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Viewability in focus – a workable model

Magnifying glass by Theen Moy:FlickrThe topic of viewability shouldn’t be a new one to most digital advertisers – after all, what could be more essential than ensuring that a consumer had the opportunity to actually view an ad – but this week’s announcement by the IAB of viewability standards for display advertising is a major step forward for the industry.

Measurability has long been cited as one of the key strengths of digital advertising, but until recently, technology has been unable or unreliable in helping advertisers understand if their ads are actually seen. Multiple factors impact ad viewability – from ad unit positioning, to page load times, to outright fraudulent practices – and the industry has come a long way in terms of providing more transparency and accountability around impressions. Read More »

Digital ad spend hits a record high, with 2014 set to rocket

MobileholdingphoneThe Digital Britain conference returned to Manchester last week, for the unveiling of the latest IAB/PwC 2013 digital ad spend report. A packed and lively event, demonstrating the growth and energy in the industry, and an energy that goes beyond London.

The methodology that drives the report is essentially revenue submissions from over 100 key players in the digital space, publishers, intermediaries and buyers. Critically, as some major players don’t submit (Facebook), and others don’t segment between their different business models, such as display vs search (Google), the model is then also checked against an advisory board, made up of the agency trading groups that influence the majority of advertiser dollars that flow through the industry.

In case you missed it, here are the key take-outs: Read More »

Categories are great for awards… but not real life

BRda judgingSpring is the air, and the industry award season is in full swing.  Across London, agencies are scrambling to write up their best work, begging for deadline extensions like students who’ve pissed away a whole term in the union bar and left their coursework to the last minute.

When the shortlists get revealed, though, all that hard work seems worthwhile. Today, I’m off to join my fellow judges to compile the shortlist for the Brand Republic Digital Awards. Working through the longlist ahead of the judging, two things struck me about our industry. Read More »

Why marketers need to be directors of their brand’s online story

story booksDuring the course of the 19th century, writer George Polti compiled a categorical list of every dramatic situation which might occur in a story, which is now known as The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations.

Although there are only 36 possible narratives, there have of course been countless different films, novels and plays produced. This responsibility of crafting a single dramatic situation into a great story that people want to watch and engage with lies with the director, writer or producer, and their unique interpretation of a plot. Read More »

Can video ads give your brand a sporting chance?

superbowllogo2012Major sporting events draw massive TV audiences and, in turn, substantial advertising revenue. During the 2014 Super Bowl a 30 second TV advert cost $4m – illustrating the value of this specific ad space. Brand competition for this year was fierce and with 164 million viewers tuning in to watch the Super Bowl, it seemed to be the case that the mass exposure justified this enormous investment.

However, due to a shift in viewing habits, TV ads are no longer the only way to advertise during the many highlights of the sporting calendar. These events now present huge one-off opportunities for brands to reach and engage their audiences on mobile devices and connected TVs – technologies that lend themselves naturally to video advertising. Read More »

The ideal length of everything online

The very clever bods at social media platform Buffer were curious about the ideal length of tweets, headlines and everything else in between published on this gigantic virtual world we call Online.

They did some research, found the sweet spots and summarised their findings in this bite-sized infographic.

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The best bits from Advertising Week Europe

IdrisAll this week our LIVE@AdvertisingWeek blog has brought you the best news, views, videos, pictures, tweets, interviews and behind-the-scenes gossip from the four-day event. As our teams try to stop their heads from spinning, The Wall brings you a best of the best bits curation from all the daily highlights. Read More »

Most viral April Fools videos of 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 10.27.48April Fools is a great time for companies to get a bit playful with their advertising. It’s the one day of the year when brands are free to indulge in a spot of no-holds-barred creative marketing and it’s always fun reading about the various new mad-cap product lines that hit the market on April 1st.

As expected, Tuesday was no exception…
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The rise of Russian ad tech and what it means for the West

St Basils by Kwong Yee ChanDespite recent political events, the Russian tech sector remains buoyant and optimistic about the future. A quick glance at the statistics underpinning the sector shows why. The latest estimates put the number of Russians online at 66 million, with growth expected to continue by around 15-20% year-on-year until 2018.

This expansion is reflected in investor sentiment, according to RusBase, in December e-commerce businesses VC deals, grew by 33%. This was closely followed by software, multimedia and games, which all grew at 22%. The fintech and ad tech sector also saw substantial growth at 12%. Read More »

Pepsi pranks travellers with terrifying bus shelter shocker

PepsiWe’ve seen a spate of bus shelter advertising stunts going viral in the Brand Chart of late: from Photoshop’s Street Retouch Prank last year, to more recent campaigns from the likes of Norwegian charity, SOS Children’s Villages and Duracell’s Moments Of Warmth, which turned a bus shelter into a human powered battery to keep travellers warm. Now it looks like Pepsi Max is the latest brand to use a public transport waiting-stop to target unsuspecting passers by. Read More »