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Watch: A-listers go mad for M&C creative team

M&c Saatchi creativesSick of being endorsed by people they have never worked with on LinkedIn, creative duo Matt Roach and David Lawrie, at M&C Saatchi London, found a cleverer way to promote themselves – with a compilation of celebrities apparently recounting their experiences of working with the guys.

Using their ‘uncreative names’ to their advantage, the duo trawled YouTube for clips of stars speaking highly of famous people called Matt or Dave, such as Matt Damon, David Beckham, and Doctor Who actors Matt Smith and David Tennant. Read More »

How to tackle online ad fraud

Robot by littlelostrobot FlickrOnline advertising is a now a dynamic, $140 billion industry and there’s no sign that revenue growth will slow any time soon. However, one topic threatens to overshadow this growth, cast doubt on the viability of the ecosystem, and undermine confidence in investment – online ad fraud.

The industry struggles to keep ahead of the changing nature and sophistication of the issue. It is a valid concern, but the situation appears to be in part driven by the industry itself, which overly focuses attention on the topic and releases scaremongering statistics to support and highlight the issue. Read More »

Must watch: Union’s hilarious response to agency of the year success

UnionWho said Canadians don’t know how to take the piss? Toronto-based creative agency Union proved it could mock agency life with the best of them after releasing this video expressing its gratitude at being shortlisted for Strategy magazine’s Agency of the Year 2014 awards. Read More »

#MontyThePenguin flies into an early Twitter lead

Monty the PenguinJohn Lewis’ Christmas ads have become as synonymous with the British festive season as mince pies and Les Dennis panto.

But how does this year’s tale of a young boy and Monty the Penguin compare to 2013’s The Bear and the Hare in terms of social mentions? Kindred Agency looked at the success of each ad in the 24 hours after its release. Was the initial buzz around this year’s ad greater than last year? Read More »

Display advertising: 5 predictions for 2015

crystal ball by Christian SchnettelkerThere’s no denying that programmatic trading has changed the face of display advertising forever. As change continues apace, here are my top five predictions of how the display market will evolve in 2015. Read More »

Is Taco Bell the savviest brand on social media?

Taco BellOn my commute back from office last night, I noticed few odd and alarming tweets. Allow me to quickly present my case:

Bridget Carey, from CNET was tweeting in ALL CAPS! And Nilay Patel had this to say. Taco Bell story? Some die-hards were flipping out.

Like any self-respecting digital marketer, I figured I had to be on top of this recent development. So I went to Taco Bell’s twitter. Then to its Instagram feed. Then to its Facebook page. And finally to its Google+ page as well. This is a collection of what I saw. Read More »

Nostalgic Christmas ads might be a thing of the past

bear and hareAnother year brings another fanfare as mid-Autumn ads from the big brands are rolled out to entice consumers to spend big both in-store and online this Christmas.

Last year we had Debenhams highlighting its elegant clothing, M&S taking us down the rabbit hole, and of course – who can forget – John Lewis’ Bear and the Hare. Christmas ads inevitably form part of the national psyche in the run-up to the festive period, so it’s crucial that brands get it right. It’s a huge opportunity to connect with and reach consumers at a time when their attention turns to budgeting for Christmas.

The best Christmas ads can warm consumers to a brand by harnessing the emotional attachment many people have with the period. However, get it wrong and you risk being remembered for all the wrong reasons long after the decorations have come down. So what do I think we can expect this year?

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Happy 20th birthday to the display ad

cakeThis week exactly 20 years ago, the very first online ad, by AT&T, was introduced to the world. It had a 44% click-through rate, and marketers were ecstatic.

This ad from AT&T that appeared on (now was simple, yet effective, and was enough to launch an entire industry over the next two decades.

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Six vital ad:tech themes for 2015

ad-techThis week, I attended ad:tech London, which was celebrating its 10th birthday. It was a packed two days; here are the trends that stood out for me as we plan for 2015…

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5 tips for a cross-device Christmas

ScreensThis year, technology and communications devices are undoubtedly due to top Christmas wish-lists in the developed world. With the September launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and October launch of new iPads, Apple is hoping that larger screens, faster internet connectivity and greater product variety will see the US company dominating the Christmas market.

Competition will come from Samsung’s Gear Fit and Google’s Chromecast, with Amazon Fire TV and the low-cost Tesco Hudl also making their way onto the list – while Xbox One and Playstation 4 fight it out to be this year’s must-have games console. Read More »