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5 things CMOs can learn from mobile-first app brands: Part 5

In the final chapter of this week’s series, how mobile apps are heightening consumer expectations for instant gratification and on demand services.


Emerging content, service and utility apps are enabling users to consume what they want, where they want and when they want – and fulfilling service with slick and smooth customer experiences.

According to recent research by Trustev, 56% of Millennials expect same-day delivery as an option for an online purchase. This desire for convenience is more than just instant gratification, it’s about time savings at every step, from curation to app navigation to ratings and delivery.

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Premium is always tailor-made: even in advertising

Hitting the high street or shopping Saville Row? As London Fashion Week and Men’s Week approach, it strikes me that there are some interesting parallels with the world of premium online advertising.


The efficiency of automation has become extremely attractive to advertisers: programmatic advertising is now an irreplaceable part of the digital eco-system in terms of display advertising.

Every brand marketer wants to reach premium audiences with qualitative, safe and measurable delivery but that does not necessarily translate to media planning accordingly.

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IAB report proves people are making less tea

Our friends at the Internet Advertising Bureau have released some baffling research to announce the “decline of the TV-centric living room”.


You can read it here, but their main point is that they think “devices compete equally with TV for consumer attention in the modern living room”.

It’s clearly a piece of research set out to undermine TV and so, as the marketing body for TV, we have to respond.

Firstly, the IAB doesn’t mean TV. They mean “the TV”.

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The Daily Poke: A real peach

If, like everyone in the known universe, you check your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts twenty thousand times a day, it may feel as if there’s no room in your life for another platform.


But think again. Because Peach is here – and it’s actually pretty good.

Created by Dom Hofmann, founder of Vine, Peach gives you the same features as other platforms: a profile, friends, updates. But you can navigate in a completely different way.

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Does Snapchat’s Super Bowl deal spark a new era for brands?

Snapchat was an official part of this year’s Super Bowl for the first time, landing four major sponsors – Pepsi, Amazon, Marriott and Budweiser, for an NFL approved Super Bowl Live Story.


Branded content in Snapchat is not new of course, but the content has predominantly felt rough and ready.

However, this time it’s different, this time we’re talking big budgets.

Does Snapchat’s relationship with the Super Bowl suggests a sea-change in the precision offered by the platform in terms of targeting and analytics?

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Mobile CRM: the six metrics that matter

We now spend more digital time on mobile than desktop and most of that mobile time is spent on apps.

apps mobile applications

There’s never been a better time to adopt mobile-CRM; putting mobile first and nailing your app engagement strategy.

While other channels, such as email, can be optimised for mobile, mobile-CRM – using apps and push notifications – is the only channel where you create for mobile.

As consumers, we prefer mobile apps over mobile websites as they give us a better experience.

But what does success look like with this new engagement channel? Here are the six metrics that matter. Read more on Mobile CRM: the six metrics that matter…

5 things CMOs can learn from mobile-first app brands: Part 3

Part three in a week-long series about the impact of mobile-first app brands.


Mobile-first app brands that track and monitor personal and device behaviours are creating a new “lifelogging” movement and accelerating this niche behaviour into the consumer mainstream.

Lifelogging is the gathering and tracking personal activity data like exercising, sleeping, and eating, and device activity.

In today’s smartphone world, the new consumer can monitor more and more through apps.

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The four Cs of digital marketing

We live and operate in a digital world. That’s no secret at all.


Our personal lives and businesses have been going through a digital transformation over the last few years.

We’ve now reached a point where we can really see the effects of technology and the digitalisation of things on the advertising industry.

There are Four Cs that sum up these effects.

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5 things CMOs can learn from mobile-first app brands: Part 2

The second post in a week-long series. Today, how mobile-first app brands are changing the nature of communications, particularly mobile social networks. 


Emerging social media, messaging and dating apps are encouraging users to adopt new forms of communication and content, leading to a rise in chat acronyms, Emojis, stickers and icons, hashtags, vines, image posts and vertical video streams.

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#PancakeDay on Twitter: Xbox, Red Bull and McDonald’s join in

It’s Pancake Day, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday.

Pancake Day Three

#PancakeDay is trending on Twitter, boosted by brands celebrating and offering advice about how people can buy, cook and eat their eggs, milk and flour before Lent.

The Big Four supermarkets have all prepared for #PancakeDay with recipes and ideas that encourage a little overindulgence in the kitchen.

Other big names including Xbox, Red Bull and British Gas have jumped on board with some imaginative tweets.

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