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Visual search for marketers

WEB_mobile_phone_thumbs_upFor many of us living in the Western world, mobile devices have officially taken on the role of ‘life remote control’. Communication, validation, remuneration, clarification and all manner of other ‘ations’ are conducted through our mobile devices, tens to hundreds of times a day.

It’s no wonder then, that there’s an intensifying scramble for marketers to find the next innovative way to place their brands neatly within these daily mobile interactions and – the holy grail – make them a valued part of a consumer’s routine.

This isn’t easy. There’s a lot of noise around mobile. Read more on Visual search for marketers…

The Daily Poke: The latest squeeze

The latest squeezeIn a world of increasingly digitised relationships, physical interaction has been given a bit of a cold shoulder. Naturally, no one would suggest we put away our devices to actually reach out to each other. No need, when we have e-gurus like Petter Prinz and his new interactive cuddling app, HUG.

The ex-Google employee explains, “With Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp we’re constantly trying to keep in touch, but along the way we’ve lost the physical touch.” HUG nuzzles into that gap, allowing you to send someone a squeeze they can actually feel. Like an emoji, only buzzier. Read more on The Daily Poke: The latest squeeze…

Beware the ides of April

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.20.01 AM

(Google Webmaster Central Blog)

Google are regularly updating their search algorithm. Most of the time, these changes are small and don’t effect the way your website ranks.

However, occasionally Google will roll out a major update, such as Panda or Penguin, that can affect the search performance of your website in a huge way.

This week (21 April) Google released a mobile ranking algorithm. This means that mobile-friendly websites will now be given an improved ranking within mobile search results. Read more on Beware the ides of April…

What neuroscience can reveal about DOOH’s impact on our subconscious

Beyond OOH 2Measuring consumers’ subconscious reactions to advertising messages and media is rapidly gaining traction as marketers and media owners seek ever more accurate data to support marketing decisions.

So when out-of-home media owner Ocean Outdoor wanted to understand how their full motion digital out-of-home (DOOH) sites influenced responses to other media, they opted to use brain imaging research carried out by Neuro-Insight to explore the neurological impact of DOOH in priming responses to magazines and mobile devices.

Ocean chose neuro–research as the way to explore impact because it offers a way of looking at people’s emotional subconscious responses which are difficult to assess via traditional research based on asking questions. So how did it work?  Read more on What neuroscience can reveal about DOOH’s impact on our subconscious…

Marketing trends from the 2015 start-ups

Victoria Ranson & Alain Chuard: Pair sell their start-up to Google for $250mThe volume of new, ambitious start-ups hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, 2014 saw the equity financing for European venture-backed companies improve by a cool 25% from 2013 (€6.3bn to €7.9bn if you’re a numbers fan).

There’s a myriad of reasons why start-up ventures are on the rise; the sky rocketing potential of digital commerce from anywhere (on anything) and the massive influx of a young, entrepreneurially driven post-graduate demographic are significant contributing factors.  Read more on Marketing trends from the 2015 start-ups…

The Daily Poke: Dash it

Dash it 2When you run out of shampoo, washing powder or coffee, the chances are you won’t always have your shopping list handy. It might get wet, for one thing. But we now live in the digital age, and Amazon is continuing to reinvent the way we shop.

Crossing the divide between cyberspace and domestic space is their new ‘Dash Button’. Labelled with the relevant brand’s logo, you stick it up next to your shower, washing machine or Nespresso shrine to press the instant you’ve used the last of your favourite product. Read more on The Daily Poke: Dash it…

Infographic: top ten surprises from BrightonSEO 2015

BrightonSEO jon earnshawBrightonSEO is one of the key industry events in the search marketing calendar. As a follow up, here’s my pick of the more surprising (and I suspect more unusual) findings from the day. Read more on Infographic: top ten surprises from BrightonSEO 2015…

IAB results prompt advertisers to take a cross-channel approach

MobileholdingphoneLast week, the Institute of Advertising Bureau’s 2014 Digital Adspend report revealed phenomenal growth yet again: across 2014 a massive £7.2bn (up from £6.26bn in 2013) was spent on digital advertising as a whole.

However, most interestingly, spend on mobile advertising accounted for a massive 23% of the total spend – a growth of 63% YoY. Read more on IAB results prompt advertisers to take a cross-channel approach…

The Daily Poke: Phone pitch

Phone pitchTaking green technology to its most literal extreme, O2 has collaborated with designer Sean Miles to offer rugby fans a pitch perfect upgrade.

Clippings from Twickenham stadium, no doubt fertilized by the blood, sweat and sprain-induced tears of its England home team, have been reformed into this unique and eco-friendly phone. Read more on The Daily Poke: Phone pitch…

Is big data watching you?

shoppersWhen Stanley Marcus, a member of America’s venerable Advertising Hall of Fame, said, “Consumers are statistics whereas customers are people,” he was making a really good point, one that is increasingly overlooked in the age of big data in retail.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to realise the difference between the statistic and the individual.

Too many retail brands are heavily focused on sophisticated techniques that can slice and dice data and are consequently beginning to overlook the ‘softer’ skill of understanding the customer. Read more on Is big data watching you?…