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4 trends that will shape the future of email marketing

Apple WatchThe rise of mobile has increased email marketing’s standing amongst digital marketers. And once the Apple Watch is out, the humble email will be one of the best ways to reach consumers with your marketing messages.

Keeping it simple is key, writes Sharon Jennings, digital marketing consultant at CACI, who shares her top four predictions for future trends in email marketing.

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Mobile, not wearable tech, will have its moment in 2015

smartphones by Blake Patterson/FlickrFor a few years now, brands, marketers and advertisers have been patiently waiting for the pivotal moment when wearable technology is embraced by mainstream consumers, excited by the prospect of all the customer data that can mined from these devices and they have reasons to be enthusiastic.

Unfortunately, it seems this pivotal moment is still some way off, writes Geoff Gower of Ais London. Read More »

Brands should “enhance the conversation” to infiltrate mobile messaging apps

dubsmashMobile messaging apps have developed to become the ultimate private social network for users. No need to navigate through complex privacy settings on Facebook, or experiment with new private networks such as Ello.

We’ve seamlessly created the ultimate tailored feed,that far exceeds the algorithmic-led capabilities of any traditional social network.

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Wearables: The future of publishing now

bulletFor the past two years, wearables have been heralded as the next big step forward in consumer technology.

According to the research firm Canalys, the market is expected to triple this year alone.

Spearheading the new digital platform are tech giants Samsung, Google, and most recently, Apple, which have all invested heavily in watches capable of displaying content from apps and online. Read More »

How to market to Gen Z

Young browsers: internet use among children is on the increaseIn the next few years, Generation Z – those born around the year 2000 – will be hitting their upper teens, entering their 20s and starting to become much more important to marketers.

New research from mobile marketing agency Global Messaging has revealed that 81% of Gen Z use some kind of social media; 66% list gaming as their main hobby; and 25% left Facebook in 2014.

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5 ways to achieve mobile success

ScreensWhen did mobile advertising become so complicated?

At a time when our use of smartphones is continuing to bring us closer than ever before to the online retail experience, it seems strange to consider that many advertisers are still struggling to get to grips with how they can effectively use mobile as a channel to increase brand awareness.

Where we should be seeing effective, targeted, interactive and content-rich campaigns that can make the most of the processing power of the latest generation of these devices, instead we’re seeing the opposite.

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A mobile future: Is this the key to music industry survival?

Music FestivalThe future of music consumption has become a public affair. The recent struggle between Spotify and Taylor Swift being a fine example. How are artists, managers, record labels and brands expected to build a business in the age of ‘free’ music?

The internet revolution was only one step in the evolution of media consumption which made access universal. In the age of mobile revolution we are now at the crossroads, faced with the challenge of making this now, all-powerful medium sustainable and rewarding for creators, as much as for the end consumer.

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5 things to avoid when marketing to a youth audience

youthFor marketers, there is no greater challenge than promoting your goods and services to young people. In the past the challenge was to produce advertising that wasn’t too patronising, cringeworthy, or transparently craven.

Recently, as the internet has matured and a generation has grown up with social media, the rules of marketing to young people have changed – and so have the errors.

Here are five traps to avoid:

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What on earth is TV syncing?

TV by Lubs Mary. FlickrSince the launch of the iPhone and the subsequent rise of mobile devices, TV viewing habits have transformed, with nearly half of smartphone (46%) and tablet (43%) owners using their device while watching TV.

As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for TV advertisers to gain audience attention – so how can marketers recapture a distracted generation of second screeners? Read More »

Know, speak, and challenge for mobile success

Location-based mobile ads: how do you get it right?It’s seven weeks until the big day and the mobile Grinch is in town. Research this week showed that 91% of people will switch to a competitor’s website if they receive a poor mobile experience (Netbiscuits People’s Web Report).

As if that’s not enough to focus the mind, mobile is projected to drive 36% of all e-commerce sales in 2014, compared to 16% in 2013. In the UK, it is estimated that mobile influenced £15bn of in-store sales in 2012, double the value of goods actually sold over mobile in that year.

This trend presents two major challenges to brands and retailers, this season and beyond. Firstly, mobile experience is now as important, if not more, than the desktop experience, so it needs to be super slick. Responsively designed websites are now an absolute bare minimum.

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