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Hottest virals: World’s toughest job, plus kids react to Walkmans

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The Pillion Trust is a small, frontline charity tackling poverty in London and their ingenious “Fuck The Poor?”hidden camera video is a controversial and thought-provoking social experiment which challenges our attitude to inequality.


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Viewability in focus – a workable model

Magnifying glass by Theen Moy:FlickrThe topic of viewability shouldn’t be a new one to most digital advertisers – after all, what could be more essential than ensuring that a consumer had the opportunity to actually view an ad – but this week’s announcement by the IAB of viewability standards for display advertising is a major step forward for the industry.

Measurability has long been cited as one of the key strengths of digital advertising, but until recently, technology has been unable or unreliable in helping advertisers understand if their ads are actually seen. Multiple factors impact ad viewability – from ad unit positioning, to page load times, to outright fraudulent practices – and the industry has come a long way in terms of providing more transparency and accountability around impressions. Read More »

Don’t panic! Advertisers will be minimally affected by Google query encryption

Google has launched enhanced campaigns, what does it meanThis week Google announced another shift towards more secure searches. Starting immediately, Google will remove query data from the referrer on ad clicks originating from signed in users on Google.  As this data will no longer be passed outside of Adwords, marketers will soon see “Not Provided” on third-party Pay-Per-Click analytics reports, including Google analytics.

Consumer privacy has been particularly top-of-mind for Google executives recently and its these privacy concerns that drive this latest encryption trend  and we also expect other major search players, like Yahoo and Bing to likely follow suit in the near future. Read More »

Career of choice or chance? Take our personality quiz to find out

Handshake by Julia TaylorCareer paths are frequently erratic and fortuitous; often owing as much to luck as to judgement. If you ask a colleague, “How did you come to be doing the job you do now?”, it is likely that the account of career development provided will be rationalised, resulting in the perception of more planning and astute decision making than may really be warranted.

It may be true for a tiny minority that “I wanted to do this for as long as I can remember”, but many will have been constrained by the opportunities available at critical points in their education and training and the pure chance lottery of openings on offer when they first entered the job market. Read More »

Digital ad spend hits a record high, with 2014 set to rocket

MobileholdingphoneThe Digital Britain conference returned to Manchester last week, for the unveiling of the latest IAB/PwC 2013 digital ad spend report. A packed and lively event, demonstrating the growth and energy in the industry, and an energy that goes beyond London.

The methodology that drives the report is essentially revenue submissions from over 100 key players in the digital space, publishers, intermediaries and buyers. Critically, as some major players don’t submit (Facebook), and others don’t segment between their different business models, such as display vs search (Google), the model is then also checked against an advisory board, made up of the agency trading groups that influence the majority of advertiser dollars that flow through the industry.

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Charity campaigns that made us think this week

ShareForDogsThere’s a growing whiff of social activism in the air and it’s coming from the third sector. Charities from across the globe have shown creative and thought-provoking thinking this week – and in some very different ways.

Let’s start with the light and fluffy – it is Friday, after all. New Zealand creative agency Colenso BBDO has identified a self-coined ‘slacktivism’ trend when it comes to charitable causes, referring to people who believe sharing a link or liking a post on social media will have real world impact. Read More »

Trending brand videos: An epic sing song and cats reacting to cats

Lion KingWaiting for your flight to get moving and take-off can sometimes be a bit of a boring affair, but not on this Aussie flight to Sydney!

Here are the top trending brand videos from this week:
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How big data and personalisation will make the future of brand communications U-shaped

PersonalisationAs brands and brand marketers look to gain an edge on each other by engendering a meaningful, two-way dialogue with consumers, there can be no doubt that mass digitalisation, big data and personalisation are drivers for significant change. Brand marketers are striving to innovate at any available opportunity leading to a scenario where data scientists are desperately extracting insights and channelling them into mass market, personalised digital communications.

With this in mind, it is essential for marketers to spot the impact of digitalisation on the landscape of brand communications and set a long-term strategy for its implementation. With big data still in its relative infancy and personalisation often interpreted as a crude method of marketing, inspiration can be drawn from other industries where the mass adoption of digital has had a polarising effect. Read More »

Charisma aside, is social media a bit anti-social and anti-self?


A few years ago now, pre Snapchat and Instagram, but around the time Facebook started getting some seriously punchy valuations, I started talking about how digital brands might just be the most evolved version of the brand form. Why? My thinking was, and still is, that brands like Facebook and Twitter are so crazy-successful because they are examples of brands at their most charismatic. ‘Charismatic’ because their focus is on how they can make us feel good about ourselves.

“How can you have charisma? Be more concerned about making others feel good about themselves than about making them feel good about you.”

Dan Reiland, Author & Executive Pastor of 12Stone Church, Lawrenceville, Georgia Read More »

Why marketers need to be directors of their brand’s online story

story booksDuring the course of the 19th century, writer George Polti compiled a categorical list of every dramatic situation which might occur in a story, which is now known as The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations.

Although there are only 36 possible narratives, there have of course been countless different films, novels and plays produced. This responsibility of crafting a single dramatic situation into a great story that people want to watch and engage with lies with the director, writer or producer, and their unique interpretation of a plot. Read More »