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The Daily Poke: Sexting sells

Sexting sellsBrook Shields, Kate Moss, Marky Mark – Calvin Klein has never been one to shy away from sexuality in their ads. But for autumn winter 2015, the jeans brand has updated the idea that sex sells, with a campaign all around sexting. Read more on The Daily Poke: Sexting sells…

How to adapt to disruptive emerging trends in e-commerce


E-commerce is continuing to grow, evolve and disrupt. The IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index forecasts a 12% growth in online sales, totalling an estimated £116bn by the end of 2015. Significantly, British people are the most frequent online shoppers in Europe.

In recent years, the e-commerce market has been volatile, fluid and unpredictable. The rise of mobile device usage has disrupted the retail sector by blurring established patterns of purchasing behaviour. Having first been confronted by showrooming (the concept of window shopping in stores but buying online), the industry is grappling with the reverse process, webrooming, which Forrester valuated at $1,200 billion in the US in 2012, growing to $1,800 billion in 2017.

Retailers, therefore, need to adopt effective and agile new strategies to seize new opportunities. Read more on How to adapt to disruptive emerging trends in e-commerce…

The Daily Poke: Shop SMS

Shop SMSBefore calling or emailing, it’s more than likely we’ll send a text. Well, brands are cottoning on to this idea, and there’s now an influx of companies thinking outside the box, and inside our inbox. Read more on The Daily Poke: Shop SMS…

The four ‘e’s’ for redefining e-commerce for brands​

ecommerceWhen we talk to brands about their e-commerce needs, their main concern is usually how to speed up their organisation’s digital transformation. For brands to stay ahead of the curve, Kantar Retail uses a 4 e’s’ model to clarify their opportunity – each offering a new definition of the ‘e’ in e-commerce.


Around one in six e-commerce managers we speak to feel they are very much in the justification phase of establishing or expanding the role of e-commerce in their business. For example, e-commerce sales for most packaged goods categories are typically 1-3% of total sales. As a result, making the case for investment ahead of growth can be difficult.

For these companies, e-commerce first needs to stand for ‘extra-commerce’ – the challenge to determine if, when, and how the e-commerce routes to market will provide extra sales and profit for them and for their categories. Read more on The four ‘e’s’ for redefining e-commerce for brands​…

Will Rugby World Cup sponsorship reap the benefits for brands?

rwc 15

As the dust settles on the Fifa scandals, meaning sponsors can keep a low profile for now, the attention now turns to the Rugby World Cup which is being held in the UK. Yes that’s correct, here at home, not that many have noticed.

It’s interesting to hear that Heineken is to push 50% of its marketing budget into Rugby World Cup sponsorship in an effort to ‘maintain its recent sales momentum and continue its association with ‘world class events’.
Read more on Will Rugby World Cup sponsorship reap the benefits for brands?…

The Daily Poke: Sea change

Sea changeA recent study found that from the 400 million tonnes of plastic we produce every year, 8 million tonnes of it ends up in our oceans. To put it another way, according to industrial ecologist Roland Geyer, that’s enough plastic to cover the size of Manhattan in an ankle-deep layer, 34 times! Read more on The Daily Poke: Sea change…

The Daily Poke: Harvey, you’re nicked

Harvey youre nickedEverybody loves a freebie. Fact. And Harvey Nichols have taken this idea to launch their new rewards app.

Using real CCTV footage to surprisingly comic effect, we’re witness to some light-fingered shoppers helping themselves – and subsequently getting caught. Viewers are then offered an alternative (and legal) way to get the their hands on freebies: the app. Read more on The Daily Poke: Harvey, you’re nicked…

The Daily Poke: Where are u from?

Where are u fromProvenance is increasingly more important than price for food and drink brands. We know consumers pay a premium for authenticity and transparency, with phrases such as ‘made in’, ‘made by’ and ‘made since’ becoming shorthand for quality, heritage, and a sustainable ethos.

And French supermarket chain Systeme U recently lifted the lid on the origins on where their pork, chicken, apples, and even yoghurts come from. Read more on The Daily Poke: Where are u from?…

The Daily Poke: Pig in a poke

Pig in a pokeBacon and egg martinis, Burger King’s bacon sundae, you’ll even find Camp Bacon in Michigan – an annual event for bacon enthusiasts. Yes, it seems the world’s obsession with this pork product persists.

And so in a bold move, Taco Bell are parodying baconmania to sell… bacon of course. New bacon chalupas to be exact. Read more on The Daily Poke: Pig in a poke…

Infographic: How m-commerce is changing retail

Mobile ad market: expected to be worth £1bn by 2015Irish courier service provider Snap Parcel has created this infographic to highlight the statistics on mobile usage, as well as consumer trends and perceptions regarding mobile shopping.

Looking at the various devices consumers are using to shop with, the infographic reveals smartphones accounted for 18% of e-commerce sales worldwide during the first quarter of 2015 – a 56% year-on-year increase – and tablets accounted for 16% of sales (3% YOY rise). Personal computers still dominate, accounting for 66% of total e-commerce sales, however, the device type saw a 10% decline compared to the same period in 2014. Read more on Infographic: How m-commerce is changing retail…