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Watch: The key to brands becoming great publishers

ZoellaDid you know, YouTube star Zoella’s subscriber base outstrips the combined readership of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Grazia? Or that traffic to the New York Times homepage more than halved in the last two years because consumers are not going to web destinations anymore? Read More »

The dawn of the post lad-mag era

Millennial man by Alex Torres:FlickrThe publisher landscape is constantly evolving and none more so than the ‘lads mag’ market targeting young British males. Over the last couple of years we have seen the demise of print magazines such as Nuts and Maxim, and this summer Loaded dropped the scantily clad women from its covers in a bid to evolve and save dwindling readership figures.

Young male interests have changed and while traditional lad mags’ popularity have declined, a new generation of publishers have arrived online that offer a varied range of content that speaks the same language as the millennial male and understands their interests.

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We need new news

Reading newspapers on SubwayI’m going to start with a confession.

Until just over a year ago, I wasn’t interested in ‘the news’. I may now be the co-founder and editor-in-chief of a news company, but I’m pretty new to the news thing. Read More »

The Wall meets… Clippet co-founder Grace Regan

Grace ClippetClippet might just be a revolution in mobile news consumption. The recently launched news app is aimed at 18 to 28-year-olds and provides 60-second audio clips on the biggest news stories of the day. Its founders, Grace Regan and James MacLeod – both 23, have big aims to change the media landscape by delivering the news in a way that works for generation mobile. And they’ve shunned video in doing so. We caught up with Regan last week to find out more.

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The story of WW1 on The Sun front pages

SunThe Sun this week launched its own tribute to the millions of ordinary people – ­civilians and military – who were killed or injured in The First World War.

The 48-page special edition newspaper includes a series of front pages that show how the red top might have reported the events had it been around in 1914-1918.

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5 digital learnings from a media monolith

NewYorkTimesBuildingThere’s nothing journalists love more than writing about journalism. And there’s nothing digital evangelists enjoy more than gloating about the shortcomings of pre-digital era organisations.

So last week’s publication of a leaked New York Times memo created a perfect storm – 96 pages of analysis and recommendations about how to transform the operations of a media goliath.


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Who’s winning the engagement war – discovery, search or social?

Magnifying glass by Theen Moy:FlickrFor content owners and publishers, understanding how your readers or viewers interact with your content is a crucial step to understanding them and what they want online.  

How important is the reader’s journey to your content? Outbrain recently collated some data on how engaged audiences are when coming to content from different traffic sources: search engines, social media and content discovery. We wanted to understand what impact the source had on user behaviour after they arrived on a content site. Read More »

Creativity is just a series of mistakes

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 11.57.45The creative process is, and should be, riddled with mistakes. As James Joyce said, ‘mistakes are the portals of discovery’. They are the way we learn; the way we evolve. Indeed, you only have to scratch the surface of Twitter to read motivational statements such as ‘I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 100 ways that don’t work’.

I totally get that. But it poses a problem for me. I have an innate aversion to making mistakes. A fear. And fear of making mistakes can paralyse our creativity. Read More »

The best bits from Advertising Week Europe

IdrisAll this week our LIVE@AdvertisingWeek blog has brought you the best news, views, videos, pictures, tweets, interviews and behind-the-scenes gossip from the four-day event. As our teams try to stop their heads from spinning, The Wall brings you a best of the best bits curation from all the daily highlights. Read More »

Has Google killed guest blogging?

Photo by Kirsty AndrewsThe keener eyed of you might raise an eyebrow that a guest blogger is tackling this topic, but over the past week guest blogging has come once again under scrutiny.

The industry chatter about the risks of guest blogging has been getting louder for more than a year. The first the warning shot was fired by Google’s head of web spam Matt Cutts with his decay and fall of guest blogging post. Three months later and after a host of website penalties, it had become clear that guest posting was indeed a major risk if undertaken for the objective of SEO. Read More »