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Making digital out-of-home a rewarding experience

WEB_Cadbury_free_the_joyAccording to research conducted by Posterscope, ad spend on digital out-of-home (DOOH) is set to account for over a third of the UK’s total out-of-home spending for the first time in history.

It’s all good news for a channel that’s arguably one of the most agile of the traditional mass media toolbox, but with more money comes higher expectations: is the platform being used to its full potential by brands? Read more on Making digital out-of-home a rewarding experience…

The Daily Poke: Don’t turn away from domestic violence

Don't turn awayThe bruised face of a woman is a pretty startling representation of domestic violence. But the new outdoor campaign for Women’s Aid developed by WCRS is more than just a shock tactic. The billboard incorporates facial recognition technology that registers when people are looking at the image. This in turn triggers a series of messages along the bottom of the ad urging passers-by not to turn a blind eye. As more people take notice, the bruises on the woman’s face start to fade. Read more on The Daily Poke: Don’t turn away from domestic violence…

How the cool digital generation connects with the world’s oldest advertising medium

WEB_NEW_Daft_Punk_giant_posterYou might think that if advertisers are going to break through to young, cool and fashionable groups they need to use the latest technology and trendiest advertising media to have a chance of getting their message across.

Yet while digital is of course proving immensely popular, it’s clear that smart advertisers are now looking at a wider range of media options , including out-of-home – the oldest medium in the world. Read more on How the cool digital generation connects with the world’s oldest advertising medium…

Infographic: Learn how OpenRTB 2.3 will standardise native advertising

ProgrammaticAn automated standard for native advertising has yet to arrive, but pretty soon the worlds of native ads and real-time-bidding (RTB) will merge with the upcoming release of a standard called OpenRTB 2.3.

The Sharethrough team have been leading the development of the OpenRTB 2.3 standard and have created this beginners guide infographic to help give this standard some context. Read more on Infographic: Learn how OpenRTB 2.3 will standardise native advertising…

Auto brands are the new champions of bleeding-edge marketing tech

Virtual Reality headsetAuto marketing used to mean big 30-second blockbuster ads. The typical car commercial was the ultimate symbol of yesterday’s lavish TV advertising; a strategy that perhaps needs refreshing in light of today’s digitally-dominated landscape.

Thanks to the arrival of marketing-friendly technology like Oculus Rift, HoloLens and Google Glass, the auto sector is beginning to find alternative – and more experiential – ways to blow our socks off. Read more on Auto brands are the new champions of bleeding-edge marketing tech…

Agencies: Programmatic isn’t problematic

Black sheep, photo by Leon Riskin/FlickrBefore programmatic, digital was advertising’s black sheep.

In 2005, digital was seen much the same as programmatic: unfamiliar, untested, and uncomfortable. Agency teams relied on in-house specialists to write digital briefs and deliver communication objectives.

Read more on Agencies: Programmatic isn’t problematic…

Mobile is the new frontier for retargeting

Target, photo by is set to become the hottest topic in retargeting this year ahead, according to 20% of the European marketers surveyed in AdRoll’s ‘State of the Industry’ report, launched this week.

Mobile retargeting has already been an early method for success, driving conversions and boosting brand awareness by serving impressions to those key users who have already demonstrated interest in a brand’s website.

Yet many marketers are struggling to build analytics with this still-developing medium.

Read more on Mobile is the new frontier for retargeting…

The rise of wasted adspend on mobile video

mobile video, by Simon Blackley/FlickrFacebook reported in its Q4 2014 earnings report that it now sees three billion video views per day, a global increase of 75% year-on-year.

Though Facebook didn’t break down how much video contributed to its $3.6bn in ad sales, it’s inevitable that as 4G becomes more prevalent and phone screens grow larger, that mobile video’s share of the digital ad pie will continue to swell.

However, the extent of this growth will largely depend on whether we change ad formats to suit this environment. Read more on The rise of wasted adspend on mobile video…

The future of native is in the cards

Native cardsLet me start with a prediction: native advertising will transform in 2015 thanks to an emerging design trend known as cards.

Cards, a powerful design metaphor that collapses essential information into rectangular content containers, will be a game changer for an industry that relies on non-interruptive ways to drive user engagement through ads. Read more on The future of native is in the cards…

Read more on The future of native is in the cards…

2015 is the year for video advertising

Play button, photo by Martin Kenny:FlickrAt the start of each year most of us naturally seek to do a bit of crystal ball gazing. For online marketers this is especially important.

Being able to accurately predict how the ad market will unfold in the year ahead can often make the difference between boom and bust, writes Eliav Moshe, senior VP of mobile at Dmg Media.

However, for 2015, the picture is actually a lot clearer than in previous years. The dominant trends online marketers saw last year, principally the continuation of the rise of mobile and the establishment of video advertising, are likely to gather more pace over the next 12 months.

Turning to video, 2015 is going to be defined by better content, increased competition and a war against fraud. Read more on 2015 is the year for video advertising…