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Reaction to F8 2015

f8_day1keynote (1)Facebook’s F8 developer conference delivered several interesting announcements this year.

Of the major announcements, Facebook videos becoming embeddable is, to me, the most interesting change. This is something that brands and users have clamoured for, and has been one of the biggest distinctions between Facebook and YouTube. Read more on Reaction to F8 2015…

To pay or not to pay?

image1It’s the burning question for anyone who has ownership of social media channels.

The truth is, both organic and paid social activity have their benefits and both can be used alongside each other for maximum social impact.

The argument of whether Facebook is purposefully declining organic reach to encourage brands to use their ads platform is hotly contested. Read more on To pay or not to pay?…

How advertisers can be more relevant on Facebook

Facebook adsFor the Mark Zuckerburgs of this world, there has always been an uncomfortable friction between connecting the world and getting paid to do it.

To exploit the vast amount of data they own, platforms turn to marketers, offering them the opportunity to engage with their customers in ever-more meaningful ways. Ad revenue is invariably the means for social networks to justify the billion dollar valuations placed on them by investors. Read more on How advertisers can be more relevant on Facebook…

YouTube and Facebook: Two sides of the same coin

youtubeSignThe video marketplace is fragmenting: increasingly more videos are being uploaded to sites other than YouTube – and Facebook is emerging as one of the main beneficiaries.

When exploring where to invest in video media, it is important to remember that your audience is using Facebook and YouTube in different ways.

Read more on YouTube and Facebook: Two sides of the same coin…

Adtech turf war: Facebook Product vs Google Shopping ads

Facebook producs adsYou’d be hard pressed to find an e-marketer that doesn’t have an opinion on last week’s Facebook Product Ads announcement, which could be interpreted as direct competition to Google’s Shopping Ads.

It has had a fanfare reception, and understandably so. It is cross-device and exceptionally targeted, which is why there is no doubt it will soon be enjoying a fair share of the adtech pie. So what makes it so innovative, and just how much market share will it be taking from Google? Read more on Adtech turf war: Facebook Product vs Google Shopping ads…

The way we read today

Mark Zuckerberg to announce major changes to Facebook news feeds todayMark Zuckerberg hit the news this week with his New Year’s resolution. As he said: “My challenge for 2015 is to read a new book every other week – with an emphasis on learning about different cultures, beliefs, histories and technologies.”

This is looking like a very positive push for reading and even better news for book clubs – with 123,000 likes and counting , Zuck could have started the worlds biggest ever book club.

Read more on The way we read today…

Facebook: life after organic reach

Facebookbuilding640Over the past year the decline in Facebook’s organic reach has been a key discussion point for social media marketers, and has affected the content strategies of brands using the platform.

Instead of targeting fans of a community with a high volume of organic content, brands have started creating content specifically designed to be supported with paid media. Read more on Facebook: life after organic reach…

Infographic: Snapchat vs Facebook

chat vs faceIn the ever-present battle for social media supremacy, we pitted Facebook against its younger rival to compare founders, profits, usage and past controversies.

Snapchat may be in its infancy in comparison to the mighty Facebook, but with a new advertising strategy and opportunities for brands to market themselves on its platform, 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year. Infographic courtesy of   Read more on Infographic: Snapchat vs Facebook…

What marketers can expect from Facebook at Work

FacebookPhoneScreenAs rumours of a ‘Facebook at Work‘ network surfaced earlier this month, this latest announcement, aimed at rivalling the likes of LinkedIn, Yammer and Google Drive, was not unexpected.

Aside from the obvious security concerns that this will raise from businesses and individuals alike, it will also fuel questions from marketers in terms of how Facebook will plan to monetise this new platform.

Read more on What marketers can expect from Facebook at Work…

Is Taco Bell the savviest brand on social media?

Taco BellOn my commute back from office last night, I noticed few odd and alarming tweets. Allow me to quickly present my case:

Bridget Carey, from CNET was tweeting in ALL CAPS! And Nilay Patel had this to say. Taco Bell story? Some die-hards were flipping out.

Like any self-respecting digital marketer, I figured I had to be on top of this recent development. So I went to Taco Bell’s twitter. Then to its Instagram feed. Then to its Facebook page. And finally to its Google+ page as well. This is a collection of what I saw. Read more on Is Taco Bell the savviest brand on social media?…