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5 social apps turning pitfalls into opportunities

It’s no accident that there are so many new social networks and apps out there.


They’re each trying to find their niche under the shadow of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Every new social setup seems to be tackling an aspect of social media where current ones are struggling.

The main things that bug people who inhabit social networks are commercialisation, content ownership, simplicity and privacy.

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The Daily Poke: Waste not…

Because someone will want it. Now one man’s surplus, could become another man’s dinner.

poke_Waste not

Food waste is a global concern, that one organisation is tackling at a local level (Sharing is caring Tim).

Olio is a new social enterprise, designed to encourage food donation. Read more on The Daily Poke: Waste not……

The key to global success for your app: make it local

The power of digital communications might make you believe it’s easy to launch an app globally to scale your business. But competition is fiercer than ever with over 1.5 million apps in App Store.


It’s hard enough for an app to get noticed within its home market, let alone internationally. But once you’ve saturated your home market, expanding across borders is crucial to business growth.

You’ll need to go beyond the textbook, and it won’t happen overnight.

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Native ads move further into the programmatic era

Sharethrough and The Trade Desk have announced a major new programmatic native advertising RTB integration.


Through this new programmatic native partnership, buyers will be able to purchase in-feed ads through The Trade Desk’s Omnichannel RTB platform, accessing massive audiences with in-feed ad placements across hundreds of premium sites and apps through the Sharethrough Exchange (STX).

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Study: the Millennial perspective on native ads

girlwithPhoneMuch has been said about the ever-buzzworthy “Millennial.” With their eyes and thumbs glued to their phones, Millennials practically live online, spending nearly 18 hours a day with different types of media, albeit some of it simultaneously. They’re a generation of early adopters, with just enough life experience to influence the direction of trends, while being young and open enough to the ever-changing landscape of technology to not be stuck in their ways — at least not yet.

TL;DR: What’s important to Millennials today will be embraced by everyone tomorrow.

For these reasons and more, brands and advertisers are hungry for Millennial data and eager to understand this elusive, yet essential segment. Read more on Study: the Millennial perspective on native ads…

The Daily Poke: App-in the market

Don’t you just hate it when you buy something online, to find out that you could have gotten a better deal nipping around the corner to your local shops?

poke_App-in the market

Well, in India, there’s an app for that.

Yellow Messenger lets users chat with local shop owners on their smart phones, and compare prices with major e-commerce sites. Read more on The Daily Poke: App-in the market…

Emojis are changing the language of marketing

The last few years have seen an explosion of emoji, stickers, lenses, GIFs, masks and visual language innovation.


You can order a pizza, get room service and even fight bullying with emoji. And now, you can do more than just Like on Facebook – you can use a new highly focused set of emoji to show how you really feel.

The ubiquitous Like button has new flavours and very shortly we will see the results as consumers adopt this new tool.

Social listening is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

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What to expect from Snapchat’s e-commerce platform

Social commerce has long been talked about as the Holy Grail of marketers wanting to join the dots between engagement and the bottom line.


Consumers have experienced various iterations of social commerce, from full stores on Facebook to purchases being enabled directly from tweets, but most are yet to cut-through. Enter Snapchat.

Facebook and Twitter may be playing catch-up with adapting their platforms to retailers’ needs, but rival Snapchat started life in a much more ecommerce-friendly format.

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The trends and tech everyone was talking about at MWC 2016

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona offered up a tapas-board of talking points and take-outs for the mobile industry.

Mark Zuckerberg at MWC 16

Here’s your handy cut out and keep list of what everyone was talking about… 

Virtual reality

VR definitely grabbed most of the headlines with a number of the major device players showcasing their VR headsets.

Mark Zuckerberg joined the Samsung press conference to unveil Facebook’s plan to make virtual reality more social, with a dedicated “Social VR” team.

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How the Brit Awards dominated the global, digital and social space

Digital is no longer an after-thought when broadcasting live events.


Last night’s Brit Awards was by no means the definitive evidence of this but for British television, it was quite the persuasive proof of concept for integrating digital distribution, social media and mobile into your broadcast mission.

We’ve known for a long time the second screen experience has become an increasingly popular way for consumers to watch live events.

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