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Measuring your heart on your sleeve

Goosebumps by Jon MadisonDespite your best efforts at concealment, your body constantly gives off signals. Watching a scary movie, you can try looking brave for your girlfriend – but your arm hairs are going to stand up. Likewise, though you tell yourself not to be nervous presenting to an audience of strangers – you’re still going to sweat.

What does this mean for marketers? Well, it’s not just thrills and nerves that elicit responses. Every experience triggers bodily signals, from watching TV adverts to something as simple as walking through a supermarket.

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Is Taco Bell the savviest brand on social media?

Taco BellOn my commute back from office last night, I noticed few odd and alarming tweets. Allow me to quickly present my case:

Bridget Carey, from CNET was tweeting in ALL CAPS! And Nilay Patel had this to say. Taco Bell story? Some die-hards were flipping out.

Like any self-respecting digital marketer, I figured I had to be on top of this recent development. So I went to Taco Bell’s twitter. Then to its Instagram feed. Then to its Facebook page. And finally to its Google+ page as well. This is a collection of what I saw. Read More »

For banks, going digital isn’t enough

lloydsThis week Lloyds announced that it would be cutting 9,000 jobs and closing 200 branches after predicting that visits to its branches will halve over the next three years. Instead of investing in bricks and mortar stores the bank promises that its customers will benefit from an increase in digital services – but what does this mean in terms of consumer experience?

By closing so many branches Lloyds will be taking away the local experience for many of its customers. Although this local aspect may not be as important to the modern, digital consumer, it is important to think about the benefits it afforded. It gave the bank an opportunity to have a very simple and effective one-to-one relationship with their customers.

For customers this also meant a place to go for bespoke advice, to rectify complaints and find solutions to their financial problems – so how do banks maintain this relationship in a digital world? Read More »

Clinique brings socially-activated art to Covent Garden

The OrbLook up if you’re passing through Covent Garden this weekend.

Beauty brand Clinique will be suspending a glowing orb eight metres above the ground from 31 October to 1 November – its first social media-activated art installation.

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In our open, digital society, are our minds more closed than ever?

eyes closed bu Doug88888Justice used to be a religious ceremony, conducted in hushed courtrooms and viewed with a certain amount of respect. Now it’s a spectator sport. Serried ranks of Tweeters belt their support or opprobrium from the digital cheap seats. Newspapers offer live updates, precisely as they do for Premiership football. That really was a neat little jink by the prosecution, Barry. Lovely feet.

Sticking with the football analogy, Oscar Pistorius doesn’t seem to have much home support. All the “neutral” hashtags – #OscarTrial, #PistoriusTrial and so on – are traffic jams of condemnation. It seems we like things to be cut and dried. We’d prefer the answer to be simple. Those thousands of away fans, so to speak, have made up their minds. Read More »

“Now is the time for marketers to take on the bigger issues”

marketing wordcloudThe ongoing confidence highlighted in today’s IPA Bellwether report is great news.

And today, media, especially digital, is relatively inexpensive. Which has a number of implications for marketers. First, marketers have many tools at their disposal as, on the face of it, marketing has never been so affordable. However, low barriers to entry for a mass media approach make for a crowded market. Which means gaining cut-through is increasingly challenging.

Brands continue to worry about channel proliferation, big data, social media and the associated complexity. However, with greater confidence, brands can afford to explore their options a little more. Read More »

VR is the new drug – why brands should respond to the desire for immersive experiences

Oculus RiftIf you’ve ever dodged a roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex or peered down from the top of a 1920s skyscraper, chances are you’re part of a rarified group with access to an Oculus Rift headset.

Augmented and virtual reality are opening the door to wild, eye-opening, fantastical experiences that until now have only been accessible through dreams or drugs. As leading VR expert and Stanford University professor Jeremy Bailenson has said: “Anything is possible in a virtual world… You can be 30 feet tall, you can be a different species.” Read More »

What U2 and Thom Yorke can teach us about online content

U2 Apple launchThe last month has seen two of the world’s biggest music artists – U2 and Thom Yorke (of Radiohead fame) – release albums exclusively through digital channels, but with vastly different distribution methods.

U2 were widely criticised for ‘forced gifting’ their album into the iTunes libraries of 800m unsuspecting users. Thom Yorke was applauded for continuing to find new ways of selling his/Radiohead’s music online.

We can learn a great deal about how to best create and distribute online content from the music industry. The stark contrast between these two releases provides a great list of dos and don’ts for brands and agencies. Read More »

The UK’s top brands on social media

ThumbSocialbakers, the analytics platform, has released its monthly social marketing report. Nuggets from the September 2014 study include the news that EE has scooped first place in the Top Five Twitter Brands by Interactions, surpassing Tesco, which held the number one spot in August.

According to the stats, Sky has became the most Socially Devoted Brand in the UK in September 2014, again supplanting Tesco, while Vodafone joins the ranks of the Top Five Socially Devoted Brands on Facebook.

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Don’t let your brand be a turkey this Christmas

Christmas by Puno 3000As marketers, we all know the importance of creating a smart digital strategy in the run up to Christmas. And it’s never been as important as right now with one in five consumers in the UK and US doing all of their holiday shopping online. The British consumer is one of the most digitally savvy in the world, reportedly spending an average of 11 hours a day on media.

Here are The Exchange Lab’s five tips for planning your holiday marketing campaign: Read More »