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What to consider when choosing paid social KPI

socialmediaMany times we’re faced with the eternal question of what defines the success of a paid social campaign. More often than not, we approach paid social with the traditional way of media buying without taking into account the rules of programmatic and real-time bidding.

That said, we fall into the assumption that the success of every campaign is very much dependent on the level of coverage we will achieve at the lowest cost possible. Hence why, for those of us who have clients, we are often asked to run campaigns with ‘Reach’ as the main objective.

Do we, however, really understand what reach means in a real-time bidding environment? Even in traditional media buying, not all impressions cost the same. The only difference in offline media is that inventory pricing is predetermined and you know what you’re getting for the investment you’re making, whereas in real-time bidding, advertising inventory buying is auction-based and automated. Read more on What to consider when choosing paid social KPI…

5 ways that Twitter can improve and strengthen active user numbers

Five ways that Twitter can improve and strengthen active user numbers following the recent news that their user base stalled for the first time in Q4 of 2015. By Dom Moriarty, head of social at Passion Digital.

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As social messaging grows, how can businesses best exploit it?

social-messagingThere are big questions looming for digital marketers with the accelerating growth of social messaging apps. Should we advertise on this platform?

Is it too personal for business or is it the best opportunity to engage with customers yet?

Snapchat has over 100 million users, Facebook Messenger has around 800 million monthly users and WhatsApp, under ownership of Facebook has 990 million users and that’s only been around since 2009.

When you understand that WhatsApp sends 30 billion messages daily, it’s clear that we are dealing with a huge, active and powerful social community. Read more on As social messaging grows, how can businesses best exploit it?…

Rise of the chatbot

The rise of the chatbot and the fall of the app-based economy have recently taken centre stage, thanks in large part to Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that Facebook was opening up Messenger to third-party bots.


The potential for brands to interact with users at the same level they do with their peers is immense. As Kik’s Ivar Chan says, “In a world where messenger apps have surpassed social networks, companies need to expand their digital presence to these greenfield pastures.”

OK, he’s a partner at a leading chatbot specialist, so he does have a dog in the fight… but he’s also right. This isn’t about bots and artificial intelligence, this is about ubiquity of messaging as platform.

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Social media for good: Saving Bletchley Park

So often these days, news headlines are pock-marked with nasty tales of hacking incidents, online trolling, bullying and abuse that are setting a lot of people off from participating with any social media platform.


But now and then, examples of how fantastic, caring and beneficial social media can be comes into public awareness and forces us to not ignore the good of this medium for all.

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How to get to 10,000 Twitter followers in a year

We can’t all have as many Twitter followers as Kim Kardashian, but you don’t have to be a reality TV star to build an impressive following.


Here are four rules to follow to get you on the path to Twitter stardom.

1. Twitter is self-fulfilling

The more you interact with others, the more they’ll interact with you. But first you need to carefully define your community and follow relevant people – and the following tools can help:

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The mother of all earned visual content campaigns on Earth Day

With Earth Day upon us, we’ve hunted for the most exceptional customer-generated campaigns celebrating 46 years of a movement giving a voice to environmental issues.


The winning three are not only brands but also governmental organisations: Nasa, Apple & WWF and the UNFCC.

With so many social media campaigns trying to motivate people to take action, these digital campaigns tap into the community spirit and emotion, making users think about their values and successfully understand that today is more than just a single day.

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Instagram: Developing UX or cashing in?

It’s no surprise to anyone that the power of social media is only increasing.


Instagram users alone post in excess of 80 million photos per day and brands and businesses are becoming ever more creative with their campaigns and reaping the benefits as a result.

But is the social media giants desire to capitalise and advertise making it that bit harder?

In the wake of Instagram’s recent developments, which of course caused an outcry of paranoia from their 400million + users – could all of the hard work brands have put in targeting their audiences, gaining followers and increasing interaction be ruined?

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What CEOs need to know about digital

I’m old enough that the year 2000 once seemed futuristic to me. Now it seems like some kind of Victorian costume drama.

old telephone

Expensive long distance phone calls? The Yellow Pages? Getting your photos developed overnight using strange chemicals? Music scratched into pieces of plastic? The past truly is a foreign country.

As I sit looking out my office window, I can see Facebook’s new luxury building in Fitzrovia. It’s being constructed on the ruins of a major Post Office distribution centre.

The spectacular growth of digital firms is being driven by a revolution in both the amount of data produced and the speed at which it gets shuffled from place to place. But this sometimes leads to lazy thinking.  Read more on What CEOs need to know about digital…