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What’s app-ening in emerging markets?

The Apple iPhone 5The app and device battlegrounds are rife with established players and newbies fighting it out to provide the emerging markets with new handsets, alternative app stores and fresh mobile content. New moves include Nokia’s alliance with Android with new releases including the Nokia X, Apple covertly re-releasing the iPhone 4 in India and Samsung set to launch the Galaxy S5 in the UAE.

However, none of the major mobile players have quite cracked the code to success in emerging markets. Competing factors include price point, brand popularity, localised content and viable payment options, but no one has yet found the winning combination. Read More »

What’s in your cloud?

Clouds by leolintang“If I had 189 companies in my data centre and only knew whom 30 were, I would be fired. Why are my websites or mobile apps any different?”

That is a direct quote from a senior technology architect of one of the largest online retailers in the world. What is he talking about? He’s talking about a new business practice: Marketing Cloud Management.

Several years ago, companies ran their websites with a site analytics tool, a content management partner, and maybe a couple of ad technologies. Today, they are reliant on hundreds of technologies to power their online customer experience across many devices, geographies and platforms. In other words, you no longer have a website, you have a marketing cloud. Read More »

Why being a contrary browser could fuel new discoveries

ForgotifyIn the ever-growing and expansive world of apps, I love the ambition of a new entrant in particular. Forgotify promises to rescue the music that sits in Spotify’s extensive and vast library having never – yes, never – been listened to. Because it has been deprived of its opportunity to impress, this poor, undiscovered music is all too easy to dismiss as unworthy for human consumption.

In fact, one prospective listener callously suggested that there is a good reason why no-one has listened and that these unheard compositions are underserving of an audience with ‘your earhole’ (as he put it). It’s an easy argument to make, of course, but it can’t always be right. Read More »

Six tips for minimising the legal risks of social media

SMS at 20: Texting has become a way of life, particularly for children and teenagersAs we move into a world where branded social media channels are no longer seen as experimental marketing channels, but essential communications tools, it’s important for businesses to be mindful of the risks they face in this area.

While the reputational dangers of getting social media wrong have been well documented (almost every month we encounter a new high profile #socialmediafail) the legal and regulatory risks are less obvious. This is partly because the law is often slow to catch up with digital trends, and also because there have been few, if any, high profile test cases involving business use of social media. Read More »

Apps and mobile web: which strategy will lead the future?

social media appsEvery business today needs a mobile presence to effectively reach and engage their audiences. Many brands are seeing mobile (both smartphone and tablet) visitors now constituting between a third and half of their overall digital interactions, yet a lot still struggle to embrace this omni-channel world and to create the best experiences across multiple platforms.

Consumers move between multiple screens throughout their daily lives – smartphone, tablet, TV or laptop, not to mention any wearable tech – and this fragmentation of different device touch points drives a fundamental question as to whether companies should develop a different native application for each screen or build a web presence that is responsive adapting to each unique screen? Read More »

Do we need an app to attract the attention of waiters? This company thinks so.

getwaiter appTonight thousands of Valentine’s Day meals will be ruined. Precious minutes will be spent waiting for the wine list or the bill. A restaurant filled with couples flapping their arms like stabbed inflatables desperate for service has become part of the tradition. But worry no more. GetWaiter! could save your relationship.

GetWaiter! is a free smartphone and iPhone app that calls the waiter for you. Essentially if the restaurant has signed up you ask for the waiter’s attention via your phone and the café or restaurant’s service hub. The getWaiter! app is designed with the service provider in mind as much as the customer. Read More »

Is this the end of the text message or just an evolution?

Girls sitting down texting smallThis week it was announced that there had been a year-on-year drop in the number of text messages (SMS) sent for the first time since texting was invented. Younger generations are now using their smartphones to embrace cheaper, more visual forms of communication offered by instant messaging sites like Snapchat and Whatsapp. For younger smartphone users who have witnessed the more open and permanent nature of communication on sites like Facebook, these instant messaging sites represent a return to more private, SMS style communication, but designed with the smartphone in mind. The text message revolutionised the way we communicate and helped to prepare us for the current culture of immediacy before the smartphone emerged. But now that it has, people want more than just text. Read More »

Asda says almost half of over-70s use tech to save money

asda mumdexDid you spend part of your Christmas holiday showing your mum or dad how to use their new iPad or laptop? Research released today by Asda suggests the technologically inept senior is far less prevalent in reality than you might think. It has found that the vast majority – 85 per cent – of grandmothers over the age of 60 use the internet and smartphone apps to save money.

This figure falls to almost half of the over-70s, which is both good and bad news for marketers. Good, because it means online campaigns are likely to reach a broad audience, but it can make campaign planning trickier as messages and mechanics need to be inclusive. Read More »

A New Challenge for the Next Generation

playstation xboxThe race for console supremacy has started again. Seven years ago there was a similar battle between Sony and Microsoft; similar, but different too. In 2006 the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were competing to dominate the console market, but they were competing only against each other, and the Nintendo Wii. Now there are new challengers for gamers’ attentions. We live in a completely different world to the one we lived in seven years ago. People expect content immediately now. This is a direct result of the sophistication of the smartphone and the ever increasing normality with which people use social media on the device.

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The next generation of apps

angry birdsEntertainment has always been the sector that has dominated the app world- Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Fifa; they’ve all had us hooked. However, as we have seen throughout the year, the mobile spotlight is really on the emerging markets. There is no wonder why when looking at the explosive growth in these regions. By 2017 Ovum expects China, India, and Indonesia, to have 3 billion mobile connections between them. The handset manufacturers have certainly not turned a blind eye with Nokia, Samsung and Apple, to name a few looking to the emerging markets to connect the next billion customers. When it comes to apps and mobile content though, is a cookie cutter approach going to work? We know for a fact that providing customers with the same set of apps available in the West just isn’t going to cut it.

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