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Festival of Media Global: How to go mobile-first

(Festival of Media Global/Twitter)

(Festival of Media Global/Twitter)

In the UK, mobile is now the number two media channel in terms of time spent, second only to TV, according to EMarketer. And staggeringly, its research also found that mobile now makes up 33% of the global web traffic.

When it comes to mobile advertising, the situation is even clearer. By 2018, EMarketer estimates that mobile will be two-thirds of all digital advertising spend.

Here are the five key takeaways from the Festival of Media Global to help you tackle this fast-changing world. Read more on Festival of Media Global: How to go mobile-first…

The Daily Poke: Chhirpy Chhirpy Tweet Tweet

Chhirpy TweetWith the global explosion of selfies, snapchats and (a seemingly inexhaustible supply of) cat videos, cyberspace has always been an essentially visual place. Attempting to redress the sensorial balance is new, sonic-based app, Chhirp.

Translating Twitter’s 140-character count into the spoken word, the app lets you share 12-second sound-bites instead of the soooo last decade thumb-typed text. Listen out for Chhirps on Twitter, or on the app’s own newsfeed. Each audio clip plays on a loop, and a counter registers how many times it gets played. Or how many times a Chhirp is chheeped? Read more on The Daily Poke: Chhirpy Chhirpy Tweet Tweet…

Location-based targeting: The passport to success

Gonzalo Baeza - Mobile central to marketing campaignsConsumers carry a form of ID with them wherever they go – whether these are passports, driving licenses or even loyalty cards. But some of these IDs don’t just certify the cardholder’s identity; they entitle them to certain privileges or opportunities like discounts, unique promotions or even exclusive access to content or services.

In the world of retail, offering new or loyal customers a great brand experience hinges on valuable insights about their profile so they can be engaged with messages that are interesting, relevant and valuable to them at a specific time, on a given channel or at a certain location.

For years, brands and media buyers have relied on cookies as unique identifiers to understand their audiences as these small footprints of data indicate when a potential customer has been browsing their website. And this was fine in the old, static, desktop world. Read more on Location-based targeting: The passport to success…

Are you paying attention to what your audience wants?

MobileholdingphoneWith mobile now being acknowledged as being the ‘first screen’ it reinforces the importance of placing mobile at the heart of a brand’s marketing strategy. The latest example of this can be found in the emergence of social video streaming apps in Q1 2015.

The rise in popularity of this particular channel would not surprise any members of the millennium generation.

These individuals are driving the take up of video streaming whilst shaping the acceptable forms of content that will resonate with their peers with their desire to share every experience in real-time with anybody who cares to watch. Read more on Are you paying attention to what your audience wants?…

Clean up your app

WEB_Google_mobile_appsLast year Nielsen found that 89% of time spent on mobile media was via apps, highlighting just how useful they can be as a medium for brands to reach consumers, especially at a time when more than 68% of UK consumers have a smartphone.

However, while apps represent a great opportunity for brands to reach consumers and convert them into customers, this often comes with significant capital investment. If not well designed or updated, that investment can ultimately end up being considered a waste of valuable budget.

Despite this, too many brands are still getting it wrong. Our recent app-nesia research from Google found that one in five apps are installed and then quickly forgotten, showing just how important it is to provide an engaging in-app user experience (UX). Read more on Clean up your app…

Whatever the weather, mobile personalisation is key to sunnier days

WEB_weather_channel_mobile copyOur mobile phones are our most personally valued possession, keeping us connected with the world. We give our mobile more information about ourselves than we may share with our closest friends.

This makes the data available on mobile invaluable to brands as marketers seek to get closer to their audiences but are often left in the dark when it comes to measurement. The opportunity around mobile for brands has never been more rife as consumers not only expect personalisation, they’re open to it because it enhances their experiences.

To connect with consumers, marketers need to start thinking about how mobile can reach consumers on their level. Read more on Whatever the weather, mobile personalisation is key to sunnier days…

Video: advertising emojis



Texting ideas to each other every day, something has to be missing. How do you respond to a really good idea, if not with a shining Golden Lion?

As the good Samaritans they are, they thought creatives all around the world probably have the same problem. That’s why they decided to develop an extended keyboard optimised for advertisers. Read more on Video: advertising emojis…

The Daily Poke: A pour show

A pour showAdverts used to be a time to pop the kettle on. These days we can fast-forward right through them. Well, you can count on Coca-Cola to come up with a rather neat idea to keep our undivided attention – and still get that drink you were after. Read more on The Daily Poke: A pour show…

Visual search for marketers

WEB_mobile_phone_thumbs_upFor many of us living in the Western world, mobile devices have officially taken on the role of ‘life remote control’. Communication, validation, remuneration, clarification and all manner of other ‘ations’ are conducted through our mobile devices, tens to hundreds of times a day.

It’s no wonder then, that there’s an intensifying scramble for marketers to find the next innovative way to place their brands neatly within these daily mobile interactions and – the holy grail – make them a valued part of a consumer’s routine.

This isn’t easy. There’s a lot of noise around mobile. Read more on Visual search for marketers…

The Daily Poke: The latest squeeze

The latest squeezeIn a world of increasingly digitised relationships, physical interaction has been given a bit of a cold shoulder. Naturally, no one would suggest we put away our devices to actually reach out to each other. No need, when we have e-gurus like Petter Prinz and his new interactive cuddling app, HUG.

The ex-Google employee explains, “With Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp we’re constantly trying to keep in touch, but along the way we’ve lost the physical touch.” HUG nuzzles into that gap, allowing you to send someone a squeeze they can actually feel. Like an emoji, only buzzier. Read more on The Daily Poke: The latest squeeze…