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Increasing consumer understanding through data – what it really means

Mobile dataIn digital marketing, when we talk about the big data helping us to understand consumers better, what we really mean is that if we make sense of it, we can understand consumers better.

Big data is not a solution in any way shape or form. The solution is how we use it.

Some neat examples have included Expedia taking weather feeds and maximising their mobile ad inventory spending in and around airports when weather fronts are closing in; because people in those locations will a) be using their mobiles; and b) be needing to book hotel rooms and/or alternative travel arrangements. Read more on Increasing consumer understanding through data – what it really means…

The programmatic puzzle

Mobility conceptProgrammatic advertising has experienced a PR boom, earning itself the title of ‘one of the hottest buzzwords’ in 2015. So what exactly is programmatic advertising and what are the benefits?

In its simplest form, programmatic media buying is the use of software to purchase digital advertising. It is an evolution of the traditional ad buying process which involved RFPs, human negotiations and manual insertion orders. Read more on The programmatic puzzle…

Pay-per-click and its potential to shape the future of digital marketing

Who should own social media? PR, digital or ad agencies?With 1.46 million people currently employed in the digital industries, and revenue for the sector expected to increase by 90% next year, it is no wonder that an ever increasing number of people are becoming attracted to a job in the sector.

For many people the industry remains a minefield of roles requiring different skills, making it difficult for beginners to know where to start. Read more on Pay-per-click and its potential to shape the future of digital marketing…

The telephone concert

WhatsApp logoHere’s an idea: the world’s first ever live concert, broadcast solely over via telephone. Ring a number at a specified time to tune in, kick back, and let the tinny sounds wash over your right ear.

What do you think? Seems like the kind of “entrepreneurial creativity” (ahem) that someone like Will.I.Am would probably get a kick out of, and with its quirky repurposing of a media platform I imagine it would have great saliency. But those things don’t make a good idea. Read more on The telephone concert…

How important is digital and retail experience for brands?

mobile in store wall

Now in its second year, new Shopper Tribes research from Gekko has found that fewer shoppers are researching products online before buying in-store, with numbers falling by 7% over the past year.

As buying behaviours become more complex, with consumers increasingly taking a multi-channel approach when purchasing goods, the relationship between the digital and retail experience is ever more important for brands. Read more on How important is digital and retail experience for brands?…

Retail reinvention: lessons from the digital rag trade


(Mr Porter/

The meeting point of retail and editorial was traditionally ‘the magazine’. A style bible like Vogue or Harper’s, for example, would carry glossy colour ads of beautiful things, commercial messages betwixt a sacrosanct and inviolable editorial.

I say ‘would carry’ when, of course, this practice still exists. Yet while it remains a present tense model, it is now so very far from being the only model. Read more on Retail reinvention: lessons from the digital rag trade…

Why digital marketers need to get over their love affair with the internet

splinternet2 copyThe biggest internet company on the planet has informed the world that the internet is about to disappear.

Addressing world leaders at the 2015 Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Google chairman Eric Schmidt stunned his audience by declaring “The internet will disa Read more on Why digital marketers need to get over their love affair with the internet…

The evolution of consumer digital experiences

WEB_Microsoft_Digital_Trends_GraphicConsumers are becoming more digitally savvy and their relationship with technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, presenting both challenges and opportunities for marketers.

Microsoft’s newly released 2015 Digital Trends research explores consumer expectations around online experiences and examines how the findings impact brands. Read more on The evolution of consumer digital experiences…

The Daily Poke: Emotikea

emoticons‘I haven’t been hoovered in weeks!’ ‘These dishes won’t do themselves!’ ‘What’s this red stuff on my new rug?!’

Ahh, the passive-aggressive ‘clean-me’ note, bane of many a flat share and family home. But it’s time to heave a huge sigh of relief, as those Swedish spreaders of homely love, IKEA, have come up with a solution to soften the blow of sending a house-related order.

No longer satisfied with filling the globe with their ubiquitous and oddly-named domestic designs, IKEA are moving in on our digital lives too. With a similarly expansive collection of 100 emoticons for smartphones everywhere. Read more on The Daily Poke: Emotikea…

Today’s inspirational woman: Harper Lee

harper leeIn celebration of International Women’s Day on Sunday 8 March, all this week we are asking senior industry figures who their most inspirational woman is.

Jonny Westcar, managing director of Brand Union, names To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee as his inspirational woman. Read more on Today’s inspirational woman: Harper Lee…