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Having a bad day? Evian’s Amazing Baby is here to help

There’s a super-baby within us all, according to Evian, and the brand wants us to set them free. The brand is encouraging their Twitter fans to let go of their problems and let their inner babies out to play.

Evian is asking its Twitter followers to submit their dilemmas to the hashtag #AmazingBabyRescueMe, where the Amazing Baby character will endeavour to provide fun tweets, Vines, and illustrations to cheer up the troubled participants.

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What’s app-ening in emerging markets?

The Apple iPhone 5The app and device battlegrounds are rife with established players and newbies fighting it out to provide the emerging markets with new handsets, alternative app stores and fresh mobile content. New moves include Nokia’s alliance with Android with new releases including the Nokia X, Apple covertly re-releasing the iPhone 4 in India and Samsung set to launch the Galaxy S5 in the UAE.

However, none of the major mobile players have quite cracked the code to success in emerging markets. Competing factors include price point, brand popularity, localised content and viable payment options, but no one has yet found the winning combination. Read More »

Charisma aside, is social media a bit anti-social and anti-self?


A few years ago now, pre Snapchat and Instagram, but around the time Facebook started getting some seriously punchy valuations, I started talking about how digital brands might just be the most evolved version of the brand form. Why? My thinking was, and still is, that brands like Facebook and Twitter are so crazy-successful because they are examples of brands at their most charismatic. ‘Charismatic’ because their focus is on how they can make us feel good about ourselves.

“How can you have charisma? Be more concerned about making others feel good about themselves than about making them feel good about you.”

Dan Reiland, Author & Executive Pastor of 12Stone Church, Lawrenceville, Georgia Read More »

How vertical networks are changing social media

Ladder Juan JilbeWhile our personal lives and social existence seem irreversibly entwined to Facebook, users have largely resisted the temptation to share the details of their professional lives on the network. In some cases, we’ve put off “friending” colleagues or turn up the security settings before applying for a new job, lest an embarrassing photo presents itself to a recruiter or potential colleague.

LinkedIn capitalised on Facebook’s personal-life focus, providing a counterpoint for users’ professional personas. Here, the same user that has a thriving Facebook account has built a brand new, career-orientated profile for their work lives. Separation has been the name of the game. Now, a new breed of social network is emerging that’s prompting users to rethink the traditional online persona. Read More »

Five ways to make Facebook work for your brand

Facebookbuilding640Facebook continues to be an important platform in the world of marketing, and now more than ever is a necessary element of any advertiser’s media mix.  In its Q4 2013 earnings report, Facebook stated that more than one million advertisers are now looking to reach the 750 million+ users who visit the site each day.

But with an increasing number of ways to leverage this powerful platform, brand marketers need to stay attuned to some of the most proven approaches while exploiting the latest set of marketing tactics.  Here are a few tips on how to make Facebook work for your brand. Read More »

The rise of the selfie

Catie DearOver the last week, the phenomenon of the #nomakeupselfie has generated £8 million in donations to Cancer Research. No one can have failed to notice the trend, we’ve been barely able to navigate our Facebook newsfeed for the images of make-up free women (and men). But what is most interesting for marketing professionals is that this was not a campaign started by Cancer Research themselves, but from the front room of a Stoke-On-Trent young mum.

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Is the demise of sharing closer than we think?

Photo by Hammerin ManAs humans, sharing stems from our innate need to reach out, share experiences and form a bond with those around us.  Google’s Abigail Posner refers to sharing as an energy exchange that intensifies our pleasure and it is something we are hardwired to do.

Following the rise of social networking platforms through the privacy spectrum, oversharing has reached the extreme, and the signs are indicating it’s about time we moved back to the humble idea of ‘undersharing’. Read More »

Facebook throws its email service in the junk

The Best Days to Post on Facebook, Based on IndustryEmail has always been Facebook’s Achilles Heel. In 2010 the ubiquitous social network tried to rectify this by launching its own email system, trying to attract its users to ditch their tried and tested providers.

However, it has not been plain sailing and the lack of consumer interest culminated last month with Facebook’s decision to close its email service accompanied by the concession from one spokesperson: “We’re making this change because most people haven’t been using their Facebook email address.” Read More »

Great brand blunders on social media

Great Brand BlundersDissing President Obama, making light of natural disasters, launching fluffy promotions amid bitter industrial strife, mocking followers and actively inviting sarcastic put-downs: these are all real gaffes made by brands on social media. Ever wondered how digital marketers can get themselves in such a mess?

My new book Great Brand Blunders (The worst marketing and social media meltdowns of all time…and how to avoid your own)  covers more than 175 marketing misadventures spanning Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia.  With a roll-call including Apple, BA, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Nestlé, Virgin, Ikea, Microsoft and many others on the global A List, it proves that even the mightiest brands can misjudge their marketing from time to time. Read More »

Infographic: Should we pay to use social media?


How attached are you to Facebook? Do you really need your Twitter account? Would its absence from your life leave such a gaping hole you pay cold hard cash to keep it safe? As social media sites look for ways to make a profit we users find ourselves stuck between a panicky rock and an indifferent hard place. Advertisers target our personal information and profiles. Mark yourself as single and suddenly dating sites are everywhere, write ‘Drunk on whisky, lol’ and a famous grouse follows you. It’s draining, loud and depressing.

A startup company called SocialSafe carried out a survey asking 5,000 internet users what social media sites they used and how they felt about their personal information being sold to advertisers –information sold on by our friends Facebook and Twitter.

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