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Wearables: The future of publishing now

bulletFor the past two years, wearables have been heralded as the next big step forward in consumer technology.

According to the research firm Canalys, the market is expected to triple this year alone.

Spearheading the new digital platform are tech giants Samsung, Google, and most recently, Apple, which have all invested heavily in watches capable of displaying content from apps and online. Read More »

Sponsored: The move from mobile to apps

Mobile dataThis article is brought to you by our partners Adobe

Brand publishing is undoubtedly de rigueur right now as brands realise the value of getting their messages directly to audiences, writes Tony Markovski, head of digital publishing EMEA at Adobe.

For years, brands have been creating great content and now through mobile they can deliver this content with more creativity, engagement and greater relevance than ever before to the hyper-connected, digitally savvy consumer.

How are the world’s most innovative brands creating these engaging, seamless experiences across multiple platforms and devices? What role does mobile play in their marketing strategies? What organisational challenges did they face and how did they overcome them on their journey to become competitive digital businesses? Read More »

Why Messenger’s new role is so important for Facebook

Facebook messengerSuddenly, Facebook’s decision to strip the messaging functionality out of its main mobile app and encourage people to use its dedicated Messenger service is beginning to make a lot more sense.

At the time, we thought it was designed to protect the Facebook brand within a rapidly evolving social networking landscape; as conversations shift away from the major networks towards mobile chat apps, the danger for Facebook was that it could become increasingly sidelined, especially with WhatsApp destined to remain a standalone product. Read More »

The Uberfication of everything – the psychology of digital disruption

uberValued at over $18bn, Uber’s app-enabled taxi service has put disruptive ‘convenience tech’ on the map and spawned a myriad of Uber-style businesses. But what makes Uber tick? Read More »

3 steps to creating awesome in-app and push messaging content

In app push messagingIf content is king and mobile is the way of the future, then there’s no better place to invest your content marketing time than in creating app messaging. Why apps? Because, the inherent goal of apps is to help someone complete a task, and with their broad accessibility, apps have become the preferred channel that provides the best, easiest solution possible.

Keeping this in mind, successful app marketing requires content that is compelling, concise, helpful and targeted within the right context. Here are three steps to take – plus examples of great content, designs and offers – to create awesome push and in-app messaging campaigns. Read More »

How apps like Spring are changing consumer behaviour

Spring appThe world of e-commerce is buzzing at the moment; Ebay is celebrating its 15th anniversary since the first UK sale and new apps and services are being launched every day, ready to crack mobile commerce.

There’s no doubt that Ebay transformed the way people shop and sell, despite starting off as an online auction business. The website crashed offline last week for the 10th time this year and suffered a major cyber-attack in May that might have compromised the details of 145 million users, but the pioneer is still going strong with just over 19 million Britons visiting the site every month.

The challenge Ebay faces lies in new single purpose apps – such as Spring and Depop, which illustrate the change in consumer purchasing behaviours. Read More »

M&A is when leadership matters most

For sale by thinkpanama FlickrTrade sales are back in the news with Karmarama’s acquisition of mobile app agency Nice: the latest example of a larger group buying a dynamic independent.

Some acquisitions are unquestionably great decisions: breathing new life into a failing agency, filling an important gap in a group’s portfolio or allowing a small business to grow faster internationally. But once the excitement of the sale is a distant memory, the deal often doesn’t turn out to be what everyone hoped for. Read More »

The battle for your home screen

social media appsThe battle for first swipe is something you may not have heard much about. With wearable tech and the Internet of Things dominating the headlines, the struggle for control of your mobile’s home screen has been largely ignored. However, a series of recent launches suggest this is an area of serious interest.

Twitter is trying to put messages in front of people before they even unlock their phone and recently acquired smart lock screen app, Cover. The Android app lets the user customise the applications they see and when they see them and works by displaying apps contextually based on actions and locations. Widely regarded as a move to compete with Facebook’s Home service, Cover may give Twitter the chance to deliver tweets and messages outside of its dedicated app and further highlights the social platform’s mobile-first ethos. Read More »

Will News Corp get its apps right where NY Times may have gone wrong?

NewYorkTimesBuildingRumours that News Corp is launching a news app targeted at ‘millennial’ readers comes hot on the heels of The New York Times launching three new apps. The New York Times has admitted that subscription numbers for these weren’t as high as expected, blaming consumer confusion.

The common theme of both of these initiatives is the desire to attract and monetise different consumers by moving away from ‘one-size-fits-all’ product and subscription offerings. Read More »

Sponsored: Can you turn an app into a story people want to share?

eYeka zombieThis content is brought to you from our partner eYeka

Pixability, a company providing YouTube marketing software reported that the top 100 brands, as defined by Interbrand’s “best global brands”, post an average of 78 videos each per month. This is encouraging as it shows that big brands understand the importance of content. Unfortunately, more than 50% of these videos fail to reach 1,000 views. Shifting marketers’ mindset from creating ads, to telling engaging stories is hard…

One of our clients, KLM wanted to engage a young, tech-savvy audience in Asia through online videos to let them know of its travel app that allows passengers to plan, manage and share their share their journeys entirely from their smartphones. KLM was very aware that communicating solely on product features does not make for shareable content. Read More »