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Sharing Mom’s last days on Facebook

holding handsOften I’d walk over to my childhood friend’s large sprawling house at the edge of an American cul-de-sac on Long Island, and knock on the big, old door, getting an answer from my childhood friend’s grandmother.

Kim Sheridan-Dugmore’s grandmother, Muriel “Mom” Patricia (Sanchez) Ziegler was the matriarch of the place, a home for several generations. It was a home of fun, creativity and laughter, all fuel for Kim’s grandmother, who I remember never, ever, lost her patience, shouted, or made her extended family and guests feel uncomfortable. When I first met Mom in the 1970s I remember her smile and her beautiful big blue eyes, so when those same sparkling eyes appeared at me again, at age 98, from Kim’s status updates on Facebook, I took notice immediately. Read More »

How brands are generating revenue on social

mobile payment payments cashless contactlessConsumers are becoming ever more mobile and increasingly social. As brand advertisers strive to influence their purchase decisions on social media, how can they be sure they’re optimising their efforts?

We recently conducted a study* that sought to size UK consumers’ social media spend resulting from (paid) advertising and (earned) personal recommendations from their contacts. Overall, the study established that in the last 30 days, 14% of social media users had purchased something they initially came across on a social media platform – items that they would otherwise not have bought. Read More »

Is this the end of Facebook?

Facebookbuilding640The end for Facebook? Maybe the beginning of the end. Although tit has done a terrific job at making something so useful and addictive that people seem not to care if they forgo privacy. Or choice, it seems.

Its biggest problem is attracting youngsters who are increasingly going for ‘ephemeral’ social platforms like Snapchat where the emphasis is more on connecting with friends in a way that doesn’t leave an audit trail for Mum (or future employers) to find. People don’t seem to be put off Facebook by any ethical questions, more questions of their own convenience. Read More »

Facebook tops the table in the social World Cup

Facebook world cup pageA lot has been written about this World Cup so far. It’s the first truly digital tournament. It’s the one where second-screening has really come into its own. Above all, it’s the most social World Cup to date – one where our favourite networks have been much more integral to our viewing experience than ever before.

So far, so good. But drill down into behaviours in a little more detail and the extent of our “social dependency” is pretty striking. The top networks aren’t just major go-to points, they’ve become the first-choice destination during games. And, despite constant headlines about Facebook losing its appeal (and millions of users), our research shows that it still rules the roost in terms of our social conversations.
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Just who’s in charge here?

Facebookbuilding640The latest moral outrage to hit the internet centered on news this week that Facebook had been emotionally manipulating people via the news feed, denying them positive content to see if it made them sad, and vice versa. Angry tweets and blogs abounded, the digital equivalent of grabbing pitchforks and torches.

The crux of the argument was that the whole thing was a little bit creepy. You can serve ads targeted by behaviour, sure, but trying to make me happy or sad is apparently a step too far.

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3 reasons social sales are about to take off

bigstockTeenagersPhonesSocial sales are about to take off.

How do I know this? Well, social has been a huge direct sales opportunity for some years now, but because most time in social is on mobile devices, it has been hard to make this happen.

Three things that will change this:


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How to deliver successful campaigns via Facebook’s FBX ad exchange

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at f8Facebook recently announced it’s going down the permission marketing route with its soon to launch Ad Preferences tool  – another useful product for Facebook’s one billion plus user base.

Not only does it give them more control over what they receive from advertisers, by being able to update their interests, but also provides marketers with better targeting opportunities across its platform. It’s another tool to help Facebook monetise its huge database, attract advertisers and provide a better experience for its users.

It’s vital marketers embrace these products that deliver better targeting across Facebook. However, one tool we’ve noticed many marketers aren’t using to its full potential is Facebook’s real-time bidding ad exchange (FBX). Read More »

Why Facebook’s mobile ad network isn’t the silver bullet

FacebookPhoneScreenMobile display advertising is currently reminiscent to the early years of online display with potential ad networks trying to work out the way or the technology to condense, control and package the vast array of mobile inventory.

Despite the progress – the process is harder for mobile than it was for online – it’s still relatively hard for buyers of advertising to buy across a large portfolio or network of mobile sites.

Facebook recently took a significant step in the land-grab by announcing plans to roll out a mobile ad network allowing advertisers to target people on mobile apps and websites using Facebook’s data. The network will let developers serve Facebook ads within their apps, giving advertisers access to apps where Facebook’s members already use their login details.

Facebook are unsurprisingly bullish about the move, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said: “This is really the first time that we’re going to help you monetise on mobile in a serious way.” So will it live up to the hype and what does it mean for the space in general? Read More »

What should drive the narrative – concept or brand?

writingIn these days when campaigns are often termed as ‘narratives’ and conceptual thinking ‘storytelling’, it’s interesting to examine how the role of brands themselves plays out.

Are they merely the lead character; the central figure which the plot and unfolding narrative are all about?

Or, maybe it’s worth viewing them as something slightly pithier – protagonists.

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Five ways to improve your Facebook reach organically

Facebookbuilding640To the average Facebook user it may come as a surprise that content shared from brands you’ve liked does not automatically make it to the newsfeed. To the seasoned social professional, it’s all too apparent and something of a sore point.

Around Q2 of last year, Facebook began making changes to its algorithm, cranking this up a notch as we entered 2014. These changes meant the reach of an average organic post was as low as 2% for large companies, down from a reported 16% two years previously.
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