTY has released the first ever detailed analysis of UK moment marketing spend and strategies.

Here are four findings from the Moment Marketing Whitepaper.

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Why 2016 will be the year of live streaming

periscopeLive streaming is nothing new. Amateur bedroom radio shows have been transmitted over ropey internet connections since the early 1990s. But the start of 2015 saw the introduction of a new, interactive and highly engaging form of broadcasting – mobile live streaming.

For now, there are a handful of players in this emerging market: Meerkat, YouNow, Facebook, and most notably Periscope, Twitter‘s latest acquisition.

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Why marketers should focus on Instagram

InstagramIt’s no secret that Instagram is now the fastest-growing social platform, not only in terms of usage statistics but also in terms of users, having reached 400 million users this year – setting sights high for other social platforms.

If its sheer growth doesn’t scream potential to marketers, then perhaps some numbers from Instagram can help back up the platform’s importance: there are 80 million photos posted per day which receive 3.5 billion likes and a further 40 billion shares (all still in the same day) – figures which help support the platform’s high engagement which averages at 21 minutes per day. Read more on Why marketers should focus on Instagram…

How can beauty brands use social for customer targeting?

Star Wars makeup by CovergirlIn the first 14 days of December, there were over 119,000 posts uploaded on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube offering Christmas beauty tips or showcasing make-up selfies. Engagement levels peaked at over 18,000 posts per day, with conversation driven largely by beauty bloggers and vloggers as well as savvy brands.

Advertising on social media is giving brands access to a huge audience this Christmas and its visual nature is perfect for festive beauty products. We’ve analysed what is driving social media success for beauty retailers and have compiled three tips for marketers that want to emulate their social success. Read more on How can beauty brands use social for customer targeting?…