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Would Bacon have used Sutro or Sierra?

SelfieThe rise of the #selfie and the propensity for everyone from David Cameron, Justin Bieber and the person sitting at the desk opposite you to turn the camera towards themselves, shift to capture themselves in the best light, add a filter, then send it out for validation via Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc, isn’t a new form of narcissism.

Despite the fact that it often seems like a thoroughly modern phenomenon (there’s 80+ million Instagram photos hashtagged #me and 30+ million hashtagged #selfie), the impulse to capture and share the most authentic ‘self’ has been around for a long time.


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Curiosity is an interesting beast

It may have killed the cat, but a lack of it can sometimes be responsible for leading unsuspecting creatives towards a sticky end, too.

That’s because with so many touchpoints available to extend the arms of an idea out to different audiences, the importance of curiosity as a character trait within digital creative thinkers is more pertinent than ever. It’s basically a question of bringing expansive thinking to where, just a few years ago, it was all about being reductive.











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Infographic: Web design past to present

Web design infographicWeb design has come a long way from the very first website which was published by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991, who marked the beginning of the digital revolution. The fellows at digital agency Aptitude decided to take a stroll down memory lane, pointing out the defining moments in web design that have shaped modern-day sites. Read More »

A guide to Twitter sentiment analysis

TwitterLaptop1640Sentiment analysis tools mine text captured in reviews, blogging and micro-blogging streams to extract subjective information, which can then be used to manage service, increase sales or develop propositions.  Social media data is rich and interesting, full of fascinating observations that, if we can harness them, will deliver insights the like of which has never been seen before.  But as with any large sets of data or analysis, it’s easy to draw all kinds of incorrect conclusions; context and objectives are everything.

Warm and engaging communication isn’t about cold hard numbers, but using the numbers to make sure you’re investing precious resources in the right places, at the right time is all-important. And that requires analytical rigour. With that in mind, here are some top tips designed to help marketers understand how good sentiment analysis of social media data works, and how to make the most of the data that has genuine, actionable meaning for brands. Read More »

The ideal length of everything online

The very clever bods at social media platform Buffer were curious about the ideal length of tweets, headlines and everything else in between published on this gigantic virtual world we call Online.

They did some research, found the sweet spots and summarised their findings in this bite-sized infographic.

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Creativity is just a series of mistakes

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 11.57.45The creative process is, and should be, riddled with mistakes. As James Joyce said, ‘mistakes are the portals of discovery’. They are the way we learn; the way we evolve. Indeed, you only have to scratch the surface of Twitter to read motivational statements such as ‘I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 100 ways that don’t work’.

I totally get that. But it poses a problem for me. I have an innate aversion to making mistakes. A fear. And fear of making mistakes can paralyse our creativity. Read More »

The best bits from Advertising Week Europe

IdrisAll this week our LIVE@AdvertisingWeek blog has brought you the best news, views, videos, pictures, tweets, interviews and behind-the-scenes gossip from the four-day event. As our teams try to stop their heads from spinning, The Wall brings you a best of the best bits curation from all the daily highlights. Read More »

Has Google killed guest blogging?

Photo by Kirsty AndrewsThe keener eyed of you might raise an eyebrow that a guest blogger is tackling this topic, but over the past week guest blogging has come once again under scrutiny.

The industry chatter about the risks of guest blogging has been getting louder for more than a year. The first the warning shot was fired by Google’s head of web spam Matt Cutts with his decay and fall of guest blogging post. Three months later and after a host of website penalties, it had become clear that guest posting was indeed a major risk if undertaken for the objective of SEO. Read More »

Spring cleaning the mind

Photo by denharshI’ve officially been a meditator for one week. Top line learnings? Interruptions are everywhere.

So far my meditations have been interrupted by: impatient commuters; my mobile (my fault); a colleague; my husband (his fault); and the cat. I take this all as imperative learning experience as I embark on my early meditation journey. Read More »

Five things brands should be doing with Pinterest

PinterestTo coincide with its fourth birthday this month, Simon Robinson explains how brands can use Pinterest to improve their consumer engagements.

Pinterest, the tool for collecting and organising things you love, enables users to share and pin photos and short videos. As brides-to-be “pin” their favourite wedding dress designs and new homeowners follow DIY window treatment boards, the image-sharing social network is the ultimate wish list, radiating millions upon millions of consumers’ intent to purchase. Read More »