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The Daily Poke: The latest squeeze

The latest squeezeIn a world of increasingly digitised relationships, physical interaction has been given a bit of a cold shoulder. Naturally, no one would suggest we put away our devices to actually reach out to each other. No need, when we have e-gurus like Petter Prinz and his new interactive cuddling app, HUG.

The ex-Google employee explains, “With Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp we’re constantly trying to keep in touch, but along the way we’ve lost the physical touch.” HUG nuzzles into that gap, allowing you to send someone a squeeze they can actually feel. Like an emoji, only buzzier. Read more on The Daily Poke: The latest squeeze…

#FROW2025 – London Fashion Week in a digital age

WEB_London_Fashion_WeekThere was an abundance of media buzz surrounding the latest tech and digital devices being used on the catwalk during the final fashion shows for A/W 2015.

In light of this, Federico Barbieri, former senior vice-president digital and ebusiness for the Kering Group, and Paulo Bernini, creative director of Open Reply, have re-imagined the event as to what the focus for those will be on the front row at A/W Fashion Week 2025. Read more on #FROW2025 – London Fashion Week in a digital age…

Pay your own way with Facebook Messenger

WEB_Facebook_MessengerFacebook has announced users of its Messenger app in the US will be able to send and receive money from contacts for free through a new payments feature.

This follows other recent social media and mobile payment integrations such as Snapcash in the US, which allows Snapchat users to send money to friends via the app, and Barclay’s recent incorporation of Twitter handles to its Pingit money transfer app in the UK.

By choosing not to partner with payments behemoth PayPal, Facebook has chosen to utilise its sparse experience across gaming and the old credits system to build their own solution. The benefit to users is simplicity of use, without having to share details of bank accounts etc with each payee. Read more on Pay your own way with Facebook Messenger…

Choice: the future of social login

WEB_Janrain_social_login_trendsFacebook continues to dominate when it comes to social login trends for Q1 2015, with a 45% share of social logins and a 2% rise from last quarter.

With results like these, it’s difficult to imagine a time when Facebook didn’t command social login across all sectors. However, what’s increasingly clear is that the trends are fluctuating and change is undeniably on the horizon.

When it comes to using your social identity, the instinctive reaction might be to pick Facebook regardless of the brand that you are engaging with. Similarly, as a brand, it is tempting to simply review the stats and thus provide Facebook as the only option for social login. Read more on Choice: the future of social login…

Instagram’s move deeper into e-commerce is missing a trick for brands


It’s inevitable that Facebook-owned Instagram will follow the footsteps of Facebook, Twitter and lately Pinterest and add more e-commerce features for advertisers.

While Instagram first made sponsored postings available back in November 2013, it announced new carousel ads with links to brand websites as recently as March 2015. Recent reports now suggest it will also launch ‘click to shop ads’ which would be a further step in this direction.

If confirmed, these recent changes together mark a significant increase in the options available to advertisers to tap into Instagram’s 300 million user base.  Read more on Instagram’s move deeper into e-commerce is missing a trick for brands…

Why the A-list love TV

Kit HarringtonAfter an agonising wait, Game of Thrones has burst back into our living rooms. I felt the 1.6 million other viewers for the first episode – Sky Atlantic’s highest ever overnight audience – breathe a collective sigh of relief along with me as Kit Harrington returned to our screens (swoon).

This somewhat filled the hole of the legendary Charles Dance after Tywin Lannister’s dramatic demise last season – although the vision of his pebble-eyed corpse is something I can’t unsee.

But that aside, the return of this corking show and its corking cast made me think about the relationship between Hollywood and TV now, and how A-listers have become a permanent part of the TV landscape. Read more on Why the A-list love TV…

Social media: how to turn a negative review into positive feedback

social mediaConsumers made a record 66 million complaints about sub-standard goods and services last year. And with social media rapidly becoming an open forum between customers and businesses,more people than ever are turning to social media to vent their frustrations with companies and products that fail to meet expectations.

These complaints remain visible, online indefinitely and can have a disastrous effect on your business.

But you can turn the tables – just as the complaint is public so is the way you resolve issue – and achieving a resolution that exceeds expectations can be an excellent PR opportunity for your business. Read more on Social media: how to turn a negative review into positive feedback…

The Grand National on social media: brands fail to make an impact

WEB_Grand_National_ShutterstockWith viewing figures peaking at 8.8m, The Grand National claimed a 60.3% share of last Saturday’s TV audience in the UK. As such, it was widely discussed on social media for a variety of reasons.

The Social Media Race

Before the race, ShutTheFrontDoor had been way out front in terms of social media mentions, grabbing the media and social media limelight as AP Mcoy’s 20th and final ride in the Crabbie’s Grand National.

But as the race approached, all attention turned to Many Clouds who lead the social media race from beginning to end in real-time.

Did social media know something the bookies didn’t? Read more on The Grand National on social media: brands fail to make an impact…

IAB results prompt advertisers to take a cross-channel approach

MobileholdingphoneLast week, the Institute of Advertising Bureau’s 2014 Digital Adspend report revealed phenomenal growth yet again: across 2014 a massive £7.2bn (up from £6.26bn in 2013) was spent on digital advertising as a whole.

However, most interestingly, spend on mobile advertising accounted for a massive 23% of the total spend – a growth of 63% YoY. Read more on IAB results prompt advertisers to take a cross-channel approach…

Welcome to the new normal – social selling

Social Selling“A-B-C. A-always, B-be, C-closing”, is the immortal advice Alec Baldwin’s character Blake imparts to a group of hapless salesmen in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross.

This basic sales tenet has not changed much since; however, the routes to generating such leads have altered irrevocably thanks in large part to the boom in social media. Read more on Welcome to the new normal – social selling…