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Movie producers should use personalised video to get punters into the cinema in 2016

Last year marked a record year for cinema ticket sales in the UK and Ireland, jumping 11 per cent from 2012, the previous record year, with five films making more at the box office than the biggest success of 2014.


With the likes of Spectre and the new Star Wars release in the same year it’s hardly surprising.

But the film industry can’t spend too long patting itself on the back and supping champagne.

The fact that this bumper year was driven by so many blockbusters won’t be lost on the film studios who arguably don’t have so many ‘bankers’ releasing in 2016. Read more on Movie producers should use personalised video to get punters into the cinema in 2016…

The third way of monetising publishers’ content

Littlewoods ad on The Mirror using Rezonence's FreeWallThe last 12 months have seen big changes in online media as publishers seek to monetise and grow their brands to accommodate new consumer habits and tech usage. With 2016 around the corner, the stage is set for more significant movement on this front with heightened industry awareness of ad blockers, and continued issues with ad fraud and viewability giving publishers and advertisers alike pause for thought; asking themselves how can they keep audiences happy and revenues healthy?

In 2016, we expect to see interaction increasingly used as a transaction between audiences and publishers, in a move away from the one-way feed of content and ads the industry once offered. Read more on The third way of monetising publishers’ content…

Pitches: Why close-knit communities trump DIY audiences

Tom Thirlwall, CEO at Copa90What’s the difference between a brand having an audience versus it being part of a community?

Simple, with an audience the conversation is only ever one way. Becoming part of a community requires a two-way relationship and a commitment to being a partner.

Take the football community, where discussion extends far beyond the games we watch or play. It’s a community, where hours and hours of online content are shared about everything from the latest unbelievable skills to Turkish pyro.

To tap into such a highly engaged community, brands have to start contributing to the wider discussions. In short, they need to act like a real fan. Read more on Pitches: Why close-knit communities trump DIY audiences…

Vice media and broadcast

Vice logoVice Media has never been in finer health, not only has it cemented itself as the edgier go-to source for the millennial generation, last year it secured an additional $500m (£324m) worth of funding for web and mobile apps.

Whilst the brand’s commitment to digital cannot be ignored its announcement that it plans to launch a free to air TV channel, double its production presence and embark on an ambitious broadcast strategy, which will see 12 further channel launch across Europe next year, seems to suggest the brand is hedging its bets. Read more on Vice media and broadcast…

Vlog: Yahoo on digital training and gamification

WEB_Yahoo_Academy_digital_trainingLizzie Barclay, senior marketing manager at Yahoo, spoke exclusively to The Wall about its digital online training platform, Yahoo Academy, and why the company has taken a gamification approach to it.

The free to use platform, which launched earlier this year, has been created to help digital marketers of all levels and disciplines further their industry knowledge. It covers an array of topics including social media, data, content marketing, mobile and programmatic. Read more on Vlog: Yahoo on digital training and gamification…

Programmatic for posters

ThinkstockPhotos-458355307Spend for programmatic digital display advertising reached the $21bn (£13.7bn) mark globally last year and is predicted to increase to $53bn (£35bn) by 2018, according to Magna Global. But some segments of the advertising industry have been considerably slower in the uptake of programmatic than others.

Programmatic in the out-of-home (OOH) industry is yet to develop despite the significant investment in digital screen technology. So what’s the problem? In short, some 95% of OOH’s audience delivery relies upon manual paper and paste posting of classic posters, not exactly ripe for real-time trading.

And there are other issues too. The OOH sector has never had quite the same reliance on tech as other media. In order to make the shift to programmatic, the industry needs to begin to develop standardisation in software and inventory management systems. Read more on Programmatic for posters…

With GoPro, a media company takes shape

WEB_GoPro_cameraGoPro is much more than a consumer electronics manufacturer. They’re really in the business of content enablement. So claimed Zander Lurie, the company’s Senior Vice President of Media, speaking at NATIVE 2015, the premier native advertising conference presented by Sharethrough.

“We sell products — cameras, mounts, accessories, etc — but the ethos, and the culture of the company is built on content enablement,” Lurie said during a one-on-one conversation with Sharethrough president Patrick Keane.

Lurie’s statement will come as no surprise to those familiar with GoPro, a company whose rise from surfer’s pipedream to tech behemoth is as awe-inspiring as any of the feats captured by its signature cameras. Read more on With GoPro, a media company takes shape…

The Daily Poke: Introducing women to Vice

Introducing womenUnilever has struck a deal with global media channel Vice to coincide with the launch of its new channel for women, Broadly. Vice’s offering for men has already made it something of a hot media property, but the new channel is seen as a move away from the ‘dude’ tone of its male equivalent. Read more on The Daily Poke: Introducing women to Vice…

Ensuring an outdoor serving of meat and two veg

CityLiveThis post is provided by our partner MediaCo Outdoor.

The CityLive Challenge is now in full swing. Two multi-disciplinary teams are pushing the creative and tech boundaries of what’s possible with digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), utilising our Manchester city centre screen network.

And a number of powerful endorsements of this initiative from leading agency figures in recent weeks provide all of us with a timely reminder.

Read more on Ensuring an outdoor serving of meat and two veg…

Rise of the global creative media agencies

IdeaThe idea that we are standing at the precipice of a new age in the communications industry, wherein the more ‘creative’ media agencies are separating from the ‘old-school buying’ media agencies and securing creative mandate from advertising agencies occurred to me in the most poignant way over a year ago.

Imagine, the first local-market meeting with a new client after a new global media contract has been secured. The pitch was led and won on the other side of the world and this local client had very little input into the pitch process. Now, the local client is following their directions to onboard us, the new local media partners. It has been rumored that our new local client was perfectly happy with her smaller-scale buying-centric media agency. Read more on Rise of the global creative media agencies…