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Integrating live and digital experiences

bigstock-People-In-A-Crowd-4186226With its focus on live events, emotional engagement and digital connectivity, experiential marketing might appear to be a resolutely 21st century idea. Of course it’s much older than that.

Since the dawn of civilisation people have been gathering together to try, buy and exchange goods and services. Long before the term ‘networking’ had been coined, our ancestors were building business relationships based on trust, mutual benefit and common values. Read More »

Having a bad day? Evian’s Amazing Baby is here to help

There’s a super-baby within us all, according to Evian, and the brand wants us to set them free. The brand is encouraging their Twitter fans to let go of their problems and let their inner babies out to play.

Evian is asking its Twitter followers to submit their dilemmas to the hashtag #AmazingBabyRescueMe, where the Amazing Baby character will endeavour to provide fun tweets, Vines, and illustrations to cheer up the troubled participants.

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Thou shall tweet: What the Pope can teach you about Twitter

Pope France, Catholic ChurchPope Francis, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, may not be the most obvious Twitter icon, but since his election in March 2013 he has surprised many by embracing social media as a valuable tool to communicate with his global congregation.

With more than 12 million followers, Pope Francis has been named the most influential world leader on Twitter, so we decided to delve deeper into what makes his tweets so popular and offer some pointers from the Pontiff. Read More »

What’s in your cloud?

Clouds by leolintang“If I had 189 companies in my data centre and only knew whom 30 were, I would be fired. Why are my websites or mobile apps any different?”

That is a direct quote from a senior technology architect of one of the largest online retailers in the world. What is he talking about? He’s talking about a new business practice: Marketing Cloud Management.

Several years ago, companies ran their websites with a site analytics tool, a content management partner, and maybe a couple of ad technologies. Today, they are reliant on hundreds of technologies to power their online customer experience across many devices, geographies and platforms. In other words, you no longer have a website, you have a marketing cloud. Read More »

Charity campaigns that made us think this week

ShareForDogsThere’s a growing whiff of social activism in the air and it’s coming from the third sector. Charities from across the globe have shown creative and thought-provoking thinking this week – and in some very different ways.

Let’s start with the light and fluffy – it is Friday, after all. New Zealand creative agency Colenso BBDO has identified a self-coined ‘slacktivism’ trend when it comes to charitable causes, referring to people who believe sharing a link or liking a post on social media will have real world impact. Read More »

Vine’s private messaging – what does it mean for marketers and brands?

Vine messagingVine have announced that it will be competing with the likes of Snapchat and Instagram as it unveiled the platform’s new private messaging functionality, which allows users to send a looping six-second Vine to anyone in their address book – even if they aren’t on Vine.

The announcement was made on the Vine Blog, acknowledging the need for the platform to evolve. Read More »

Charisma aside, is social media a bit anti-social and anti-self?


A few years ago now, pre Snapchat and Instagram, but around the time Facebook started getting some seriously punchy valuations, I started talking about how digital brands might just be the most evolved version of the brand form. Why? My thinking was, and still is, that brands like Facebook and Twitter are so crazy-successful because they are examples of brands at their most charismatic. ‘Charismatic’ because their focus is on how they can make us feel good about ourselves.

“How can you have charisma? Be more concerned about making others feel good about themselves than about making them feel good about you.”

Dan Reiland, Author & Executive Pastor of 12Stone Church, Lawrenceville, Georgia Read More »

Who’s winning the engagement war – discovery, search or social?

Magnifying glass by Theen Moy:FlickrFor content owners and publishers, understanding how your readers or viewers interact with your content is a crucial step to understanding them and what they want online.  

How important is the reader’s journey to your content? Outbrain recently collated some data on how engaged audiences are when coming to content from different traffic sources: search engines, social media and content discovery. We wanted to understand what impact the source had on user behaviour after they arrived on a content site. Read More »

How vertical networks are changing social media

Ladder Juan JilbeWhile our personal lives and social existence seem irreversibly entwined to Facebook, users have largely resisted the temptation to share the details of their professional lives on the network. In some cases, we’ve put off “friending” colleagues or turn up the security settings before applying for a new job, lest an embarrassing photo presents itself to a recruiter or potential colleague.

LinkedIn capitalised on Facebook’s personal-life focus, providing a counterpoint for users’ professional personas. Here, the same user that has a thriving Facebook account has built a brand new, career-orientated profile for their work lives. Separation has been the name of the game. Now, a new breed of social network is emerging that’s prompting users to rethink the traditional online persona. Read More »

The ideal length of everything online

The very clever bods at social media platform Buffer were curious about the ideal length of tweets, headlines and everything else in between published on this gigantic virtual world we call Online.

They did some research, found the sweet spots and summarised their findings in this bite-sized infographic.

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