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How to know your video campaign was a success?

ViewabilityViewability has been a hot topic in advertising for a few years now. While industry bodies struggle to agree on a standard metric that marketers can measure themselves against, the latter have been left in the dark as to whether their video campaigns are a success or not.

The most recent IAB Digital Adspend report showed UK video ad spend is growing at 86% so we know it’s an increasingly important way for marketers to achieve their brand goals. To help them better understand how their video advertising investments are performing, Tremor Video recently launched ‘average viewability percentage’. Read More »

What the winding down of Wildfire means to the social marketing industry

google_wildfireIt seems the big question following the announcement from Google that it is winding down the Wildfire social marketing platform is “Where does this leave the market?” Is this symptomatic of a wider problem in social marketing, or is this a reflection of the pace of change?

Whilst a focus on community management alone has caused some companies to struggle to justify ROI for social activities, there is a growing set of data around how other companies have succeeded in demonstrating return. Read More »

Infographic: Consumer psychology and the e-commerce checkout

cash register checkout toy

I’m sure we’ve all been there – an online basket with something in it, ready to make a purchase. And then… we abandon it. So what are our thought processes? And is there anything a retailer can do to stop us from changing our minds at the last minute? Here’s an interesting infographic that tracks the psychology of a would be buyer from the moment they log on – where you’ve got just three seconds to get it right – right through to how they choose their payment method.

Key messages are that consumers do not like finding hidden charges part way through their transaction, online shoppers are highly likely to check out product reviews before they make a decision and that nearly a third will abandon their transaction if you try and make them register on your site to complete the sale.

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Personalised products and content-led conversation will win in 2014

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 12.26.11The global e-commerce industry is expected to generate $1.2 trillion in sales by the end of this year, driven largely by the changing shopping habits of consumers, as they increasingly browse and buy across mobile, tablet and even social networks[i]. Despite this predicted growth, 2014 will not be a year for retailers to rest on their laurels.

Retailers will have access to more information about their customers’ preferences and shopping habits than ever before and retailers must take steps to better understand the purchase journey. This insight will give retailers the understanding they need to develop relevant content and personalised deals, and ultimately help to generate more sales. Shoppers are looking for a richer, more personal shopping experience and retailers must reassess both how they sell and what they sell if they are to thrive.

Here are 5 top tips for those retailers wanting to stand out from the crowd next year using personalisation: Read More »

2014, the year of e-commerce

Shop Direct mobile shopping tablet shoppingThis year was the year of eCommerce, with UK consumers becoming the world’s number one e-spenders – spending a record of £5 billion online. With 2014 just around the corner, eCommerce is only set to grow, with retailers adapting new strategies to entice consumers.

Next year will see online retailers embracing personalisation, with consumers now expecting a more tailored shopping experience similar to that of a high street store. Sites that offer a richer and more personalised experience, in-line with online purchase behavior, will enjoy benefits including higher spending and repeat visits. Read More »

What do entrepreneurs have in common with the England football manager?

Roy HodgsonAnswer:     We have to put up with ‘D.O.G’ - Dysfunctional Opinion Giving

E-commerce Entrepreneurs are no different from all the others – we tend to be Jack and Jane’s of all trades.

That said we do recognize that sometimes we really do need to rely on expert advice to help ‘professionalize’ our thought processes and decision-making.

So for instance, when our Bank Manager or Accountant talks about cash flow or tax – we tend to switch onto receive-mode and give their words due respect, weight and attention.

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Will Amazon/Facebook link up change the way we shop?

AmazonF-commerce was hailed as the future of online shopping, and there was a lot of anticipation that Facebook would turn into the destination to stop and shop. But the results were underwhelming, Facebook’s efforts to get ‘e-tailers’ to build shop-fronts on its pages fell flat. According to Brian Solis “F-commerce gets an “F” because brands used Facebook as yet another digital catalogue for selling products and not as a platform for activating new experiences based on the nature and the psychology of the relationships that define the network”.

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The impact of the cloud on the future of payments

paypal logo 2013Cloud based payments will most certainly have an impact on the way in which consumers make payments in the near future. The key drivers for pushing payments into the cloud is most certainly time to market, security and consumer adoption.

The idea with cloud payment options is that users register for the service (or receive the service from their telco), and then use the service for one-click check-outs in e-commerce. This may in some cases include a stored value or prepaid account to draw funds from your bank and use as cash in the cloud wallet. These wallets are evolving from existing services and new players in the market.

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My Christmas wish list for mobile and m-commerce

santa christmasChristmas is coming. And if you’re a retailer or consumer brand, by now your plans for the holiday season are all set up and ready to roll. This year, unsurprisingly, mobile is expected to play a bigger part than ever – even more so than last year which, whilst not shocking to the people in the street, did seem to take brands and retailers a bit by surprise.

So, as I sit here with visions of sugarplums dancing in my head, what would I really like to see brands and retailers doing this year with the mobile channel? If I had the chance to write to Santa, there are a few things that would get onto my wish list: Read More »

Christmas is coming: how online retailers can prepare

santa christmasDespite it feeling like only yesterday we were packing away our sunglasses and flip flops, retailers are already ringing sleigh bells in the run up to the biggest shopping period of the year. You only have to glance in the department stores to see the construction of the annual Christmas grotto and the Christmas decorations are beginning to pop up.

Research from Econsultancy reveals that UK shoppers spent nearly £8 billion online last December. This is a staggering figure when compared to its high street retail counterparts, who continue to experience a slump in sales.

Rather than braving the cold and brisk UK weather, consumers prefer to shop from the comfort of their own sofa with a range of devices available to them; including mobiles, tablets and laptops. Shopping is now a mobile sport, with consumers often using more than one device to purchase.

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