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Instagram ads: Five tips for success

WEB_Instagram_ad_carouselAfter a period of testing last year, Instagram opened for business in the UK at the start of 2015. With a growing audience, primarily in the 18-34 year category and with a mobile first rich media opportunity, Instagram is set to be an influential player in the ad market.

Here at ZenithOptimedia we have been rolling out ads since official launch across a range of our brands. To test the effectiveness of these ad campaigns we have run several Nielsen Brand Effect studies, with a control group and exposed audience. Read more on Instagram ads: Five tips for success…

The Daily Poke: Queen of beers

Queen of beersBeer advertising has traditionally been geared towards a male market. From Dos Equis’s Most Interesting Man in the World to Australians who couldn’t give a XXXX for anything else, lads are generally at the heart of the lager audience.

But German beer brand Astra is looking to tap into the female market with an interactive billboard campaign that talks only to women. Fitted with the latest facial recognition cameras, the outdoor sites can identify the gender and age of people looking at the poster and react accordingly. Read more >> Read more on The Daily Poke: Queen of beers…

Data is the key to targeted engagement


FEPE’s annual congress, which represents the biggest players in the out-of-home (OOH) industry worldwide, took place last week, entitled ‘Your Audience is Waiting’.

The rapid growth of the digital OOH sector and the proliferation of data have significantly impacted the way advertisers are now able to identify, target and serve audiences. Read more on Data is the key to targeted engagement…

The week in native: Instant articles are instant awesomeness

We’re waiting for the programmatic native tipping point, Facebook’s Instant Articles brings newfound speed and design to publishing, two-pence video views on Snapchat…oh, and you might have heard: Verizon bought AOL.

Read more on The week in native: Instant articles are instant awesomeness…

Tips on building a publisher’s perfect native revenue model

unnamedAt the IAB’s recent Navigating Native workshop, the topic of how publishers can build out their native revenue stack was put under the spotlight, as the search for new media business models is more complicated than ever, with many publishers struggling to monetise.

For some, native advertising has become a top strategy, with £509m being spent on native in 2014 (a fifth of all display spend according to the IAB). However, a key question for publishers looking to incorporate native is how to make it work. Navigating the tension between maximising both yield and quality, in particular, is proving difficult.

The new trend is to build out a native advertising revenue stack. Here are the three elements most commonly seen in a publisher’s native stack. Read more on Tips on building a publisher’s perfect native revenue model…

Does social media ad spend equate to consumer engagement?


Instagram and Pintrest have both announced that they are opening the doors to advertisers, and M&S is aiming to invest 20% of total media spend on social media to increase its story telling. And as if that wasn’t enough social media hype, this was hot on the back of the BBC claiming that it is planning to turbocharge its Instagram profile after an executive claimed that it has learned more about social media from brands, including Burberry, Nike and Netflix.

One could say that social media is making an impact on traditional advertising, as expected in a brand’s pursuit of Generation Y. However, what about the rest of us who are a shade older and perhaps with more disposable income, or younger or I hasten to add, just not interested in social media.

After all not everyone who likes M&S or its demographic customer is necessarily a fan of social media. Read more on Does social media ad spend equate to consumer engagement?…

Content and data: The ad industry’s unshakeable coalition

WEB_Shutterstock_content_kingThe online video advertising market is going through a period of upheaval. The continued growth and importance of multi-platform consumption isn’t disputed, as viewers are accessing video content via TV, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

However, the best way to distribute content, how much this should be automated, effective demographic targeting – and any number of other variables – are all constantly under discussion. In the midst of this turmoil there are two constant factors, each playing a critical role: content and data. Read more on Content and data: The ad industry’s unshakeable coalition…

Here’s what Facebook Instant Articles will mean for brands and publishers

WEB_Facebook_Instant_ArticlesFacebook has begun allowing select news organisations to publish stories directly onto its platform through the new Instant Articles programme, and as best as anyone can tell, the online media industry has yet to spontaneously combust.

While some in the media industry have expressed grave concern that it will ultimately put journalism organisations at the mercy of an all-powerful social media network, the longterm effects of Instant Articles will likely be less earth-shattering. Read more on Here’s what Facebook Instant Articles will mean for brands and publishers…

The Daily Poke: A quick change

A quick change 1Seen the latest ad from Skip detergent? Don’t like the dancers’ outfits? Well, just go ahead and change them. Click. Whites become coloureds. Click again and woollens become denims.

Of course, there’s more to this technical wizardry than simply satisfying the whims of the viewer. Created by BBH London, the interactive ad offers nine different variants and in each case, Skip provides washing and care instructions for the garments chosen. Colourful and clever.

Read more on The Daily Poke: A quick change…

Digital campaigns to watch: Clarks, VisitBritain, Yahoo and Oxfam

WEB_Clarks_WhatsappWe live in the age of innovation. Companies often viewed as “traditional” in their business models are beginning to think three-dimensionally in their content marketing, tapping into cutting edge technology in new and exciting ways to engage the end user.

We’re now halfway through 2015, but already we’ve seen plenty of examples of this kind of lateral thinking from big brands, which only serves to build anticipation for what might come next. Below are three examples of content marketing we’ve been impressed by recently. Read more on Digital campaigns to watch: Clarks, VisitBritain, Yahoo and Oxfam…