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Men! Should you refuse to speak on all-male panels at tech conferences?

Rebecca J Rosen, senior associate editor at The Atlantic, has put forward a simple suggestion to help phase out all-male panels at tech conferences: get men to sign a pledge saying ‘I will not speak on or moderate all-male panels at technology and science conferences’, thus forcing organisers to make the line-up at their events more diverse.

Loved Team GB’s social media updates? Here’s how they did it

As the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games come to a close, we can look back with delight at Team GB’s success in the medal tables. And I know I’m not alone in finding that my enjoyment of the event has been increased still further by the frequent, reliable and inclusive updates from Team GB across their social media channels.

I spoke to Joe Morgan, Digital Manager to Team GB to find out how they coordinated the social media activity for such a fast-paced, complex event. And how they made sure they squeezed as many comments, likes and shares as possible from every single update.

Grace Dent has news for her Twitter troll

When Mufadal Jiwaji sent TV critic Grace Dent an insulting tweet during her appearance on Sunday night’s Have I Got News For You he probably thought it was a throwaway witty comment which might amuse his handful of followers. He didn’t realise that she was a client of the PR firm he works for and that it could end up losing him his job.

Sign up using my Facebook or Twitter ID? Well, maybe I don’t want to

How do you feel about being forced to use your Facebook or Twitter ID to sign up to new services?

Bonfire brings realtime chat to Twitter


Described as ‘Facebook chat for Twitter’, Bonfire is a new instant messaging tool which allows you to have realtime conversations with your connections.

‘I think we’re changing people’s behaviour a little,’ says co-founder Josh Russell… Read more on Bonfire brings realtime chat to Twitter…

Read more on Bonfire brings realtime chat to Twitter…

Yahoo!’s top searches of 2011 show we’ve got money on our minds

Search engine Yahoo!’s annual Year in Review has revealed the most popular search terms of 2011, and it’s no surprise to see that the top three are all related to the state of our finances.

9 out of 10 male. Average age 26. How can Wikipedia attract a more diverse set of editors?

Typically post-graduates, nine in ten of Wikipedia’s 36,000 volunteer contributors are male and the average age is 26. This lack of variety means the content is not as ‘culturally rich’ as it could be, says Sue Gardner, Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Salman Rushdie wins battle with Facebook after page is removed

Salman Rushdie has used the power of Twitter to overturn Facebook’s decision to deactivate his profile page.

Charity uses guilt tactics to target celebrities through Twitter

It’s commonly known that brands pay celebrities to tweet about their products, paying thousands for them to mention their products to millions of avid followers.

But what if this concept was turned on its head, with the people who read those tweets having a say in how the money is spent? If followers were able to persuade 50 Cent, Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton to use their wealth for social good?

When does an iPhone case not look like an iPhone case? When it looks like your ear

So I just came across this collection of iPhone 4 cases from CollabCubed which feature a life-sized print of an ear. When you hold it up to your ear, it looks like, er, an ear.