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Five steps to digital transformation



Digital transformation is everywhere. There is a huge shift in digital towards businesses that understand collaboration, connection and advocacy.

Brands need to look at their future in the new connected world, to keep pace with digital disruptors and meet consumer needs. There are a number of steps that brands can take. Read more on Five steps to digital transformation…

Three myths about personalisation

(Wikimedia Commons)

(Wikimedia Commons)

Five years ago, many brands would have argued that personalisation isn’t really worth doing. Fast forward to today and it’s a very different picture. According to EConsultancy, 96% of retailers now believe that personalisation is right for their business. Despite those figures, only 6% of retailers have adopted personalisation.

If digital marketers understand that providing highly relevant and engaging personalised experiences to customers can dramatically increase conversion rates, online sales and loyalty, then why aren’t more brands adopting this practice?

There are three common misconceptions that exist among marketers when it comes to making personalisation work to their advantage. Firstly, many marketers still persist with website optimisation in the hope that A/B or MVT testing will deliver a personalised experience. The reality is they’re doing quite the opposite – delivering a sub-optimal ‘one-size-fits-all’ experience. Read more on Three myths about personalisation…

Digital campaigns to watch: Lyst, Mazda and McDonald’s

WEB_The_Long_LystBrands are innovating with content at an alarming rate. There’s nowhere to hide online, and when it comes to content, the gap between the winners and the losers is becoming increasingly obvious.

With 2015 well and truly underway, the pressure is on, and brands are pulling out all the stops to catch our attention. Here are a handful of brands that we at NewsCred think are getting it right. Read more on Digital campaigns to watch: Lyst, Mazda and McDonald’s…

What makes a great social ad?

WEB_Mad_MenFor seven seasons Mad Men gripped audiences with its portrayal of the gin-and-sex-fuelled 1960s ad industry. The show traced the huge changes in the industry at the time, and for modern marketers it has been a poignant reminder of just how seismically the industry has shifted since then. Long gone are the days when a single punchy idea and some gorgeous visuals would win you a pitch.

More than fifty years later, art has given way to science, in a landscape Don Draper wouldn’t recognise. Big data has transformed the media buying model, and is now the key factor most organisations now use to determine efficient strategies for buying ad space and plan campaigns.

This has led to a tense rivalry between creative and media agencies. Unfortunately, this rivalry frequently means that neither agency wins – and the biggest loser is usually the client. Read more on What makes a great social ad?…

Relevance and influence: the power of employee advocacy for sales


TeamEAThere is no way around it: the purchasing process has fundamentally changed over the last few years. Being offline is not much of an option for brands anymore. Studies show that 95% of millennials expect brands to be present on Facebook.

But it’s not only them: 87% of 30- to 44-year-olds – the so-called Generation Xers – and 70% of 45- to 60-year-olds agree that all brands should have at least a Facebook page.

In this landscape, brands who enter the online conversation are presented with an incredible opportunity: an immense, unlimited sea of possibilities where they can find plenty of people, insights and relationships to fill their pipeline. Read more on Relevance and influence: the power of employee advocacy for sales…

Increasing consumer understanding through data – what it really means

Mobile dataIn digital marketing, when we talk about the big data helping us to understand consumers better, what we really mean is that if we make sense of it, we can understand consumers better.

Big data is not a solution in any way shape or form. The solution is how we use it.

Some neat examples have included Expedia taking weather feeds and maximising their mobile ad inventory spending in and around airports when weather fronts are closing in; because people in those locations will a) be using their mobiles; and b) be needing to book hotel rooms and/or alternative travel arrangements. Read more on Increasing consumer understanding through data – what it really means…

The programmatic puzzle

Mobility conceptProgrammatic advertising has experienced a PR boom, earning itself the title of ‘one of the hottest buzzwords’ in 2015. So what exactly is programmatic advertising and what are the benefits?

In its simplest form, programmatic media buying is the use of software to purchase digital advertising. It is an evolution of the traditional ad buying process which involved RFPs, human negotiations and manual insertion orders. Read more on The programmatic puzzle…

Pay-per-click and its potential to shape the future of digital marketing

Who should own social media? PR, digital or ad agencies?With 1.46 million people currently employed in the digital industries, and revenue for the sector expected to increase by 90% next year, it is no wonder that an ever increasing number of people are becoming attracted to a job in the sector.

For many people the industry remains a minefield of roles requiring different skills, making it difficult for beginners to know where to start. Read more on Pay-per-click and its potential to shape the future of digital marketing…

The telephone concert

WhatsApp logoHere’s an idea: the world’s first ever live concert, broadcast solely over via telephone. Ring a number at a specified time to tune in, kick back, and let the tinny sounds wash over your right ear.

What do you think? Seems like the kind of “entrepreneurial creativity” (ahem) that someone like Will.I.Am would probably get a kick out of, and with its quirky repurposing of a media platform I imagine it would have great saliency. But those things don’t make a good idea. Read more on The telephone concert…

How important is digital and retail experience for brands?

mobile in store wall

Now in its second year, new Shopper Tribes research from Gekko has found that fewer shoppers are researching products online before buying in-store, with numbers falling by 7% over the past year.

As buying behaviours become more complex, with consumers increasingly taking a multi-channel approach when purchasing goods, the relationship between the digital and retail experience is ever more important for brands. Read more on How important is digital and retail experience for brands?…