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How can brands turn ‘likes’ into love?

Finding Love - The Wall picWith over 1.5 million apps vying for your heart in Apple’s App Store alone, there are likely a handful of digital experiences you’ve fallen for. We freely toss around love for Twitter, Game of Thrones, Google Maps or whatever else is trending. We can’t help it, we love to love.

When it comes to our hearts however, we aren’t as uninhibited. The likes, pluses, stars and hearts continue piling up, but is the love of a brand’s million followers, or the adoration of hundreds of thousands of passionate cat video fans, the same as the love we feel for each other? Read more on How can brands turn ‘likes’ into love?…

Meerkat – empowering 250 million-plus potential broadcasters

WEB_Meerkat“What’s on the telly?” used to be the question, then it became, “What’s on YouTube?” and then it became “What’s on Netflix?” Could the next question be, “What’s on Meerkat?”

The key question we should be asking here is “How did Meerkat flourish so quickly, where products like Justin.TV (now defunct) and UStream have struggled?” The answer is convenience. Read more on Meerkat – empowering 250 million-plus potential broadcasters…

The Daily Poke: The shoebox that never sleeps

The shoebox that never sleeps 1“Anything Adidas can do, we can do bigger, better and brighter.”

If this is what the Nike team thought, they certainly delivered. Yes it’s another giant shoebox, but this one is a user-responsive LED-lightshow that dominated a corner of NYC over the NBA All-Star Weekend.

Thinking outside the box, the walls of this interactive installation light up like the brand’s new SNKRS app, through which you can customise and buy your kicks with a few clicks on your smartphone. Wonder if it also gave off whiffs of that oh-so-addictive new trainer aroma? Read more on The Daily Poke: The shoebox that never sleeps…

The Daily Poke: Emotikea

emoticons‘I haven’t been hoovered in weeks!’ ‘These dishes won’t do themselves!’ ‘What’s this red stuff on my new rug?!’

Ahh, the passive-aggressive ‘clean-me’ note, bane of many a flat share and family home. But it’s time to heave a huge sigh of relief, as those Swedish spreaders of homely love, IKEA, have come up with a solution to soften the blow of sending a house-related order.

No longer satisfied with filling the globe with their ubiquitous and oddly-named domestic designs, IKEA are moving in on our digital lives too. With a similarly expansive collection of 100 emoticons for smartphones everywhere. Read more on The Daily Poke: Emotikea…

The Daily Poke: Chat in the checkout LINE

Chat in the checkout LINEEvery month, 181 million people chatter away on their much-loved LINE app. Only they’re not just babbling about how dehydrated there are, whether they need another cappuccino or have a craving for yakisoba, they are getting their groceries delivered at the same time. As long as it’s just bottled water, coffee and instant noodles they need, currently at least. (THX Tim.) Read more on The Daily Poke: Chat in the checkout LINE…

Smartphone dominance is here; marketers must shift their approach

smartphones by Yutaka Tsutano/FlickrYesterday marked the 20th anniversary of Yahoo being incorporated as a company. While it’s amazing to think how much the internet has evolved and changed in the last two decades it’s even more exciting to look forward.

Read more on Smartphone dominance is here; marketers must shift their approach…

The Wall meets Anima Sarah Lavoy, co-founder of Connect

AnimaWhat do you do if you’re biggest passion in life is people, and you just can’t keep track of the important ones in your life? You build an app which puts them all in one place, of course, that is – if you’re Anima Sarah Lavoy. This girl has community at her heart.

Connect asks you to grant it access to the places you keep your people – your phone contacts, Facebook, LinkedIn, email accounts – even Instagram, Foursquare, and Twitter.

The information is then spun into a single profile for each of the people in your life, who are added to a map of the world based on the city they live in. The user always know who lives where, and when friends move, their information updates. Read more on The Wall meets Anima Sarah Lavoy, co-founder of Connect…

Wearables: The future of publishing now

bulletFor the past two years, wearables have been heralded as the next big step forward in consumer technology.

According to the research firm Canalys, the market is expected to triple this year alone.

Spearheading the new digital platform are tech giants Samsung, Google, and most recently, Apple, which have all invested heavily in watches capable of displaying content from apps and online. Read more on Wearables: The future of publishing now…

Sponsored: The move from mobile to apps

Mobile dataThis article is brought to you by our partners Adobe

Brand publishing is undoubtedly de rigueur right now as brands realise the value of getting their messages directly to audiences, writes Tony Markovski, head of digital publishing EMEA at Adobe.

For years, brands have been creating great content and now through mobile they can deliver this content with more creativity, engagement and greater relevance than ever before to the hyper-connected, digitally savvy consumer.

How are the world’s most innovative brands creating these engaging, seamless experiences across multiple platforms and devices? What role does mobile play in their marketing strategies? What organisational challenges did they face and how did they overcome them on their journey to become competitive digital businesses? Read more on Sponsored: The move from mobile to apps…

Why Messenger’s new role is so important for Facebook

Facebook messengerSuddenly, Facebook’s decision to strip the messaging functionality out of its main mobile app and encourage people to use its dedicated Messenger service is beginning to make a lot more sense.

At the time, we thought it was designed to protect the Facebook brand within a rapidly evolving social networking landscape; as conversations shift away from the major networks towards mobile chat apps, the danger for Facebook was that it could become increasingly sidelined, especially with WhatsApp destined to remain a standalone product. Read more on Why Messenger’s new role is so important for Facebook…