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Consumer time online is precious, and Starbucks has the perfect blend



According to Ofcom’s most recent Communications Market Report, UK consumers are spending two hours online on their smartphones every day; twice as long as laptops and PC. That’s welcome news to any brand that is taking a mobile first approach and sends out a clear message to others that they need to fall in line.

Yet whilst consumers spend more and more time online, that time is not booked out as a specific internet session. Rather it is a series of spontaneous and small capsules of attention.

For marketers it’s a strange paradox. The best mobile experiences today – in terms of time-spent – don’t come in minutes, or even seconds, they happen as milliseconds – tiny moments as the consumer glances at his phone screen whilst waiting for the bus, filling up downtime with screentime. Read more on Consumer time online is precious, and Starbucks has the perfect blend…

Vlog: Absolut Vodka and Somethin’ Else on gamification

WEB_Absolut_Silverpoint_appRick Bennett-Baggs, senior brand manager at Absolut Vodka UK, and Michelle Feuerlicht, executive producer at content agency Somethin’ Else, spoke to The Wall about the alcohol brand’s Silverpoint campaign, more specifically its digital focus – a gaming app, which allowed users to involve themselves in the world of artist Andy Warhol in both digital and real-world experiences.

To give some context to the Silverpoint app, which launched in April, Bennett-Baggs explained the campaign behind it: “Absolut has a long legacy of collaborating with iconic artists, and you don’t get much bigger than Warhol who painted the brand’s bottle in 1986. Last year we released our Absolut Warhol limited-edition bottle and Silverpoint was the big campaign within that. Read more on Vlog: Absolut Vodka and Somethin’ Else on gamification…

Mobile ad attitudes explained

WEB_mobile_gamingFollowing the recent launch of Millennial Media’s What’s My Worth? study – which polled more than 4,000 consumers across France, Germany, the UK and US – Stephen Jenkins, global vice-president marketing & communications, EMEA, breaks down the results and what they mean for advertisers.

Seeking to understand the value exchange consumers have with advertisers on mobile, the research asked how much advertising is acceptable, what experiences are most engaging and what do audiences believe their time and attention is worth. Here we take a look at ad attitudes and what consumers think of mobile advertising. Read more on Mobile ad attitudes explained…

The Daily Poke: Shop SMS

Shop SMSBefore calling or emailing, it’s more than likely we’ll send a text. Well, brands are cottoning on to this idea, and there’s now an influx of companies thinking outside the box, and inside our inbox. Read more on The Daily Poke: Shop SMS…

The Daily Poke: Spend while you selfie

Spend while you selfieRemember when we used to have to sign for things? Now even entering a 4-digit pin seems a bit of an inconvenience compared to today’s tap and pay. As technology changes, it’s apparent our behaviour changes with it. Read more on The Daily Poke: Spend while you selfie…

The Daily Poke: Harvey, you’re nicked

Harvey youre nickedEverybody loves a freebie. Fact. And Harvey Nichols have taken this idea to launch their new rewards app.

Using real CCTV footage to surprisingly comic effect, we’re witness to some light-fingered shoppers helping themselves – and subsequently getting caught. Viewers are then offered an alternative (and legal) way to get the their hands on freebies: the app. Read more on The Daily Poke: Harvey, you’re nicked…

The Daily Poke: Long story short

Long story shortIntroducing Minute: a new app that enables viewers to watch and share the most relevant parts of online video clips. Each user’s video feed will be tailored to their interests, and in a Tinder-like fashion, they’ll be able to swipe to like or skip. Read more on The Daily Poke: Long story short…

Which brands really won at this year’s Wimbledon?



Wimbledon is a key moment in the sponsorship calendar for a number of premium brands. Competition for them is as hot off the courts, as it is for the players on the courts and Jaguar, IBM and Links of London all competed at this year’s tennis championship.

Curious, we decided to draw on Outbrain’s content insights and investigate to see whose campaigns came out on top and were most effective in capturing audience interest. Read more on Which brands really won at this year’s Wimbledon?…

Windows 10: Will Microsoft’s final OS reverse its fortunes?

windows 10 wall

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella has quite confidently said: “Windows 10 is a huge milestone for us as a company, and quite frankly the industry.”

You would expect this from the chief executive of what is still one of the globe’s largest and most influential tech companies, just maybe not as influential as they still perceive themselves to be or as threatening to the big A and G. Read more on Windows 10: Will Microsoft’s final OS reverse its fortunes?…

Five things not to do when it comes to mobile UX

Since ‘mobilegeddon’ hit, marketers and business owners have been stressing about ways to improve the usability of their mobile sites, to avoid being penalised by Google. Unfortunately, not everyone is getting it right. Here are five things not to do when it comes to user experience on mobile sites.

Don’t treat your mobile site like a desktop

On mobile and tablet devices, users are relying on touch or voice, not mouse or keyboard, so digital teams shouldn’t design desktop and mobile sites in the same way. Firstly, the interaction design should be completely different. There aren’t any options for a hover tool on a mobile or a tablet, for example. This is one of the biggest differences and something that anyone looking to optimise a website for mobile should bear in mind. Read more on Five things not to do when it comes to mobile UX…