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5 things CMOs can learn from mobile-first app brands: Part 2

The second post in a week-long series. Today, how mobile-first app brands are changing the nature of communications, particularly mobile social networks. 


Emerging social media, messaging and dating apps are encouraging users to adopt new forms of communication and content, leading to a rise in chat acronyms, Emojis, stickers and icons, hashtags, vines, image posts and vertical video streams.

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#PancakeDay on Twitter: Xbox, Red Bull and McDonald’s join in

It’s Pancake Day, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday.

Pancake Day Three

#PancakeDay is trending on Twitter, boosted by brands celebrating and offering advice about how people can buy, cook and eat their eggs, milk and flour before Lent.

The Big Four supermarkets have all prepared for #PancakeDay with recipes and ideas that encourage a little overindulgence in the kitchen.

Other big names including Xbox, Red Bull and British Gas have jumped on board with some imaginative tweets.

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The Daily Poke: Drop dead awesomeness

Marvel fans are pretty hardcore. In fact, the hardcore scale goes like this: normal people, bungee jumpers, green berets, Marvel fans.


So it’s nice to hear how the guys behind superhero flick Deadpool rewarded their most dedicated devotees – with a celeb-filled screening of the film, a whole month early.

Fans in the US arrived at the event expecting to get a sneak peek of some unseen footage. But in fact they were treated to the movie itself, way ahead of schedule, along with appearances from stars and creatives.

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DOOH shares the same DNA as online and mobile

Back when this all began in 2005, and the first run of screens launched on the London Underground, DOOH stakeholders were keen to see the premium ad-revenues rolling in for this new turbo-charged Outdoor offering.


Many in the industry thought DOOH would boost Outdoor’s overall market share by deflecting existing budgets away from display and mobile advertising, and this could explain our relative antipathy in the beginning.

Fast forward to 2015 and the mood couldn’t be more different.

We in DOOH now sit comfortably alongside digital and mobile, courting some sort of harmonious digital threeway for clients, inviting them to sample our wares collectively.

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The Social Election… that wasn’t

Like no UK election before it, the 2015 General Election was positioned as The Social Election.

Election graph

But the noise being made inside the online space simply did not correspond directly or representatively with the demographics or party affiliations of those entering the voting booths.

It’s not so much that people were saying one thing online and then doing another thing on voting day, rather it’s that the conversations taking place online were extremely one-sided.

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How brands use WhatsApp

Facebook’s WhatsApp has joined the one billion monthly active users club.


That’s almost one seventh of the world’s population now using the service every month, overtaking Facebook’s own Messenger app, which has reported 800 million monthly users.

WhatsApps’ founders have always pledged to avoid third-party ads but brands are finding other ways to reach users.

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#GroundhogDay on Twitter: Pizza Express and Netflix are among the first brands to celebrate

It’s Groundhog Day in the US. On the 2 February, throughout Pennsylvania (according to folklore) Groundhogs are able to forecast whether locals can look forward to an early spring or if they’ll have to knuckle down for another six weeks of winter.


The most famous town that celebrates the event is Punxsutawney. It hit the headlines after featuring in the 1993  film Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell, which imagined what would happen if you had to relive the same day, over and over again.

The event is catching on in the UK too. Brands including Pizza Express and Sky are celebrating the day on Twitter by sharing clips from the film and PR stunts that use the hashtag #GroundhogDay.

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The Jan Job Hunt was No. 1 for social engagement

Very few of us will have made it to February without breaking any New Year’s Resolutions.

Job search

Those new jeans we were hoping to fit into still won’t button up and the recycling box is just as full of empty wine bottles as it was post-Christmas.

However, there are some resolutions that we do seem to stick to in January and one of these is the quest to find ourselves the perfect job.

Looking at the top Twitter hashtags for January, we can see #Job, #Jobs #Hiring and #Business all featuring in the top 30 in the English language.

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How social media really works in B2B

The southbound No 35 bus brings flat whites and new social media strategies from the Beards in Shoreditch to Suits in The City.


The top deck chatter is of “engaging customers in dialogue”, “deepening relationships” and “creating mutually beneficial value”.

But most social media strategies are to B2B marketing as flat white is to white coffee – all lace curtains and no sheets on the bed.

The presentation over, the underwhelmed Suits smile politely and turn back to planning their next predictable hospitality event while the Beards, flat and bemused, dribble back to the No. 35 bus stop.

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Marston’s social pubs uncover new customer journeys

You wouldn’t take a nicely brewed pint of beer and pour it down the drain, and Marston’s – the world’s largest brewer of cask ale – couldn’t agree more.


It decided to take positive action when it discovered it was doing just that with valuable customer insight.

Marston’s realised – like the majority of brands – it was making assumptions about its customers’ journeys without truly listening to them.

The brewer’s vision was to “bring social back” to its pubs and – by moving away from a pre-defined journey – it aimed to use insights to provide each customer with a tailored experience, relevant to their individual preferences.

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