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5 things CMOs can learn from mobile-first app brands

Part one in a week-long series about the impact of mobile-first app brands.


The smartphone-based app economy is flourishing and bringing with it irrevocable change. Apps are empowering and enhancing the lives of modern consumers like never before.

Those leading the app economy are typically not traditional, established brands and businesses but a new wave of app start-ups, mobile-first start-ups that are significantly disrupting the status-quo across many different industry categories.

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Is Uber’s new look good business or bad branding?

Uber’s rebranding has met with a wave of derision from the business, marketing and technology worlds.


The Twitter community has lamented the loss the brand’s distinctive ‘U’ and the lack of obvious references to its core business of moving people from A to B.

Above all, the micromanagement of the two-year process by Uber CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick – an engineer by trade – has commentators questioning his priorities.

Unfavourable comparisons are made with the light-touch rebrands of Google and Facebook which kept colours and references that consumers are familiar with.

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How brands use WhatsApp

Facebook’s WhatsApp has joined the one billion monthly active users club.


That’s almost one seventh of the world’s population now using the service every month, overtaking Facebook’s own Messenger app, which has reported 800 million monthly users.

WhatsApps’ founders have always pledged to avoid third-party ads but brands are finding other ways to reach users.

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10 predictions for native advertising in 2016

At the end of 2014, we predicted brands would go mobile-first on content creation, content cards would become the de facto design unit, programmatic native distribution would take shape and the headline would become the new tagline.


For 2016, we’re looking at how hot-button publishing and advertising trends from 2015 will take shape in the year to come: from distributed publishing to ad blocking, native video and attention metrics.

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The Daily Poke: JW Anderson fashion show and Grindr hook up

Forget front row seats at the catwalk.

Poke_Hooking up

Menswear and womenswear designer JW Anderson is giving exclusive access for his autumn/winter 2016 show to users of the social networking app for gay men Grindr.

The ‘London Collections: Men’ event will broadcast exclusively on the app. Users will get a secret code that gives them access the private stream.

Grindr boasts over two million users a day in over 192 countries, and is highly visual and sexual – a key aspect, according to the designer.

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5 strategies to boost your app’s reach

Addiction to mobile applications has reached fever pitch, with users spending 85% of their time on smartphones within apps.


But while rising demand presents unprecedented opportunities for mobile applications, competition is heating up too.

So, how can marketers optimise their apps to increase user acquisition, maximise downloads and outpace the competition?

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How 5 retailers are encouraging mobile sales

Smartphone use is on the rise, but there still remains a gap when it comes to buyers committing to a purchase on their mobile devices.

mobile shopping

Most customers prefer to use them for product discovery and customer support  but as the next generation of consumer prefers texting and chat as methods of communication, it is critical that retailers make customer support and communication easier for these shoppers by going to where they are, be it on on social messaging apps or text.

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The Daily Poke: Icons of pop culture

Because breaking the internet last year wasn’t enough for Kim Kardashian, she’s now released an emoji app entirely about – you guessed it – herself.


The Kimoji app comes with over 250 emojis, including a butt selfie, a sketch of her famous curves and some standout quotes. Plus a crying Kim face. Of course.

When the reality TV star shared a preview of the new app with her 55 million Instagram followers she captioned it “KIMOJI’S APP LAUNCHES TOMORROW!!!” And it’s already broken into the top 10 grossing apps in the UK and US.

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The Daily Poke: Getting you in the mood

Poke_Getting you in the mood 2Who remembers ‘choose your own adventure’ books? You read part of a story, choose which page to turn to next, and tailor the action every couple of pages. Well imagine that, but turbo-powered and turned into an app. Read more on The Daily Poke: Getting you in the mood…

The Daily Poke: App-y feet

Poke_App-y feet 2Think of them as blank canvas shoes. With a new pair of treads from Shiftwear, you can create your own designs and display them on the sides of your hi-tops. Better still, you can change the image whenever you like, so the options for customisation are truly endless. Read more on The Daily Poke: App-y feet…