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Lost for words in the age of the image

writing by Pedro Ribeiro SimeosThe use of email by America’s 12-17 year olds more than halved last year. It’s one symptom of a cataclysmic change – one that’s gone largely unnoticed by the marketing profession.

There was a time when people wrote letters to each other. Have you written a letter to a private individual (i.e. not a utility company, solicitor, etc) in the last five years? Do you know anyone who has? I thought not.

The golden age of letter writing is long gone, along with Dr Johnson and Charles Dickens. But Virginia Woolf died in 1941, leaving behind volumes of personal correspondence. It’s only quite recently that letter writing has been consigned to the dustbin of history. Read more on Lost for words in the age of the image…

Mobile Agencies: soon to be surplus to requirement

When we set up the digital agency Glue, over a decade ago, my concern was that, rationally, Glue should not exist. How long could it be before the other agencies caught up, thus making ‘digital agencies’ redundant?

Smart mobile agencies are now wondering the same thing. And so are marketing clients.

Do they, for example, have a ‘Poster’ agency on their roster? No. So why do marketing people still have mobile agencies on their rosters?

Most of the marketers I talk to don’t particularly want to employ mobile agencies. (Any additional agency on the roster is additional hassle.) They are forced to employ specialist, single-medium agencies when the incumbent agencies are incompetent.

The big question is how long the window of incompetence stays open.

Meanwhile, what are these mobile agencies being used for?

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iAnxiety; Apple, misery and the new class divide

texting blackberry mobileTherapy. You need to climb aboard that bandwagon, because all the indicators show that there has never been a greater demand for therapy. Did you know there is a worldwide increase in anxiety?

Someone, somewhere is going to make a lot of money helping people deal with it. And it may as well be me, because I know what’s behind this anxiety epidemic, and I also have a cure, which I’m about to share with you now. So read on and save yourself a fortune.

Cast your mind back to those dim and distant days when you had a Blackberry. (You can remember back that far, can’t you?) I remember when I had one. At the time I rather liked it. In fact I was convinced I’d never go the iPhone route because you so need a keyboard with buttons on it to type stuff into a phone don’t you?

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Why Advertising Agencies no longer exist, and why it doesn’t matter.

I’ve been talking to a number of agencies recently about their ‘positioning’. It seems to be the topic of the moment, as agency folk begin to wrestle with another year of trying to hit their new business targets. The common theme, I notice, is that they are all very keen to be something else.

Production companies don’t want to be production companies anymore; they want to be specialists in ‘branded content’.  Read more on Why Advertising Agencies no longer exist, and why it doesn’t matter….