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Creating lasting connections with changing consumers

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WEB_Collectively_websiteFast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands face a unique challenge when attempting to engage consumers. While many FMCG products fall under the “essentials” category, people often buy products on autopilot, due to cost, availability and habit.

FMCG brands have begun to recognise the need to create a connection with the consumer before they enter the shop. Social media, mobile, and paid social advertising afford these brands the opportunity to create a deeper connection than is possible with regular ads. They can initiate and participate in conversations, tailoring their responses and offers to individuals rather than audience segments. Social media also offers a direct way to track changing consumer desires, such as the demand for ethically sourced products and packaging. Read more on Creating lasting connections with changing consumers…

Six key elements to retailer’s social media success

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(TK Maxx/YouTube)

Retailers are flocking to social media, with spending on paid social media advertising rising by 73% to £396m during the first half of 2014. But paid advertising isn’t the only way that retailers can get and hold the attention of customers on social media.

Creative, engaging content lies at the heart of any decent social media strategy. Retailers that post regular content, created with the consumers needs in mind, go a long way to building the kind of brand community that people won’t just “like and leave”.

In my experience, there are six key ways that retailers can use social media to effectively engage their audience. Read more on Six key elements to retailer’s social media success…

Seven ways that brands can get the most out of Instagram


InstagramLOGOPeople have shared more than 16 billion photos on Instagram to date. With an average of 55 million photos uploaded each day, Instagram is a social media platform worth exploring.

Although research shows that the engagement rate of Instagram posts is 15 times higher than those made on Facebook, SocialBakers reported that 23 per cent of marketers weren’t planning to prioritise the channel in 2014.

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Nine tips for managing social media at scale

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social mediaManaging social media at scale can be a tricky balancing act. You need to have strong direction from the central team, yet give local teams enough leeway to be creative. You need to stick to budget, yet have enough resource to adequately staff the campaign, and have people on stand-by if they’re needed to deal with better-than-expected response.

How can brands ensure they will be able to manage a global social media campaign successfully? I’ve just co-authored a whitepaper on the issue, and here are my team’s top nine tips for getting it right.

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Can brands really use selfies as part of a campaign?

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Ellen selfieSelfies have taken off in a big way. If there’s one thing #nomakeupselfie showed us, it’s that selfies can be used to campaign.

But the #nomakeupselfie campaign also highlighted the nature of selfies. They’re intensely personal. They provide a way for people to present themselves to the world.

It demonstrates why it can be so difficult for brands to use selfies as part of a campaign – it’s a medium that thrives on authenticity, and unless brands are careful, brand-created campaigns can feel contrived.

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Jelly for brands: is now the right time to join?

jelly logo biz stoneWith all the initial buzz surrounding the launch of Jelly, it can be easy to forget that the questions app isn’t even two months old. Co-founded by Twitter’s Biz Stone, Jelly was launched back in early January to tremendous hype.

Brands have already begun to play around with the platform, keen, perhaps, to ride the wave of the next big thing in social media. But are these brands doing the right thing, or are they alienating the audience they want to attract? Read more on Jelly for brands: is now the right time to join?…

The six ‘hot seat’ factors of a #SocialMediaCrisis


Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 11.03.54The first time your team experiences a social media crisis can be traumatic. Bombarded with complaints, campaigning and sarcasm from all corners of the social web, teams can find their nerves shredded – crisis preparation a distant memory.

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Why brands can’t afford to ignore social customer service

According to an NM Incite report, nearly three-quarters of customers would recommend a brand that gives them a ‘quick and effective’ response on social media.

Given this massive pay-off, brands are clamouring to get their social customer care in order – a Mashable post revealed that 80% of companies plan to use social media for customer service.

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Seven ways financial brands are using social media to communicate

Financial organisations have to operate under strict regulations, even on social media. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA ), which replaced the FSA on 1st April, has made it clear that financial organisations have to communicate in a way that is clear, fair and not misleading, irrespective of the channel used. (April also saw American regulator, the SEC, issue fresh guidance permitting companies to post earnings and investment updates on social media channels.)

As more people turn to social media to communicate with companies, financial organisations such as banks, insurers and investment firms are finding creative ways to attract fans and followers, and engage them enough to keep them coming back for more. Read more on Seven ways financial brands are using social media to communicate…

How to extend the reach of live events with social media

The 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards was a true social media triumph. A live event is no longer just about being in the room or at the venue. With social media you can be part of an event taking place on the other side of the world. Below we take a look at how all kinds of events are being enhanced by social media, and the different platforms being used to boost engagement. Read more on How to extend the reach of live events with social media…