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Don’t watch the watch

Smartwatch by janitorsMarketing has moved from the radio to the TV, to the computer; from the desktop to the mobile in the consumer’s pocket – each one a paradigm shift.

The most recent shift from desktop to mobile created a need for more intimate communications. It’s something that brands still struggle with – a mobile is a very personal space compared to a desktop screen.

Now, commentators are heralding the smart watch as the new frontier.

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As Vine turns one, which brands are using it best?

adidas vineA year ago today Twitter officially launched Vine.

2013 has turned out to be an astonishing year for app. It’s been embraced by the public and brands alike who have lept onto this platform determined to get one of their Vines to be one of the five tweets a second containing a Vine link.

Who can blame them? Studies are showing that a branded Vine is four times more likely to be seen than a branded video. But despite this big opportunity and its six second time limit, some brands have still managed to bore the pants off the audience. Read more on As Vine turns one, which brands are using it best?…

Snapchat experiments with Stories

Snapchat sitting at the top of the iTunes free app chartLate last week, Snapchat revealed a new feature; Snapchat Stories. It’s a bit like the equivalent of a Facebook newsfeed, but with a Snapchat twist. You take a series of photos or videos, add the necessary captions and /or graffiti, after which they’ll appear in all of your friends’ newsfeeds where they can be viewed repeatedly for 24 hours. After this time period the traditional ‘self destructive’ nature of the platform kicks in, and the photos and videos are gone.

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Sustainability: a social solution?

Ben & Jerry's Fair TradeOn Tuesday, I listened to Unilever’s CMO, Keith Weed, speak at the ISBA Annual Lunch, with a focus on sustainability.

Weed described business as being at a crossroads. He said that we need to promote growth, but this needs to be growth not just for this generation, but for the generations to come.

Too many businesses are asking themselves what the business case is for ‘doing’ sustainability. As Weed pointed out, we instead should be asking ourselves what the business case is for NOT doing it.

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All aboard Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo acquisition train

Marissa Mayer: driving the Yahoo acquisition trainMarissa Mayer certainly knew what was coming when Yahoo announced its $1.1bn (£723m / 857m euros) purchase of blogging platform Tumblr earlier this week. Rather than waiting for the critics to pounce, she issued a rather succinct, clear and highly quotable message proactively: “we promise not to screw it up”. Read more on All aboard Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo acquisition train…

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