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11 of the best football social media campaigns

FootballappPremier League football clubs have acquired more than 200 million Facebook likes and 30 million Twitter followers, and eight of last year’s top ten tweeted moments in the UK were football related. The sport’s position as the world leader in online conversation offers brands the ideal playing field to engage with fans to build customer relationships, generate exposure, loyalty and trust across multiple markets.

Here,  Matt House, founder and chief executive of sports marketing agency SportQuake, takes a look at some of the best football-led digital campaigns and content. Read more on 11 of the best football social media campaigns…

Three steps for engaging a niche audience online


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Consumers are presented with an exorbitant amount of choices when it comes to product – the eco-friendly version, the organic version, the cost-effective version and the list goes on. To ensure products stand out, consumer goods companies should hone in on niche markets, an approach that focuses marketing efforts on a small, specific and well-defined segments of consumers.

Here are three crucial steps to engaging a niche audience:

Get to know them well

Early on, it’s important to research your consumers – what blogs do they read? Where do they shop? What are their favorite brands? Now that you’ve discovered which brands they follow, try to identify successful trends in the social media content they’re generating. Read more on Three steps for engaging a niche audience online…

Using social media as your eyes and ears to protect your brand

WEB_Ribena_adSocial media is seen by the vast majority as a platform on which to share pictures of your dinner or to complain about the service you received at your local coffee shop. However, the communications experts among us will know that it’s far more powerful than that. It is in fact one of the most comprehensive research tools on the planet.

Businesses are already working with big data specialists to identify what’s hot and how exactly they should be positioning their new products to their audiences. But, while it’s useful to monitor for what’s hot, brand shouldn’t forget to monitor for what’s not. Read more on Using social media as your eyes and ears to protect your brand…

What do brands need to know about targeting the youth market on social media?

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The last couple of weeks have seen results from two of the world’s social media giants, with Twitter showing in particular that it is struggling to bring in new audiences. The results revealed that Facebook’s mobile consumer base alone is one billion users bigger than the entirety of Twitter’s userbase across all platforms.

So could it be that a lack of appeal to the youth market is hurting Twitter? This certainly seems to be the case, with our 2014/15 survey of students showing that 92% of students use Facebook, with Twitter used by just 58%. Worse still, 88% of students visit Facebook regularly, compared to just 38% for Twitter. Further to this, Snapchat and Instagram have overtaken the micro-blogging platform in terms of popularity with young people over the past year according to ComScore. Read more on What do brands need to know about targeting the youth market on social media?…

Keeping up the brand during a crisis

WEB_Thomas_Cook_Alton_TowersWhen companies are hit by a crisis, just how important is PR? Can media handling make a significant difference to a firm’s financial performance? I’ve never been sure on this issue but the respective fortunes of Merlin Entertainments and Thomas Cook this summer make interesting case studies.

To recap, Merlin was hit by the tragic crash on the Smiler rollercoaster ride at Alton Towers. And Thomas Cook was damaged by its failure in May to apologise unreservedly at an inquest into the death of two children in a Greek hotel. Read more on Keeping up the brand during a crisis…

Changes in content consumption mean making content that reliable sources can share

WEB_Shutterstock_content_kingThe nature of how we consume content online changed with the advent of social media. I used to have specific publishers I would read, particular newspapers or other sources of information, both general and industry specific, to catch up on all types of news. I don’t do that anymore – I just check Twitter.

Instead of finding and reading information from publishers, I follow people. Those people then tell me what’s worth reading, watching or seeing. I follow journalists I believe to have a high level of integrity, who I know will check their sources, and avoid fallacies in their reporting. I follow industry experts who I believe know what they’re talking about, and I follow people in general who do the same and share their findings. And by the way, there’s only a risk of confirmation bias in this if you allow it. Read more on Changes in content consumption mean making content that reliable sources can share…

Become a social influencer in a generation of noise

Social Media TomThe dawn of social media has drastically re-defined the digital landscape, presenting a golden opportunity for the marketer keen to develop a ‘personal brand.’ Consequently, a lot of time has been devoted the achievement of a “successful” social presence, though many people struggle with defining what exactly this means. In my opinion, the issue continually returns to two fundamental truths: content and traction.

Content should form the backbone

Content is the essential backbone for any individual seeking to make waves in the churning sea of social media. There are no shortcuts for creating great content, especially when you’re looking to add value and drive your plan forward strategically. The more you consider what your audience really wants – and the greater lengths you go to in order to find out what exactly that is – the better your results will be. Read more on Become a social influencer in a generation of noise…

Ten tips for effective social media listening and analysis – part two

WEB_social_mediaTreat social media as a valid source of data

Many companies are still using the intern to handle social media activity. After all, who could do it better than a millennial, right? But interns are often not in the loop of business KPIs and what matters to your organisation. So, ensure you plan your social media strategy at the right level- you’ll only get out what you put in… Read more on Ten tips for effective social media listening and analysis – part two…

Ten tips for effective social media listening and analysis – part one

social mediaMany articles are written about social media campaigns- new use cases for social platforms and tips to make your campaign go viral. However, the real value of social is not just as an outreach-and-engage platform, but as a listening and learning tool.

Social media is the world’s largest focus group – the biggest unsolicited source of consumer opinion on the planet. By gathering and analysing social media conversations, and applying learnings, marketers can transform their understanding of their target markets and inform their businesses’ strategies with meaningful data.

Do you know the very latest ways to use social media effectively? Here are our top ten tips for the effective use of social media listening and analysis for marketers. Read more on Ten tips for effective social media listening and analysis – part one…

Is Facebook entering a music streaming war?


2015 has seen the introduction of new rivals to compete against digital music service, Spotify. Whether that be Jay Z’s Tidal or Apple Music, the opportunity to jump on the music streaming bandwagon has become an even more enticing prospect as sales of physical music sales continue to dwindle.

Amazon is just one of many companies to have recently set up its own streaming service, Prime Music, exclusively available to Amazon Prime subscribers who pay £79 for an annual subscription. Progress of Prime Music is going to be very closely monitored by both existing and new competition to see if this type of exclusive membership can work. Read more on Is Facebook entering a music streaming war?…