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The Daily Poke: When logos come clean

When logos come cleanCompanies can spend millions on carefully crafting their logos and slogans in the hope they will bring customers flocking.

But when you combine the internet and a few basic photoshop skills, all bets are off, and you get the online craze of creating honest logos and slogans.

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The week in native: Social media wants to own the news

Google's New Card-Based Ads On MobileEvery week, we feature four articles about native advertising, one piece of brand content and an interesting industry stat.

This week in native…

Google’s text ads get a massive makeover on mobile, Facebook makes it easier for publishers on the Audience Network to go native, who will own the news, and don’t miss the latest startup – Pied Piper. Read more on The week in native: Social media wants to own the news…

The single biggest challenge mobile advertising is facing right now

WEB_mobile_phone_thumbs_upBrand investment in mobile advertising is growing quickly — spending is projected to reach $46bn (£29.2bn) in 2019, according to Forrester — yet only 1% of those ads receive any type of engagement.

What tools and resources do advertisers and agencies have to report and analyse the 99% of unclicked impressions? These ad impressions have value, but there are only flawed and debatable tools for measurement. Read more on The single biggest challenge mobile advertising is facing right now…

Infographic: What should the ultimate online ad look like?

TwitterlaptopCafe2Can online ad design choices impact conversion rates? A recent report from Rocket Fuel, A Guide to Creative Optimisation, suggests so, and by more than 600% in some verticals.

The study dissected the designs of 40,000 banner ads, from 1,076 different advertisers, which were served to 23.3 billion impressions over an eight-month period and compared elements ranging from background colour, promotions and offers, inclusions of products, humans, call to actions and whether an advert was animated or not. Read more on Infographic: What should the ultimate online ad look like?…

The Daily Poke: The best things in life are free, probably

best things in life 1With probably the best-known slogan in Lager-land, Carlsberg have brought back their famous line (dropped in 2011) backed by a brand experience campaign that lives up to its promise.

What would be the best billboard in the world, probably? One that dispenses free beer, obviously. Which is exactly what they did, bringing worldwide attention to the corner of Brick Lane, and a poster outside the Truman Brewery. A plain-clothes security guard kept the peace as Londoners queued for their halves, overseeing the dispensing of one per person, for one day only. Read more on The Daily Poke: The best things in life are free, probably…

Four reasons semantic targeting is future proof

cookiesDespite the advances in targeting technology, many advertisers still rely upon cookies to track online users and deliver relevant advertising. However consumers are becoming increasingly aware of data privacy.

The latest Consumer Confidence Index by TRUSTe demonstrates that 92% of British internet users are concerned about online privacy, with 58% actively deleting cookies – a clear indication that the end is near for cookie targeting.

Technological developments such as cookie syncing and fingerprinting not only put users’ privacy at risk, but offer no guarantee that the data gathered will be sufficient to target consumers with relevant advertising. Read more on Four reasons semantic targeting is future proof…

What’s the answer to stop the scourge of ad blocking?

Who should own social media? PR, digital or ad agencies?Some of you might have read some recent research by Adobe and Pagefair, which worryingly highlighted that the number of people using ad blocking software has increased to 144 million globally.

The growth in this ad blocking technology in the digital space is clearly bad news for publishers who have already taken a hit from nose-diving print revenues, as well as for advertisers who see a reduction of their audience pool.

However, the less commented side of this debate is that ad blocking is bad for the audience too as it undermines the economic model that feeds good journalism. If you’re not willing to pay for content, even indirectly by viewing ads, then that content will cease to exist in its current form. Read more on What’s the answer to stop the scourge of ad blocking?…

Infographic: what marketers really think about programmatic advertising

WEB_Infectious_Media_programmatic_ad_spendLast year the programmatic advertising industry grew to £1bn in the UK alone, doubling in size from the previous year. In February, we conducted a survey with 200 digital marketers from leading brands asking them their thoughts on programmatic.

The results highlighted that brand marketers are now well aware of the benefits of programmatic advertising, but at the same time there have been certain questions that could restrict how much they want to spend, namely lack of transparency. Read more on Infographic: what marketers really think about programmatic advertising…

Video: advertising emojis



Texting ideas to each other every day, something has to be missing. How do you respond to a really good idea, if not with a shining Golden Lion?

As the good Samaritans they are, they thought creatives all around the world probably have the same problem. That’s why they decided to develop an extended keyboard optimised for advertisers. Read more on Video: advertising emojis…

The Daily Poke: Audi steams ahead

Audi steams aheadAt Elmwood, we’re all for brands and products that live true to their identities. Like Audi, promoting their new A7 Sportback h-tron in a way that is as innovative, eco-friendly and authentic as the car itself.

As water vapour is all this vehicle emits, thanks to its combined fuel cell, hybrid battery and electric motor, it’s a satisfying to see them use water vapour as the canvas for their advertising. Read more on The Daily Poke: Audi steams ahead…