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The writing is on the wall for TV too

TV by Lubs Mary. FlickrMeasurement within print advertising has come under fire recently, criticism that online advertising has been seeing for sometime – not least from chair of Thinkbox, Tess Alps.

This is not the first time that transparency across online advertising has been compared unfavourably to other channels, and it is often TV that is held up as a shining example of an advertising model, but we often forget where it falls down and where online excels in terms of measurement and accountability. Read More »

Viral chart: World Cup highs and lows, a hedgehog’s birthday and undressing with strangers

Beer tankardBrand chart

Despite fine efforts from viral big-hitters Adidas and Old Spice to capitalise on the World Cup final, this week’s branded chart is topped by a 10 second clip created by German radio station Bayern 3.

Released within minutes of the tournament’s finale, the image of a mighty German stein smashing a Brazilian cocktail has clearly resonated with fans and the video has just topped 15 million views. It’s great to see a simple but perfectly timed idea beating bigger budgets to the top spot, and hopefully it’ll be the last time we hear those samba jingles. Until 2016 at least…
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Advertisers should see the value in cookieless technology

IpadgirlIt has been more than 18 months since Safari began blocking third party cookies and it is possible other browsers will follow suit, with continued threats from Mozilla. As the mobile channel and Safari emerge as drivers of conversions, now more than ever advertisers need to concentrate on cookieless technology.

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How brands are generating revenue on social

mobile payment payments cashless contactlessConsumers are becoming ever more mobile and increasingly social. As brand advertisers strive to influence their purchase decisions on social media, how can they be sure they’re optimising their efforts?

We recently conducted a study* that sought to size UK consumers’ social media spend resulting from (paid) advertising and (earned) personal recommendations from their contacts. Overall, the study established that in the last 30 days, 14% of social media users had purchased something they initially came across on a social media platform – items that they would otherwise not have bought. Read More »

Sponsored: Putting consumer experience back at the heart of DOOH

Campaign compIf you build it, they will come – to misquote, among numerous possible sources for this phrase, Kevin Costner’s 1989 movie Field of Dreams. Yet despite growth in the number and scale of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) networks and some increase in brands using them, are significantly more and bigger budgets materialising? I don’t think so. Which is where a new initiative called The Campaign CityLive Challenge comes in. Read More »

Viral chart: Proud whoppers, celebrity impressions and Greenpeace takes on Lego

santaIn this weeks chart, we see a host of awesome branded videos that successfully evoke all sorts of emotions out of us without having to even mention a football. The World Cup: sorry, what’s that?

Whether it is paying homage to soldiers fighting in Iraq or a stand against the damaging effects of a fuel company, this week has brought a high standard that has played on our heartstrings.
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Joining the dots with HTML5 cross-screen advertising

HTML5 – not just the latest buzzword in this content crazy worldLast year saw extraordinary growth in mobile advertising with a 105 per cent increase in global mobile ad spend. What’s more, predicted growth for 2014 is almost as high as advertisers continue their quest to reach today’s distracted, on-the-move consumers. By the end of the year, mobile is expected to account for almost a quarter of digital ad spend worldwide.

With all the noise around mobile advertising, it’s easy to believe that mobile is actually replacing other screens such as desktop, but while mobile use is increasing, consumers still interact with traditional screens just as often as they do with tablets and smartphones. Consumers are not only on the move, but are continually switching between devices for different uses and expecting a seamless transition along the customer journey. Rather than being a separate media bucket, mobile should be considered as part of a wider strategy that enables cohesive advertising campaigns across every conceivable device including gaming consoles, connected TVs, and desktop. Read More »

Research measurement needs to think outside the box

Billboard ooh by Christiano Betta, FlickrThinkbox’s latest Pathways To Profit research, carried out in conjunction with Ebiquity, proclaims TV advertising creates the most profit for advertisers. The study also suggests out-of-home (OOH) advertising delivers a negative return on investment.

Can this be true? The world’s longest-running ad medium has been delivering negative ROI for the globe’s most successful brands all along? No.


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An alternative Independence Day, slaps and angry chipmunks

Stephen MerchantFollowing last week’s viral hit for HelloFlo and their First Moon Party, once again girls are taking centre stage, this time with a more serious angle as Always introduce their new video #LikeAGirl.

The campaign highlights the common phrase of doing something “like a girl” – throwing, running, fighting, etc – and how this is often used as a derogatory way to insult people.

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Europe: Verify or die

Penknife by A Yee FlickrThe IAB has recently released a set of UK Viewable Impressions standards to offer guidance and greater accountability for advertisers. These mirror guidelines released in the US at the beginning of April, following extensive collaboration between IAB UK and IAB US to agree common transatlantic standards, ensuring consistency across both markets.


For a market that is growing up and becoming more accountable, it is crucial that third parties and brands alike ensure that verification becomes an intrinsic part of what we do and not seen as an add on. This is a welcome move from IAB but in order to ensure total transparency when it comes to reporting on ad impressions the industry needs to collaborate. We’re in a position where a lot of work needs to be done in order to ensure one overall verification method is accepted by the entire industry.


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