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4 native advertising predictions

nativeFollowing the hype of native advertising in 2014, here are some insights into what to expect from native in 2015 as the industry matures. Read More »

Why native needs metrics all of its own

Tape measure by Randen PedersonNative is hailed as the answer to engaging banner-blind, content-hungry consumers. But marketers still need to be able to prove its value.

As native adoption increases, it is clear that traditional display performance metrics are inadequate for measuring the success of this format.

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London’s villages hold unlocked potential for brands

London map by Daniele Zanni FlickrLondon has long been diced into four, clearly identified regions – North, South, East and West.

Recent research by YouGov describes the West as posh, East as gritty, North as cosmopolitan and the South as rough. But how realistic is this picture? Moreover, should we be defining London and Londoners in such a simplified, clichéd way? Read More »

For lack of a better story

story booksI bought a OnePlus One recently. It’s a smartphone from China with iPhone 6 level specs.

It’s the best phone on the market in almost every way – screen, camera, looks, price. It’s not out in the UK so no one has really seen it, or knows anything about it. Read More »

2015 – a breakthrough year for video advertising

The Samsung Galaxy: Samsung Galaxy: smartphone brand doubles UK market shareA lot can happen in a year, especially in an industry as fast-paced as ad tech. For video advertising, in particular, 2014 was undeniably a watershed year.

Digital video took a giant leap into programmatic buying, experiencing huge gains in both viewership and ad spend.

With such an eventful year under our belts, I’m confident that this will be the year that online video advertising fully comes into its own. Read More »

In feed or down low – where should native ads go?

NativeNative ads are fast becoming the go-to choice for online publishers and advertisers alike. But we’re already seeing a split in how publishers use them.

On the one hand you have in-feed native that sits within the main content feed, while on the other you have content recommendations at the base of articles.

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The necessary evolution of attribution

ClickIn an industry where most conversions are still attributed to last click, it’s time that attribution evolved to appropriately recognise every event along the conversion path.

Despite widespread recognition that last click attribution is flawed, it is still used by many brands and agencies due to its convenience and simplicity. Unfortunately, last click has created numerous challenges for the industry, such as incentives being misaligned due to marketing teams operating in competing silos, as well as the potential for conversions to be ‘gamed’ in RTB.

What alternatives to last click should marketers consider when implementing an attribution solution?

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6 things a programmatic advertising partner should provide

Robot by littlelostrobot FlickrProgrammatic buying is on a strong growth trajectory – with an average annual growth rate of 27% – and is set to reach $53 billion globally by 2018. While the US is leading the way – with 62% of its display-related ads purchased using this method – the UK is following suit with programmatic forecasted to account for almost half of digital display ads (47%) bought in 2014.

As brands continue to discover programmatic’s unprecedented efficiency, ability to reach targeted audiences across all devices, and potential to optimise KPIs in real-time, it is set to become the main engine in digital trading.

To maximise the benefits and achieve a healthy ROI, brands need to choose a solid programmatic advertising partner that can provide the following: Read More »

Seasons tweetings – which supermarket’s Christmas campaign won with a 52% share of voice on Twitter?

WaitroseIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Adverts on every channel…. each one out-vying the next to be the most sparkly/heartwarming/schmaltz (take your pick) of all.

Every year the battle between supermarket and retail brands across the country to be the star at the top of the retail Christmas tree is fiercer than ever.

It’s big business too. In fact, last year Tesco was the biggest spending supermarket splurging an eye-watering £25m on their Christmas campaign, followed by Asda, Morrisons, Aldi and Sainsbury’s, according to unofficial figures from data research firm Nielsen. Read More »

How the Christmas ads fared on social

sainsbury's christmas the wallFor this year’s Christmas ads we’ve had the lot. Almost every major retailer has now released their ads, laying out their stall for what they can offer consumers this Christmas.

These have been closely followed by an onslaught of social media reviews, some good, some not so good.

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