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Having a bad day? Evian’s Amazing Baby is here to help

There’s a super-baby within us all, according to Evian, and the brand wants us to set them free. The brand is encouraging their Twitter fans to let go of their problems and let their inner babies out to play.

Evian is asking its Twitter followers to submit their dilemmas to the hashtag #AmazingBabyRescueMe, where the Amazing Baby character will endeavour to provide fun tweets, Vines, and illustrations to cheer up the troubled participants.

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Infographic: visual design trends for 2014

typography typographic visual trendsShutterstock has published its global trends infographic – a snapshot of purchasing habits over the past year across the UK and the rest of the world and a guide to design trends to watch out for in 2014.

These are the images designers are searching for, inspiring creativity across the web, illustration and fashion around the world.

Trends vary between country but globally three major, but very different, creative trends are springing up.

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Infographic: Contact forms for the marketing Ninja

ninjaContact forms give visitors to your site an easy way to reach you.  They’re used to gather more information about your readers (such as their email address and job titles), and provide a way for them to get in touch without the site owner having to disclose their own own private email address.

But what should you include in a contact form? Too many fields can cause confusion and take too much time for your readers to fill in, frustration kicks in and forms are abandoned. Read more on Infographic: Contact forms for the marketing Ninja…

Infographic: secrets of a killer blog post

WordPress logoThere are currently more than 74,652,500 WordPress sites in the world, plus Tumblrs, Bloggers, Typepad and company blogs.  So how how do you find your niche in this environment, attract readers and keep them coming back for more?

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When it comes to Golden Globes, the crowd doesn’t always know best

Steve McQueen Golden GlobesCan you accurately predict award winners by the amount of social and online news coverage they get? Well no, according to content discovery platform Outbrain.

While Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a A Slave won the top gong for Best Drama at the 71st Golden Globes on Sunday (pictured), it wasn’t the People’s Pick.

Outbrain used personalised links that recommend content across  a network of more than 700 publishers to analyse online content consumption. Read more on When it comes to Golden Globes, the crowd doesn’t always know best…

Infographic: UK radio stations are failing to reap the benefits of Twitter

pure digital radio listeningRadio Stations need to do more to engage with their listeners on Twitter and are failing to make social media pay, using poor content and missing targeting opportunities, according to research by Brandwatch.

The UK is a nation of radio aficionados, with 90% of the population tuning in during the third quarter of 2013. But they could be reaching a larger audience, according to the study, which found radio stations are failing to make the most of their fans on social media.

The study discovered audiences prefer interacting with a personality over a brand and are 20% more likely to interact with a radio presenter rather than with a station. Favourite topics include the song currently being played (30% of tweets), song requests (30%), talking about presenters (15%) and show content (12%). Read more on Infographic: UK radio stations are failing to reap the benefits of Twitter…

Infographic: Social media and the UK

TwitterLaptop16401The UK is the most social country in the world. According to data from Offerpop social marketing, 95% of 16- to 20-year-old Brits have used Facebook in the past month but it’s the 25- to 34-year-old age group that are the most socially-active online.

And looking a little closer at UK social usage, women ever so slightly pip men, with 51% and 49% respectively.

If you’re job hunting for a social job in the UK, London is the place to be. The capital has more social media jobs than anywhere else, outside the US.

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Infographic: how to increase your email opening rates

gmail inbox google mail promotionsHaving trouble persuading customers on your mailing list to open your emails? WhoIsHostingThis? has compiled this infographic (below) for all marketers explaining email deliverability and the different factors that affect the chances of readers opening marketing emails.

The introduction of Gmail’s tabbed mailbox (pictured) has  added to the challenge. With most marketing materials now landing straight in the Promotions tab,  open rates have suffered a decline.

While highly engaged users (those who regularly open marketing emails) are now more likely to open them, research shows a decrease in rates in the low-to-medium engagement group. Meanwhile, medium engaged readers are likely to continue opening emails as they did before.

There’s some helpful advice to help marketers get over this obstacle.  Encourage subscribers to move your emails to the Primary tab by telling them how easy it is to do this  - blog about it and include a step-by-step guide.

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Vampires are over and witches on the rise, says visual trends report

witchWitches are winning the battle against Vampires in the Visual Trends Report from iStock by Getty Images,  drawn up to help designers and marketers tap into the latest trends.

The trend for Vampires, backed by the popularity of the ‘Twilight’ film franchise and the ‘True Blood’ and ‘Vampire Diaries’ TV shows, is expected to wane as a new era of witchery dawns.

Fueling the demand for images of the spooky heroines is Disney’s ‘Maleficent’, the studio’s fantasy prequel to ‘Sleeping Beauty’, starring Angelina Jolie and out next year.

Catwalks  are also falling under the spell, as  seen in Gareth Pugh’s bone chilling Winter ’13 collection of otherworldly gowns worn by ethereal models in death-white makeup. Read more on Vampires are over and witches on the rise, says visual trends report…

Infographic: 69% of Londoners use their iPhones on the toilet

iphone 5c 2013Where does the UK public use their iPhones? You may not want to know the answer. According to research by OnePoll and Arena Media 69% of Londoners use their iPhone on the toilet.  With the most popular iPhone activity being SMS  (96.2%), it may be something you choose to forget next time you hear the beep.

Calls are the second most popular activity (91.4%), web usage comes third (88.1%) and photos are fourth (79.7%) with pictures of families and friends being the most popular subjects. Only 6.9% of iPhone photographers confess to taking selfies and men are slightly more keen on self portraits than women.

Londoners use their iPhone apps the most throughout the day for everything except photos. The top spot for which is claimed by East Anglia, where 85% of respondents  claim to use photo apps daily. 78% of iPhone users in the North East and London both claim to use exercise apps daily and the region comes second to the capital for using social media and ebook apps.

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