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Pinterest misses opportunity to monetise the ‘discovery’ nature of its platform by denying ‘Buy Button’



According to a recent post on the Wall Street Journal, a survey of 1.5k Pinterest users earlier this year found that 52% of them used the site to ‘find items they want to buy’ and 30% confessed to having bought an item online that they had first seen on Pinterest, with 32% saying that they actually bought that item later in a shop.

Despite the huge commercial opportunity for Pinterest to monetise the ‘discovery’ nature of its platform, it was interesting to see that Eva Smith, Pinterest’s head of marketing communications and insights, was quoted as saying that the platform has “no plans to announce a buy button at this time”. Read more on Pinterest misses opportunity to monetise the ‘discovery’ nature of its platform by denying ‘Buy Button’…

Twitter’s flock to unlock: The power to drive consumer engagement

WEB_Van_Gough_NetherlandsWhen people think of visiting the Netherlands, many automatically think of Amsterdam but the country has much more to offer. As such, The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions (NBTC) wanted to create a special campaign that would leverage the occasion to mark the 125th anniversary of famed Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh’s death and promote other parts of the country, including Brabant and Gelderland – places closely related to the work and life of the post-impressionist painter.

The NBTC organised cultural events, exhibitions and tours for the occasion and the creative campaign, launched by Expedia Media Solutions, kicked off at the beginning of March. It targeted travellers from the UK, France and Germany. Read more on Twitter’s flock to unlock: The power to drive consumer engagement…

Re-brand of Ronseal – social media stunt



On the 21st anniversary of the creation of its famous slogan, ‘Does Exactly What it Says on the Tin’, UK woodcare brand Ronseal decided to celebrate the notable date by dropping the strapline.

Created in 1994 at the behest of Ronseal’s marketing director who wanted a campaign that promoted the honesty of both the brand and the products. It is now the third most recognised slogan of all time and according to the BBC has become part of the vernacular.

The phrase is used by media outlets across the world, from a news channel in New Zealand reviewing a film, to the latest results from a university developing new technologies for hydro-power. Read more on Re-brand of Ronseal – social media stunt…

Why The Net Set will prove the longevity of mobile for fashion

WEB_The_Net_SetOn 13 May, for fashion lovers across the globe, something truly amazing happened. E-retail giant Net-a-Porter launched the first social shopping network, The Net Set.

Always ahead of the curve, Net-a-Porter was founded by Natalie Massenet during the digital boom of the early 2000s. While trying to source clothing online for fashion shoot, Massenet, developed the idea of a glossy magazine in website format where users could ‘click’ to buy the clothing they desired. Read more on Why The Net Set will prove the longevity of mobile for fashion…

The Daily Poke: Chhirpy Chhirpy Tweet Tweet

Chhirpy TweetWith the global explosion of selfies, snapchats and (a seemingly inexhaustible supply of) cat videos, cyberspace has always been an essentially visual place. Attempting to redress the sensorial balance is new, sonic-based app, Chhirp.

Translating Twitter’s 140-character count into the spoken word, the app lets you share 12-second sound-bites instead of the soooo last decade thumb-typed text. Listen out for Chhirps on Twitter, or on the app’s own newsfeed. Each audio clip plays on a loop, and a counter registers how many times it gets played. Or how many times a Chhirp is chheeped? Read more on The Daily Poke: Chhirpy Chhirpy Tweet Tweet…

Infographic: How social media influences customer behaviour

woman-confused-with-social-media copyIt’s no stranger to us that social media has become the number one channel for consumers to vent their frustrations, with the ability for social media users to contact companies direct via Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to vocalise their complaints.

The Institute of Customer Service has published a new report – Service Goes Social: how organisations can deliver customer service through social media – based on the views of 2,195 consumers and 12 in-depth interviews with senior customer service executives.

It found that one in four social media users in the UK have used platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ to make a complaint over the past three months. Read more on Infographic: How social media influences customer behaviour…

The Daily Poke: The best things in life are free, probably

best things in life 1With probably the best-known slogan in Lager-land, Carlsberg have brought back their famous line (dropped in 2011) backed by a brand experience campaign that lives up to its promise.

What would be the best billboard in the world, probably? One that dispenses free beer, obviously. Which is exactly what they did, bringing worldwide attention to the corner of Brick Lane, and a poster outside the Truman Brewery. A plain-clothes security guard kept the peace as Londoners queued for their halves, overseeing the dispensing of one per person, for one day only. Read more on The Daily Poke: The best things in life are free, probably…

Twitter and Periscope: A match made in heaven


Livestreaming is not new. But Periscope have made it so that your grandma can do it. Literally, download the app, a few clicks, authenticate with Twitter, and boom you can be livestreaming to the world in a matter of seconds.

But that is not the best bit about Periscope. The best bit is that Periscope is fully integrated into Twitter.

This means that when you start a live broadcast, you can select to have that headline auto tweet to both your followers and by default the whole Twitter universe. That folks is the gold mine right there. Why? Read more on Twitter and Periscope: A match made in heaven…

Five times real-time data made a difference for brands

WEB_Facebook_Nepal_earthquake1To most ‘big data’ is a buzzword that cropped up in 2014 and seems to be standing the test of time. Yet, to paraphrase the old saying: “It’s not the size, it’s how you use it.”

The amount of data available has always been big, however, unlike ever before, we have the ability to store, analyse and use this data. All in real time.

Real-time data is transforming not just the advertising industry but society as a whole and, now that brands are no longer constrained by processing power, the possibilities are incredibly exciting.

Read more on Five times real-time data made a difference for brands…

How is big data shaping this year’s General Election?

SmartphoneusersNewspapers, radio and television have always played a vital role in shaping the agenda for the General Election, but in 2010 that all changed.

The influx of social media opened up a number of different channels through which political parties could interact with voters. Its impact – whilst small – laid the foundations for what is being touted in many media publications as the first truly data-driven election.

Political parties typically have an abundance of consumer data that numerous brands in the commercial world would be envious of. Read more on How is big data shaping this year’s General Election?…