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Infographic: 15 digital trends for 2015

Internet of things by Steve Jurvetson FlickrResearch by digital consultancy Bell Pottinger Digital has revealed the 15 top digital trends that are set to change the way brands communicate in 2015.

This infographic captures the most talked about trends online in 2014 and ranks them in order of percentage increase throughout the year.

The top five digital trends include: Read More »

6 things a programmatic advertising partner should provide

Robot by littlelostrobot FlickrProgrammatic buying is on a strong growth trajectory – with an average annual growth rate of 27% – and is set to reach $53 billion globally by 2018. While the US is leading the way – with 62% of its display-related ads purchased using this method – the UK is following suit with programmatic forecasted to account for almost half of digital display ads (47%) bought in 2014.

As brands continue to discover programmatic’s unprecedented efficiency, ability to reach targeted audiences across all devices, and potential to optimise KPIs in real-time, it is set to become the main engine in digital trading.

To maximise the benefits and achieve a healthy ROI, brands need to choose a solid programmatic advertising partner that can provide the following: Read More »

Digital – the poster boy of 2015

Digital screensDigital billboards have been in the news over the last few weeks. NYC’s Times Square has landed the world’s biggest – it stretches an entire block on Broadway.

Piccadilly Circus’ digital screens have also hit the headlines. TDK is not renewing its contract, teeing up a bidding process that will attract the planet’s biggest brands.

Both sites have been front men for digital out of home (DOOH) for years and their newsworthiness is indicative of DOOH’s establishment. Its power as a memorable and spectacular advertising tool, which engages audiences, is undisputed and has been for years.

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Marketing needs to reconnect with the digital opportunity

starsThe ‘D’ word. At its mention, do your eyes light up or do you recoil?

Certainly no one can argue with the potential value of digital. It has transformed businesses – companies that ‘go digital’ are two to four times more valuable to investors than those that don’t(1). It has transformed countries – in the past five years the internet has accounted for 21% of GDP growth in mature markets (2).

And of course it has transformed consumer behaviour – how we research, how we shop, how we engage. But let’s ask ourselves this. Have we seen it transform marketing in the same way? Have marketing folk truly realised the potential of digital? Read More »

Sponsored: The Campaign CityLive Challenge: Key learnings from a year of change

Campaign Citylive challengeThis post is brought to you by our partners MediaCo Outdoor

It’s nearly Christmas, and as the dust settles on The Campaign CityLive Challenge – our partnership with Campaign magazine to champion innovative and creative thinking in Digital Out of Home (DOOH), which culminated in mid-November – the time feels right to take stock.

Launched in July, the concept behind the challenge was to showcase the interactive creative capabilities, real time results and adjustments our CityLive touchscreen network can provide to agencies, outdoor specialists and advertisers. Read More »

2015 will see the comeback of direct mail

letter box by Alice Whale:FlickrIsn’t it always the way? Wait long enough and even the most unfashionable things will eventually be back on trend. From the comeback of flares during the 90’s, double demin, which made a return in the last few years, and most recently bushy brows led by Cara Delevigne.

This is also true when it comes to outdated marketing channels. Direct mail being the most relevant.  Read More »

Why Monty isn’t living up to our digital expectations

Monty the PenguinMonty the John Lewis penguin stole the hearts of the nation earlier this month when he debuted during an episode of Channel 4’s Googlebox, but despite already racking up 17m+ views on YouTube, he simply is not living up to our expectations in the digital space. Read More »

The Steve Jobs dilemma: digital advocacy vs low-tech parenting

Steve Jobs techAs one of the architects of our technological present, Steve Jobs was undeniably a champion of new media, but like many of us in the industry he was also mindful of the effects that the digital world would have on his children and sought to be a lo-fi parent.

This was a sentiment echoed at last week’s Microsoft Future Decode event, where the famously irascible Jeremy Paxman voiced similar concerns, warning that children are failing to develop into ‘social animals’.

Should we immediately throw our smartphones in the blender or are we being hypocrites, irrationally fearing new media in the same way our parents took a dislike to the Walkman or those new-fangled shoes with air in them? Read More »

Marketing needs to switch from macro to multi-micro

Orange segmentsUnilever has recently gotten into a rather bad habit. At the end of every commercial from Dove, Bertolli and Lipton, as well as all of its other hundreds of brands, sits the Unilever logo. Brand authenticity is replaced by a distinctly corporate feel, writes Jan Rijkenberg, founder BSUR Group.

It’s a trend that has been on the rise in recent years, showing the consumer that there’s a trustworthy and reliable creator behind the more familiar brand names. Read More »

Measuring your heart on your sleeve

Goosebumps by Jon MadisonDespite your best efforts at concealment, your body constantly gives off signals. Watching a scary movie, you can try looking brave for your girlfriend – but your arm hairs are going to stand up. Likewise, though you tell yourself not to be nervous presenting to an audience of strangers – you’re still going to sweat.

What does this mean for marketers? Well, it’s not just thrills and nerves that elicit responses. Every experience triggers bodily signals, from watching TV adverts to something as simple as walking through a supermarket.

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