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7 steps to combatting ad fraud

keyboardThe advertising industry is rapidly evolving and it’s predicted that digital ad spend will reach £8 billion in 2015. However, the industry must confront an uncomfortable dirty secret – the epidemic that is digital ad fraud.

Digital ad fraud has been found to account for up to 36% of digital ad impressions – impressions which are served but never seen by a human. The good news is that advertisers and publishers alike are beginning to accept that an issue exists, and we are now working together to detect and tackle fraudulent inventory.

So, what are the seven steps companies can take to protect themselves? Read more on 7 steps to combatting ad fraud…

The Daily Poke: Break your selfie

Be more humanPoint. Pout. Publish. The ubiquitous selfie has influenced how we see ourselves, and how we allow others to see us too, just as much as social media has transformed our lives.

All this pixel-pushing narcissism is having an insidious effect on what it means to be human, and Reebok is determined to help us get a bit more real again.

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Tech and storytelling: a match made in hell

story booksStorytelling: the good old buzzword at your service since the days of yore.

Good – great stories make our world more interesting.

Bad – not everyone is a storyteller (contrary to what they tell you in those social media marketing blogs) and consequently the amount of mediocre content sold as ‘storytelling’ is depressing.

Ugly – stories now automatically seem to come with a digital prefix, or even worse: ‘interactive’. Read more on Tech and storytelling: a match made in hell…

“For brands to advertise they have to stop advertising”

digital evolution“BRAND – a bundle of meanings, feelings and values, as seen and perceived in the eye and mind of the consumer.”

Brands communicate in hope that our view of them is consistent; that we may covet them and want to draw them close. Conversely, we all bring our own perceptions and prejudices, conscious and subconscious, to the table.

In consequence, advertising is quite the see-saw, where a brand becomes the sum total of what it says and does – and of how we, the audience, interprets and so feels about it.

From the first dawn of brands, to the ‘digital now’, this concept of what a brand is has not changed.

But what is changing, ever changing, is the construct of how brands are built and perceived. Meaning advertising, in nature and nomenclature, is changing irrevocably. Read more on “For brands to advertise they have to stop advertising”…

Agencies: Programmatic isn’t problematic

Black sheep, photo by Leon Riskin/FlickrBefore programmatic, digital was advertising’s black sheep.

In 2005, digital was seen much the same as programmatic: unfamiliar, untested, and uncomfortable. Agency teams relied on in-house specialists to write digital briefs and deliver communication objectives.

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4 trends that will shape the future of email marketing

Apple WatchThe rise of mobile has increased email marketing’s standing amongst digital marketers. And once the Apple Watch is out, the humble email will be one of the best ways to reach consumers with your marketing messages.

Keeping it simple is key, writes Sharon Jennings, digital marketing consultant at CACI, who shares her top four predictions for future trends in email marketing.

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A State Of Trance – the ultimate multi-channel music brand

armin-van-buuren-msg-2014-by-letkemann-650Armin Van Buuren’s amazing music superbrand A State of Trance (ASOT) celebrates 700 shows this week with a massive show and celebratory events in Sydney and Melbourne.

What started as a dance genre has become a multi level marketing operation unparalleled in global music for the strength of it’s brand, loyalty of its fans, variety of its interactive aspects and longevity of it’s brand strength.

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Is the UK ready to go digital-first?

WomanHomeWorkingFujitsu’s research into the UK’s digital landscape shows the nation is ready and willing to adapt to a digital-first approach when looking for ways to interact with organisations.

The study shows more than a fifth of us will opt for a digital-first approach when offered. We want the government to do more too. 54% of respondents want to see Number 10 to do more to drive digital, and one in five would vote for a political party that focussed on digital policies.

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How brands can harness the new age of celebrity

CaraCelebrity endorsements can feel like they have a life of their own, as brands look to stand out from the crowd and drive engagement with consumers.

This is especially true online, where video content is booming. Celebrities are everywhere. However, increasingly the same celebrities are being used by a host of brands in specific sectors – think Cara Delevingne. Read more on How brands can harness the new age of celebrity…

E-commerce calendar spotlights marketing opportunities around the world

Three KingsForget all this talk of Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays. In our world of digital marketing sans frontiers, some of the greatest and lesser-known opportunities in global e-commerce could be campaigns based on traditional and newly emerging events in international markets.

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