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Advertisers should see the value in cookieless technology

IpadgirlIt has been more than 18 months since Safari began blocking third party cookies and it is possible other browsers will follow suit, with continued threats from Mozilla. As the mobile channel and Safari emerge as drivers of conversions, now more than ever advertisers need to concentrate on cookieless technology.

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Joining the dots with HTML5 cross-screen advertising

HTML5 – not just the latest buzzword in this content crazy worldLast year saw extraordinary growth in mobile advertising with a 105 per cent increase in global mobile ad spend. What’s more, predicted growth for 2014 is almost as high as advertisers continue their quest to reach today’s distracted, on-the-move consumers. By the end of the year, mobile is expected to account for almost a quarter of digital ad spend worldwide.

With all the noise around mobile advertising, it’s easy to believe that mobile is actually replacing other screens such as desktop, but while mobile use is increasing, consumers still interact with traditional screens just as often as they do with tablets and smartphones. Consumers are not only on the move, but are continually switching between devices for different uses and expecting a seamless transition along the customer journey. Rather than being a separate media bucket, mobile should be considered as part of a wider strategy that enables cohesive advertising campaigns across every conceivable device including gaming consoles, connected TVs, and desktop. Read More »

Eliminating the mobile middlemen

smartphoneThe Wolf of Wall Street is perhaps the must see movie of the year due to the way in which it encapsulates the trading that went on in the late 80s. Aside from the glorification of debauchery, great acting and amazing cinematography, it did deliver some serious messages. At the time, individuals were making huge amounts of money in unscrupulous ways. There was money to be made by capitalising on the confusion caused when clients were unsure exactly of what they were buying and the methods used to trade.

Fast forward 25 years and what can we learn from it when analysing today’s media landscape? Mobile advertising for example is certainly an area where practices have recently been brought into question by a small proportion of uncertain clients. With so many companies laying claim to the possibility of delivering adverts across a complex framework of inventory at the best possible price, it can often be difficult for the brand marketer to really identify what success should look like and value for money is. Read More »

The smartphone: balancing convenience with privacy

smartphoneThe smartphone has become completely integral to our everyday lives in recent years. Just think for a moment about the device you reach for when you first wake up in the morning.

What’s in your hand when you’re making coffee, or when you’re sat on the tube or the bus on your way to work?

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I would leave work on a Friday night to meet some friends, unconcerned about the amount of battery my phone had.

Now it’s different. There’s a charger at the office, at home, and I even have a spare. Just in case. So important is the device now, that most of our plans and correspondences are stored within it.

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Marketing Continuity: creating a unified view of your customer

mobile phoneA recent comScore report showed that consumers now spend 37% of their time online on mobile devices – and growing. However, with every advancement in mobile experiences it becomes increasingly hard for marketers to piece together what their customers are doing.

Today’s marketer looks holistically at the entire customer experience, but the customer experience is increasingly fragmented.

Customers have multiple devices, interact with campaigns in unpredictable ways, and don’t follow the “ideal” path that the marketer has carefully constructed.

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Why Facebook’s mobile ad network isn’t the silver bullet

FacebookPhoneScreenMobile display advertising is currently reminiscent to the early years of online display with potential ad networks trying to work out the way or the technology to condense, control and package the vast array of mobile inventory.

Despite the progress – the process is harder for mobile than it was for online – it’s still relatively hard for buyers of advertising to buy across a large portfolio or network of mobile sites.

Facebook recently took a significant step in the land-grab by announcing plans to roll out a mobile ad network allowing advertisers to target people on mobile apps and websites using Facebook’s data. The network will let developers serve Facebook ads within their apps, giving advertisers access to apps where Facebook’s members already use their login details.

Facebook are unsurprisingly bullish about the move, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said: “This is really the first time that we’re going to help you monetise on mobile in a serious way.” So will it live up to the hype and what does it mean for the space in general? Read More »

Would Bacon have used Sutro or Sierra?

SelfieThe rise of the #selfie and the propensity for everyone from David Cameron, Justin Bieber and the person sitting at the desk opposite you to turn the camera towards themselves, shift to capture themselves in the best light, add a filter, then send it out for validation via Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc, isn’t a new form of narcissism.

Despite the fact that it often seems like a thoroughly modern phenomenon (there’s 80+ million Instagram photos hashtagged #me and 30+ million hashtagged #selfie), the impulse to capture and share the most authentic ‘self’ has been around for a long time.


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10 mobile trends to watch

Mobile dataWant to know what marketers should be tapping into for mobile to engage today’s device-obsessed consumer? JWTIntelligence has just released its report on key mobile trends to watch. We share the top line findings. Read More »

Every agency should strive to be ahead of the curve

multiple screens laptop mobile tabletIn response to Shaun Varga’s post published on The Wall on 8 May Mobile agencies soon to be surplus to requirements‘, Chris Minas, managing director of mobile agency Nimbletank, shares his contrasting views. Read More »

Mobile Agencies: soon to be surplus to requirement

When we set up the digital agency Glue, over a decade ago, my concern was that, rationally, Glue should not exist. How long could it be before the other agencies caught up, thus making ‘digital agencies’ redundant?

Smart mobile agencies are now wondering the same thing. And so are marketing clients.

Do they, for example, have a ‘Poster’ agency on their roster? No. So why do marketing people still have mobile agencies on their rosters?

Most of the marketers I talk to don’t particularly want to employ mobile agencies. (Any additional agency on the roster is additional hassle.) They are forced to employ specialist, single-medium agencies when the incumbent agencies are incompetent.

The big question is how long the window of incompetence stays open.

Meanwhile, what are these mobile agencies being used for?

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