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Infographic: Will mobile ad blocking ruin advertising?

Gonzalo Baeza - Mobile central to marketing campaignsLet’s do the math. How much time on mobile will be impacted by iOS9 mobile ad blocking? That’s the question that our team at mobile ad platform, The Mobile Majority, have aimed to answer with this infographic on Apple ad blocking.

It’s an important question to ask, especially when you consider that mobile consumers use apps the majority of the time, and when they do use a mobile browser, it’s not always Safari. And even if/when a consumer does use Safari, that consumer still has to have the ad blocker downloaded. The result? A very small number. Read more on Infographic: Will mobile ad blocking ruin advertising?…

The hot topics of Dmexco 2015

WEB_Dmexco_logoDmexco is the event of the ad tech year and is the ideal setting to make contacts, discuss potential partnerships, talk to industry leaders, and promote technology offerings. With attendees ranging from established digital influencers to niche start-up businesses, Dmexco provides the perfect forum to discuss key industry themes.

With that in mind here are our top takeaways from Dmexco 2015. Read more on The hot topics of Dmexco 2015…

Embracing digital disruption

marketing digital Digital disruption is a term we hear banded around a lot, especially within media and advertising circles. We are in the thick of a digital revolution, where technology is changing the way we behave at an alarming rate.

Whilst most acknowledge this, it is easy to forget just how far we’ve come in an extremely short space of time – we’ve gone from playing Snake on our Nokia 3310s to ordering taxis on our smart watches in little over ten years. The scale of change is staggering. Read more on Embracing digital disruption…

Five surprise brands that conquered influencer marketing

DownyWord-of-mouth recommendations are the holy grail of marketing, promoting brand recognition, reputation and sales in one consumer-friendly bundle. Revamped for the digital age, personal recommendations have given way to influencer marketing platforms.

Allowing every brand the opportunity to talk directly to thousands of receptive customers, this innovative channel uses established online influencers to drive sales, increase brand recognition and appeal to new demographics. With influencer marketing revolutionising the field, we thought it was high time we got to know a few of the more surprising brands emerging as champions. Read more on Five surprise brands that conquered influencer marketing…

Ouch! Digital marketing research shows content is more pain than pleasure

WEB_Shutterstock_content_kingIt will come as no surprise to digital marketers working at the cutting-edge of marketing that change very much comes with the territory. What is remarkable, though, is just how fast these changes are happening – and content marketing is the catalyst behind it all.

We recently surveyed more than 1,000 B2B marketers and sales executives asking them one simple question: What is your biggest digital marketing pain-point? The usual suspects turned up: organisational inertia, big data, sales and marketing alignment, and so on. However, we found time and time again, content was at the heart of the many of digital marketers’ woes. Read more on Ouch! Digital marketing research shows content is more pain than pleasure…

Six thoughts from Dmexco

WEB_Dmexco_logoNot long after Dmexco has taken place, Nigel Gwilliam, IPA’s head of media and emerging tech, takes a look at six poignant moments of the annual event and what the digital marketing industry can learn from it.

1. Business not blue sky

For many, the exhibition halls really take centre stage at Dmexco. Intense networking and back-to-back, pre-scheduled meetings at each company’s stall is what a visit to Cologne represents. Not my natural territory. SXSW is about the future, Dmexco is about the digital-driven world of business right now. But on to the conference. Read more on Six thoughts from Dmexco…

What can we learn from Dmexco 2015?



Last week nearly 40,000 marketers trekked across Europe to attend Dmexco, the world’s largest advertising and technology conference. The attendees were met by hundreds of speakers and thousands of exhibitors. Some were brilliant, some banal. Here are the four most interesting findings:

1. The disruption of search

The rapid rise of mobile internet usage has repercussions for how consumers discover brands. Search’s importance is declining, hit by the growth of apps as a means of navigation, smaller screens which make typing tricky and the importance of recommendations on social networks. Read more on What can we learn from Dmexco 2015?…

Social media campaigns to watch: Burberry, Save the Children, Chanel and Twitter



In a new monthly roundup on The Wall blog, Sara McCorquodale, senior editor at trend forecasting and analysis service WGSN, takes a look at how Burberry, Save the Children, Chanel and Twitter have all executed social media-centric campaigns in the last month.

Burberry’s #LFW Snapchat reveal

How do you make your brand and spring/summer 2016 collection relevant to Generation Z? Post every look on Snapchat the day before your very expensive, star-studded London Fashion Week catwalk show. That’s what Burberry did – and it was a canny move. Not only did it set the brand apart as an innovator – unprohibited by traditional ideas of “saving” the big reveal of its line for tradition media – but it reached out to its next generation of customers on their social platform of choice. Also, it ensured buzz about the show 24 hours before the collection was catwalk-ed. Clever. Read more on Social media campaigns to watch: Burberry, Save the Children, Chanel and Twitter…

Data without borders: How the battle for friction-free advertising will be won

(Thinkstock/Peter Macdiarmid)

(Thinkstock/Peter Macdiarmid)

The nation loves apps. It’s a fact. We’ve all heard the hackneyed phrase, “there’s an app for that”, but it happens to be true. There are now more than 1.4 million apps on the Apple store, while some studies indicate we could be spending as much as 86% of our smartphone time within apps themselves. Today there’s even an app that monitors your other apps.

The most successful apps are often the ones that are simplest to use. And those that are most popular are now slowly expanding upon their original remit in a battle to become an all-in-one ecosystem that users never have to leave. Wired UK editor, David Rowan, highlighted the importance of a friction-free experience at the launch event for AdRoll Prospecting. Read more on Data without borders: How the battle for friction-free advertising will be won…

London dominates Social Media Week online conversation with key influencers

(Social Media Week London/Dan Taylor)

(Social Media Week London/Dan Taylor)

With over one million people connecting through social and mobile, Social Media Week has become more than just an event – it’s a movement where many of the people who attend are shaping the future of the industry. Whilst the event is hosted in different cities throughout the year, how does London fair in the online conversation around Social Media Week?

Webfluential recently analysed the results of the four host cities for September including London, Miami, São Paulo and Rotterdam. The results are in – London achieved top position and dominated the Social Media Week online conversation. #SMWLDN had more than double the amount of tweets than Miami (who achieved second position), three-and-a-half times more tweets than Rotterdam and over 12 times more than São Paulo. Read more on London dominates Social Media Week online conversation with key influencers…