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Is Uber’s new look good business or bad branding?

Uber’s rebranding has met with a wave of derision from the business, marketing and technology worlds.


The Twitter community has lamented the loss the brand’s distinctive ‘U’ and the lack of obvious references to its core business of moving people from A to B.

Above all, the micromanagement of the two-year process by Uber CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick – an engineer by trade – has commentators questioning his priorities.

Unfavourable comparisons are made with the light-touch rebrands of Google and Facebook which kept colours and references that consumers are familiar with.

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DOOH shares the same DNA as online and mobile

Back when this all began in 2005, and the first run of screens launched on the London Underground, DOOH stakeholders were keen to see the premium ad-revenues rolling in for this new turbo-charged Outdoor offering.


Many in the industry thought DOOH would boost Outdoor’s overall market share by deflecting existing budgets away from display and mobile advertising, and this could explain our relative antipathy in the beginning.

Fast forward to 2015 and the mood couldn’t be more different.

We in DOOH now sit comfortably alongside digital and mobile, courting some sort of harmonious digital threeway for clients, inviting them to sample our wares collectively.

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Super Bowl 50: How to amplify your advertising beyond the big event

Super Bowl 50 is almost upon us and the advertising industry and consumers alike are indulging in brand’s campaigns ahead of the event.

snickers super bowl 2016 marilyn monroe willem dafoe

Many brands have launched teasers for the sporting occasion. Already, we’ve seen Pokémon kicking off its 20th anniversary celebrations with their first ever Super Bowl ad and Marilyn Monroe and Willem Dafoe starring in Snickers’ campaign (pictured).

Advertising is key during Super Bowl, with last years’ game breaking TV records, but what can brands do to amplify their advertising strategy around the event?

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10 predictions for native advertising in 2016

At the end of 2014, we predicted brands would go mobile-first on content creation, content cards would become the de facto design unit, programmatic native distribution would take shape and the headline would become the new tagline.


For 2016, we’re looking at how hot-button publishing and advertising trends from 2015 will take shape in the year to come: from distributed publishing to ad blocking, native video and attention metrics.

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The Daily Poke: Sitting comfortably

It turns out over two-thirds of parents have been installing car seats incorrectly.

Poke_Sitting comfortably

Thankfully, 4Moms are here to make things easier, with a car seat that installs itself. It’s a bit like Back to the Future’s self-lacing Nikes, but a lot more useful.

Okay so it’s not totally self-installing – you still need to put it in the car and latch the straps to your car seat – but after that, the accompanying app helps you make it fit perfectly.

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Basic media disciplines to drive marketing

Consumers’ ongoing love affair with their smartphones, tablets and other devices has created a contradiction.

Man watching video on tablet

Device ubiquity and always on connectivity has made the potential to reach people relatively easy, provided we use timely and compelling content.

But until very recently it’s been considerably harder to control the maximum or average frequency that we reach each person, at scale. And that’s a big issue.

Data and technology are providing us with the means to target with increasing precision, as well as the scope to scale audiences via accurate modeling. These are sexy capabilities that are quite rightly given the respect and attention they deserve. Read more on Basic media disciplines to drive marketing…

Brand and performance: The stars align

The lines between brand and performance advertising strategies are becoming increasingly blurred.


Thanks to improvements in measurement technologies, which are able to track results across multiple devices, these two forms of advertising are no longer truly separate.

Due to its unique properties, this is especially true when it comes to mobile. In the next year or so, we’ll see the distinction between these two ad disciplines continue to fade.

Last year we saw companies like SuperCell, MachineZone and Eat24 run ads in the Superbowl. These are some of the largest and savviest mobile app developers in the world when it comes to user acquisition and they chose to invest in one of the most traditional ad platforms.

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5 mobile trends to watch in 2016

Apple Watch and Apple Pay2015 was a huge year in mobile advertising sector: We’ve had acquisitions, consolidations and innovations. The technology and data available to marketers have increased exponentially and new opportunities have opened in the world of programmatic delivery, wearables and exciting new formats such as 3D advertising.

As we look forward to the coming year, all signs point to 2016 becoming another exciting year of growth rooted in technology. Here are some of my predictions: Read more on 5 mobile trends to watch in 2016…

Why 2016 will be the year of live streaming

periscopeLive streaming is nothing new. Amateur bedroom radio shows have been transmitted over ropey internet connections since the early 1990s. But the start of 2015 saw the introduction of a new, interactive and highly engaging form of broadcasting – mobile live streaming.

For now, there are a handful of players in this emerging market: Meerkat, YouNow, Facebook, and most notably Periscope, Twitter‘s latest acquisition.

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The Daily Poke: Getting you in the mood

Poke_Getting you in the mood 2Who remembers ‘choose your own adventure’ books? You read part of a story, choose which page to turn to next, and tailor the action every couple of pages. Well imagine that, but turbo-powered and turned into an app. Read more on The Daily Poke: Getting you in the mood…