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The archaic approach of Ryanair to social media

Late last month, it was announced that Robin Kiely had been appointed to what some have referred to as “the worst job in PR” – head of comms at Ryanair.  This week, Kiely made his first significant strategic announcement, which certainly raised a few eyebrows. He revealed that his comms strategy was to focus more on what he referred to as “traditional” media, and turn Ryanair’s back on social media.

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Adapt or Die – why the Financial Sector needs to embrace social

For many organisations, social represents one of the most drastic changes in communications since the advent of email. Savvy businesses now effectively use the power of social to interact with their customer bases, prospect for new business, deliver services and obtain customer and market insights. Indeed, this shift in communication has led many large enterprises to employ teams of social experts, tasked with monitoring the social airwaves at all hours and in multiple languages.

Traditionally, the financial services sector is one of the earliest to adopt new technologies, especially those that can be deployed enterprise-wide. The likes of contactless payments, commercial mobile payment offerings, cloud-based solutions and data analytics have been embraced and adopted ahead of the curve – however, the adoption of social has been markedly slower. Read more on Adapt or Die – why the Financial Sector needs to embrace social…