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Is Facebook’s ‘buy’ button the answer to marketers prayers?

facebook buy

Both Facebook and Twitter have recently announced separate e-commerce plays which will make it easier to shop online using their services. Facebook has declared they are testing a ‘buy’ button, while Twitter has acquired payment startup CardSpring.

It’s a step by both to help brands deliver a ‘last click’ which can only be a good thing as social media companies progress with their push towards improved monetisation. Nevertheless it’s come at a time when marketers are increasingly embracing social content on their digital properties and moving away from engaging with consumers inside a social network.

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How brands are generating revenue on social

mobile payment payments cashless contactlessConsumers are becoming ever more mobile and increasingly social. As brand advertisers strive to influence their purchase decisions on social media, how can they be sure they’re optimising their efforts?

We recently conducted a study* that sought to size UK consumers’ social media spend resulting from (paid) advertising and (earned) personal recommendations from their contacts. Overall, the study established that in the last 30 days, 14% of social media users had purchased something they initially came across on a social media platform – items that they would otherwise not have bought. Read More »

4 ways retailers can use technology to reinvigorate the high street

HighStreetMany bricks-and-mortar retailers are still feeling embattled against the march of e-commerce, desperately looking for strategies to help them compete. But with online sales accounting for 21% of all retail in 2013 and climbing, consumers have made their preferences very clear and the freedom and flexibility of e-commerce is the new norm.

To meet these increasingly strident demands, retailers must stop competing with e-commerce and the enabling technology and embrace it instead. One of the most important lessons to be learned from online traders is the emphasis on an experience tailored to individual preferences, as well as the ability to shop on their own terms. Read More »

“I have been baptised into the brave new digital B2C world”

writingThe Not So Secret Diary of an E-Commerce Entrepreneur continues with his baptism of fire into the digital age.

I was seduced by an article in The Economist that proclaimed:

“E-commerce has matured to a point where speciality online retailers with excellent supply chains can mint money from targeted offerings.”

Right there and then I decided to have another go at my passion project – the marketing of a deluxe tongue cleanser, having given it three years of entrepreneurial blood sweat and tears in the 1990s, with moderate success.
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Five ways you can use social to sell

Social, by Jason A HowieEvery morning I walk past David Ogilvy’s “We Sell or Else” stencilled on the glass wall of our reception.

Yet in social, marketers aren’t even turning up to sell a lot of the time.

It’s not surprising if they aren’t trying to sell through social – since many brands have had failed attempts. Read More »

150-year-old John Lewis can still teach e-commerce startups a trick or two

JohnLThe Not So Secret E-Commerce Entrepreneur continues… I am on a mission to rid the planet of dirty tongues – with a deluxe range of tongue cleansers, sold via e-commerce. I am almost ready for launch of the AMANO Tongue Cleanser, all the key marketing elements are almost in place.

And at the fulcrum is an e-commerce site built on the battle tested Shopify platform – slickly designed by web-builders Wemakewebsites.

So before I pit my meager marketing budget against the Goliaths of the oral care universe – where can I go for that final bit of pre-match inspiration? Well how about the nation’s favourite store, which is celebrating its 150th birthday right now.

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How to know your video campaign was a success?

ViewabilityViewability has been a hot topic in advertising for a few years now. While industry bodies struggle to agree on a standard metric that marketers can measure themselves against, the latter have been left in the dark as to whether their video campaigns are a success or not.

The most recent IAB Digital Adspend report showed UK video ad spend is growing at 86% so we know it’s an increasingly important way for marketers to achieve their brand goals. To help them better understand how their video advertising investments are performing, Tremor Video recently launched ‘average viewability percentage’. Read More »

What the winding down of Wildfire means to the social marketing industry

google_wildfireIt seems the big question following the announcement from Google that it is winding down the Wildfire social marketing platform is “Where does this leave the market?” Is this symptomatic of a wider problem in social marketing, or is this a reflection of the pace of change?

Whilst a focus on community management alone has caused some companies to struggle to justify ROI for social activities, there is a growing set of data around how other companies have succeeded in demonstrating return. Read More »

Infographic: Consumer psychology and the e-commerce checkout

cash register checkout toy

I’m sure we’ve all been there – an online basket with something in it, ready to make a purchase. And then… we abandon it. So what are our thought processes? And is there anything a retailer can do to stop us from changing our minds at the last minute? Here’s an interesting infographic that tracks the psychology of a would be buyer from the moment they log on – where you’ve got just three seconds to get it right – right through to how they choose their payment method.

Key messages are that consumers do not like finding hidden charges part way through their transaction, online shoppers are highly likely to check out product reviews before they make a decision and that nearly a third will abandon their transaction if you try and make them register on your site to complete the sale.

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Personalised products and content-led conversation will win in 2014

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 12.26.11The global e-commerce industry is expected to generate $1.2 trillion in sales by the end of this year, driven largely by the changing shopping habits of consumers, as they increasingly browse and buy across mobile, tablet and even social networks[i]. Despite this predicted growth, 2014 will not be a year for retailers to rest on their laurels.

Retailers will have access to more information about their customers’ preferences and shopping habits than ever before and retailers must take steps to better understand the purchase journey. This insight will give retailers the understanding they need to develop relevant content and personalised deals, and ultimately help to generate more sales. Shoppers are looking for a richer, more personal shopping experience and retailers must reassess both how they sell and what they sell if they are to thrive.

Here are 5 top tips for those retailers wanting to stand out from the crowd next year using personalisation: Read More »