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Why Facebook’s mobile ad network isn’t the silver bullet

FacebookPhoneScreenMobile display advertising is currently reminiscent to the early years of online display with potential ad networks trying to work out the way or the technology to condense, control and package the vast array of mobile inventory.

Despite the progress – the process is harder for mobile than it was for online – it’s still relatively hard for buyers of advertising to buy across a large portfolio or network of mobile sites.

Facebook recently took a significant step in the land-grab by announcing plans to roll out a mobile ad network allowing advertisers to target people on mobile apps and websites using Facebook’s data. The network will let developers serve Facebook ads within their apps, giving advertisers access to apps where Facebook’s members already use their login details.

Facebook are unsurprisingly bullish about the move, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said: “This is really the first time that we’re going to help you monetise on mobile in a serious way.” So will it live up to the hype and what does it mean for the space in general? Read More »

What should drive the narrative – concept or brand?

writingIn these days when campaigns are often termed as ‘narratives’ and conceptual thinking ‘storytelling’, it’s interesting to examine how the role of brands themselves plays out.

Are they merely the lead character; the central figure which the plot and unfolding narrative are all about?

Or, maybe it’s worth viewing them as something slightly pithier – protagonists.

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Five ways to improve your Facebook reach organically

Facebookbuilding640To the average Facebook user it may come as a surprise that content shared from brands you’ve liked does not automatically make it to the newsfeed. To the seasoned social professional, it’s all too apparent and something of a sore point.

Around Q2 of last year, Facebook began making changes to its algorithm, cranking this up a notch as we entered 2014. These changes meant the reach of an average organic post was as low as 2% for large companies, down from a reported 16% two years previously.
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Curiosity is an interesting beast

It may have killed the cat, but a lack of it can sometimes be responsible for leading unsuspecting creatives towards a sticky end, too.

That’s because with so many touchpoints available to extend the arms of an idea out to different audiences, the importance of curiosity as a character trait within digital creative thinkers is more pertinent than ever. It’s basically a question of bringing expansive thinking to where, just a few years ago, it was all about being reductive.











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7 ways to celebrate social community landmarks

NikeWhile fan numbers should only be a small feature of your social success metrics (better to be engaging people than merely collecting them), it’s always nice to reach a milestone.

If you’re on the verge of clocking up a notable number, here are some ways to mark the occasion that we’ve seen that really hit the mark, ranging from the simple to the extravagant.

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The International Media Image Survey: measuring the media landscape

Ipads are held aloft as Pope Francis appears before crowds in St Peter's Square in RomeIn the media sector, reputation plays a hugely important role in selecting the right media partners. The revolution in digital players has meant that the International Media sector, more than any other, is unrecognisable from only a few years ago.

To measure these changes the first I-MIS (International Media Image Survey) was launched in 2013 and the fieldwork for the 2014 survey has just opened.

For those of you who missed last year’s findings, one of the interesting factors was that CMOs prioritised ‘strategic planning’ over ‘buying strength’, which may explain a surprising lack of concern regarding the (now scrapped) proposed merger of Omnicom and Publicis.
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The end of ‘Happy Wednesday’

HWIt’s now likely that Facebook will be the first major social media platform to go to zero per cent organic reach. This means all that effort you’ve put into building a community on Facebook will be wasted as no-one will ever see your content again.

Unless you pay to promote it. And if you’re paying, your content had better perform.

We’ve known for a while that Facebook’s algorithm restricts the flow of content to your news feed so that you’ll only see what it thinks you’ll find the most relevant. Controversially, in March 2012 Facebook announced it was restricted to 16%.

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Digital out of home: the ultimate screen experience

Pepsi Max's 'unbelievable bus shelter'

Pepsi Max’s ‘unbelievable bus shelter’

It’s been a mixed start to the year for Out of Home. On the up side, digital revenue recorded its biggest ever Q1 figure and showed outdoor technology is growing ever more responsive – and further into the mainstream – as new propositions rolled out nationwide.

On the down side, total outdoor revenue for Q1 was down 2.2% year on year.

Which begs a question: while smart screens continue to boost outdoor’s image, how best can we, as an industry, use digital to reach beyond established budgets to grow outdoor’s overall revenue pool?

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The new face of mobile ads

appleiPad2In the past six weeks, three of the most visible companies in the digital world have made similar announcements: Google, Twitter, and Yahoo have disclosed plans for dedicated advertising products for app marketers.

Why the sudden rush of activity? Simple: the incredible success of Facebook’s mobile app install ads can’t be ignored. App-specific advertising products are the future of mobile app advertising – here’s why. Read More »

Virtual reality just got mainstream

Figure Digital imageYou will of course know by now the ins and outs of the current state of virtual reality. A month ago, it probably wasn’t even on your radar.

Facebook bought Oculus VR last month, the crowd-funded Kickstarter success behind the development of the first major virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift. For two billion dollars. Sony also recently announced its own plans to release a PlayStation-branded VR headset for gamers and PlayStation 4 owners later in 2015. These two immense news announcements alone confirm what many within the VR space have known for some time. Read More »